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tv   The Bundesliga  Deutsche Welle  December 16, 2019 1:02am-1:16am CET

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some boogers legal players like marcus arrive say anyone can beat anyone with sunday's action prove that to be true it's been nothing but a g. thing lately but could glock maintain their reign. be in form full travel to wolfsburg needing a win to get back to number one in the standings put the home side was ready to put up a fight. and the royal blues of soca were ready for a royal rumble as they host at the frankfurt eagle would show the good scrap their chances to climb but. this is the biggest they go why did w i'm chris harrington joining me for sunday's shindig the chap at massey 50 and more our former professional german footballer and national team coach frame taken barbuda michelle didn't say welcome back michelle hi chris good to be back good to see you and we have our very own but as they get expert anthony how we're doing if
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any good and ready to go ready to go back to hear that now before we get to them straight out of glove the fulls who haven't won the bonus they get since the mid 1970 s. looks set to return to that former glory be number 18 no joke could play and will spur in the wolves den put glovebox title hopes on hold. marco's a coach out spork to the austrian league title last season of a glass now led lintz to 2nd place while spork hadn't won any of their last 3 home games but they came out swinging 0 mercy young took sava should not go to open the scoring in the 13th minute the austrian netting his 1st one just a good goal. clock back responded fast though brail embargo equalising just 2 minutes later the 6th goal of the season for the swiss international. won all the score at half time. things
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remain tight in the 2nd half with plenty of scoring chances for both sides but both kept on wasting their opportunity. the decider came in injury time maximillian on no making it to one for of all scored the late victory at it by a pair of misplaced headers from the club back to france this hidden in the. it was really great because you know 98 minutes so i have to say we deserved to win for the goal sports celebrate their 1st win this league a home win since october. hang their heads after their 2nd away loss in a row. shoko was at home and welcomed the eagles of frankfurt to gessen kids should the home crowd hoped to boost the royal blues up the table and it worked the only goal of the match came soon after have taught me to remind one target after he was played by i mean her eat nice played nice way to
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finish but the hosts had to see out the last half hour with 10 men alexander newbill saw red for doing a martial arts move basically won me jack the cheat of each no doubt for the red to cheat if this was subbed off as a precaution but shelf held on for the win they're now up to 4th place. let's get the conversation started michelle i'll start with you where did it go wrong for glaad on the pitch it's very difficult to say of course if you if you're in the news today 2 games in a row and especially after 90 minutes in the 1st game in a row you're pretty and know you. i don't find any or you you're not finding any any words on the field to beat will spill because they're so aggressive on the field and then it looks like maybe there are thinking too much of the whole
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situation in the league maybe some of the players they already think they're maybe we are the champions or something like that so it's very difficult but if they don't change they will not be in this area anymore right now over to you marcus to was prophetic say anyone could beat anyone you what was a signal the wolves said to the rest of the li gladbach don't exactly love the tough stuff i'm not saying that they're running away from this from a physical challenge but the message to the rest of the league is tried to be physical and what they've got the guns to do it there it got because at one hand and anthony brooks at the other end they've got the people who can apply the pressure they've also got a great defense so don't sleep on the fact will spur actually really really good at 15 goals conceded in 15 match days and i did the physicality and glad can expect more but done under right on the right rather what will they did today now the other match. we've seen so much improvement with shaukat compared to last season and now they're up to 4th who gets the credit for the royal blue 3rd wagner will
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probably be front of front and square saying or not sign but a lot of people want to point to him because there's been no one on the big addition that you can point to and say that's made all the difference on the pitch that they're getting results exactly when the need them that actually been able to rely on right keeping and right defenses well but they are now going to have to make a change in the katyn department because after what we saw at the it's right to challenge the fright this nubile coming out from the back that will be one change that they'll have to encounter. now over to you know one team that's been blazing you know the past few months up the table now the number one spot is rb live seek do you think team over any company can keep that pole position it will because if they're young young coach if not with money and he is very focused and everything. because if you see it again the international game does week he said he was not happy about this so in his shows everybody he's going to push his players every time the sport is bigger and they do they did a tremendous job and for me at the moment there is no one else in the league who
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can beat them all right now let's test that theory and take a look at the table so after sunday's matches here is the rundown rb lives if they have a 2 point cushion over glod by now and other teams that moved up munich moved up but got knocked down a 5th wolfsburg also climbed in the bottom half head to berlin and hausberg move up a cologne leapfrog caught up on who are now dead last once again let's go from beings in the action on the pitch the things that unfortunately come with racial abuse has made headlines in europe and now in germany had to berlin's under 16 team has walked off the pitch during a game after its players were allegedly racially abused by the opposition the but as the club posted this photo of the team they released a statement on its website that leaving the pitch was because we have had to condemn racism and discrimination in every form they went on to say there are times
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when football doesn't come 1st racism has no place in our society. ok michelle has picked the conversation up there is a controversial headline in italy among other incidents but now it you know it's here in germany it's a bit scary you know what are your thoughts of the team walking off together that was a great sign so where to do it or every every team has to do it because if we don't do it it looks like that ok we accept the situation and nothing nothing goes through the german federation have to find a way and to have to make some clear message more than before that is comprehension in our society anymore that's where if a big problem and to most the of us we are not pointing on heritable in underbid a whole team that did the right right thing and i wish it's not only under 16 teams do we have to start early and it has to be with the professional teams in the bonus
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league too so what carter did once if you remember and this is the whole story about this so and i. agree just 100 percent right yeah head has always made an example of staving off for social injustice now anthony this is an old problem but we've been seeing new solutions or new reactions you know from teens hoping to solve the issue what are some examples that have taken place in other countries outside of germany so the dutch top flight and the 2 weeks ago the players stood at the start of the whistle went in the plaza around the league stood still there is a freshness of brushwood breeze in the 2nd division in holland that was then next minute put on i'm sort of moved by your words michel that you want to see more of these walking off the pitch because it feels just as a person who watches football we have more campaigns than ever we have more people saying that it's wrong than ever and we have more awareness but what's the next
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step because we've got all of these things that should say that we're moving towards awareness and doing all the right things but nothing seems to be happening it doesn't seem like the problem's going away. i would not point to everyone having to change their attack i love the latest shift of an under 16 tame walking of the pits of stance the heads up on the back of my neck i don't know who's going to do that in italy i don't know who's going to do that in germany it would just move everyone so they call if it happened in a football match in the sun much at stake right there's millions of dollars in wages that they walking away from and they want to ruin a career but something has to change drastically i hope that's it if you know one player well known around the world former world cup winners well drawn boa today said this about his personal experiences of racial abuse when i warm up on the sideline i often hear how spectators make monkey sounds from the stands even though i've played so many games for germany so you know clearly you know this is still
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persists as an issue what about your personal experience having played you know over 2 decades in this country back in the days i was 17 i played in the 3rd league and here in berlin and. and after the war came down it was not easy to go to the other side before as i heard monday zones and some of the bad things but my teammates that helped me a lot and appreciated so so much on this time because it was completely new for me you know and and this is the only only sign that everybody have to come closer and fight against these people who want to do an end to find out who is going to do it that's the difficult and dissed process that's why i'm very happy to see that these young kids they did it and is the beginning it is definitely the beginning it is a step in the right direction here now let's change the climate of the conversation and talk about michelle's experience as
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a head coach of antigua and barbuda michel how different. are the things that you compare you know german football what you've come to the drone understand from day one your experience in the caribbean country nothing as professional so and you have to you have to work very hard with everybody it's not only the players because the leak over there is not the same league like in germany of course a company or in europe it's a lower league it's a it's called premier league but. it's not like that what we expect and that's why my team my stuff we have to work every day with all young sisters a lot of the players in this country and dallas and my players. but it's all going to zation what we have to work on the room or the conversation what we need we need some more help and this. and i wish you well i know you're returning you know back after you want to break in you know if god speed with that if you prove me
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unfortunately that full time for us i'd like to thank our guests michelle did say as well as anthony howard from all of us here in berlin dunka. doesn't. take football personally i do anything with wonderful people and stories that make the game so special. for all true fans. because more than football on line. was the speech of his life perhaps his past certainly his most difficult chancellor and not cool addresses the people
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of east germany shortly after the fall of the wall. climbers for treme. journalist peter lim borg was on the scene. 30 years later he looks back on the tightrope tristen. starts december 19th w. . belongs to taiwan's thai all people who century old culture had all but disappeared . here where taiwan meets the pacific is the homeland of the thai ya'll in and around the village of gin you chen is fighting to protect your indigenous heritage . sometimes i feel i'm too persistent. like a cockroach that refuses to die.


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