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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 24, 2019 11:00am-11:16am CET

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major storms training we see. this in d.w. news wire from berlin and asian leaders meet as a threat by north korea looms china south korea and japan hold a special summit and agree to continue close cooperation over north korea's nuclear program also coming up searching for answers after dozens are killed in honduras prison riots the state of emergency has failed to stop the bloodshed
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inside of those violent places in one of the world's most dangerous country. and it's time to look back at some of the best for tourists brought to you on this year caliphate down to the uranium capital tehran is run by people with down syndrome and autism who paid a visit and found out how big a difference it's making to their lives. i'm married to evanston it's good to have you with us the leaders of china japan and south korea have agreed to work together to promote dialogue between the united states and north korea chinese premier league chong japanese premiers shinzo abi and south korean president hu j. n. held a summit in. chengdu in china against the backdrop of increasing threats from killing
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young north korea has said it will take unspecified action if sanctions against it are not lifted by the end of the year. we'll talk more about all this i'm joined in the studio now by did only a correspondent bob encroachments who is based in beijing good to see you so what is likely to come out of this summit to will we see any new initiatives to ease u.s. north korea tensions will there be concrete steps taken them so far what we've seen coming out of the summit is more a symbolic message namely that all 3 nations want peace and do you know crews ation of north korea however i mean concrete steps i don't expect anything that is a breakthrough but we could see low level communication channels opening up again however north korea has been really silent on any diplomatic effort recently so i mean the you know cough the conflict between north korea and the u.s. because there's a discrepancy on how to achieve nuclearization well just last week china actually
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had proposed lifting some of the sanctions in place against north korea could this be a possibility that's what north korea once i mean they've basically given the u.s. a concession that's stopping intercontinental missile tests also stopping nuclear tests and they want something in return for that namely economic sanctions the lifting of economic sanctions washington however once north korea to dismantle its nuclear program 1st and they haven't you know i don't think that they can find anything like a compromise so i think the outlook 422020 is really gloomy all right so if washington is dead set against lifting any of these sanctions in north korea is threatening some sort of unspecified action as we've been hearing is there any way to prevent a new confrontation and i think at least in the short term it looks rather dark in that conflict. and how that unspecified action could look like i mean it's really
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open i mean north korea cannot just set alight a space missile overnight they need preparations for that and to so far we haven't seen any you know signs from the satellite images any activities on the rocket test sites but also. i think there will be both sides the u.s. and north korea will step up their rhetoric and probably i mean the discrepancy is open and i don't see any sign how can how they can find a compromise that comes along with the tensions with north korea they've actually been quite a bit of tension between the 3 countries taking part in the summit but did this meeting between these 3 countries actually improve their ties i mean the future will tell but i think this combination is really interesting because japan and china they had similar historic issues like south korea and japan has its name over the colonial past of japan and china and japan they've been able to overcome that
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past and i think south korea could learn from that experience however the sentiment against japan is much more deeply rooted in that among the south korean population and if you look at surveys for example. south koreans use the ends of that state. even more unpopular than north korea to confront and that really shows something. it's always great to hear inside thank you to the central american state of one door is which is in shock after 2 deadly prison riots in just 2 days the death toll has reached almost 40 in clashes between gangs authorities have declared a state of emergency but that has failed to stop the violence and may even have provoked more. despair written on their faces relatives gather at the morgue and to go seek out the one juror says capital their loved ones died in one of the most violent places in the
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most crime ridden country on earth one juror says joe's on the tourist but even by those standards the past few days have been grim indeed. if the family is to mourning today. the country is in mourning. after a weekend of violence many are also outraged that the authorities found you to prevent the massacres the prisons was supposedly high security. when the government to create emergency measures last wake it did side to stop the killing there but instead more violence followed. my brother's death hurts he had already served 10 years in a maximum security jail why did he have to die. the authorities are defending their policies they say gangs are trying to stop them cleaning up the prisons and since the massacres they've promised to the ploy even more troops to the country's high
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security giles to fight the mafia's influence they. hold the scales was planned on behalf of all ghanaians crime. only so by having to avoid us implementing our reforms there's a plan that he can assume. but it's not clear if getting even tougher will stop the killings or rather few further anger and violence the united nations is calling for an investigation into these massacres it says the state must guarantee the human rights of prisoners especially their right to life. let's get you up to speed now on some of the other stories making news around the world. police in new zealand say they're suspending the search operation for the bodies of 2 people still missing after a volcano erupted earlier this month police said crews had done all they could to search the area 19 people were killed by the eruption while visiting
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a popular tourist island. at least 24 people have died after a bus plunged off a cliff on the indonesian island of sumatra rescuers are still searching for any survivors trapped inside the vehicle which veered off the road above a 150 meter high regain. german carmaker b.m.w. has confirmed that it's being investigated by the u.s. securities and exchange commission the wall street journal newspaper reported that the m.w. was being probed for allegedly manipulating its sales figures in the u.s. the company said it was fully complying with the investigation. russia's capital moscow is experiencing its warmest december in over 130 years temperatures well above 0 have cost saplings to sprout and flowers to bloom in recent days be unusually warm weather has continued for the past 2 weeks and is expected to last until new year's eve. all russia has launched
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a direct passenger train service to crimea using a route that bypasses mainland ukraine to reach the enix territory people can now travel from st petersburg south to the crimean city of sevastopol the trip takes 44 hours and crosses the recently built crimean bridge the european union has criticized the opening of the bridge and rail line as a violation of ukraine's sovereignty. it's the leading story on russian state t.v. putin's opening of a controversial real way bridge that links an ex crimea to southern russia it's a major triumph for the russian president the bridge was built despite international protests following russia's annexation of ukraine's crimean peninsula in 2014. and there was no you do you agree with this event is important for crimea for sevastopol for all of southern russia indeed for the whole country
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infrastructure projects like this magnificent bridge we've built will have an effect on the entire economy. the mega structure is 1000 kilometers long and took nearly 4 years to build costing more than 3000000000 euros the 1st scheduled train departed from st petersburg today starting wednesday up to 45 passenger trains will head for crimea each day the route bypasses mainland ukraine. the bridge spans the current strait although russia hopes to increase tourism in the area the bridge is mainly a display of power until now crimea could only be reached from russia by ferry or plane now there's a direct land route to the peninsula which russia annexed in violation of international law in 2014. well the year 2019 is drawing to a close and over the next few days we'll be bringing you some of our best reports from the past 12 months to a reporter teresa taupo travels to iran and paid
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a visit to a café staffed by people with down syndrome and autism or there she came across a story of the rain is discovering a new life and breaking some of the islamic republic's norms along the way. it's completely in his element serving couple chinos to the guests in this car fete waiting tables this is 1st ever job and the 40 year old is loving every 2nd of it. i like the cafe it's big and it's nice. that's why i'm so grateful to the owner. that every night when i go to bed i thank. the others who work here have little chance of finding work elsewhere iran's job market discouragingly in such a bad state that over a 3rd of college educated young iranians are unemployed for people with special
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needs it's become nearly impossible to find work. for most of those people there's nothing to do once they finish school they just stay at home but we're convinced it's good for them to show people that they have other abilities not just good for them it's also good for their families they're often sad because they can't do anything but here they can show just what they're capable of. more than 40 people living with down syndrome autism work here regularity everybody pitches in doing what they can brewing coffee waiting tables or entertaining the guests with music. they all get paid for their work except for the cafe owner he she runs
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a deficit every month there are very few government programs to support social projects like this one in the islamic republic more as. we've never received support from any kind of organization it's a completely independent project founded and finance privately were totally self dependant. giving up is not an option because every day she sees just how much this work means to him ron and the others. i used to just be with my father. but father look at me. i finally made it. well i'm famous and go through life with my head raised high c. . with a positive attitude iran and his colleagues have created an atmosphere found nowhere else in the islamic republic.
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no other can feel he a new iran could get away with this level of frivolity in iran and the others are making the best out being a little bit different and have transformed coffee down tizen into a place that's bursting with positivity. and truly heartwarming story well that's the latest from d w news this hour but before we go we'd like to bring you some christmas carols german bundesliga club one your own berlin have hosted their yearly carolynn tradition with over $28000.00 fans and joining in a festive sing along at their stadium in the capital omarion everything from me and all of us on the news team thanks so much for watching. the was. i.
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