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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 31, 2019 3:00am-3:16am CET

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teetotal dot com for. the multimedia. click. this is news live from berlin u.s. airstrikes in iraq provoked angry reactions in baghdad and tehran american warplanes hit targets belonging to an iran supported militia that was closely with iraqi forces but could things for tell a trained raids provoke more violence also on the program. spreads bushfire crisis worsens all 31 residents in some areas that it's too dangerous to flee advancing
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claims that as a magic emergency services struggle to contain blazes over the country. and libya's in battle government could soon receive military help from turkey and curtis lining up support to send troops into the north african country despite warnings that such a move could further destabilize the breech. i'm anthony how would welcome to the program baghdad and tehran have condemned usa strikes against an iraqi militia supported by iran iraq says the strikes violate its sovereignty and could provoke more conflict in the region u.s. forces hit 5 targets belonging to a group called the team hezbollah as for tell the icing for a rocket attack that killed a u.s. civilian contractor at an. us. this has been based near the border between
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iraq and syria was one of 5 targets of u.s. fighter jets they destroyed the iran backed militias weapons caches and command and control centers in iraq and syria the strikes are retaliation for friday's killing of a u.s. civilian contractor near the northern iraqi city of kirkuk. iran's foreign minister condemned the u.s. airstrikes during a visit to moscow he said the targeted hezbollah was part of an alliance against the so-called islamic state terror group officially the iran backed militia is under the command of the iraqi army. about hollow form because if the recent actions by americans in iraq are unacceptable while the us does this iran and russia are making efforts to establish peace both in syria and in iraq i mean it will check it but the u.s. defense secretary views the operation as a success and hopes to discourage further attacks and i would note also that we
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will take additional actions as necessary to ensure that we act in our own self-defense and we deter further bad behavior from militia groups or from the wrong. us soldiers and pro iranian fighters are in close proximity and politically unstable iraq there are reported to be about $150000.00 pro iranian militia men in iraq. the u.s. has about 5000 soldiers deployed in the country. the iraqi prime minister has warned that a dangerous escalation could follow the most recent reprisal the could tie of hezbollah militia has volunteered retaliate. the u.s. has accused iraqi authorities of failing to protect u.s. bases in the country with a view from washington his state of the correspondent alexandra. a you ass response to an attack that kills or wounds americans it's not unusual but sunday's would
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tell you in the vault strikes on iranian proxies making it's particularly dangerous grounds the u.s. is not looking for and the conflict the state department has set stating that the earth strikes were necessary to protect you as person on the ground and to restore deterrence against iran's activities in the region a senior administration official told w do you ask responded in the way the iranian regime will understand adding this is the language they speak but the earth strikes were quickly condemned not only by iran or russia but also by the iraqi government iraq's national security council has threatened to reconsider its relationship with the you asked left coalition. there are still thousands of you as troops contractors and personnel in iraq and around the region so now with pro-u.
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runyan militias threatening to retaliate the key question is will the american strikes 10 don't the cycle of violence or escalate it and from washington let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world. libya's interim president has expelled top mexican and spanish diplomats allegations they were attempting to help form a bolivian officials to flee the country libyans have sought refuge in the mexican embassy since the change of government spying has exposed bolivian diplomats in response. from this and right now bosco us gone has arrived in lebanon after leaving japan on the unknown circumstances don was under house arrest in tokyo awaiting trial on charges of hiding income and financial misconduct which he denies holds jule french and lebanese citizenship. india is experience what's experiencing what's being called
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a cold wife on monday the capital daily had its chilliest december day nearly 120 years the combination of high levels of a pollution and unusually cold temperatures produces a thick fog in many places reducing visibility and causing widespread traffic disruption. or thirty's in the state of victoria and now telling residents and tourists it might be too light to leave the head of bushfires right in the region thousands of people in one coastal holiday town failed to evacuate before fires cut off road access in another region one volunteer firefighter was killed and another 2 injured in what's being called a fire tornado that destroyed the truck heat waves and lightning strikes a fuelling 5 across the country. the bushfires have reached the northern edge of melbourne. here in the suburb of boone dura emergency workers tried discreetly to keep the raging far away from homes but as the wall of flames bears down residents
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have been told to get out while they still can. did evacuate and he said that we. had no pain that if we have family and we think if it's anything to happen we could stock you know single people or we can just sort of escape. well thor's he's a warning to those who choose to stay behind risk being trapped the flames have already closed many access roads in the area extreme heat strong winds and a severe drought have made for a catastrophic bushfire season in some regions that made for conditions so dangerous that authorities have been forced to pull out hundreds of firefighters the blazes have scorched narea the size of belgium and destroyed more than 1000 homes that's prompted a stretch his capital camber to cancel the new year's fireworks show. in contrast to sydney which is the side to go ahead with the annual spectacle over the harbor bridge and the opera house that despite a petition signed by more than a quarter of a 1000000 people to cancel the event they want the money instead to go to emergency
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services and bushfire victims germany's chancellor angela merkel has warned of the threat posed by climate change in her traditional new year's speech the chancellor said global warming is real it threatens us it is caused by human activity as the crises that arise out of global warming so we must do all that is humanly possible to combat this challenge to humanity is still time warning comes as germany debates whether to scale back its famous new year's eve fireworks celebrations by fireworks is allowed for 3 days before the big day they had been set off in the streets and pox causing excitement for some and distress for others critics. cause serious injuries create a pollution and live the berlin night sky lit by cascades of fireworks over the brandenburg gate the new year's eve display has drawn legions of
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locals and visitors for decades some wonder if fireworks are still appropriate but many want to keep their tradition. if they say we have to wait until 10 pm that might help a lot but if they limit or ban the whole thing that's wrong. that's finished and he said mr thought i don't think the environmental hama severe enough to ban the fireworks if it's terrible i don't care if i can't see the stars i'd rather look at the sky some other day when there is no fireworks so i'm against the ban. fireworks in germany are big business at new year's 100000000 euros worth. some people like these fireworks fans near cologne are so passionate about them that they camp out the night before to make sure they can buy the biggest and the best but this year in germany over 30 cities have placed either a partial or a total ban on new year's fireworks. health experts warn that fire crackers and
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rockets release over 4500 tonnes of fine particle emissions on a single night. fine particles are extremely harmful to the lungs especially for small children and people with lung problems as my patients and the elderly they can experience acute shortness of breath. but for the foreseeable future fireworks will continue to pollute the air while they dazzle the eyes it's no use holding one's breath until eco friendly rockets and fire crackers are available. turkey's government is rushing a bill for a policy that that would approve the deployment of troops to libya turkey's foreign minister shut the show do that with the opposition to discuss the legislation which is expected to pass without difficulty government says it's answering i request for military assistance from libya's un recognized government in tripoli libya and
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pro-government forces saying he struggling to fend off an offensive from bravo forces in the east of the country by militia leader. well earlier we spoke to d.w. correspondent daryn johns in istanbul and asked him what's behind this turkish move to send troops to libya he says turkish access to oil and gas i be part of the calculation well turkish president major type urged one says that turkey has in a store called a link with libya given it was part of turkey's then ottoman empire and president one says that they are committed to supporting the internationally recognized libyan government of national all called and that government is 15 faced with the prospect of being overrun by forces of tar and turkey says they are committed to prevent that from happening but there is also a strategic interest in our own crew support of this government because in november our own chris signed an agreement with the government government of national called
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it gave it control of a large swathe of the eastern mediterranean part an area that is being contested by several countries in a competition to find hydrocarbons and that area also seen as key to any future pipelines from already discovered gas fields in eastern mediterranean so turkey's intervention is many ways is seen as securing a key strategic interests and from dorian jones in istanbul to an ambitious project to preserve the memory of holocaust victims has raged a milestone stop us time german for stumbling stones have been placed all over europe the newest brust clocks in the southern german town of mending them bring their number to 75000 so far. house number 11 was home to the jewish married couple the rosenbaum's until it was seized by the nazis in 1038 marta fled with her husband to live in exile he later committed suicide the family's fate was long forgotten now to stop a diner or stumbling stones have been laid in their memory the latest installation
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brings the number of stoppers dyna to 75000 the projects founder going to demick laid the stones himself each marker is crafted by hand they are now found in $26.00 countries visible remind us of the crimes of the nazi regime from the family's fate and everything else that took place at never stops being shocking things that happened which is just unbelievable. but the project is not without controversy in munich the city council chose a different type of memorial in response to criticism. from. here in munich some of the names have been deliberately smeared with dirt and dog feces. that's why we decided to place the memorials and eye level. but munich is an exception for many people the stumbling stones are a suitable form of memorial. they were jewish neighbors as well we need to
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memorialize them where they lived in the heart of our communities. in meminger in an independent association cast for the still priest on keeping the memory of these tragedies alive so something like this never happens again. or the countdown to the countdown has started as cities around the world are preparing for their new year's eve festivities in london big ben was tested for the midnight tolls to mark the start of 2020 the famous caucus being silent for over 2 years due to repairs. in a rio de janeiro bodges with being prepared for the big not cup a cup on the beach is the center of brazil's celebrations with 2000000 revelers expected. and in new york the tom swick crystal ball is being given a practice run 32000 ellie did lots of the on the boat she say of america new
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year's eve celebration. you while watching t.v. news that's all for now don't forget as always you can get all the latest news and information from around the clock on our website at www dot com for now but i'm anthony how it thanks for joining us. the producer. of the defeated me.
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