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tv   Focus on Europe  Deutsche Welle  December 11, 2019 11:30pm-12:00am CET

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this could be the end of communism. crisis and. the strongest that defines our markets today. $979.00 the big bang it. starts december 23rd t.w. . alone a very warm welcome indeed to focus on europe with me peter craven and we begin this week with the threat posed by russian cyber attacks on the west we're not just talking about data theft but also the spreading of what's described as industrial scale dis information and computer experts loyal to the kremlin so-called trolls are accused of infiltrating social networks with huge quantities of manipulative
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content now one country on the frontline in the cyber conflict with russia is lithuania where they've responded by creating a digital citizens army made up of activists known simply as the elves and one of the key weapons in this kind of hybrid warfare is anonymity as we found out when we visited an elf in action. this is falcon as he calls himself on the internet. he doesn't want to reveal his true identity because he has formidable enemies in the digital world. in his free time he fights russian trolls peddling just information and fake news on the net. the online activist is part of a wider community trying to counter russian online propaganda they call themselves the elves. in the invaded ukraine and at the was through to do something not just
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the words stevie and discuss what to do and to do some practical things and the beginning was a bit of simple. reports that the fight the girl i mean on the news. was followed by the hundreds of negative comments as well what was the need for europe you know and i would this is a must have had a simple just thought to counter them with imports of the commons. the baltic states have been targeted by just information campaigns arguably orchestrated by the kremlin. falcon shows us an example of this on a news site in lithuanian which claims that german nato members desecrated a jewish cemetery in lithuania is made up of german town and this is the jewish cemetery in the coldness it's the liquor is the procreation. rather how they work submarines. 30 years ago lithuania gained independence and
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people there know that the fact that the former soviet republic has since joined the e.u. and nato is not welcomed by moscow lithuanians now live in constant fear of their powerful neighbor. order a good bit of what you just need to open a history book to understand russia's true nature then and now. about the quote from the political spectrum of i would say that russia poses a threat to us though i can't say what kind. on the outskirts of the lithuanian capital vilna use there is a memorial in honor of all those who wants to ported to siberia. maxime's are off who belongs to the countries russian minority thinks it's right to keep the memory of the crimes committed during soviet occupation alive and he fears that russian propaganda is driving a wedge between lithuanians and the country's russian minority though he thinks the lithuanian government is also responsible. on the. loose to have our own russian
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language t.v. station in this country you could follow lithuanian developments in russia but at some point lithuanians were refusing to give interviews to the station simply because its logo resembles that of a moscow based broadcaster the us if you like discrimination to no longer have any russian language media in this alania. upshifts on the road to needing a. good use will be scaring the country's national cybersecurity center meanwhile warns that russian internet propaganda poses a danger it believes that if left unchallenged it could increase the possibility of war. we believe much of it will be influenced by a russian or i would see them and resume a propaganda campaign as much of it will be heating costs are so much more to be the soldiers we would be to do something against us against the freemium overall
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are against the us and canada so for us it would be really. really useful to have a possibility to talk of will for the russians to design the falcon to thinks it would be helpful to team up with like minded russians to counter propaganda he speaks russian well because he served in the former soviet army now together with more than a 1000 other elves from around europe he spends his evenings fighting just information spread by internet trolls that we do think guys like we don't fight we fighting for the liberal democracy that. it should be treated very professionally the danger or that they are all fucked it is. elvis versus trolls. the outcome remains uncertain. now here in germany something remarkable has been happening in recent years the countries jewish community has been growing and growing rapidly but at the same time and t. semitism is also on the rise leading to almost daily attacks on the community and
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its members and it felt like a watershed moment when in october and the o. nazi gunmen attacked a synagogue in the eastern city of howler a massacre was only narrowly averted but 2 people were killed near the synagogue fronting looks at is among those who are now thinking twice about their lives here in germany. communication designer valentino has been living in berlin for 8 years. he's from poland and he is jewish. one reason he chose to live here is the cultural diversity and the fact that he can easily find kosher food that's his field it's a very diverse community it's really nice this is become a jewish area again. but the atrocities of the past are not forgotten the stumbling blocks are in mind or the 10s of thousands of berlin jews were murdered during the holocaust. it is sad that despite blocks anti-semitism is on the rise again.
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when it was here when people talk about something it's because it's really terrible they don't talk so much about small incidents but anti semitism is becoming routine again. today he is returning to hala. he was there on the 9th of october when the main synagogue was attacked on the jewish day of atonement young kapoor. had gone to holland to pray with others at the central synagogue they were already inside when a neo nazi launched his attack he was unable to get into the building but was still able to murder 2 people and injure several others. i feel an emptiness now we really have to realize that 2 people died here one of them exactly here. and a part of us tied to a part of our souls. is hoping to be able to come to
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terms with what happened by going back to the synagogue. at midday on october 9th the congregation had already started praying when they heard shots and explosions outside. they could follow what was happening on screens linked to the security cameras. the attacker had intended to kill as many jews as possible but he failed to get past the synagogue's new security system he ended up killing a 40 year old female passer by and later a 20 year old man inside the synagogue the service continued. we continued in a very emotional way we were so effective. we cry and we screamed. we sang this song for about 10 minutes. and that.
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the authorities had not granted a request for extra police protection on the day of yom kippur because the attacker didn't get into the synagogue frustrated he went on the rampage this is the shop where he killed a 2nd victim memories lutes hard to bear. back in berlin. his wife and some friends me in a cafe they've all been the victim of antisemitism. naomi henkel google says she can't stand it anymore. she now spends several months of the year in israel she says many have resigned themselves to increased anti-semitic attacks even the media world and government and what. it can't quite what you know counter-argument is offered. that's less and instead there are more and more right wingers
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interviewed during prime time. and lead. is also changing its habits he rarely wears a jewish skullcaps the key part now. is who's who could be like trying not to provoke people in the pool what is there are situations in which i don't need to highlight the fact that i'm jewish. here i'll state it moves valentino hopes that one day he will be able to live in berlin his home of choice without having to fear anti-semitic attacks. and it's certainly worth noting that it's been announced that germany's federal authorities will be significantly stepping up efforts to guarantee the safety of people visiting synagogues and other jewish facilities now on a very different note if we humans are going to survive the grave ecological challenges facing us then we'll certainly need some smart solutions that could include creating self-sustaining ecosystems the provide herb's vegetables and much more
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besides all year round where well in sweden's capital stockholm they're doing it in the cellar. at 1st glance stockholm so beriah district looks like an ordinary residential neighborhood but it's not this is where some locals have begun experimenting with self-sustaining minicon systems tovey and freezer is one of them he set up a test lab in one of the house's selous he wants to see whether it's possible to grow agricultural products and farm fish there on a small scale. tobin began the project some months back with some neighbors and today they're planting coriander. then happy that this is nothing unusual really you put the seeds in the flower pot just as you would do outside it's really simple. there yet they like to have. thanks to artificial u.v.
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light and the constant ambient temperature of 27 degree celcius they can grow and harvest all year round. young eklund who lives in the house feeds them every day. they're clever aquaponics system turns fish excrement into plant fertilizer. they currently have 70 small sick lids that generate enough fertilizer for the plant which owns some really right now this is still a somewhat sterile environment. we only just set this up. but we want to add some aquatic plants so it looks a bit more natural. insulin you're certainly ready for. the fish will be raised for about 6 months until they're large enough to be eaten it's all about creating a self-sustaining mini ecosystem. 2 pianos experimenting with 3 different kinds of plant cultivation these plants draw nutrients directly from the water but this sets
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up doesn't work for tomatoes so too will be and has planted them in gravel filled traits that are irrigated with fish tank water every 2 hours at the young back here just in here there's an army of bacteria on the gravel and the sea is for a standstill. they transform fish excrement into nutrients for the plants. to here for the extra word of the project spread quickly getting not only retirees like to join in but many of the locals to. have 1st sight this looks pretty normal. so it's a bit odd we've got a fish tank in our cellar you know what at least some of the video they still produce basil mainly for their own needs but the hopes are now growing so well that they will soon be sold in the local supermarkets. greensill beriah is the name of the project which is supported by the swedish
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environmental institute and the e.u. among others will need a lift it is project manager she also is actively involved for example in the unit painted garbage dump where no more stench develops these nozzles regularly spray bacteria on the garbage which eliminates the bad smell. i do my rounds here regularly because the lids were always closed at the beginning then of course the whole thing didn't work. and the bacteria couldn't do their job. first i turned the barrels over. recently we simply removed the lids. in the kitchen circle and then you are making pesto from the fresh basil. there you would settle that's how people get off the sofa. for they get a little curious so in the swedish soul is rather slow with everything so we swedes are basically shy people and very careful with everything. and not been
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suppressed though it's a small step on a long road towards a green and sustainable stockham. move. now here's an offer a nike t. shirt for 5 euros or gucci humbug 20 those are typical prices for branded products on the streets of the spanish city of barcelona the problem is though that the goods are sold by illegal vendors who unlike authorized traders don't pay taxes and other overheads and that divide has triggered a battle for barcelona sidewalks a battle with racial overtones. heavily packed the street vendors of barcelona wander through the city. they spread out their blankets in the tourist hot spots. i just bought something so it's good for the people that do this but
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they are noisy shopkeepers they don't pay any taxes. that's exactly what's bothering guillermo he sold antiques of the port for the past 16 years in addition to taxes he pays a high rent for his stand but business is declining steadily for him the street vendors are to blame. barcelona is now the capital of street vendors actually in all of europe they're legally occupying public spaces. for a long time the authorities tolerated the street vendors know the police are intensifying their checks. is happy about this but sometimes he. just afraid. that it will mean that i was attacked by one of them he broke my cell phone they're getting more and more violent. and that. my dear navy you can see the aggression here in the video. on. going was making
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a mockery of god he was fined 100 euros on my cell phone is still broken he's still selling things here as if nothing happened here but here in barcelona people do what they want. even though such attacks are very rare many traders are demanding tougher action. with posters stating no illegal sales more police presence they draw attention to their situation if the stands. around 800 street vendors live in barcelona. the sale of counterfeit goods is illegal and can be punished with prison sentences of up to 3 years. 29 year old son wants to go to the harbor to sell his t. shirts one of the few ways he has to earn money but he's always afraid of being detained by the police. to monitor our work is not so bad what we do is better than stealing or selling drugs or something like that and.
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the son comes from a fishing family and he trained as a welder but in his native senegal he didn't see a future for himself and said i haven't seen my family and 4 and a half years 4 and a half. it's really hard. but that's the way it is. i need to hold out a little longer and. my son is living in barcelona illegally to get a residence permit he has to have lived in spain for 3 years have a year long work contract good language skills and no criminal record. farther along the harbor promenade ali is offering his goods the mauritanian came to barcelona 4 years ago but i will start another job and i don't want to stay here and when i have enough money to go back i'm gone here as an immigrant gone you're nothing. until then all he has left is the street
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today ali lays out his sheets and blankets for the 3rd time i go because if i had been here for just 10 minutes and had laid it all out when the police came but disagree i lost 25 cars today is a bad day. barcelona city hall decides when and whether the police will crack down critics accuse the authorities of making it too easy for illegal vendors so more and more are coming. oh viral porro is commissioner for social economy and is responsible among other things 1st rate vendors. but he lacks the means to solve the problems fundamentally. get it and get it going love to see what. it is due to world wide inequalities in injustices that many people seek in life beyond their homeland. one cannot dump all the responsibility on the town whole of the tourist metropolis you know all these things up is that. street vendors are also looking for
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a solution and have founded a type of association called tough monta doda is one of their spokespeople. get a look at it but we've developed our own fashion label to show that we're not here to take something away from someone to steal or to hang around with while we pay taxes and create jobs for those who still sell on the street. sometimes street vendors come here for advice doda knows how they feel. but i said racism exists if someone calls me names i ignore them but if the laws forbid you to work to study then all you can do is sell on the street and then a horde of policemen comes and puts you in prison that's horrible and i was so yes i was evil i many street vendors know experienced this almost every day recently their life in barcelona has become even harder. the police are showing more
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presence and they're cracking down on illegal vendors. it's getting harder for a sign to find a place where he can sell his t. shirts without being seen by the police. the 29 year old is always tired infuse rushed more than anything a sign is depressed that he's not wanted in barcelona. or been so i wonder when i thought i could work here in peace but it's extremely difficult that europe is just hard it's really not easy here not at all i just need papers and a job. yes then i could live in peace. sign can't go back to senegal his family is depending on the money he regularly sends home. and in the meantime good news for our son who's being granted a residency permit in spain which of course opens up all sorts of new opportunities
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now what i wonder do you do with books that you no longer want to read or even keep on apparently a lot of people simply chuck them away into the next rubbish bin but that was breaking the hearts of refuse workers in the turkish capital ankara so given archaean and his colleagues decided that it was time for a different approach. the refuse workers in ankara turn up at 7 am every morning whatever the weather. move in aachen empties every garbage can but he also checks each bin bag carefully looking for books. he doesn't think the books belong in the trash. for years now he and his colleagues have been bringing them back to the garbage depot and chunk. little as a child i would have loved to have but we lived in
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a poor district i'm not they went to the school books and sale not that we could have afforded them. but when i was at the. now he helped stock the refuse company's own library. the books 1st have to be cleansed and sorted. the men have already rescued over 20000 books from the incinerator. if. all of us can find books that we like here and we can educate ourselves further it's great. there's something for everyone in this library trashy novels and textbooks and much more. in the past 10 years the number of book forms has risen from 30 to 42 percent in turkey a library is part of a growing trend. then. i used to be a road sweeper i also found books doing that we used to give them to children or bring them home before the library was set up. through it.
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there came a point when they simply had too many books so someone came up with the idea of setting up a library in this warehouse and the company agreed to help. and since then then there's what the employees can gainfully use time during breaks or after their shift. library has now become very famous via social media. measure that of colin and jenna bush that will be she says we've received many donations of books from all over the country holds. owners into it but i shall never should. the next idea is to turn an old garbage truck into a mobile library for children given arkin and his colleagues are not only book worms but budding musicians too they found their instruments doing the rounds. tell us that there's always such a nice hollow sound if you beat on the empty cans that we used to drum on them for fun that's how this began.
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so ankara doesn't only boast the garbage library but also a garbage orchestra which is even planning to perform a bra. the society has to get used to the fact that we can also do this sort of thing refuse workers on only people who take away the trash to be. encouraged refuse workers are showing the world that garbage can be recycled the good of the whole community. wonderful and with out how it's warming story from ankara it's time to. wind down on this edition of focus on europe thanks so much for joining us and if you'd like to see any of our reports again just go to our home page on details please don't call them for forward slash focus on europe or visit our facebook page d
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w stories from to come back next time around until then bye bye and. thank you thank you thank you. the footman.
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comes. into the conflict zone with 2 sebastian. my guest this week yuri rose is the jesuit priest father hans solo 4 is a media expert for sexual abuse of a mole the kludgy is the boss ago serious about real church moves forward and continues to provide opportunity as cover up priests who commit these awful hold close conflicts so for. 90 minutes on w. . coming. from the adventurous some of the famous naturalist and
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explorers. to celebrate alex on the from the boards 250 in. the morning on the 4 inch of discovery. expedition in boyd veto the bill. burns. home to millions of species. a home worth saving. and those are big changes and most start with small steps global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world ideas that could turn the climate used to green energy solutions and reforestation. to create interactive content for teaching the next generation about environmental protection and more determined to build something here for the next generation globalized 2 years the multimedia environment series on t w. imagine
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being born with this. you're alive to come prove it since. you want to look for no school. you want to be useful but on allowed to. when you're sick the doctors know. when you fall in love they won't. you don't have children for fear they'll be invisible to. us should. have knows. when you die there's no proof of who ever existed. every 10 minutes. like this is. 10000000 people in the world the stakes have no nationality i'm told made up of all of them and. that everyone has the right. everyone has the right to say i roam. the
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big battle. this is deja news live from berlin the u.k. prepares to vote in what's being called the most important election and in generations a strong showing for boris johnson's conservatives could finally gets the prime minister the majority he needs to lead britain out of the european union but his leave for germany corbin's opposition labor party is narrowing we'll go live to london.


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