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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 4, 2020 2:00am-2:15am CET

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this is d.w. news wire from berlin donald trump says the u.s. is prepared for iranian retaliation after he ordered the assassination of iran's top military commander the us president says he's country was acting in self-defense when it carried out the drone strike against general custom solomonic in baghdad the killing marks a dangerous escalation of tensions between the 2 countries and in the region. also on the program devastating wildfires force one of the largest evacuations in australia's history tens of thousands fleeing the flames by land and sea full cost
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has warned that home where they are in strong remains could lead to catastrophic conditions this weekend will go to see the need for the likes of just. very welcome to the program we begin with fresh fears of another war in the middle east after a fresh u.s. strike a targeted den iran backed militia north of baghdad it comes less than 24 hours after a drone strike killed a top iranian general a short while ago u.s. president donald trump defended the attack at baghdad airport that killed general. name he was the head of iran's elite could force and will seen as the architect of tehran's military operations in the middle east the strike also killed the hondas
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and iraqi paramilitary group leader with close ties to iran. meanwhile he runs u.n. ambassador has told broadcast to c.n.n. that the response for a military action is a military action the u.s. says or does it ordered its citizens to leave iraq and is sending thousands of extra troops to the region. the iranians took to the streets of the capital on friday in the 10s of thousands. of the it was they chanted no compromise no surrender fight the us the news of general solomon he's killing sparked fury among the protesters who directed their anger at the west. and why yes i mean how do you have the same thing they did to us should be done to them and their leader should be killed all of them should be killed and. military officials also spoke of revenge for the killing of the man who was widely seen as the 2nd most powerful figure in iran. and we know
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your way out the americans should prepare themselves for a slap in the face that the americans must know now that after this crime that they have committed they will face no safety or peace anywhere and. this was all that remained of the vehicle carrying the iranian general and the iraqi militia leader after the american missile struck sort of money had just landed at baghdad's airport hundreds was on hand to welcome him both were killed instantly along with at least 5 others the deaths are a major setback for iran and for iraq which loses an important military ally. the u.s. says the strike was necessary claiming soleimani had been developing plans to attack americans in the region president donald trump said he was not seeking a major conflict with iran so i'm a he has been perpetrating acts of terror to destabilize the middle east for the
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last 20 years what the united states did yesterday should have been done long ago. we took action last like just stop a war. we did not. take action just start a war. the reaction from tehran was swift and resolute supreme leader ayatollah ali how many issued a statement promising quote strong revenge and ordered 3 days of national mourning he also named a successor to salomone the general's former deputy as male ghani. the conflict was already escalating before the latest airstrike on thursday 750 american soldiers arrived in kuwait now washington is directing u.s. citizens in iraq to leave the country immediately. we're joined now from washington by ascend to rocky and illini the director of the center for women peace and security at the london school of economics and the founder of the
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international civil society action network welcome to d.w. this strike has led to fuse of a major conflict iran of course has vowed to retaliate if you are someone who advocates and strategize is for peace but do you expect this to escalate well i think i think it's obvious that the actions have already escalated tensions and this has been going on since the u.s. pulled out of the iran deal that way the issue really is that we mustn't assume that escalation towards war is actually inevitable. that implications of that and the consequences are unfathomable and so what we should be doing is thinking up to now these are actions have been taken but how do we deescalate and unfortunately i don't think that the united states at the moment only is taking any actions to move in that direction you mentioned deescalation
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what should happen towards that even if you know you if you could. project what would happen from now on what what do you think should happen in terms of deescalation well it's. well it's one thing to project what what the current leadership in this country and in iran might do it's another thing to project what should be done and the very simple answer in terms of what should be done is that these leaders instead of sending other people's children to die or to send you know sending drones out there killing people they should sit they should have the courage to sit down and talk we've had 40 years of proxy wars between iran and the us 20 years of actual war in iraq and iraqis are the ones who are suffering the most from this it's outrageous it's totally unacceptable and we shouldn't be immune to to you know we shouldn't become just lolled or terrified into thinking that nothing else can be done that war is inevitable it is not. going to ask you about something that you posted on twitter a few hours ago you called for
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a reality check and all of these you tweeted that donald trump's given quite such a boost to your run supreme leader what did you mean when you tweeted that well if you think about it you know until a week ago we were watching and certainly iranians in the diaspora elsewhere those who believe in the idea of regime change from out time out and so what work we what we are watching was it was an iranian regime that was concerned about its public being out on the streets protesting and there was a tremendous comp down on the public presence in the streets as of last night what we've seen is 3 days of public mornings being called in every major city there have been people thousands of people out in the morning formal mourning for it for the money i think that what's happened is that this has basically reinvigorated the very tired and very old message that that that that the u.s. is is is the sort of evil force and you know anti-americanism if you want in
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america and in iran it's given a new boost of what i fit because because that's what they have now experienced so now i'm the rocky under leamy in washington thank you very much for your time. thank you very much now to some of the other stories making news around the world at least 4 people are dead after a hotel collapsed in cambodia about 16 people have been rescued from the rubble the search is continuing for other survivors the hotel came down during construction building industry has been booming bot is playing by safety problems. thousands of teachers are valid in hong kong in support of kohli exert ristal discipline since protests began the union uku uses the government of targeting anti-government teaches for attending rallies and speaking out on social media but the education ministry denies doing sorry. a man with
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a knife has gone on the rampage at a park in a suburb of paris stabbing several people before running away police chased him and shot him did once the stabbing one of the stabbing victims has also been confirmed dead 2 others injured. x. nissan chairman carlos go and fled japan and he did in a large order go equipment box according to media reports the turkish private jet company has admitted that one of its employees helped him escape to lebanon on one of its planes going had been awaiting trial on financial misconduct charges. well a strategy is deadly wildfires have prompted one of the largest evacuations in the country's history more than $200.00 blazes ah burning across the heavy heavily populated states of victoria and new south wales the fires have already killed 19 people and destroyed thousands of hiram's officials say conditions are expected to
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worsen this weekend's. nightmarish scenes like this have driven some people to the sea where they're now being evacuated. many roads are impassable and water is sometimes the only solution the decision is wrenching to survival but at a price a home he may have lost. meanwhile the government is coming under harsh criticism from both the public and some emergency service workers for not providing enough relief for doing so too late or both but now there's no middle ground the weather forecast for the next few days is even worse the call for a major evacuation for parts of the torah and you south wales is loud and clear. this is why this is i ferocious far that is still out there and the conditions are going to be very difficult in the next 24 to 48 hours that's why the evacuation
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messages are so incredibly important these prizes are a sky. has been set on many occasions now and president particularly for this time of year in the link to the for a season and the absence of the death scene right ecologists at the university of sydney fear the death toll includes hundreds of millions of animals the places have destroyed more than $1300.00 homes and scorched more than 5 and a half 1000000 hectares an area far greater than the netherlands. or across the city now and speak with a journalist roger. it's really hard to imagine that these devastating wildfires could possibly get even worse but that's what's being predicted could you tell us what's expected this weekend exactly. well straighter is waiting really nervously for the full impact of the high temperatures in the strong winds which are arriving any turnout in down south victoria winds of saying they're going to gust to 80
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kilometers an hour now that combined with temperatures of well well into the mid forty's and even here in sydney the temperatures up at the divide on the outskirts of sydney today it's 45 degrees celsius so really really hot now the fear is that when the winds and the us of the temperatures and the the low humidity combine then your life to get a renewed outbreak of fire now already down in south or in victoria we have a fire line 100 kilometers long traveling east across east gives landlords a new south wales border which is a fire within traveling to the south coast of new south wales to be fanned by that that strong wind at the same time so people are being very nervous at the moment about one or may not be happened it may be that we escaped any group the danger but there the fire service the fire chiefs are saying you know that the chances of you
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know catastrophic conditions emerging are very high and the people are extremely nervous and we are reading about these mass evacuations that have been taking place is it feasible that all the people who need to get out of the way of these fires will actually be able to. well i think most of them who want to go have got we've had about 50000 people trip down to the south because of new south wales over the past few days now a lot of those were tourists on the thousands of people have meant to get out our understand this morning the road to quite clear so obviously not many other people had to get out of this state the people staying behind or the locals the residents who want to protect their homes and they say they're doing the things you know if necessary to protect their homes from feet from fires either with a hose pipe or clearing bit of patient around the house now if things get really dangerous for them if these fires do start to spread again then what they'll do is go to the local the curation center and seek shelter there and if needs be even go
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to the beach and stand in the city but that's the last resort at the moment at this stage we still don't know exactly the extent of today's fires but certainly within the next few hours we'll have a pretty good idea very worrying we came to head in danger roger may not in sydney thank you thank you. well the red carpet is being rolled out in los angeles as the film award season kicks off this weekend with the golden globes and once again the host of the stock . is grabbing most of the attention the controversial phrase commutativity to face is about it for a 5th time outing out awards and insults to hollywood's biggest dolls his last few performances at the globes of code and controversy and then been speculation he wouldn't be allowed back but it seems the bobs will be flying once again. as
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a fundraising tycoon 3. news from billiam d.w. news africa is up. every 2 seconds the person is forced to flee their home. the consequences have been disastrous so we're documentary series displaced depicts dramatic humanitarian crises from around the world. forgetting we don't have time to think i didn't go to university to kill people. people fear for their lives and their future so they seek refuge abroad but what is.


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