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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 8, 2019 12:00pm-12:16pm CET

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subscribe to the documentary. the book the. place. this is d.w. news live from berlin fighting for freedom pro democracy protesters filled the streets of hong kong they're marking half a year of demonstrations with the biggest march in months organizers are calling it a last chance for the city's probation government we'll go live to our correspondent also coming up a major fire engulfed
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a factory in india's capital delhi the early morning blaze leaves more than 40 people dead most of them workers who were sleeping inside the building. and the favorite wins big at the european film awards in berlin the tragicomedy takes home 8 awards including the top prize and fill you in on all the glamour and controversy of the night. i'm married to evanston it's good to have you with us. pro-democracy demonstrators in hong kong are staging there a largest anti-government rally in months thousands of people are thronging the streets in what's the 1st large scale march to be approved by the city since august after half a year of protests demonstrators say they want to show the world that they are not to give a. city authorities and protest organizers have called for calm ahead of the rally
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police announced they'd arrested several people and weapons charges. well our correspondent charlotte charles until is in hong kong and she joins us now for more hello to you charlotte so it has seemed to since last month that election that things in hong kong have quieted down somewhat there are far fewer demonstrations that we've been seeing so how big is today's protests shaping up to be. there has been a bit of a lull in protests the number of people who have been on the streets over the last couple weeks as hong kong really took stock of the results of that district council election where pro-democracy candidates really won a landslide victory today the huge numbers of people back on the streets there's been a lot of talk about the fact that there's been no major new concessions from authorities
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here off to the results of those district council elections were announced that goes some way to explaining the huge turnout here today people of all ages on the streets calling for that 5 to months to be met as we know mariana including it including into. right now. on the night of the. just night being behind. mancini to take. one of their protest has been a piece approved by police since mid august so that goes some way to explaining why there's been huge numbers of people on the streets here today now the turnout figures haven't yet been announced but this is really reminiscent of the 1st. time. that in 1000000 people. pulling for that. all right charlotte it sounds like we are having some difficulty with our audio connection we
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couldn't quite hear everything you're going to say so we're going to leave it at that for now our correspondent charlayne reporting for us from hong kong we will be checking in with charlotte throughout the day. all right let's turn our attention to india now where at least 43 people have been killed in a fire in the capital delhi the blaze broke out in a workshop building in the crowded old city center early this morning most of the dead were workers who were sleeping inside the factory to the mission just sent us this update. read out the location where a massive fire broke out in old delhi this morning rescue work has been concluded but the dramatic loss of life is continuing to hold the attention of precedence over here as well as law enforcement services early this morning at about 5 am local time the 1st all of us media reporting the fire and toti fired and would rush
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to the sports about with the loss of life is well over 40 reported already several people have been injured many authorities have come to the sport the chief minister off new delhi has announced compensation and has also instituted and inquiry trying to find out within 7 days what exactly caused the fire but what is important to note is that this is a very congested area which also has suggested that she complexes and the fact she was not really a big factory but a collection of small rope shorts that all concerned that these may not have been legal which is why a fire ceased enormous when not being for lord the neighborhoods most of whom were lost their lives were actually sleeping at the location and a reason for that also might be that they were migrant workers it's cheaper to live in the factory and to get to work foster that and again if the factory was actually illegal labor safety norms may not also have been followed right now the focus is on ensuring that those who have been rescued are being are being treated but the
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end the inquiries into the incidents will try to find out what exactly may have happened this is not the 1st such incident in delhi just last year and john moody 17 people lost their lives. to a similar fire incident in a illegal firecracker factory so the action that the parties need to take should not be limited just to this incident that would be what watching what exactly did we do to ensure that such incidents do not keep repeating themselves in the. let's get a check now of some of the other stories making news around the world north korea says it's carried out an important test at a rocket testing science this comes as the country appeared to shut the door on further disarmament talks with the united states pyongyang warned that it would not restart nuclear negotiations unless washington eased sanctions. firefighters in australia are racing to contain almost 100 bush fires in the east of the country
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weather conditions have eased but a heat wave with strong winds is forecast for early this coming week which will likely mean even more severe blazes. new details have emerged about friday's fatal shooting at a u.s. naval base authorities say the suspect showed videos of mass shootings at a dinner party the night before the attack the gunman killed 3 people and wounded several others before being shot by police he was a saudi air force officer who was training at the base no links to terrorist groups have been yet discovered. syrian opposition activists say at least 18 people have been killed in airstrikes in italy a province the last rebel stronghold in the country's northwest observers say the bombs were dropped from syrian government and russian aircraft in a further violation of a 3 month old cease fire. now berlin rolled out the red carpet this
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weekend as it hosted the 32nd edition of the annual european film awards and one film took center stage the aptly named the favorite the tragicomedy directed by your ghost loved the most winning 8 awards including the top prize but the lead up to european cinema is big night was not without controversy. i night of glamour and celebration as europe's film industry gathered in berlin for the european film awards and there was one winner to rule them all. and the winner . is the favorite. the period drama about 2 cousins vying to be the court favorites of queen anne haven't won 8 awards including best european fail and best actress for livia calm and. i'm so touched and throat and i've been delaying doing a video exactly what happened what happened with taping 3rd i was really excited
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antonio banderas was awarded best actor for his role in pain and glory. which are very very kind of getting emotional thank you very much to everybody had really i feel with gratitude is very important to me. and celine cialis portrait of a lady on fire one best screenplay. away from the night successes the ceremony was also subject to controversy. the phase decision to nominate roman polanski's period drama an officer in a spy in 4 of the main categories grew condemnation from those who see polanski primarily as a man accused of sexual assault and rape but despite the nominations the film failed to win any awards on the ceremonies focus remained on one of celebration it was saturnalia night to celebrate the german directive and a how he received a lifetime achievement award. corporation of european countries has made it
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possible that countries that are too small for sustaining a big film industry all of a sudden make wonderful films and become visible all of a sudden we have phenomenal films coming from those countries because the european solitary made it possible. fitting tribute for a night of spotlight on european cinema. and joining me in the studio to talk more about the european film awards is entertainment correspondent scott roxboro scott always good to see you ok so the night's big winner the favorite it got 8 awards we were talking before the show about how this was not another typical period drama how was this film different yeah it's interesting because i watch a lot of european movies there's this whole tradition of these big splashy period
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dramas in european cinema that i actually don't like it's become very cliche it's sort of the lay down with stereotypes and so on what you're just on to most those with the favorite is completely different he sort of takes this various stablished european genre and he turns it upside down and tears it inside out i mean by doing a couple of things one he takes the female characters and puts them at the center of the stories and this is a story of 3 steaming female characters led by a with a queen and. but then he also is perspective he adds a lot of dark humor and sort of absurdist elements of the film without. eliminating any this story for accuracy of the movie and i i think what he did was the favorite was reinvent the shondra and also sort of give new life to the even our view of european history i think i was quite amazing definitely deserved winner last night well in general it was a good night for younger filmmakers tell us about that yeah i thought was
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interesting because some of these big established european directors pedro almodovar roman polanski men who sort of helped shape our view of european cinema nominations but the vast majority the prizes went to the younger generation want to most of course but i'd like to highlight a. first time filmmaker from france who won for best debut film last night and his 2. called lim is that popular and it's a look sort of gritty and gripping look at the life in the bottom use these these very poor suburbs of paris where lives and still lives and grew up and still lives and and this vision of sort of police brutality of oppression. we've never seen it so from the inside like we do in this movie and this. is also observe an image of europe that we almost never see on film and i thought it was an amazing film and that it got awarded last night is really amazing i think what i saw in the films i
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saw being in nominated being awarded last night shows that europe doesn't only have a great tradition of sin about they also have a pretty impressive looking future well german director going to how it's talk except at a lifetime achievement award many would agree very well deserved and we saw in our report a clip of his acceptance speech he was talking about how cooperation within europe is so vital to making good films what did you make of his remarks i thought was interesting they decided to highlight that because there is a big difference between how films are made here in europe and how they're made in hollywood and he highlighted the idea that. in america it's show business it's all about the money here in europe it's actually more about the cooperation films in europe are made co-op collectively he didn't say it but i would say that despite all the problems of the european union on the film side europe works it works exactly as as the european union imagine so maybe the politicians in doing brecht's said or did earlier or whatever who are against european union look to the european
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film industry because there's what's done done right our idea of these film experts roxboro always good to talk to you. all right let's turn now to some sports news and in boxing british heavyweight anthony joshua has reclaimed his world titles from mexican american fighter andy ruiz jr it was a rematch of their fight in june when ruiz stunned the boxing world with his victory this time it was joshua taking a unanimous 12 round decision by the judges minute afterwards he party it's too hard after the to bow out and put on too much weight joshua maintained he followed a methodical approach to wear down his opponent and take the whip. and that's the latest from d.w. news will have more at the top of the hour in the meantime you can always get the latest news and information at our website just go to w dot com forward slash english we leave you now with some pictures of
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a house in the small german town of clinton that's packed to the rafters with 358 christmas trees and they're all different thanks for watching 6. and we affectionately but as affectionately as you can. be here for tim in the middle of his election campaign due to a documentary was filmed for russian television. did you turn the camera back of course the film secretly chronicled the power grab sure everything was precisely
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played. featuring a top supporting role. to.


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