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did you ever think that. this is deja vu news live from berlin a volcano erupts in new zealand at a popular tourist destination at least 5 people are dead and authorities fear more casualties are likely. also coming out more than 13000 dead and a 1000000 displaced our correspondent goes to the front line of the conflict in ukraine as the russian and ukrainian leaders appear to be for the 1st time to talk about ending the fighting. plus on patrol with the nigerian navy as they work to combat piracy. we are about 42 nautical miles and all patrols still like us and
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this is where the dear friend just played. his cards. close. to piracy is on the increase off west africa our correspondent finds out what's being done to protect lives and should make their. i'm so much going to thank you for joining us in new zealand at least 5 people have been killed in a volcanic eruption on white island a popular tourist destination around 50 people are believed to have been on the island at the time of the eruption emergency services say the number of people missing is in double digits a most of the survivors who have been taken off the island are injured and some have suffered serious burns now hours after the. eruption police say they fear they
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will be more casualties a difficult conditions are complicating search and rescue efforts. due to the current risk. services able to seize the oil and i want i mean by that we have taken advice from janet and they have assisted us with making a risk assessment that the autumn is unstable out of possibilities of food or eruptions but actually the physical environment is unsafe for us to return to the autumn all right let's get the latest on the story now we can speak to journalists. in auckland in new zealand thank you for joining us and we heard authorities now saying that 5 people are confirmed dead in this eruption is everyone now accounted for. jimmy unfortunately the number is likely to be higher as up to 27 people are still unaccounted for on white island new zealand's
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most active volcano after it erupted around monday afternoon local time 5 people are now confirmed dead one confirmed to be a young men from the town across the island 23 have been rescued including the 5 people killed a local news outlet reporting people covered in ash could be seen arriving for treatment afifi transported from rescue helicopters at least 20 of those rescued were injured 7 pretty funny with burns being the main injury it was confirmed that there was a number of tourists on or around the island at the time of the explosion including new zealanders and people from overseas to me occur so we heard police are talking about difficult conditions hampering their efforts what more can you tell us about rescue efforts at this point. well the island itself is currently covered in ash and volcanic material and the authorities are taking cues from experts to determine when the search and rescue team can safely access the island only they cannot
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access the island as it is too dangerous to do so police confirm that currently there is no communication with anyone still on the island and even though a no fly zone has been established activity appears to have diminished since the short victor russian although people living near the area have been warm morning to close all windows and doors and wear a mask or handkerchief when they go out and about since were there any warning signs before this eruption. in october it was reported that volcanic activities on the island were at the highest levels since 2016 possibly suggesting the filipino was entering a period where the eruption was more likely our earlier a member of the press asked prime minister just an ardent on why there are still tourists in the area she responded by saying there will be time for questions about how appropriate it was for people of the on the island given the heightened alert
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level but at this moment the focus needs to be on the search and rescue operation so the journalist car is apparently to speaking to us from auckland thank you very much for that update. let's get a round of now some other stories making news around the world police in india have arrested the owner and manager of a factory destroyed in a fire that killed 43 people the blaze in the capital delhi broke out early on sunday as workers were sleeping inside it's believed it was caused by an electrical fault. finland is likely to get its youngest ever prime minister 34 year old son martin has been nominated by the social democrats who lead the 5 party coalition government parliament is likely to confirm her as the new head of government in the coming days. turkish police have broken up a woman's protest in istanbul marchers rally to perform the song a great this in your path which originated in chile and draws attention to violence
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against women as police moved in protesters chanted don't stop the women stop the murderers. and global arms sales totaled $420000000000.28 a 5 percent year on year increase according to a report from the stockholm international peace research institute u.s. companies accounted for well over half of all weapons sold by the chinese manufacturers were not included in the report due to a lack of data. calls by hong kong democracy activists for citywide strikes have gone largely on answer today protesters mostly kept off the streets a day after staging their biggest anti-government rally in months organizers say 800000 joined the march on sunday call to mark 6 months since the start of mass demonstrations have been calling for more autonomy but as he. reports many are too scared to take part in the protests instead they're setting up inventive ways to
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support those who have lost jobs or family support because of their involvement faces hidden location concealed only then would these home call entrepreneurs agree to be filmed. they set up an online shopping service which supports the pro-democracy movement. it employs protesters who've been arrested or kicked out of their homes for their part in the demonstrations. we want to provide for the teenagers and everyone that is involved in this movement they should be proud of what they are doing we are proud of them and we will support them with the career despite being a world away from the front lines initiatives like this can fear the founders did say being identified could jeopardize their careers perhaps even less safety starts with a new born son logistics manager caleb says getting caught up in violent protests isn't an option passionately i don't have the courage to go on the front lines and
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fight with them so i fell into this backup role and started this company and let them know that they are not left behind and the hong kong people are supporting them with this scheme caleb's among the growing ranks of hong kong is finding inventive ways to support the pro-democracy cause. when you picture the hong kong protests warehouses like this one won't be the 1st thing that springs to mind it's far from the front lines behind the scenes initiatives like this one that are quietly collectively sustaining this movement caleb says he hopes one day he and his team won't have to hide their identities and will feel safe to proudly admit the role they played. the leaders of ukraine and russia are meeting in paris today to talk about the conflict in eastern ukraine it is the 1st time fighting for putin and volodymyr selenski have met and it's the 1st time in 3 years that talks focusing on ending the war have been held
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french president in mine my call and german chancellor angela merkel are brokering this meeting now the conflict started in 2014 and has killed more than 13000 people and displaced more than 1000000 the worst fighting has been in the donbass region our correspondent nick connelly traveled there and sent us this report. close enough to see what the other side having for lunch that's how these ukrainian troops have spent the last few years just 300 meters from the russian backed separatists placing them on the whole night without a single shot and i don't remember a day like about maybe on the 1st night of the see saw you know it's a strange when there's no financial you get all nervous we're used to the shooting hoops and. the conflict may have fallen out of the headlines but the shooting and the deck continues less than a 10 minute drive away a young woman out walking with a child was severely wounded by a stray bullet just last week our guide through the trenches on xander was in his
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2nd year cadet school when the conflict broke out when he rolled he could hardly have imagined that he would soon find himself a 1000 kilometers from home fighting a trench war. just a moment everyone is tired of the war has parents wives war it's about them back home. if the politicians can sort this out by talking why not if we withdraw from here it's not a disaster as long as no opponent just the same but then it does retorted. but off camera many soldiers are more skeptical they don't want to give up territory regain from the separatists at the cost of many lives a presence selenski government is convinced that only a buffer zone between the front lines can bring peace. it's a short drive from the trenches to one of the region's biggest crossing points between government and separatist held territory thousands make the journey every day spending hours out in the cold. we're hoping for peace after all this time we
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need to resolve this war it's been 6 years since it all began i'm convinced on buses part of ukraine. i don't understand what madeline mccann want to do selenski and putin should sit down together drink some thought get together and put all this behind them. with the boat with 3. and then we need a united ukraine and we need an end to all this. so people don't have to suffer in these queues anymore the. what if you cranes biggest cities it's less than half an hour's drive down the road behind me we can't go that the pro russian separatists in control of the city aware e of the foreign press present selenski was elected early this year on a promise to bring down yet back to ukrainian government control that's what this meeting in paris is all about. back in the front line
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it's quiet at least during daylight hours silence allows time to think about the future. but i'm not interested in this normandy summit and what will happen will happen. this war needs to end i've lost so many comrades already. giving the other some weight making peace and that's going to be to the. repercussions of this war will be felt for years to come it's not just about the minds of grenades that litter this landscape it's about the war in people's heads. that report from our correspondent nick connelly he is in paris now for the top find nic this will be the 1st ever meeting between ukraine's president selenski and president putin what can we expect when these 2 meet. the expectations are colossal everyone's being counting down to this meeting since
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president solecki was elected earlier this year on the one hand you have the former comedian who wasn't in politics this time last year up against vladimir putin who's been in charge of russia for almost 20 years longer than any russian leader since stalin there's a real despondence there selenski it seems is expecting a whole lot he's put in a lot of legwork to make this meeting happen he thinks that kind of meeting that personal chemistry can somehow change the political rules the political dynamics of all of this in a way that traditional negotiations can't. tickle we'll have to see some tree is never very exact science but we're going to be here all day to see what comes of this make you mention that lead break that's all i've put in he's actually made really significant concessions here for these talks to go ahead what is at stake for him here in paris. there's a huge deal at stake stake for the landscape he was elected on a promise to bring this conflict to an end to give ukrainians a return to the kind of normalcy they knew before 2014 economic growth and just
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more stable country so that really has been at the heart of his 2 ukrainians and that saw him get almost 3 quarters of the vote but also there's going to be a lot of pressure from his european hosts most notably among the one might call who seemingly want to get back to business as usual with putin's kremlin and will be putting on a lot of pressure on him to make concessions to get some kind of agreement off the ground and to allow them to start taking back the sanctions what about ukrainians and he spoke to a lot of people who are tired of this conflict but i think looking for a resolution at any cost. well that's the $1000000.00 question what is the cost the price of this piece will it be only ukraine that's paying it will only be ukraine that is forced to compromise and give up on its sovereignty its ability to choose its feet without asking permission from moscow or will russia make some kind of serious compromises going into this summit it didn't seem that the russians were willing to make much to give much ground to make much in the way of concessions
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there but there has been extraordinary level of secrecy going into this people who normally would know about the kind of plans for this kind of summit have really been in the dark so anything could happen but it does seem like there is a lot of pressure coming on ukraine to make concessions to the how the rest of europe to really get back to normal with russia and to put this conflict to rest given all of that context nic how likely do you think it is that these talks will really come to any sort of agreement or movement towards peace. well this definitely is a big deal this is the 1st time this kind of meeting has happened since 2016 and the russian side particularly put out of preconditions on this and was really kind of playing down the likelihood of this so the fact that this has even happened is already important of itself but it's. more intractable bigger problem this isn't just about this is about ukraine or russia and russia's view of itself in europe how it doesn't have an influence doesn't get to decide what its neighbors how they
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behave in europe and how they run their country so this is a symptom of part of a bigger problem but the big issue of russia and its relationship with its neighbors in europe that stays and that's not going to result today he's an economy reporting for us in paris where those talks are set to get under way a little bit later in the day thank you nick. now last week pirates kidnapped the crew of an oil tanker off the coast of nigeria it was the latest incident in a growing piracy problem afflicting the region according to the international maritime bureau most maritime kidnappings now take place off nigeria our correspondent funny for char went to the niger delta to find out the scale of the problem and how it is affecting local residents. from the outside the beautiful wetlands of nigeria inside a problematic history we have it in the vast creeks of the niger delta. this region
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is already struggling with for theft with arms trafficking kidnapping and in recent years another business has begun to florrie nigeria's course line has become a hotspot for maritime piracy and armed robbery at sea. and this is where pirates operate from a labyrinth of waterways but it's not only home to criminals lives near by the river the source of income transports goods and people he's careful since he was attacked by pirates the new true critics like misplacing is when the. prince there in 5. forest the armed men wanted to take the engine of his boat when they realized it wasn't good enough they let him go they took his money instead from then on the parrot been stopped working after sunset we are very scared.
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when driving on the sea or in the river because you don't know when exactly the corpse so sometimes. they are that you only will be going where with all your money so i receive. is a very big problem attacks by pirates is a problem worldwide but especially in the gulf of guinea they are on the rise along the coastline of west africa. because. they want to be there before pirates strike members of the nigerian navy are headed out of the lake was headquarters to money toward the scene here given. rare access to accompany them on their daily patrol. we are about $42.00 not to call miles off the coast of legace and this is a bit. of a training different to how 7 it is not anything we should. want
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warm. good. very good. quality is responsible for navigation and training on board there is only one vessel that money tours hundreds of not to call miles a day but the navy doesn't have enough vessels and personnel to prevent piracy attacks fall is near for more train in a position of more platform a collision of minutes 2 minutes. for the vessels given the business of. all is very difficult is indispensible another challenge west african countries have different policies to protect their waters in movies of the order of the. countries in the gulf of the need to come together to effectively morny totally don't because even though it's called the piracy and it never was a modern day we'll find
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a loophole and they do this navy vessel is monitoring one part of the gulf of guinea and attack is reported on the same day a few 100 miles down self an oil tanker similar to this one passing by us has been targeted the nigerian navy is not there maritime security should start here in the niger delta before an attack happens tell us they want a thorough test to deploy more security to stop lawlessness in the creeks and to eradicate piracy altogether. the prime minister of malta says he'll step down in january after some of his inner circle were implicated in the murder of investigative journalist stephanie cutter want to go. but that's not enough for campaigners against corruption local media this weekend reported that police had questioned the prime minister's former top aide. they used to be small in number now they are
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thousands and they fill the center of malta's capsule valletta they want justice justice to tough new. justice for malta and justice for daughter. that's a resource reuters fun 400 to mortgage the british for voiceover doesn't work for our local shop or. was killed in a car bomb attack 2 years ago she had been reporting about corruption tax evasion and money laundering in malta that made her a thorn in the side of many. police arrested yogen fenech the business tycoon he denies having organized the killing and implicated prime minister joseph muskets former chief of staff keith schembri who resigned as a result. matthew carroll on the journalist son wants the prime minister to go now otherwise he says muscat will do everything he can to hinder the investigation
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the prime minister and the justice minister say over and over again they repeat the same lie that the the the fact that some people are being arrested and interrogated is now is assigned as our institutions are working this is our ally we're jurors are from a scarf we invited the criminal into our house allowed him to they gone through over everything. now where we're want to kick him out. many multis people believe is allegations against the government were justified and that the prime minister's power operates has prevented an investigation. this external functioning government which governs for everybody not just with. angry and betrayed by people that's. the the country puts it's the trusted. care in the european union small estate a matter the code of silence people quiet for
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a long time they were scared of reprisals but now many feel that justice and truth are almost within reach. the world anti-doping agency wada will decide today whether to ban russian athletes from international competition for 4 years including the next 2 olympic games a key committee recommended the ban saying there had been what it called stunning deception to conceal doping. tokyo 2020 was supposed to be the final highlight of anastacio face she called us korea but now russia could be excluded from the games and the swimmer feels cheated by her compassion to look at the sun and the rights one thing not to qualify because you're not well prepared you've made mistakes but it's quite another thing when it's because you're punished for other people's mistakes so yes that would be very disappointing but i hope everything will be fine. but things don't look like they will be fine as they stand the
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executive committee of the world anti-doping agency wada led by outgoing president craig reedy looks likely to implement the ban recommended by their panel of experts which would exclude russia from international sporting competitions for 4 years if that happens be and then pick committee would be forced to follow suit. if there is a decision being issued to according to the. tour the world and there will be no code. it's a mandatory for the i.o.c. but what exact shape the measure would take is yet to be decided some athletes are calling for a tough sanction in the form of a blanket ban on russian participation but the i.o.c. has said it would be willing to allow russian athletes who can prove that they're clean to compete under a neutral flag in that case hopefuls like anastacio fessor called it might not be
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able to represent their country but they could still take part at the games. and just in the last few minutes we've gotten confirmation from the world anti-doping agency and it has gone along with that recommendation meaning a 4 year ban from international competition and russia will not be allowed to host a major tournaments wide as executive committee has unanimously approved the ban and we'll have more on that story for you in the next hour. this is news these are our top stories 5 people have been killed in a volcano eruption in new zealand it happened on white island a popular tourist destination some of the survivors have suffered severe burns and many people are unaccounted for police say conditions on the island are too unstable to safely carry out rescues. the leaders of ukraine and russia are due to meet in paris for talks aimed at ending the conflict in eastern ukraine it's the 1st meeting between letterman selenski and his russian
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counterpart vladimir putin several 1000 people gathered in kiev on sunday to urge selenski to resist pressure from russia. police in india have a rest of the owner and manager of a factory destroyed in a fire that killed 43 people the blaze in the capital delhi broke out early on sunday as workers were sleeping inside it's believed to have been caused by an electrical fault. this is news from berlin for more follow us on twitter after the news or visit our website w dot com and finally the children's t.v. show sesame street is in mourning after the man behind big bird died at the age of 80 sachs up here carol spinny had been suffering from a neurological disorder that affected his movement he worked on the popular t.v. show from its start 50 years ago until you were tired just last year he not only gave life to big bird but also sesame street's trash can resident oscar the grouch
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. coming up next why china is powering down foreign made computers and software and government agency that's in business news with stated.
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denning credible location. will come tonight. every week w. . control ult delete china is ordering government agencies to get rid of all foreign made computers and software it comes out the country seeks to become more reliant on its own technology also coming up i'm see corruption protests have dominated the news around the world in 2019 so are we any closer to a corruption free world. and taking an axe to illegal logging the fight against the unlawful destruction.


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