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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 24, 2019 12:15am-12:30am CET

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what unites. what divides. force. what binds the continent together. the answers and stories aplenty the. spotlight on people. focus on girls on g.w. . in the height of climate change. africa's most urgent.
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what's in store. for the future. come for to make a series to the multimedia inside. the turret. this is the deputy is africa coming up in the next 15 minutes the strong women off the d.r. see me said a rape survivor who's become but an activist for women added a business woman is a weapon of war in congo where fighting rages over the country's natural resources . also on all showed the man putting africa on the mat quite literally step by step.
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hello i'm christine wonderwall come to africa it's good to have you along in the democratic republic of congo sexual violence is widespread yet it's still a huge have today we meet one rape survivor who hasn't let her ordeal destroy her mission is to break the code of silence around trade and help women and girls she's also taken her passion for women's rights one step further. south east of the capital kinshasa there's a swathe monolith sunday and her friends go from door to door trying to educate locals about rape they will talk to anyone who's the women to listen. how old is she going as a live in what's her name brenda when i was like brenda you see her more near when i was trained as. i was 3. but you're lacking in monologue
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stories unfortunately far from being unique in the d r c sexual violence used as a weapon of war. twice a soldier repair when she was told a child later a family member also abused her sexually despite the fact that so many women it'd be victims of rape this to suffer widespread stigmatization. i was rejected i feel discriminated even ostracized some parents beat their children because they plead with me i tried to commit to say 4 times i didn't believe in living i couldn't find a reason to stay alive. i'm sad but at 21 year old decided to turn her suffering into a source of strength she found it and then forcing my neighbor. to break the around rape by telling her story opening. just become
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a source of inspiration for many. of you know mine or. if a man rapes your daughter even if you take him to court they will release him and he will be back in the streets living his life and you will have to take care of your child taking the c.f.o. to a much. larger one or expelling a public the way a man will outargue because the problem of rape affects so many parents i am has. however it's not just sexual violence that's a taboo subject in the d.r. seeing anything relating to female sexuality is usually off the table that's why in my real i felt she had to offer practical solutions if she really want to tramp our girls and women in her country. what if so the lack of sin is very peds has a big impact on girls' school attendance. because girls can go to school during their periods we don't sanitary protection on the also hope. a
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monorail attend her flight into a workshop and started her own business where she employs women to make we use a boss and if you part of the company's called encanto which means woman in lingala so there's all these parts can be washed up to $400.00 times and that means the pads can be used for over a year even 2 years introducing them until it. the monorail house also started meeting doctors to try to secure partnerships to support young girls in need. it will be good to have doctors on board who can voluntarily bases give their time and their expertise once a month to help the most vulnerable females in the book being sued. for many girls and women this would mean better health care and more access to information some doctors working in hospitals are happy to listen to our problems but many are still
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hesitant to time them whatever in chile i would like to implement an affordable health care system for young girls we live in a community where there are a lot of taboos so it's important for the girls to have people that can come and help them if they cannot get to the hospital. or experiencing the challenges here is how to please have given her a purpose in life she strives to improve the lives of women and girls she hopes that others will join her on her path. well i recently sat down with a never congolese woman who is on that are today's member works for the d r c's justice and peace commission and just like emanuel is a need she is encouraging women to speak up against sexual violence and pressuring those in power to bring perpetrators to justice thomas thank you so much for talking to africa you you work in in a country a way a lot of women have been raped because rape is being used as
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a weapon of war and we know in any particleboard in any situation where the woman has been raped that's something that she has difficulty coming out to say more so in a context where there is a lot of implications being ostracized talks about the work which are trying to appeal to women to raise awareness to get women to speak up and why it's so important. i walk in most all skew vba code and there we have a lot of cases of sexual violence over women who have been abused by rebel groups. the victims of sexual violence and small to sexual violence like and men wantonly desire it's actually deserved but violence which aims at destroying the humanity the dignity of remain and most of the cases those women are really silence to talk about of this to speak and my role is to go for in the villages raise
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awareness to those women and to bring them to hospital of buns you and i we will use also to help the community has been through his influence on what happens that's why we deal with so who feel that the work so it's like counseling groups to a loud difference of victims to walk together to think to do that about the future and to balance the means of resilience according to the location and because into the look of means we often hear about these women we hear their stories and we might never be able to necessarily hear from them directly and i wondered if you could perhaps speak on their behalf at this stage and and tell us what they would want the world to know about what they've been through and how the world can help the big message of these women is to see who are the people who understand to sit together and form solution for instance to have meant
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a woman like you said she was taken hostage in the forest where she spent 6 months of waves and because of sexual slave. but also she could see some of the rebel groups forcing her to transport the cotton to bring it in the mayor plane but she couldn't understand she only knew that it was called because it is very heavy just like sand and she was asking him to keep on asking what do i have to do with this explosion of minerals why break have to suffer why blow has to become venerable so long time only because people want to get minerals so if then other way to allow people to explode mineral other them killing other than causing harm to 2 very poor women and that's why the big message of saying we want the world to sit together and see how they can mix with mineral without causing harm we also want
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reparation because now i'm talking to you and there are so many other women who are being killed now we more where these people we know where the the rebel group but why can't be multidimensional those who have been right to fight for the poor can't focus on them to get them to be more active it's just been since many years both were saying we want the u.n. soldiers to be more effective and also we have these mobile phone companies why can't they produce the electronic devices we dowd's buy in leeds from the rebel groups trace thank you sir thank you thank you. now going to a location you have not been to before many of us turn to online maps will help but feel have been hoff of the world's countries have been significantly mapped onli
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now you're about to meet the man trying to bridge the digital divide and put africa on the map is congressman reports. traveling anywhere in africa can be really complicated when you don't have access to good accurate maps if you look at africa right now maybe only 6 or 7 countries are met. and there are 54 countries on the cartoon in within them maybe a 120000000 people his day job is in silicon valley but in his spare time to one the country is thousands of kilometers away filling in the gaps left by google street view being from zimbabwe and having grown up in the region i knew many places in the street that became clear when to want to move to california a decade ago and he tried to show his new friends his hometown of harare a friend parent asked me to show them. the house right.
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so we went to my hometown of google maps and we. could get satellite view of the neighborhood. i thought why do we not have the same. terms that you know are the worst and cities do so last year you borrowed a camera and went back to southern africa to map some of the places he remembered from his youth. those images became the 1st instance of street view in zimbabwe. and he didn't just stick to the streets he maps some of the country's most famous sites like victoria falls from above. are too many of the axis or resources to travel to the space that sort of just getting an idea of what the space me look like. i think does help you. using his own money he's now mapped at least 12 cities across 3 countries by car and by foot. by way to let me. drop through about 5 sittings. to the words i got to coast the skeleton coast
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that's the 2000 miles of coastline or long going to be a star going to coast. according to google only $87.00 of the world's $195.00 countries have been significantly mapped the biggest gaps are in asia and africa there is a significant digital get we are putting some of these communities that are left out of this platforms. within cities and making sure that people in their cities actually ever access to tools that allow them to to live their lives night anybody else will. be able to talk digitally to structure. after. google added several listings for local businesses and the information gathered by car could even help improve drive time estimates which can often be wrong by several hours but for to wander maps have another dimension that sainsbury. you
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know guys in particular we need to impart deception of the world around us and i want to mention that. away from her she helps to keep building those connections one step at a time. well let's get the job is it for now from me to me as african i will see you next time i for now and happy holidays. with. soccer balls favorite sport. it's no wonder spectacular goals. plenty of emotion. the best gain. in 60 minutes doubling.
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the trust of the famous naturalist and explorer. to soon the bridge click some dough from him build some 250. working on the floor of the discovery. expedition in boyd. going c.e.o. is forced to step down dennis mullins burke resigns following a troubling year that for the company's flagship $73000.00 marks grinded after 2 fatal crosses. also coming up the chinese pig farmers are on edge as disease and high prices butcher their businesses.


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