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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 31, 2019 8:00am-8:16am CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin thousands of people are trapped on australian beaches as wildfires close in the blazes cutting off the steep roads forcing people to flee to the shoreline hope of rescue authorities are struggling to keep the firestorms at bay also on the show. u.s. airstrikes in iraq provoked angry reactions in baghdad and in neighboring iran this
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after american warplanes hit a baseball longing to a rainy and backed militia. and a chilly and dangerous smog envelops delhi as india shivers through its coldest december day in more than a century. also coming up what are you wishing for in the new year we ask people around the world about their hopes for 25. planet ally field of india. from berlin to washington from london to lego's find out both people are hoping to 2020. i'm dr thomas great to have you with us concerns are growing at this hour for the residents and tourists trapped by ray. aging fires in several coastal towns in
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australia people are sheltering right now at the waterfront preparing for possible evacuation by sea now it is an unprecedented situation across the country the areas worst affected are australia's 2 most popular populous states new south wales and victoria all the blazes have claimed 2 more victims a father and son trying to protect their home at least 5 other people remain missing. stranded by the seaside thousands of tourists and locals are being held hostage by raging wildfires in the town of malacca it's too late to leave so all they can do is wait along the beach for help to come but rescue conditions are dangerous when far as are crowding there on whether you have super hot columns that go to the unfolding 15 kilometers in the air it's not saif then there's obviously the the very common sense issue of not being out of the city so much my son watch
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so much impact in terms of moving around access parsley is also something else that we had were in chile forecasts the most working with a whole range rover services to try and ensure that that happens australia has been battling huge bushfires for several months mostly on its east coast places have consumed more than 40000 square kilometers of land the disaster has prompted australia's capital camera to cancel the new year's fireworks show in contrast to sydney which has decided to go ahead with their fireworks spectacle over the harbor bridge and the opera house despite a petition signed by more than a quarter 1000000 people to cancel be event they want the money instead to go to emergency services and bushfire victims let's get more now from melbourne by luke haggerty spokesman for victoria's state center for emergency management look thanks so much for joining us can you tell us what you know about the people who are
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sheltering right now we understand is about 4000 of them at various locations at the seashore. that's right there. is that the wind triangle that moves through that area and i cause that hard to continue just sprint towards the town of which is where a port hasn't people a bank show on the foreshore and on the scene in this surrounding and the good news is that now that we change is move through and conditions have been nice some more inside the maybe threshed. has passed but that was a very very challenging trouble so as for the meetings he got it together and protected themselves along with far far it is from a very significant. look we've seen a number of fatalities now from extreme winds and fires are the fire tornadoes and the dry lightning we've been hearing about
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a threat to life and property and the volunteer and professional firefighters as well of course where you are. this is a very serious challenges with the weather conditions that way of saying cross sad faces trial is. this year we're only into at 1st month of summer ending to die and already we're saying more for our activity than we normally say needing tar far i say seen throughout the summer period as far as whole night eyes and in particular the draw any cause us significant concern and that was actually the cause of these foreign. drawing moving through. that larning striking very very for all right for our state areas for our eyes can sometimes burn undetected to deice you know sorts of conditions. when the wind picks out that spirit's eyes far as very quickly and that's what's resulted in these very very large far as we've had in east start ok well the media all just sort of saying that the weather
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for the next 5 days is expected to include high winds high temperatures and how are you preparing for the ongoing threat extending through the week. it's not just in the next few days but moving points ready some a period he's working very closely with community members and giving them a strong understanding of what we will happen we things far as in we didn't you far as stop the far as we have been many of them i mean a largely continue. for a couple of months small mark lean to we say significant right forward thankfully we've got a couple of guys in the tory on our way conditions out more 1st to start to work on tiny they far as but i i just psylocke g.'s our eyes possible to get that work done in the next few days before we say the 8 and we. challenge is going to be ongoing
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for a number of weeks making sure that we've got half our foreign resources on the ground and now i've played in the. guard to respond you far as continue to support a far as we already have burning in continuing to monitor this situation and provide the community with it for us as quickly as we can all the best you and all of your team there in the days ahead look for a spokesman for. the control center in the tory thank you very much let's get you briefed on some of the other stories making news at this hour the former nissan renault boss carlos gone is in lebanon after leaving japan where he was under house arrest and statement said he was not clean justice but was quote skipping political persecution. he was waiting trial on charges of financial misconduct which he has not. turkey has moved a step closer to deploying troops in libya arguments as fast tracking
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a bill to authorize sending the military to back libya's internationally recognized government it is fighting for survival against the forces of a powerful warlord khalifa haftar. bolivia's interim president has expelled top mexican and spanish diplomats over allegations they were attempting to help former bolivian facials flee the country. the libyans have sought refuge in the mexican embassy since a change of government spain has expelled bolivian diplomats in response. or baghdad and tehran have condemned u.s. airstrikes against an iraqi militia supported by iran or axis of strikes violated sovereignty and could provoke more conflict in the region u.s. forces hit 5 targets belonging to a group called qatar has the law the american retaliation came out for a rocket attack that killed an american civilian contractor at a u.s.
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base inside iraq. this has been based near the border between iraq and syria was one of 5 targets of u.s. fighter jets they destroyed the iran backed militias weapons caches and command and control centers in iraq and syria the strikes are but telling asian for friday's killing of a u.s. civilian contractor near the northern iraqi city of kirkuk. iran's foreign minister condemned the u.s. airstrikes during a visit to moscow he said the targeted hezbollah was part of an alliance against the so-called islamic state terror group officially the iran backed militia is under the command of the iraqi army. about hollow form because at the recent actions by americans in iraq are unacceptable while the u.s. does this iran and russia are making efforts to establish peace both in syria and in iraq i mean it could but the u.s. defense secretary views the operation as a success and hopes to discourage further attacks and i would note also that we
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will take additional actions as necessary to ensure that we act in our own self-defense and we deter further bad behavior from militia groups or from the wrong. us soldiers and pro iranian fighters are in close proximity and politically unstable iraq there are reported to be about $150000.00 pro iranian militiamen in iraq. the u.s. has about 5000 soldiers deployed in the country. the iraqi prime minister has warned that a dangerous escalation could follow the most recent reprisal the could tie of hezbollah militia has volunteered retaliate. it's to india now where the capital delhi has registered in scold us december day and more than a century temperatures drop 2 celsius in usual winter weather is affecting everything from traveling to breathing. it's
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a cold wave in northern india. after many days of this kind of cold weather we are prepared we were lots of layers of clothing at the bus stop. the capital delhi and the rest of the region haven't been gripped by conditions in this frigid since 1001 and not only has the mercury dropped so has visibility low temperatures have collided with hazardous levels of air pollution causing a thick toxic blanket of smaug to hover over several states seeing through it is nearly impossible. as it let me go to school we're not able to see in front or behind us so we face problems going to school that's why they should be closed and it's just getting into delhi has been a challenge hundreds of flights have been delayed and train travel paralyzed person here temperatures have made breathing even harder. but it has increased coughs and
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colds and has affected businesses because people are not leaving their homes to go out and shop are still in the middle of record cold oh i don't want to deliver we're going to visit all the places in delhi and enjoy this cold weather we're having lots of fun the weather is also i'm. meteorologist predict the bitter cold will stick around through the new year. here in germany for all america has warned of the threat posed by climate change and her traditional years address the past decade has seen 9 of the 10 hottest years on record germany for say temperatures could rise further coming here now in her address the chancellor said quote global warming is real and sauce it is caused by human activity as are the crises that arise out of global warming so we must do all of this humanly possible to combat this challenge to humanity there is still time.
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well the countdown to the new year has started cities around the world are preparing for their new year's eve stevie's of course with 2020 fast approaching we sent our correspondents out to ask people around the world what they hope and wish the new year will bring. i hope hong kong will become a long time for us hong kong has always been called a cultural it doesn't because we focus on economic development we young people should show hong kong's cultural uniqueness to the world. for the coming decades i wish for the lebanese people to wake up and become aware that their religious and political affiliations would give them no way and would never have been and would never have been because. i would like to lattimer putin to stop dallas he's been in power for over 18 years and i'm
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tired and i want to change for russia. even just. obvious good governance and good economic growth and i want to get out of budget so . let me lead now i wish for peace and prosperity and that we get along with our neighbors so. i just want to allow for younger people i feel like a lot of the older people get more privileges and better everything and people do say about life is up. by venezuela i wish that venezuela will become financially stable and that those who have left the country can come home. in the next decade the united states really focus on the people who are really the benefits that we have a citizens here but also a lie i lolling immigrants to enter the country is equal because that's what we're
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all about. this is. coming up next our documentary film series doc film looks at the uses people are fighting for old. don't forget you can always get the latest news and information around the clock. websites. language courses. any time any.


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