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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 8, 2019 11:00am-11:16am CET

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ok. this is d w news live from berlin 6 months on pro-democracy protesters filled the streets of hong kong once again to mark our flag iraq demonstrations for the biggest march in months organizers are calling it a last chance for the city's police beijing government will go live to our correspondent also coming up a major fire engulfs a factory in india's capital delhi the early morning blaze leaves more than 40 people dead most of them were workers sleeping inside the building and the
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favorites wins big at the european film awards in berlin the tragicomedy takes home 8 awards including the top prize. on all the glamour and controversy of the night. i'm carl aspen welcome to the program in hong kong pro-democracy demonstrators are once again marching through the city is the largest anti-government rally in months and it's the 1st large scale march to be approved by this city since august and after half a year of protests demonstrators say they want to show the world that they are not giving up the authorities and protest organizers have called for calm ahead of the rally police announced that they had arrested several people on weapons charges. and we are joined by. charlotte chelsea film she is in hong kong for us it's
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fair she is charlotte you've been covering these protests now for months i mean we've seen a bit of a law recently though far fewer demonstrators turning out how big is this one shaping up to be. there has been a low ever since that district council election 'd late last month called out when pro-democracy candidates won an absolutely landslide victory unexpected result mung some people in hong kong particular darcy's who'd long claimed that there was a sign and majority of people who were against these protests now this rally here today which is present track to thousands and thousands of people is another argument against that claim iow there are a $110.00 now there aren't any official numbers yet on exactly how many people are taking part in this rally but i can tell you that it is very reminiscent of some of the protests that have been organized by the same organization the civil human rights front in recent months which attracted
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a 1000000 up to 2000000 people some estimates say onto the streets it does appear that there are hundreds of thousands of people of all ages here walking through the streets voicing their 5 demands which we know are universal suffrage and an independent inquiry into the way the police have handled these protests so far now one of the reasons so many people are taking to the streets it's because the that it's authorized meeting today are they face any repercussions for taking part it's also knowing that the civil human rights front advocates who peaceful protests which doesn't charge will people into the streets but tomorrow 7 called mark 6 months since a 1000000 people for the 1st time to see it took to the streets here in hong kong people here marking not proving that out for 6 months the months which have seen up to 6000 arrests they've seen 10000 volleys of tear gas being used by police people still willing to come onto the streets in massive numbers and cool for those 5 to.
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charlie as you mention i mean this is the 1st protest that's been approved since around august of the 1st large scale protest what does that say about kerry lamb's government and is this a sign that she is perhaps willing to start to listen to protesters. who one of the reasons that people are back on the streets today is they say that she hasn't been listening to any of that the modest people there had thought that perhaps there would be at least some signal at the concession from of 30 payoff that landslide victory for the pro-democracy candidate in that district council election they would that they carry lands government beijing as well as giving no ground recently all those 5 demands they carry lambert said that she is listening and reflecting on the result that really there's been no indication that they are willing to for example launch that into quite independent inquiry into the police handling of these protests and it's exactly for that reason the same the people are
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back on the streets today charlotte chelsea bill covering those protests for us in hong kong thank you very much. our now look at some of the other stories making news around the world north korea says it has carried out an important test at a rocket testing site it comes as the country appeared to shut the door on further disarmament talks with the united states it wanted wouldn't restart the nuclear negotiations unless washington eased sanctions against. firefighters in australia are racing to contain almost a 100 bushfires in the east of the country weather conditions have eased but the heat wave with strong winds is forecast for early this coming week which will likely mean even more severe blazes. new details have emerged about friday's fatal shooting of the u.s. naval base authorities say the suspect showed videos of mass shootings at a dinner party the night before the attack the gunman killed 3 people and wounded several others before being shot. by police he was
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a saudi air force officer who was training at the base no links to terrorist groups have been discovered. or least 43 people have been killed in a fire in the indian capital delhi the blaze broke out of a workshop building in the crowded old city center early this morning officials say rescue operations are now over and the fire has been put out most of the dead where workers were sleeping inside the factory. emergency services rushed to the scene but it took time to access the 6 story building located in a congested area of delhi's old city where narrow lanes are lined with small manufacturing and storage units the apartment here by we received a call at 5 22 am and we initially sent for fire service trucks to the spot and in total $35.00 vehicles $150.00 people were deployed the rescued survivors have been sent to different hospitals in the city. and the workshop produced handbags and
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luggage and flammable raw materials evidently fueled the fire as it swept through the building one eyewitness blamed electrical faults for the blaze. it was a short circuit there was a fire in 2 buildings with a common staircase. as authorities launched their investigations questions have already arisen as to whether the factory was operating with valid permits and was following fire safety codes. correspondent michelle just fall has been tracking this story for us she joins us now from delhi what more 1st of all do we know about the fire so far. well we know that the 1st call about the incident was made very early local diameter shortly off to 5 am and toady fire tenders were rushed to the sport too and the c.e.o. where the our fire broke out is actually very congested it's also about residential
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complexes and this factory is basically a small book shop that has a collection of small workshops in the area and the fire is needed in a bag manufacturing unit and rescue operations continued through the morning the fire was controlled produce someone but there has been a heavy loss of life a lot of the toilet these law enforcement as well as politicians are showing up at the start of the spot and the chief minister of delhi has already said that that it didn't include he will be instituted and within 7 days this should have a report about what exactly was the cause of the prior. mission that the death toll there was higher here it's expected to rise what more do we know about the conditions in and around this building. well called the death toll it's mostly people who were actually walking in the factory and they were actually sleeping in the factory it's important to point out that questions are being raised about if this fact bill or not so actually fire
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safety norms may not have been abided by a bit even more importantly labor norms may not have been abided by and these workers could have been sleeping in the factory at 5 am because it is cheaper to stay the quicker it is more efficient for them to start working already so these norms are not being met and this is not the 1st such fire incident in the city just last year in january 17 people lost their lives at an e.t.s. the fire cracker factory so the norms that are supposed to be instituted across the city but they're not implemented as kills me so officials will be looking into how to improve this as well once they figured out what exactly happened so sadly not the 1st time that we've seen a fire claim dozens of lives in a city how worth already is now responding. well of us that call the chief but us to has said that there will be an investigation but even but it does higher up are weighing in the prime minister prime minister no danger more they put out a statement on twitter saying that the incident was very tragic and he sent his
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condolences to the families of the victims there's been compensation announced to the families of the victims by the state government as well the home minister has responded to the president as we have been but of course while the authorities audigy acting quickly after this what will be crucial is if any of these implementations any of these norms will actually would change going forward because as you said these incidences keep repeating. wall covering that fire for us in delhi thank you very much. oberlin rolled out the red carpet this weekend as it hosted the 32nd edition of the annual european film awards and one film took center stage the aptly named the favorites the tragicomedy directed by your ghost winning 8 awards including the top prize but the lead up to european cinemas big nights was not without controversy. i am a night of glamour in celebration as europe's film industry gathered in berlin for
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the european film awards and there was one winner to rule them all. and the winner . is the braver. the period drama about 2 cousins vying to be the court favorites of queen anne haven't won 8 awards including best european film and best actress for libya called my. i'm so touched and throat and i've been delaying doing a video exactly what happened what happened with hip the 3rd i'm really excited antonio banderas was awarded best actor for his role in pain and glory. the kind of getting emotional thank you very much to everybody who drew me i feel with gratitude is very important to me. and cillian cialis portray to the lady on fire one best screenplay. away from the night successes the ceremony was
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also subject to controversy. the phase decision to nominate roman polanski's period drama an officer in a spy in 4 of the main categories grew condemnation from those who see polanski primarily as a man accused of sexual assault and rape but despite the nominations the film failed to win any awards and the ceremonies focus remained on one of celebration it was saturnalia night to celebrate for german directive and i had song who received a lifetime achievement award. corporation of european countries has made it possible that countries that are too small for sustaining a big film industry all of a sudden make wonderful films and become visible all of a sudden we have phenomenal films coming from those countries because a european solitary t.v. made it possible. a fitting tribute for a night of spotlight on european cinema. now
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there are christmas trees and then there are christmas trees hundreds of them packed into a german couple's home in the country's northwest they've won a world record for their collection and they say they are ready to add to the festive family. it's all the looks perfectly innocent from the outside then do. christmas trees not one not 2 but 350 of them in this house in the small german town of the in-town the brains behind this flurry of fake christmas trees is really quite modest about his world record title. i thought of kingman you mean for me it was never about the record it was all about the christmas decoration of such a course of course this record is a nice perk that's clear but it was all about the decorations my idea was to do it
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like everybody else does it outside you always have to go out to see that one of them with them are always going on with those in every single tree is different and this is the man who made the family's christmas dreams come true i got a speech here in the end of the interview it's all about the world record for the most decorated christmas trees in one place the place in this case is the mean family home and i've actually counted 350 decorated christmas trees here in the house and that's a world record for us. the snows still taking the world record holder he's already planning some new additions to his festive family cohort there's more coming and i don't know whether to be 500 next year but in that direction let's see. indeed we will.
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make like trees one football team in germany as racking up the points that the top of the bundesliga the thrills and spills as table toppers gladbach met by ernie and more that's all coming up on the buddhist. watch indeed i mean here is live from berlin all the latest headlines available 247 on a website that's d.w. dot com. uncommon thanks washington. it was the speech of his life perhaps his best certainly his most difficult the speech by a cool interest him on december 19th 1989. shortly after the fall of the of the chancellor address islam.


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