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it's not very much because the number stands to. double. this is d w news coming to you live from berlin turkey warns of a new refugee crisis tens of thousands of syrians have fled fresh attacks by russian and syrian government forces in the it liberated turkey's president says his country will not be able to cope with the influx of warning of consequences for europe to also coming up a plea for help in a box of christmas cards that's what
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a little british girl found while writing holiday greetings to her friends. than frankfurt missed their chance to end their losing slump against last place out of your cellar dweller dug deep to come away with a surprising victory for the winter break. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us syrian government forces backed by russian planes and other allies are pushing to retake the italy a bridge in the last major bit of rebel held territory in syria and home to $3000000.00 people tens of thousands are fleeing the violence heading towards turkey. turkish president to one fears they could eventually enter turkey which is already home to nearly $3700000.00 syrians the largest refugee population in the
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world now $21.00 has warned there will be consequences for europe if that happens. the desperate search for people buried in the rubble left by another bombing in syria as strikes by russian and syrian forces continued throughout the weekend they're aiming for al qaeda linked militants while they hit here was a busy market. we were here when the missiles hit and we have nothing to do with this gk we are all civilians here my son was wounded this is a civilian area what can i do. the smoke rises from another drop bomb on for another family it's time to pack up and leave. is taking his family away from the violence. whistling again because of the heavy bombardment by the criminal bashar al assad yesterday more than 400 rockets at least town. and they set off while more family with nowhere to go. joining many many more fleeing the
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renewed offensive. checky say $80000.00 people are currently heading towards its border with syria and the situation is deteriorating sure. if the violence towards the people of live does not stop this number will rise even more in that case turkey will not carry such a migrant burden on its own the negative impact of the pressure we will be subjected to will be something that all european nations especially greece will also feel. at the moment there's no option for this new wave of displaced people other than join half a 1000000 of those who fled to the turkish border this year already invited to safety but living conditions the u.n. describes as horrific. dorian jones is covering this story from istanbul and joins us now dorian we hear that thousands of refugees are heading towards the
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turkish border from syria what is likely to happen to them. well that is a big question that humanitarian organizations are asking there already believed to be as many as 200000 refugees close to the turkish border there is a large wall that is protecting the turkish front here in turkey does have security forces all not balled up but they do also have to turkish red crescent helping refugees in the syrian side of the front but the question is if there is another mass influx and possibly even more as his offensive does pick up speed the question is will they try to crush cross over into turkey another humanitarian crisis for which is has withstanding years of these crises and waves of refugees entering turkey all the turkish president says that his country cannot handle another way of syrian refugees and he says this is going to have implications for europe what does
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this mean for europe well that is another big question i think a lot of people in brussels are wondering about if you recall back in 2015 over a 1000000 refugees seemingly syrians left turkey to me into greece prompting a massive refugee crisis that had repercussions all over europe the fear is now that they gained. a similar move and said he's repeatedly said he cannot cope with anymore the presence of over 3 and a half 1000000 refugees in turkey is a source of growing public discontent and it also calls present a series of electoral setbacks over anger over the ongoing presence of refugees she said europe has to take responsibility it's not only turkey he will be looking for support possibly more financial support but beyond that he will be looking for assistance on sharing the burden of refugees which up until now europe has been extremely reluctant to do ok now this wave of refugees from syria is being driven by the military offensive from the syrian and russian forces there what are you
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hearing about the situation on the ground in. well it is it is in the extreme and this is an area that has been withstanding bombardments for the last few years he says the last main the rebel position over 3000000 refugees syrians are holed up in the hall for them all believed to be refugees and a 3rd of believed to be children it is a major point of humanitarian concern across the region and the fact that the syrian regime damascus has said they have determined to retake this ng clave will be that there will be another massive refugee crisis possibly more than a 1000000 refugees will seek to flee and seek refuge in turkey and this is why i took he's determined to prevent this took believed to be having talks in moscow to look to moscow to rein in the syrian regime given the fact that it is washing planes at all providing the main support for this current offensive dorian thank you so much for bringing us up to date there. and we've got
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some breaking news coming in here a court in saudi arabia has sentenced 5 people to death for the killing of journalist jamal ji the saudi columnist was killed and reportedly dismembered last october after entering the kingdom's consulate in istanbul 3 additional suspects were sentenced to jail terms in connection with the killing we'll be updating you on that story in the hours ahead. take a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world today china says it will lower import tariffs on over $800.00 products starting next month including food items like fresh fish and frozen pork the move follows an apparent fall in the country's trade battle with washington the 2 sides reportedly making progress towards a trade deal. italy's coast guard has successfully rescued crew members from
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a ship that crashed off coast. safety. near the italian island severe bad weather contributed to the ship running aground. 3 australian firefighters have begun to make progress against hundreds of bushfires after cool weather ended days of record breaking temperatures at least 9 people have died and millions of acres of land have burned since the pyres broke out last september many australians accused the government of not doing enough to address climate change which has been cited as a major factor in the sabera of the fires. from the. fire. as conditions on monday. the extent of the damage. authorities say some 200 homes were destroyed by the fire in the last few days alone some people only narrowly managed to escape.
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others were saved in dairy rescue operations severe drought and extreme heat have made this bushfire season one of the worst on record it sparked renewed criticism that the government is not doing enough to tackle climate change but the prime minister defended his government's climate policy and rejected calls to downsize australia's lucrative coal industry. was that the need to take action on climate change has been chinese didn't you don't. you run government on the facts and you run government on what you need to do to protect our environment and start ability for the future to protect our economy and the jobs in the lobby groups that is trying to pin ball. for these australians the fires have left their futures
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uncertain though the flames have let up the country is bracing for more devastation as the scorching heat is set to return after christmas. the british supermarket chain tesco has suspended a chinese supplier of christmas cards after a customer found a message inside 11 of the cards claiming it had been packed by prisoners who were forced laborers the card was found by a 6 year old girl in london tesco has withdrawn the cards from sale and is investigating delegation china denies that it uses prisoners for forced labor. florence would come says she felt a bit shocked she was at home writing christmas cards when she found a message inside one of them. we did i put of all the money that they thought we got. them about
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a week ago and i have oil i think it now i know about on my sick all day cod that was somebody to it last and it had already rested and it. the message was written in english it reads we are foreign prisoners in shanghai ching to prison china forced to work against our will please help us and notify human rights organization the message also asked that the note be passed on to british journalist peter humphrey humphrey and his wife were formally jailed in china and spent time in the same prison where the note claims to be from. when i was there. manufacturing labor work was voluntary no prisoners could could do that as a way to earn the pen is that they need to buy daily necessities like soap and toothpaste and biscuits. but what has happened in the last year or so is that work
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has become compulsory tesco says it has a system in place to check for manufacturing irregularities and that it bans the use of prison labor. for now the cards are no longer on sale but if the chinese company that supplied them is found to have breached the ban tesco says it will permanently remove its products from its shelves. professional footballers association has called on the british government for an inquiry into racism in the english game this after germany international an allegedly faced monkey chants during chelsea's 2 nil win over taught him hotspur on sunday chelsea defender would go was targeted by some spurs fans after he was involved in a clash with men who received a red card the referee stopped play during the 2nd half when he would get complained about the abuse. promised to take the strongest possible action which
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again is player to face racism in the premier league earlier this month manchester united's friend was targeted by a manchester city fan. some german soccer now and in sunday's late frankfurt had a golden opportunity to end their slump they faced bottom of the table powder born but the freshly promoted side dug deep to pull off a surprise when. the last match of 29 team. coach paddy has frankfurt have been banged up by a heavy schedule meanwhile stephan baum god's powder born want to keep the hope of leaving the drop zone and that got off to a strong start. trying his luck from distance in the 90 minutes and he hit the target keeper felix could only watch it go in the last place where having a better game and they made it to nail shortly before the break defender said.
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heading home a free kick. and at half time. tried to erase the deficit after the restart but the most they could manage was a consolation goal from past doest 21 the final score patter born with their 3rd win of the season and the newly promoted team haven't thrown in the towel just yet . now say look at the. but asli is standings at the halfway point of the season like say lead the way followed by by in munich dortmund and shaka in the bottom half crawl out of the relegation zone while the same cannot be said for braman and possible. you're watching news still to come china is loosening tariffs on hundreds of imported goods is this part of a broader effort to open markets to foreign business or simply a response to the country's 1st struggling economy stephen beardsley from business
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will be here next to look at all flavors develop. you're watching news from berlin we have more for you coming up at the top of next hour sumi will be with you then and of course you get all that is news information around the clock on our website that's com my name's terry martin you'll find me on twitter at t.m. news stream thanks for watching. 50 years of religions for peace people from many different things are working together toward a common goal.


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