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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  December 30, 2019 2:45pm-3:01pm CET

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and of all development goals all children should be in school by 2030 but this won't work for countries like pakistan. i don't get off it's easy to clock in the morning and sajid maha much should be getting ready for school but the 12 year old is stopped going a few years ago in order to work and support his family. there's a lot although i come here early in the morning and stay till late which is very tiring when i get home i have a bath and go to the mast we don't have money which is why i can no longer study. such a situation is the norm for millions of children across pakistan a new report from unesco estimates some 5 going to mean men out of school at the primary level and glows news of the most going to even posing unmarried as children and afterwards of going to school pakistan standing uing education crisis is mainly
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down to decades of under-investment and mismanagement of the entire system and faith in politicians to finally improve things is so low that many people are taking matters into their own hands. the vote as we play games and really enjoy ourselves they teach as well so we like coming here. i want to study and become a pilot when i grow up. they teach us in english and do i want to learn here and then become a teacher myself prime minister in non-con has vowed to prioritise and invest in education but the gloaming continues to spend less than is recommended by international standards he and millions like him have is if pakistan not only seen yessir reforms its education system but also lives families like subjects out of quality to send their children to school the government has it's worked out to
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according to the latest u.n. food cost $1.00 in 4 children will not complete their education by going to 30. in 1809 thousands of east germans sought refuge in the west german embassy in prague. they were finally allowed to travel to the west it was the beginning of the end of east germany. a journey back in time. 30 years ago hill much sand was traveling in a train just like this one. back then sander was one of thousands of refugees fleeing east germany they travelled in special trains from prague to the west but to get there they had to pass through east german territory where they feared they'd be arrested.
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in order to keep memories of those journeys a life some of the people who made those trips then of doing it again. they all left east germany that way. after several tense weeks in the west german embassy in prague. in september 1989 east germans were poor ng into the embassy the building was quickly overwhelmed. many ended up camping out in the embassy grounds it was cold. sanders spent 3 weeks here with his wife and 2 children new arrivals came in over the fence every day. who.
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then the fateful moment on the 30th of september west german foreign minister hands dietrich genscher arrived speaking to the refugees from the balcony his announcement that they could leave was drowned out by cheers. i was i didn't show promise that everyone in the embassy would be allowed to go to the west i sang i was there and heard him i know you are standing right here. but. it's all coming about. that same night sander and his family left the embassy and boarded the train to west germany. he thought he was sure it was a very emotional journey of
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a shifty very difficult ordeal they would show for us. it was a train to freedom. just a few weeks later when the citizens of east germany gained their freedom on november 9th 1989 the berlin wall came down. cafe down to isn't looks just like any trendy spot in iran's capital tehran but in one sense it's like no other it employs people with down syndrome or autism for many of them it's the 1st job they've ever had. in. this completely in his element serving couple chinos to the guests in this cafe to waiting tables assist 1st ever job and the 40 year old is loving every 2nd of it.
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i like the cafe it's big and it's nice. that's why i'm so grateful to the owner. every night when i go to bed i thank. he and the others who work here have little chance of finding work elsewhere iran's job market is currently in such a bad state that over a 3rd of college educated young iranians are unemployed for people with special needs it's become nearly impossible to find work. for most of those people there's nothing to do once they finish school they just stay at home but we're convinced it's good for them to show people that they have other abilities not just good for them it's also good for their families they're often sad because they can't do anything but here they can show just what they're capable of. more than 40 people living with
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down syndrome autism work here regularity everybody pitches in doing what they can brewing coffee waiting tables or entertaining the guests with music. they all get paid for their work except for the cafe owner he she runs a deficit every month there are very few government programs to support social projects like this one in the islamic republic giving up is not an option because every day she sees just how much this work means to him run and the others. are used to just be with my father. but father look at me. i finally made it. i'm famous and go through life with my head raised high see. you.
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with a positive attitude imran and his colleagues have created an atmosphere found nowhere else in the islamic republic. no other coffee he a neuron could get away with this level of frivolity imraan and the others are making the best out being a little bit different and have transformed coffee down tizen into a place that's bursting with positivity. south africa is seen as a paradise for gin lovers newly created spirits are always finding their way to the country's national market it already offers 500 different varieties but there's one flavor that even seasoned aficionados need some time to get used to. less than obviously is always good to see people's reactions while preparing is didn't tasty
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after all and is no ordinary gin it's flavored with elephant stuff. i'm. yard is a little bit funny to think that was elephant dung but it's it's good surprisingly good something doesn't it if you didn't expect so you know. what makes me feel better about it is over i'll call that sterilizes whatever that was inside the dung so it doesn't really make a big difference to me it tastes good. less and his wife have a special ingredient for their gin in south africa. and there is some danger involved a pride of lions watch this with bated breath. the 2 former academics came up with the idea while i suffer now they're in business.
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terms of grass and leaves as love is a very protective call it's because the elephants eat all the all this amazing food and they digest so little and the rest of their food is just posh right through their digestive system very quickly and ends up on the on the felt floor. indeed that doesn't smell to bet. still the park rangers are just getting used to seeing people collect elephant feces. still for you but would like to guard. some oh. yes yes. we collected about just over 3 of these sized bags. and this will be. more we have about.
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$4000.00 bottles $6000.00 bottles which will hopefully get out of. the elephant feces get washed and dry to the workshop then it gets deep engine for 24 hours just like a tea bag find a product is a premium gin for more than 30 euros per bottle it's a clear success for the gin distillers. it's been crazy so it was it started off as maybe we could do this is a part time thing but we soon realized if we wanted to make it successful and if we if you wanted to grow the business and it had to be a full time job so forth for 2 of us it's a full time job. the spirit make us now i hope that the elephant dung infused will claim a permanent place on the shelves of south africa stores and pops is. what
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keeps us in shape what makes us see. my name is dr carson the i talk to medical experts. and i discuss what you can do to improve your health. stay tuned and let's all try to stay.
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hundreds often use in my cuts. where i come from raj order means an import fountain soft transmitting and form ish and when i was young my country was for all these conflicts the war problem keep most people want god. to save us. it was my job to tour in one off the lot of just sets so i thought everyone in the colony told missing toes a days. nothing husband for in-situ my own coffee at in the months to malls on the wrong even if it's not by us i was a twit of. my choice the scottish because even the way told transmitted to troops. and it isn't
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a question how much and i will. get up here. this is the w. news lawyer from ballet where gunfire has prompted police to seal off one of the city's best known landmarks police say the situation at checkpoint charlie is now under control officer an attempted robbery get the latest from all the quarter of the city also coming up tens of thousands ordered to evacuate as flames close in on .


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