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tv   Faith Matters  Deutsche Welle  December 8, 2019 3:30pm-4:01pm CET

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to keep slaves. on w. . i take it personally you went with all the wonderful people and stories that make the game so special. care all true fans. more than football online. i. am i. a village in kenya has turned out to greet a group of visitors from germany. i. was
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right. this is one of the visits that the catholic social services association called paying international calls encounters. with muscular body quoting i hope we can make this will just that little bit better through our cutting work here in kenya for instance we can support various projects on the water project on the project with goats we're just hoping to make things a little bit better. money on party has a village in the southeastern indian state tommo not to. call being has made a difference in the lives of these people in 190316 women established a mill co-operative here they formed a coping family all the projects worldwide follow the same pattern. i
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would support them more than the coping family made it possible for me to buy a cow that improve my situation and the marble for that my family was in a difficult financial position. changed our lives you know i was able to pay for my brother's education and make a contribution to my sister's wedding and i want that. made october the city of band in western germany. gulping international has invited its national directors to a plenary meeting. among the guests national director of called india antony ranch
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and his kenyan counterpart patrick kyoko. the meeting is taking place on occulting anniversary 50 years of coal thing international but the atmosphere is located as always the focus is on personal exchanges. of. bankers gladbach is just a few kilometers down sign. this is where coping international is headquartered open a zation was founded in 1969. the 1st project was a campaign to provide vocational training for young brazilians this catholic social services association now has some 400000 members in 60 countries. the regional departments coordinate the international operation from cologne they do this in the spirit of adults called ping whose personal. mentor social justice inspired the
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coldly movement. said the needs of the time will teach you what to do the coolness in the mid 19th century the catholic priest and of cold being set up societies to empower paul workers from those humble beginnings the catholic social services organization eventually grew into a worldwide network empowering the poor. in other continents not in europe but in latin america in asia and africa the coping families are what the journeyman's unions used to be in europe people empowering themselves. through the partnership was our fundamental principle that we used to promote a kind of sponsorship we provided development aid but this concept has passed that shelf life and been replaced by development cooperation which only works as a partnership so after a year we don't decide here in cologne what would be good somewhere else in the
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world we're on this journey together. think. of him vic. directly opposite coping international's administration building is the franciscan church of the immaculate conception severely damaged in bombing raids during the 2nd world war the church has since been restored. it contains the tomb of adult gulping who died in 1965. you. for the delegates attending the plenary session this church is a place of pilgrimage they often attend mass here together. you.
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adults call ping's conviction that a commitment to social justice is fundamental to christian belief continues to inspire them that's also true for anthony raj of india. chennai is a city of 1000000 residents in southeast india this is where called ping has its national headquarters. the working day always begins with a prayer. if. there are more than 2700 coping families in india it's the largest section after germany
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father anthony raj has been director of coping india for the past 10 years. or lou very few people in the world that. are very recent to go. for. things worse than. being the most motivators. are carrying. go all over the world. the corporate version. and separate property with dozens of little houses on it is one of coping is most unusual projects since 2016 this settlement has been providing shelter for people who have an especially hard life in india and suffer from discrimination transgender people known here as he dress surprisingly perhaps hardly any of the
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residents are coping members or even christians. the community provides support. looked down on by indian society in general and often rejected by their families some of them form alternative families of their own many have learned a trade or even have a university degree but it's almost impossible for them to find a regular job most resort to begging or become sex workers the community here and having adequate housing helps them to get a fresh start. the next step will be to secure an income. we are also people and created by god we haven't done anything wrong we're like other people but nobody understands us. everyone thinks that if they have anything
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to do with us we'll try to make them transgender. society discriminates against us . before gulping got involved he drowns lived here in huts that were often burned down or vandalized. the theological debate in the catholic church about sexual ethics and gender identity seems irrelevant here. i. think it's called being india takes a pragmatic approach. discriminating the people it's the against christ here we go into the controversy off practice of lesbian is some what i will be human being i being a human that we need to support the muscle for brothers and sisters that really need to support them so that they come up and then life. and then some it is not
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a to make you need any just controversy audion the other day. the kenyan capital nairobi the local call ping association is taking german visitors on a tour of my target a slum where more than half a 1000000 people live in appalling conditions usually without electricity or fresh water there's no sanitation and no garbage collection the crime rate is very high. as a terrorist you know my thought i think it's very important to have seen something like this then you know what you're working for back in germany all of course it's great to work on projects but when you actually see what's behind the work it's so
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much easier to understand the bigger picture. at the center of the slum is a project started by some benedict sculpin family named after their parish in germany with the training programs in these weaving and carpentry workshops the coping family has been providing local young people with vocational training and helping them on a living. but the mood here is currently tense the original partnership ended and a new one hasn't been found yet. to their movement. and family. and that we're probably even. in. germany. so that we can work together. the outlook is brighter in our tire a province 150 kilometers from nairobi. the consul and nicole ping families
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have strong ties with their german partners. to find out she and his wife petra head the german partner group and had been working with colton kenya for more than 20 years they admit that it wasn't always easy but the partnership has withstood failures and disappointments. and some of my trips to kenya i did end up feeling a bit sad that things weren't working out as intended. but this time i had the impression that everything was going very well through it makes me very happy that after more than 25 years this partnership is so strong that we're welcoming the coping family. does my. call men with. me
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they take pride in showing us their project. some of the projects are ones that we sponsored. and i can tell the people i've brought here look that's where your money is going. one of the successful programs is the go to project the german visitors can see the results of their sponsorship. you have spent this go to help. well you know. what i need to give it i know from a family receives a god to produce milk to produce meat and to produce manure. and they have to give the 1st or 2nd go that's born to the next family they can keep the others. you can see for yourself they've got 3 now. it's a mid level issue and i give what. killing a man bogo a region 80 kilometers northeast of nairobi here to go to projects have met with
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success. however the biggest problem is drought most of the 1300 called paying members in kenya are farmers access to water so that they can cultivate their crops is vital to their survival one idea has proved very successful vertical backs these plant banks help make the most of the water that is their most valuable resource. projects with such a positive impact help make all being attractive to many people. as is a lot of interest by many people to join their corporate. but of course they have to go by their membership conditions that one must be a good christiane and a good citizen of this country and i. saw many people will not satisfy this and therefore we still have
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a smaller group but we are working for the community. to live your life. more than 80 percent of kenya's population is christian. a quarter of these are catholics. in the villages the orange clothing worn by the cult members is a common sight thanks to their social commitment and the success of their projects coping members are highly respected. the national headquarters of culp in kenya in nairobi.
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patrick yoker has been national director since 2013 he took up his post at a difficult time there was friction between members with various tribal affiliations. beyond. that. with. and without bringing the politics and the lineage. under for now saying we have grown beyond that. and you find out even in. faith has been working as a project manager at the national headquarters for the past 3 years. she introduced the vertical bank project here. as an agricultural scientist she understands the problems that farmers face.
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can years management team visits the various groups regularly face a movie also instructs the members on how to use the vertical sacks. a man challenge right now is their climate change because for their previous years on that i was not been a well so most of the groups bent on ag and have ridden all rain there's a lot of drought and for them food is that it become a challenge. it's exhausting work and a michael drawing board is a routine chore. the well is 12 meters deep when i'm lucky i can get between 8 and 1020 later canisters but now in the dry season i can only draw for canisters a day sometimes even less. then the water has to be
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carried. the drought is severe in this region it hasn't rained for months often people have to walk kilometers to fetch water. for them a tuna family and josephine patrick who are members of the. family the vertical banks ease their food shortage somewhat. but instead of 3 meals a day the people here have to make do with just one. and the 10000 liter water tanks donated by their german partners are no use at the moment because there's been no rain.
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there's no. problem. when we get the money we buy. and then we find the money later on. but many families have been able to help themselves with a savings scheme banking it's called they form small groups with micro credit financing. we've got. a long time alone they should not exist. and they. take a week. to be paid back after week. fulda a city in central germany is famous for its barrack architecture. the local
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coping organization is holding an event in the center of town. that virtually all the german diocesan sections are partnered with a country in the global south. gauge when in those regions is very strong of course it's strongest in catholic areas because we have more members there. a crucial pillar of cold playing internationals work is the willingness of germans to donate. in infancy here in the more than 40 years we've been running the brazil campaign now called the one world campaign we've collected more than 2000 tons of secondhand clothing and more than 5000000 euros in cash which we used to sponsor projects. back to india to the colgan families and their milk co-operative in money on party village they
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were able to start the project in 2010 after receiving a donation of 7 cattle. one cow produces about 80 liters of milk each day that provides families with an additional income of about $200.00 rupees or 2 euros 50 a day. the women take the milk to a collection point some 270 liters are brought here each day. the greater the fat content the higher the milk price. twice a day a tanker collects the milk and takes it to a dairy. and there then by the by the more go business took off in 2013 and became profitable
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why don't you go in there and it was even better the next year we're not the only ones who have been profiting so have all the coping members and our village community is well. born to be in that i have the last. 2 kilometers from headquarters in chennai india has set up a model farm at the center the father of the movement. for. the project aims to show local people that organic farming can be profitable as well as environmentally friendly for instance how organic compounds can replace chemical fertilizers. a training center is in the middle of the farm gulping is currently offering sewing courses to local women here.
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many of the women want to learn sewing for some it's an outlet for their creativity for others it's their only source of income. in the. i was married off when i was 16 i now have 2 children my husband is an alcoholic we have jobs in a quarry but because my husband drinks we don't have enough money to get by. on one but i'm learning to sew so i can feed my children. that's my only hope that i'm the lever for. this building in chennai is the scene of the remarkable success story it's where angel resign or yo runs her own sewing workshop. she receives a cold ping loan to buy a sewing machine in 2008 now she employs 7 workers specializes in making uniforms. in
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a class. that i used to be a housewife and never left home and. gave it to me on becoming a member of coping allowed me to set up this business that somebody gave before that i was completely dependent on my husband financially. i felt that i was a burden on him i want a little bit of the help i need now i make a contribution to the family income i mean what i. what i'm worth it and i can always supporting my husband and running this business gives me courage and self-confidence i'm going to leave it i've been really bad but. husband also works in her business by her side which is still unusual here in india. i've. experienced through my wife she thought that she had thought of work with. me on more than working to. let it be what is going on.
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being part of a coping family often helps women gain new confidence there was a lot of there's a place for a lot of places but i see this goes on after some years to see the changes in the woman and the big. money. the approach of the family and bringing them very educational made to getting the done all those things and then the woman got the support of the. be informed us a group also called for have really taken part in it but i produce a very. long process also for the. life is also changed for the families of these coping women they have full time work making roofing elements from the leaves of coco palms they work 8 hours a day 6 days a week.
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our work with the clothing project gives us a good income and enables us to provide our children with an education. comping has shown us that we can improve our own lives. the night of the day when he got the ticket. improving people's lives i don't call pings original vision of helping people help themselves is bearing fruit. of the.
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little. blue. in the sinister world of modern slavery. we meet people who've been enslaved. i am the activist i'm afraid that. the search for the perpetrators. and even get one to speak with us in a rare interview why did he keep slaying. minutes
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on t w. and now completely affectionate legend but affectionately as you can. hear from tim in the middle of his election campaign in the 2000 documentary was filmed for russian television to turn the camera back on of course the film secretly chronicled a power grab that actually everything was precisely planned instruction. featuring top supporting role. to the freedom of russia. and featuring a lead role like you've never seen before. of the enemy or fighter marriage to the
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ends justify the means. coutinho witnesses starts december 13th on g.w. . i was 50 when i arrived here i slept with 6 people in a room. it was hard. i even got white hairs that. benjamin language never got this gives me a little bunch maybe 2 in truck would say you want to know their story in migrants her fighting and reliable information for migrants. was the speech of his life perhaps his best certainly his most difficult chancellor and much cooler addresses of the people of east germany shortly after the fall of the wall. the crowd clamors for german unity journalist peter lim borg was at the scene. 30 years later he
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looks back on the title of dresden. starts december 19th on t.w. . played . this is news live from berlin pro-democracy kong draws the largest crowds in months organizers say 800000 people took part in what they called a last chance for the city's probation government. has the details also coming up a major fire in the factory in india's capital delhi early morning blaze leaves
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more than 40 people dead most of them workers who were sleeping inside the building . and people in bellerose take to the.


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