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this is deja vu news to find from berlin a major fire in gold's a factory in india's capital delhi rescue operations are still underway but at least 40 people are dead and that's what was expected to rise will go live to our correspondent also coming up protesters in iraq returned to the streets of baghdad and other cities there demonstrating the spine's fears of attack by their own government u.n. calling the killing of unarmed demonstrators by gunmen and atrocities and the stars take to the stage here in berlin at the european film awards we'll introduce you to
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all the with 1st. time called aspen welcome to the program we start with some breaking news at least 43 people have been killed in a fire in the indian capital delhi the blaze broke out in a workshop building in the crowded old city center early this morning officials say the fire has now been put out and rescue efforts are ongoing most of the dead were workers who were sleeping inside the factory at least 15 people have been taken to the hospital to be treated for burns and smoke inhalation. let's bring in our correspondent michelle jase while she joins us now from delhi now 1st of all what more do we know about the fire so far.
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well called the 1st report of the fire the 1st call was made to very early local time shortly off to fight with him and about 30 fire tenders were rushed to the sport but the challenge is that this area where the fire broke out is that it can jet to that also has less attention portions and the fact trees are actually smaller bookshops and there are questions being raised about if these workshops were legal or not the fire broke out in what is a what is said to be a bag manufacturing factory and this is why we even bore the fire and those were after the squad by the time the rescue operations could be carried out many had already lost their lives in the early hours also had an impact on this so right now authorities are saying that they will be investigating what the cause is but the cause so far is not clear so as those investigations continue we know now at least dozens of people have died the toll expected to rise what more do we know about why
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the loss of life is so hard. my call most of the people who have died when labor was working at these workshops and they would actually see the thing in the units which is why at 5 pm they were there was such a large number of people actually present all so this isn't a congested either as i mentioned this is a residential area so there are questions about the permits these workshops have and that is also why maybe the fire safety norms that have to be followed were not being followed as closely as they should have been now of course that up extensive fire safety norms that are implemented across the city but just how closely they are monitored just how well the stock by is questionable because these fire incidents have happened in the boston about just last year in january 17 people lost their lives in a similar factory fire and that was an illegal fire cracker factory so once again we have authorities saying that there will be a total investigation to find out who's responsible but if this will actually
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implement changes to prevent such incidences in the future is yet to be seen. and you should just fall for us in delhi thank you very much. are let's have a check now of some of the other stories making news around the world syrian opposition activists say at least 18 people have been killed in airstrikes in it live province the last rebel stronghold in the country's north and west observers say the bombs were dropped from the syrian government and russian aircraft and a further violation of the 3 month old cease fire. strikes across france are continuing throughout the weekend over government plans to overhaul the pension system the strikes are the largest in the country in decades with mass disruption to transport services unions have bound to continue the action into next week. i'm calling the police chief has warned that his squad will use both quote hard and soft tactics in dealing with protesters at a mass rally later today speaking on
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a visit to beijing he said police would respond to acts of violence sunday's protests in hong kong are expected to be the biggest in months. in belarus about a 1000 people turned out for an unauthorized rally in the capital minsk to protest against closer ties between their country and russia the demonstration took place as leader alexander look at shingo is meeting with russian president vladimir putin protesters fear closer cooperation could be brode l.-a bruce's independence. or any rock anti-government protesters have returned to the streets of baghdad and cities in the south of the country despite fears of more attacks on friday 2 dozen demonstrators were killed and more than 100 wounded when gunmen stormed protest sites some lawmakers are calling for an emergency session of parliament to address the violence against protesters. this is.
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the aftermath of one of the bloodiest nights since the beginning of anti-government demonstrations in iraq protesters returned to a cop park block they had occupied and the bridge they had blockaded for weeks up until friday night listen to the injuries that we saw were mostly people shot in the head the chest and the upper body. but they were not able to save the very badly injured as they were already dug. as by the difficult cases they were transferred to the hospitals oh it was the conditions this is the way. i was told this video circulating on social media allegedly shows protesters being attacked by unidentified gunmen it's not clear who the gunmen were and whether they were backed by the government iran or other factions. among the dead protesters and members of the police the united nations condemned the attack
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on the demonstrators and called it an atrocity. that image after a holy city for shia muslims supporters of an influential cleric gathered outside his home the compound where muktodhara else out a lives was bombed by a drone on friday night the rocket damaged an outer wall to himself was not there at the time he has been calling for fresh elections in iraq since the end of october. back in baghdad protests is a shot has in broad daylight the violence that has claimed the lives of over 430 people since october continues. berlin rolled out the red carpet this weekend as it hosted the 32nd edition of the annual european film awards and one film took center stage the aptly named the favorites the tragicomedy
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directed by your goes to most winning 8 awards including the top prize but the lead up to european cinemas big night was nothing out controversy. i had night of glamour and celebration as europe's film industry gathered in berlin for the european film awards and there was one winner to rule them all. the way now . is the flavor of. the period drama about 2 cousins vying to be the court favorites of queen anne haven't won 8 awards including best european film and best actress for my vehicle my. i'm so touched and throat and i've been delaying doing a video exactly what happened what happened with him the 3rd i'm really excited antonio banderas was awarded best actor for his role in pain and glory. which are very very kind of getting emotional thank you very much to everybody who dreamy i
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feel with gratitude is very important to me. and city in seattle as portrayed to the lady on fire one best screenplay. away from the night successes the ceremony was also subject to controversy. the e.f. a's decision to nominate roman polanski's period drama an officer in a spy in 4 of the main categories grew condemnation from those who see polanski primarily as a man accused of sexual assault and rape but despite the nominations the film failed to win any awards and the ceremonies focus remained on one of celebration it was saturday night to celebrate the german directive and i had he received a lifetime achievement award. corporation of european countries has made it possible that countries that are too small for sustaining a big film industry all of a sudden make wonderful films and become visible all of
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a sudden we have phenomenal films coming from those countries because a european solitary t.v. made it possible. a fitting tribute for a night of spotlight on european cinema. in boxing british heavyweight anthony joshua reclaimed his world titles from mexican american fighter andy ruiz jr in a rematch of their june encounter the clash on the dunes as the finance been called was decided in joshua's favor after 12 rounds it was a unanimous decision by the judges in saudi arabia of the bout had drawn some criticism of sports washing amid human rights violations committed by the saudi government. are soccer now in league leaders are this season's bundesliga surprise meanwhile perennial powerhouse fire munich are in an
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unusual state of disarray host of the reigning champions hoping to maintain their radiant form while by and we're looking to get back on track and we stake a claim for the league title. full conquering table toppers verse he's plucky underdogs just not the way round you are expecting that back welcomes buy in for a do it jim ice the 6 points are by and should have led off to just 14 minutes robert levin dusty caressing this effort just one of the post fortunately for blood back the pole shooting boots remain at large. you're sure kimmey schwinn even closer just before the half hour mark the midfield is effort squeezing beneath the squirming young zama. butts replays confirm the swiss keeper got a finger to it in and make the time. barely the breath of a breath 1st innings. but you can only keep them out for so long binds
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breakthrough came through even paris sichem the 49 minutes of his 3rd of the campaign the croatians struggling on the spot before volleying beyond a hot summer. got back to life 11 minutes later robbie been surveying the noting the home side level. the algerian completely on mobs in the area by and with only themselves to blame. by late bloodbath surge cool yet more drama as how the martinez hats down markers to ram inside the bar and books a referee with little choice but to flash a 2nd yellow. replay showed martinez got a little of the bull and a whole lot of the big frenchman. pennsylvanians stepped up and doubled his tally to give that back only 3 points. thanks to see on the pitch i'm in the stands. a performance of champions from marco rose's side.
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as the bundesliga title race continues to tear up the script. well there are christmas trees and then there are christmas trees we're talking about hundreds of them packed into a german couple's home in the country's north west they have won a world record for their collection and they say they are ready to add to the festive family. it's all looks perfectly innocent from the outside then do. christmas trees not one not 2 but 350 of them in this house in the small german town of the same town the brains behind this flurry of fake christmas trees is really quite modest about his world record title. i thought of kingman you mean for me it was never about the record it was all about
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the christmas decoration is such a course of course this record is a nice perk that's clear but it was all about the decorations my idea was to do it like everybody else does it outside you always have to go out to see that on the set of them with them are always in every single tree is different and this is the man who made the family's christmas dreams come true the other speech here in. all about the world record for the most decorated christmas trees in one place the place in this case is the family home and i've actually counted 350 decorated christmas trees here in the house and that's a world record for us when we are in lines all that snow still taking the world record holder he's already planning some new additions to his festive family this cohort there's more coming and i don't know whether the 500 next year but in that direction let's see. indeed we will.
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i don't want to be the one paying that energy bill you're watching the news from berlin up next reporter out called to work on colombia's mean streets remember you can follow us on twitter at the news and we have more news on our web site 24 seventh's dot com thanks for watching. after. it was the speech of his life perhaps his best certainly his most difficult. the speech.


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