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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 18, 2019 10:00am-10:16am CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin u.s. lawmakers prepare for any historic vote on impeachment proceedings against president trump now this would be the 3rd impeachment of a president in u.s. history ahead of the vote front fired off a furious letter to house speaker nancy pelosi saying she was undermining american democracy also on the show. the u.s. senate approves sanctions against companies building what germany says is a vital gas pipeline with russia erland says washington is meddling in its affairs
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also on the program and there's very little came. to say goodbye to the star wars rise of skywalker trailer it sure religion as the file movie in the series makes its world premiere. i'm brian thomas great to have you with us later today u.s. lawmakers will take in a storage vote on whether to impeach president donald trump the democratic controlled house of representatives is expected to back the move which would trigger a trial in the senate on whether or not to remove the president from office thousands of demonstrators have been rallying across the country in support of impeachment among them these protesters and. new york's times square that are backing the move
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by house democrats. meanwhile president trump attacked the impeachment proceedings in a furious 6 page letter to house speaker nancy pelosi the president accused the top democrat of declaring quote open war on american democracy also claimed the democrats were bringing suffering to the republic for their own selfish personal and partisan gain nancy pelosi said she had not read the letter in full but that she understood the essence of its contents missing it as quote very sick our washington correspondent alexander phenomena has been following this story since it broke and traces the path to impeachment. historic day on capitol hill for just this 3rd time the house of representatives will vote whether to impeach and sitting as president though that is expected to be strictly on party lines of 2 weeks of contentious hearings unexpected bombshells and partisan fighting it all
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started with a phone call a phone call in which president trump asked president zelinsky of ukraine to investigate his main political rival democratic presidential hopeful joe biden and his son hunter i became increasingly aware of what followed was a congressional inquiry with a dozen witnesses testifying in public describing crimes dealings with ukraine as improper and in as roughly it's all going to blow up and here we are one witness in particular turned out to leak he ordered sunland the us ambassador to the european union and. he told the investigators there was indeed a quid pro quo in the works that president pressed the ukrainian government to get dirt on joe biden change for a meeting in the white house at the same time you asked for military aid for ukraine was put on hold as the president directions everyone was in the loop
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so we followed the president's orders eruption other witnesses added more damning details about donald trump's conduct time machine no evidence for the democratic majority in the house to move forward with the impeachment. the morning. the facts are uncontested the president abused his power for his own personal political benefit at the expense of our national security by withholding military aid and crucial oval office meeting in exchange for an announcement of an investigation into his political rival. m.p.u. self power and up struction of congress to charge and the democrats say that amounts to high crimes justifying impeachment however they haven't convinced a single republican yet trump's party stands by the president decrying competes meant as a political witch hunt you can't make your case against the present because nothing
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happens president trumps high crimes threaten our democracy it so they don't like us that's what this is about you know like the president they don't like the present supporters they dislike it so much they're willing to weaponize the government the votes in the house will mark the climax of this summer moment in u.s. history if the majority of lawmakers approved the aisle to close off impeachment which seems likely it will trigger a senate trial to determine if the president is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors and should be removed from office. at trial president trump seems to be gearing up for he expects to be exonerated by the republican led senate and hopes impeachment will backfire on his rivals there was nothing done wrong to the power of the peach when one is not charged is it embarrassment to this country . the controversy has already fired for her in general
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public opinion is split over the matter whatever the outcome what is happening in washington right now reflects the hyper partisan divisions in american politics. the united states and germany are on our. in course over a controversial energy project both houses of the u.s. congress have backed sanctions against companies building the germans nords for him to gas pipeline under the baltic sea now this link will transport russian gas to germany the us claims the pipeline will give russia too much political leverage over europe but germany and says the project is vital for its own energy security. so how might germany and europe respond if hit with sanctions by the u.s. congress our political correspondent to syria talk about that good morning hans what companies might be hit by these potential u.s.
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sanctions well initially it's really only one of 2 companies that specialized in laying pipelines on the seabed this is one swiss company and one italian company but they are so specialized that they are pretty much no other companies worldwide can stand in for them and can do those kind of work if they are stopped then the pipeline project is very likely to be stopped and will obviously have follow on effects on a large number of energy companies ok now germany saying this project is essential for its national energy security how would berlin respond to sanctions the most direct response has come from the german foreign minister who is insistent that energy policy in germany and in europe is made in germany and in europe that there's not going to be an acceptable interference interference is not going to be accepted the european commission has responded in a similar way but at the moment one is still trying to keep this on a kind of diplomatic level rather than escalating the language ok that's proving
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difficult of the u.s. says that this project makes germany in europe far too dependent on russian gas supplies why do german politicians not share the assessment of washington well the argument on the german side and in fact on the european side is that there's a mutual dependence. germany of course is getting more gas from russia through this pipeline but at the same time russia is gaining an additional income which is very important by selling this to europe very important for the russian economy and russia in fact can also not afford to stop the gas supply because it would. be very strongly in addition one has to say this is not only for germany the gas pipeline on land continue into europe towards the czech republic to. it's also true and italy is really a european project and all of these countries are very much in favor of the gas being delivered ok they are aren't they and that underscores really the importance of the discussion here in berlin right now that this disagreement presents too much
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of a liability for the transatlantic relationship that that is a threat to the relationship with washington well we have to say that that's relationship is already tense ever since the president came into office that they have been threats of various sanctions various imposed imposer of various tariffs on both sides and so on so this is going to get probably a lot worse as a result of this decision by the american congress at the same time there is an attempt at the moment still to try and resolve this in some sort of diplomatic way people here in germany are also saying that there is an american interest behind america's interest in selling gas to europe and as a result there is some kind of economic dealing going and going on in the background as well as everyone's thanks so much for bringing us up to date. let's brief you now some other stories australia has endured as hottest day on record
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with the national average temperature reaching 40.9 degrees celsius topping the last record from 2013 the record bust the heat comes as the nation battles a severe drought and a bushfire crisis. yet chrysler and general manufacture appears a group of announced that their boards have signed a binding deal to merge the 2 automakers the new company will be the world's 4th biggest auto concern. while hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets in france as labor unions extend nationwide strikes against very unpopular pension reforms police fired tear gas in paris and as the action escalated the hardliners he says it coordinated power outages and widespread disruption teachers hospital staff public employees joining transportation workers for the 3rd day of mass action this month now despite the growing pressure president mcchrystal says he is determined to press on. every day for 2 weeks has been
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a nightmare with unruly crowds trying to force their way onto the few trains or buses still running commuters from the outskirts of paris feel it most george lopez barely managed to make it to work today he's frustrated too so from these old forfeits the government and the unions are behaving like small children constantly blaming each other and it's working people have to play. another day another strike and once again hundreds of thousands of people are on the streets throughout france their protests and pension reform plans that would raise the retirement age from $62.00 to $64.00 through the roll call the year is it 6 year out left to work 5 years longer and gets a smaller pension in order to shift french president's mcclung as king louis the 16th who was beheaded the pressure is mounting all of france's unions have joined the movement some are even threatening to continue the strikes over christmas. it's
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time that the government drops these plans because if they don't it will be even harder to repair the damage if you seem to see it if you see what the government is calling thread to tucked. up there you do trains need to keep running every christmas not for the government and not for the unions but for the french people it was just the trains françois' could be calm sit a false talks will continue on wednesday george is on his way home he'll have to take a subway bursting at the seams he says it's just something he'll have to get used to. it is a huge day for fans of star wars as the 9th and final film in the sky walkers as as world premiere the rise of skywalker crowns 42 years of box office gold we have this neat. without any spoilers.
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the final star wars trilogy is coming to an end but the galactic battle between good and evil jed i and sith isn't over yet joe di in training raves back to face down kyla ram the dark side and son of les and han solo and now supreme leader of the evil 1st order consulting. electricity. and. the pressure is on and not least for disney and director j.j. abrams has been brought back to the star wars franchise after the last episode by a different director left a lot of fans disappointed. episode 9 focuses particularly on the chemistry between its central characters ray and her buddies of the resistance pilot podium are on and stormtrooper femme for cast and fans it's about more than just one movie
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it's the end for saga this is the last one but it's crazy because it feels like she's in a time machine and traveled back to when the last time was upon some 42 years and 8 episodes later can the rise of skywalker live up to fans' expectations or losing the fight to shield ghostwriters all to be careful on the way up director j.j. abrams certainly seems to think it can. if your kid watching this 100 years from now 500 years from now. you see this inevitability the story concluded in a way that feels thrilling and shocking and funny and emotional and satisfy the final film or unites new cast and old actor actress carrie fisher's death in 2016 abrams has even found a leftover material from the last 2 films to bring her back as princess wei. so how will the age old battle between the satellite and sit at and which skywalker will
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rise in the rise of skywalker with the release of episode 9 fans can finally find them. play this is did of you news live from berlin i'm brian thomas for the entire news team thanks so much for being here. it's all happening too much of it coming true surely news from africa and the world your link to exceptional stories and discussions panel one will come to the debut suffocating program tonight from funny journey from the use of easy to our website to demi to come smash africa join us on facebook and t.w. africa.


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