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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 9, 2019 12:00am-12:16am CET

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you. know. this is d.w. news live from berlin the pro-democracy rallies in hong kong draw the largest crowds in months organizers say some 800000 people took part to show the city's pro beijing government it had a last chance to meet their demands our correspondent has the details also coming up. a major fire engulfed the factory in india's capital delhi the early morning blaze lates more than 40 people dead most of them workers who were sleeping inside the building. and a rare sight in bellerose
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a demonstration as people demand their country maintains its independence that as russia pushes for a poison union. i'm rebecca it is welcome to the program pro-democracy demonstrators in hong kong have staged their biggest anti-government rally in months and march was the 1st large scale gathering to be approved by city authorities since august after half a year of protests activists say they want to show beijing and the world and not giving up oh oh oh god. oh god hundreds of thousands of voices with the same rallying cry 5 demands not one less those demands of the hong kong chief executive carry lamb to resign the police actions. during the protests to be investigated for an amnesty for those arrested
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they also want the government to stop calling protesters riots hos and they want the now shelved extradition bill that started the protests to be totally withdrawn the marches hope the size of this rally will drive home to the government that it is lost broad public support for the balance enough to get me going for him is. the main open enders to our case the government and our government did not listen to her heart was it as a. 53 months and i'm actually proud of the open country people we never defined we wanted to run in the face of the police file and. a lot of our people were imprisoned they were injured and. a lot of people just die was going to resurface. and they mix us angry was was there wasn't the violence that had mob previous protests but
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a bank of china building was vandalized by demonstrators and some activists spray painted slogans on public property. i i nearly 6000 people have been arrested in the last 6 months during 900 demonstrations processions and public meetings on sunday amongst the marches a woman crawling to highlight the difficulty of preserving hong kong's freedoms. we have too much further than i perhaps we have enough hold chain make us go further. the protest to say their long struggle for democracy is far from over the . fate of these shallow feel has been following those protests in hong kong and sent us this wrap up. the pro-democracy movements prevent today it can still
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attracts huge numbers of people onto the streets there have been a long all in protests like this since the district council election results last month where pro-democracy candidates won by a landslide shattering government claims that a silent majority was against protests like this since then authorities here have promised to listen and reflects on those results but have offered no further concessions now the protesters a back a sea of people of all ages marching in what's been a largely peaceful protest today this protest also marks 6 months since the 1st major rally of this movement since then thousands of people have been arrested some 10000 rounds of tear gas fired making the numbers back on the streets today all the more striking it's also a clear sign that these protests aren't coming to an end anytime soon. for us in hong kong to india now where at least 43 people have been killed in
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a fire in the capital delhi a blaze broke out in a workshop building in the crowded old city center early this morning most of the dead were workers who were sleeping inside the factory emissions i swell said has this uptight. we're at the location where a massive fire broke out in old delhi this morning rescue work has been concluded but the dramatic loss of life is continuing to hold the attention of precedence over yours as well as law enforcement services early this morning at about 5 pm local time the 1st call of us made reporting the fire and toti fired and would rush to the sport about with the loss of life is well over 40 reported already several people have been injured many authorities have come to the sport the chief minister off new delhi has announced compensation and has also instituted an inquiry trying to find out within 7 days what exactly caused the fire but what is important to
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note is that this is a very congested area which also has less attention complexes and the fact she was not really a big factory but a collection of smaller workshops that all consume of these may not have been illegal which is why a fire ceased enormous when not being for lord the laborers most of whom who lost their lives were actually sleeping at the location and a reason for that also might be that they were migrant workers it's cheaper to live in the factory and to get to work foster there and again if the factory was actually illegal labor safety norms may not also have been followed right now the focus is on ensuring that those who have been rescued are being are being treated but the end the inquiries into the incidents will try to find out what exactly may have happened this is not the 1st such incident in delhi just last year and john moody 17 people lost their lives through a similar fire incident in a illegal fire cracker factory so the action that the parties need to take should
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not be limited just in this incidence it would be what's watching what exactly they will do to ensure that such incidents do not keep repeating themselves in the cup. now let's turn to some of the other stories making news around the world several 1000 people have gathered in the ukrainian capital kiev to urge president vala lenski to resist pressure from russia a rally comes on the eve of a summit between zelinsky and the russian leader vladimir putin the talks aimed to end the 5 year russian backed insurgency in eastern ukraine. the f.b.i. says it believes the shooter in friday's air base attack carried out an act of terrorism the saudi air force officer killed 3 people and wounded several others before being shot by police the agency is questioning other saudis who were training at the base with him in. finland is set to get its youngest ever prime minister 34 year old son american has been nominated by the social democrats to
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lead the 5 party coalition government parliament is likely to confirm her as the new head of government next week. turkish police have broken up a women's protest in istanbul has rallied to perform a song just in your heart which originated in chile and draws attention to violence against women as police moved in protesters chanted don't stop the women stop the murderous. well demonstrators have taken to the straits of the capital minsk to protest against closer ties with russia sunday marks 20 years since the 2 countries agreed to strengthen their relationship a recent push by russia towards a so-called union state has angered many in belarus. passions are running high here as plain clothes police try to keep this rally under control it's unusually large for bella ruse several 100 people are demonstrating
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against a closer union between moscow and minsk. 6 protesters shout long live dello russo and some reports photos of russian president vladimir putin. the demonstrators appear are closer union could mean a loss of independence some point to the war in ukraine and russia's annexation of crimea as a cautionary tale. russia. russia means evil russia means war russia means poverty we have to move towards a civilized world of course we should have some sort of trade relations with russia at a minimum level. this new char's countries around the world are respectful towards each other that russia acts. as a fog and as an aggressor. he said. we don't want to union let's be friends but live in separate apartments. on saturday belo russian president alexander lukashenko and his russian counterpart vladimir putin met to
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discuss deepening an existing union treaty between their countries fishley became a union state 20 years ago but so far the agreement has mainly existed on paper moscow has recently been pushing towards further integration both governments insist the negotiations are purely economic but the protesters in minsk don't believe that the rallies organizers say the demonstrators are defending their country they chant for independent. that. many here carry european flights and that red and white flag of the 1st independent belorussian state. in the past 25 years the russification of the roost has gone so far that it's hard to say where our independence begins or ends we don't want to roadmap for integration with this card game of the fate of penrose's unacceptable we want independence the most. unauthorized rallies like this one are rare and
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bellaver and can be dangerous but the protesters say they will keep taking to the streets to fight for their country's future. germany's governing christian democrats have rejected calls by its social democrat coalition partner to boost government spending yesterday also wants to raise germany's minimum wage increase taxes for the rich and social democrats have just held their annual party conference under a new leadership that is aiming to take the coalition left. money money money the topic on the last day of the s.p.d. conference and the one thing the party has been spending his time talking about financial policies more investment that's what the new party leaders are calling for and that's why they want the government in effect to take out a loan they want germany to get over its fear of loosening its purse strings a move. no business in this country or any country would consider letting
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a factory rot away just so that they could avoid taking out a loan to repair it they would take advantage of the opportunity for more profits the next day. also in the cards asking the rich to reach deeper into their pockets they want those with assets of more than $2000000.00 euros to pay wealth tax something germany abandoned years ago but it's unlikely the s.p.d. will get its way so the wealth tax is a red flag for its conservative coalition partners and with its polling numbers sinking the s.p.d. doesn't want to break up their alliance our policies are good but a party has to be more than the compromises that it makes within a coalition today we made it clear that our aims and ambitions go beyond what we can do with the c.d.u. we want to consider other alliances we don't want to be trapped in a coalition with the conservatives over the long term. when you want for half the flight indeed annoyer site into the new era. the new party slogan is meant to
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signal a fresh start but now it's up to the s.p.d. to prove this slogan is more than just empty words. the united nations climate conference wraps up next week the event has was moved from chile to spain because of civil unrest one reason people in chalet are protesting is water which is becoming even more scarce and expensive juice to climate change. wind and water skiing used to be popular sports at chile's lake. until a few years ago the lake was a much loved attraction for tourists and locals alike now all they have are memories. it's making me feel nostalgic. just imagine what the water used to come up to here look at it now. after decades of drought the lake has now completely dried up experts agree this is largely due
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to climate change more than half of chile's population lives in areas hit by drought and that barrier is expanding ever further south one meter per day chile's constitution declares ground water to be private property big companies have bought up their scarce resource forcing people to pay high prices for water delivery. but that's been met with massive protests in chile's capital santiago. for 7 weeks now people have been taking to the streets to demonstrate against war to prioritize ation even the richest country in south america confiscate the effects of climate change. and finally children's t.v. show sesame street is in mourning after the man behind big bird has died at the age of 85 property carroll's many have been suffering from neurological disorder which affected his movement it worked on the iconic television show from its start 50 years ago until he retired just last year he not only gave life to big bird but
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also sesame street's trash can resident oscar the grouch. you're watching news from berlin up next all the action from much day 14 in the bundesliga i'm records in berlin thanks to be a company based in. literature invites us to see people in particular. is that. right. to. work. on you to. do the but is the good. place to talk about. this over.


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