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the big . news this is the w. news live from but it questions brags that just lation claes a major hurdle. to reiterate to the nation one did not need to. go make is back prime minister boris johnson's with a tour all built by 124 votes putting the u.k. of course in the 3 european union at the end of january look at the latest from london also coming up australia's prime minister responds to public criticism and
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cultural issues vacation to face the bushfires crisis to volunteer firefighters battling a blaze basically are killed as crews work to contain more than $100.00 fires. and police in india tackle are needed nationwide protests against its controversial new citizenship rule 11 people died in the on drugs and thousands are detained. bloodstock chip wright is in why find out which country dominating qualifying for saturday gave up to live 6 next year. i am. the m. i'm going to humphrey glad you could join us british prime minister boris johnson has won the backing of lawmakers for his bill to take britain out of the european union now the vote followed the conservatively to substantial victory in last
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week's snap election the bill has a few more stages to go through before it becomes nor but getting past this 1st hurdle means that the u.k. is finally on a definite course to leaving the european union at the end of next month. after winning his historic election victory last week boris johnson said he wanted to heal the nation and in the house of commons he presented his bracks it bill as a step towards that was a time that together as one reinvigorated nation one united kingdom filled with a renewed confidence in our national destiny and determined at last to take advantage of the opportunities but not before us but despite the sweet talking johnson had stripped away many of the sweetness trees a may had added to help them piece support it before the election that raised passions from the opposition. this things of on issues not only workers' rights that are being downgraded it is commentary and rights because the ability of the
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legislature to scrutinize executive has been taking a hit is bad for democracy 2. outgoing labor leader jeremy corbyn still licking his wounds after humiliating defeat drew attention instead to what he saw as bricks it's damaging implications for ordinary people will sell out on this deal will be used as a battering ram to drive us down the path of yet more deregulation. and so wards i took sick deal with donald trump he didn't draw attention to a surprise in johnson's bill which will limit the negotiating time to just 12 months critics argue it will give the prime minister less room to maneuver in talks johnson says it'll speaking zuck. we depart from the e.u. on the 31st agenda that point breaks it will be done it will be over johnson's mantra during the election was get bracks it done but it's unlikely that the argument over britain's place in europe will end with this bill on the new rules
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well this evening correspondent for the days of joins us from outside parliament in london good to see baba does this result mean that breaks it is now finally a done deal. it's not a done deal of course we heard that but it is really on the way it will happen a formally written will leave the european union on the 30 for is of january off next year there is simply nothing any more that can impede that no opposition that lies and teachers the protest movement here is equally completely sort of down and out because people are shocked and they don't feel the need to strengthen you more to stand up there we're not even any protesters any more today during this vote in front of parliament who had been so vocal in the months before so all this really seems to be over for the time being but we knew that in february the negotiations
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with the european union will have to begin to vote the future relationship and then of course everything will start again there will be a new fight about what kind of relationship that will be boris johnson has made quite clear is we heard that he wants to really not align with the european union so what does that mean there are further vitor which are battles up the road well stay with us barbara as we take a closer look at the withdrawal agreement behind this legislation which as you know has been 3 and a half years in the making. the divorce deal settles the divisions of assets and liabilities it also guarantees the rights of e.u. citizens living in britain and yuki citizens in the yukon trees and finally sets out the future for the vexed irish border di lemma that proved to be the main sticking point in negotiations how to handle trade along the northern ireland
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border between the u.k. and each member ireland the proposed backstop arrangement was removed in favor of a solution whereby northern ireland will maintain free movement of goods across the border avoiding a hard border with customs post was seen as essential for protecting peace in northern ireland under the good friday agreement but the future trading relationship between the u.k. and e.u. remains to be hammered out after britain leaves the block on january 31st 2020 it will adhere to each you rules during a transition period until the end of the year. that means the risk of a new deal hard bragg's it remains britain and the e.u. cannot agree and new trade deal by the end of 2020 e.u. diplomats one that's a process that normally takes several years. of other vessels still with us after the debate over the u.k. and a you has cost conservative prime minister is that jobs is everyone on the same page
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now. everyone in the conservative party is and that is simply because all the other charice the ones who wanted to stay close to the european union maybe even stayed in the european union they all gone during the bitter fight about bricks it in the course of last year they all left the party and then they sort of stood down the majority of them and the election came up so this means you're looking at a completely different conservative party now it has had a sharp shift to the right and everybody everybody at the moment is a boris shot this loyalist there is nobody would even say a word against him or his plans so for him it's all plain sailing for the rest of britain the opposition has to rebuild itself and for people who are naturally opposed to breaks and because they feel it limits their possibilities and their life with a new europe they'd just have to think how whether they will continue fighting and
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how they want to lead this fight is it about the future relationship or do they want to start opposing the government and boris johnson's plans all of this is yet completely open and let's talk about brussels as well because it is reacted to the vote with the new e.u. council president shall michelle describing it as an important step in clarify london's relationship with brussels how much is this a relief for europe. there is of course the aspect of relief because the fighting is finally over the going in circles and running back and forests and and the insecurity that brings in the insecurity that has also brought to the e.u. and the constant preoccupation was britain they want to think about other things but on the other hand everybody in brussels knows that the bitter end to come because the negotiations about the future of nation ship portions it has only left
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11 months for those no he can change that easily at any time it looks like a ploy something to some ploy that he's just using to blackmail the e.u. in giving him what she wants but on the other hand if it is just about a bare bones trade agreement that they are talking about they might be able to hit the time limit but they might also not be able to agree on anything that is still all the european union is not quite certain what next year will be holding february 2020 next to be the day to mark in the diary as the tricky one bother vai's will try and get some rest before then thanks a lot. let's take a look now at some the other stories making news around the world persons of prince philip has been admitted to a london hospital for what buckingham palace says is precautionary treatment of a preexisting condition a royal source told the media that queen elizabeth's 98 year old husband was able
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to you and to the hospital building on foot prints retired from public life in 2017 . the dutch supremes court says that the netherlands must cut greenhouse gas emissions sooner than planned the judges up held a lower court ruling the demands emissions be at least 25 percent below $990.00 levels by the end of next year activists welcome the ruling which says protection from damaging climate change is a human right. a 2nd intelligence officer has died after a shooting outside of russia's f.s.b. security headquarters last night the suspect was shot dead by police at the scene investigators raided his home outside of moscow early on friday. well surely as prime minister scott morrison has apologised for going on holiday while the country contends with a massive bushfire emergency mr marson pay tribute to 2 volunteer firefighters who were killed as they tackled a blaze near sydney 3 others were seriously injured now they were among thousands
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battling to contain about 100 ferocious blazes raging across the state of new south wales. crews struggling to tame wild bushfires in south australia rule teams are doing their best to contain the threat in multiple locations but it's perilous work especially for those on the ground. on thursday to volunteer firefighters were killed battling flames just south of sydney and road while and jeffrey keeping died after a burning tree fell on the truck. these 2 brave young men who lost their lives represent for us the thousands and thousands of volunteers on the ground today tomorrow and in the days coming put their own life their own safety on the line to protect others sydney meanwhile has been envelop than a shroud of smoke with fires raging near the state capital only it's taller structures remain visible its famous landmarks cast in an apocalyptic light.
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on the ground a few dear to venture outside without face masks air pollution in sydney is now several times what experts believe to be hazardous the fires are being fuelled by drought and record temperatures which scientists say a result of climate change. and many are angry at this man prime minister scott morrison is currently facing criticism for leaving the country to holiday in hawaii . protesters turned up at his empty home in sydney and accused him of not doing enough to end the country some reliance on fossil fuels the reality of climate change is upon us droughts are getting longer and more severe heat waves are becoming longer and more severe our bushfire season is creeping into spring and winter we are living in a dangerous climate and it is time for our prime minister to get out of the pockets
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of the whole and gas lobby groups and to start thinking about the future of the stradley and. marson has responded to the crisis and cut short his holiday but while he has apologized for being absent he has yet to give in to demands to act on climate change. when james morris is with the new south wales rural fire service he told us what firefighters a doing to combat these make a blazes based far has been burning in very very remote and rugged terrain a lot of these areas do not have close can time lines other way can simply do a direct attack or do close can time and so our strategy is now to fall back to communities and want to areas to protect times as these fires come out into habited areas now the biggest issue at this stage is that these trials asar large and with catastrophic fire conditions predicted for tomorrow across a number of areas the only thing that we will be out do tomorrow is to protect law
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and try to protect property where we can under these conditions because it's simply too dangerous to be able to have far far as trying to control these fires under those conditions. well at least 11 people have been killed during growing demonstrations against india's new citizenship law protesters have clashed with police in cities across the country despite large gatherings being banned in many areas now the new law office a route to indian citizenship for migrants fleeing religious persecution in neighboring countries but excludes muslims protesters say this violates india's secular constitution there are growing fears that the new could be a step on the way to stripping indian muslims of their citizenship has more and more people say any other museum will be able to get into the citizenship of india provided is not a muslim what business is there is this something this is a discrimination over act on the basis of religion the home i did the goal of our democracy is to include everyone in
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a democracy nobody is right should be harmed when our rights are threatened of course we will turn out onto the streets everyone who cares about their independence the idea that harm you know if you are united we can bring change we have selected this government we can make it for 2 the government is in power because of us we have given them their power without us there nothing. we did only correspondent in michigan as well has been to one of the protests and sent us this from delhi. mosque. massive protests have broken out once again in the national capital where ad the john mom was just one of the biggest mosques in the country and protesters have turned out in force to speak out against the controversial citizenship amendment act but this is not the 1st time that a protest happening in dendy the activist bost over 2 weeks ago in parliament and there have been 4 tests almost every day and they're also not district or to new
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delhi yesterday protests broke out across 10 states the missions were not granted on many of these fought us but people have still turned out the missions were not granted for the spot test either which is why of this also a heavy security deployment on the ground the police has been criticized over the last week for using excessive force the example of the john ham radio astronomy university in new delhi stands out when last weekend students unless of the police deployed excessive force beat up students and also used gas against students who were protesting peacefully the police have deny these allegations and they say that only the minimal amount of force was used there's also been widespread criticism of the fact that internet shutdowns have been carried out across the country in different parts of the country where protests have broken out the questions being
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raised if the government is using undemocratic means to clamp down on dissent these top tester just civil protests have largely been peaceful there have been some reports so while ns but most of these protesters turning out are only coming out with both does and slogans the critics of this act and the protesters are saying that this act is unconstitutional because it violates the secular fabric of this country's constitution this saying that granting citizenship on the basis of religion is not something that india. should be doing as a secular country this act basically makes it easy for non muslims from afghanistan mung edition pakistan to gain indian citizenship and protesters and critics are concerned that this combined with other policies of the indian government could harm indian muslims the government has denied that this act will impact indian muslims in any way but protest as here are telling us that they will continue with
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this civil unrest until the government does something that is also high hopes being staged in the indian supreme court the hope is that the indian supreme court will strike down this act as unconstitutional. as well the a delhi well the telecoms operator orange has been found guilty 5 french quarter for a string of employee suicides beginning in 2006 the former c.e.o. was sentenced to prison and his top lieutenants were convicted in what is a landmark ruling. france telecom was under siege back in 2006 when a brutal reorganization plan saw over 20000 employees lose their jobs the ruthlessness of the redundancies was a shock to the workers and scores of employees were so desperate they were driven to suicide. this man d.d.a. lombard was in charge of the company at the time and this is how employees reacted
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to him. not on the. today paris court ruled that the company now another is orange bears legal responsibility for the suicides and as sentenced lombardo to 4 months in prison for the illegal methods used to help the company shed thousands of workers lombards lawyer says he will appeal the verdict. false to. the company needs to move all in and they need to put this trial behind them it's up to oranges board now to decide what they want to do next to appeal or not respect and i respect that. but as far as the physical people in this trial are concerned it's a whole different story and it's normal that they will appeal. because until the last at the fair the relatives of the victims want to see an example set me just to
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see q why did bud and the others allow themselves to behave this way it's because they felt they could be punished how can we put an end to this impunity the only way is to deprive them of freedom that's the only thing they fear and 15. orange was fined $75000.00 euros and ordered to pay hundreds of thousands of euros in damages to the families of the victims. where he traveled u.s. acro company boeing. faces another setback at stalin the astronaut capsule went off course and did not reach its planned orbit but the u.s. space agency nasa says that the unmanned spacecraft is in a stable position after its launch on a test flight to the international space station on friday the starliner is meant to free nasa from reliance on russia to travel to the i access nasa has been forced to rely on russian soyuz rockets to transport its astronauts since the space shuttle program was terminated in 2011 you've got to in
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a news conference nasa administrator jim bryden stein said that a technical error with the onboard clock caused the glitch that cyclists in 20 have say that anomaly resulted in the vehicle believing that the time was different than it actually was and because that timing was a little bit off. what ended up happening is the spacecraft tried to maintain a very precise control that it normally wouldn't have tried to maintain and it burned a lot of a lot of prop in that in that part of the flight and when that prop got burnt looked like we were going to be able to go ahead and rendezvous with the international space station to broaden sinai from nasa well a skid row in los angeles is well known for its homeless population and life that can be tough but one resident is trying to change the face of his neighborhood through his office under the autistic name shows a lot he draws attention to skid row's plight. around 3000 people sleep rough here
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on skid row in downtown los angeles it's the highest concentration of unsheltered people in the u.s. crusoe haring has lived here for the past 20 years nowadays the father of 2 is a kind of community leader drugs and violence are part of daily life on skid row but herring believes they don't have to be for everyone. because. i was successful . i made out the game i wasn't arrested for selling drugs. you know i help my people and i have transitioned into something else. in 2006 when his 1st son was born he decided to stop selling drugs and continue his life on skid row as an artist he adopted the name shows aren't i we don't have a style or a preference but i always want to make sure that. what art makes a statement. to where someone gets something out of it but the main thing with the
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artist to strike on a lotion many of his artworks are inspired by his personal life and by african-american figures who have made history in the u.s. around 60 percent of skid row residents are black i still think that shows are art and his raps led him to participate in the good to institute's los angeles symposium worlds of homelessness a 4 day project addressing inequality racism migration and gentrification. well make sure that equal rights for everyone else to maybe do it as some people tend to step down but whether rat like i mean i'm not an artist trying to make the money off of the art of the artist tried to make money for people homelessness in los angeles goes beyond just skid row l.a. has the 5th highest rents in the united states with a $1.00 bedroom home in l.a. averaging $2000.00 in monthly rent homelessness has risen to critical levels in the
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city of l.a. alone 36000 people live on the streets the organizer of the worlds of homelessness project says it's not just unemployed people who either is people here in los angeles that are working they are on a salary and they cannot afford to rent anymore universities are also addressing the issue because they have students pay tuition they come to university but their whole lives $1.00 of show's arts friends has been allowing him to use his studio but in a month he'll have to find somewhere else to paint i have to figure out where a lot is going because i live in that is that. that's the corner but that's where yes the best production that's where i get to where i'm at now i got here from the corner so i'm not really worried about it. for shows art skid row is more than just a place to sleep it's where his friends are and it's his inspiration
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when no one else is there for you the street is there for you scare as a mother for me as she brought me back to life when there was lost. but i wasn't i was a realizing that it was my way. and she showed me the art was my way. shows art is one of 800 artists registered in the district people who attempt to tell their experiences their stories of skid row a place that for most is synonymous with misery a place very few people associate with. well suffering makes its debut at the summit lympics next year on the wall softly as acting as a qualification reach brazil proves they will be a force to be reckoned with in tokyo with male surface finishing 1st and 2nd in hawaii but the welsh title went to the lessening of the 2.
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i champion performance from brazil's it's hollow forever oh. but there's a wing showing in hawaii saw the 25 year old still his 1st world surfing title. trophies a one thing but some even great surprise has also being secured. areas underdog victory means he's earned a place at next year's olympic games in tokyo alongside competitor and runner up gabriel medina. i'm so happy right now this is you know the games with gabriel ok the brazilians will be joined at the games next july and august by mail surface from the likes of australia france japan and the us. it's the 1st time surfing will be included as an olympic event. the another performance like this one will be the bare minimum if era is to achieve
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more glory in japan next year. and a strong mind and out the top story we're following for you british prime minister for songs and has won the backing of lawmakers for his brags that bill sake britain out of the european union the vote sets new case on course to leave the european union at the end of january. this is the japanese knife from bahrain a day is up next join me for that.
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some. form or. form or. d. to know that 77 percent obama are younger than thanks in part. that's me and me and you. and you know what it's time all voices are part. of the 77 percent to talk about reducing stuff. this is where you cut.
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the 77 percent this weekend on d w. i'm not laughing at the gym i just sometimes i am but i stand up and whip it up and read the german thinks deep into the german culture of looking at the stereotypes clad in ears think you see the country that i'm playing. you don't seem to think it is drama. you toss it's all that. new i'm rachel join me to meet the germans on the w. . coast.
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there's. such. in the words of boris johnson getting the brags that very wrapped up for christmas was the a and in parliament today no mike has to put a bow around his brags that bill paving the way for britain to leave the european union next month but with the prospect of a new deal breaks it sit on the table as the government really handed brits a gift they'll end up wanting a man and a home for him but in and they see.


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