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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 4, 2020 12:00pm-12:16pm CET

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the at. the at. this is g.w. news line from fury an outrage ain't it america echo across baghdad a day off to a u.s. airstrike that killed iran's top generals tens of thousands joined a funeral procession in iraq you capital after tensions in the region sort of a wrong has vowed revenge for the death of general custom so much for say coming up australia closed top 3000 reservists to help deal with the devastating wildfires who crosses a warning of more high winds and scorching temperatures reaching reaching 45
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degrees celsius what the prime minister calls an extremely difficult day for australia. the act. i'm going to humphrey you could join me tens of thousands of mourners have gathered in the iraqi capital baghdad for a funeral procession for the iranian general and an iraqi militia leader killed in a u.s. air strike now the procession organized by iranian backed iraqi militias is heading for the shiite holy cities of cavalia and not just that is south of baghdad the death of general hossam ceremony has sent shock waves through the region and attack iran has vowed revenge the u.s. has ordered its citizens to leave iraq and is sending thousands of extra troops to the region. the iranians took to the streets of the capital on friday in the 10s of
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thousands. was they chanted no compromise no surrender fight the us the news of general solomon he's killing sparked fury among the protesters who directed their anger at the west. miami $31.00 the same thing they did to us should be done to them and their leader should be killed all of them should be killed. military officials also spoke of revenge for the killing of the man who was widely seen as the 2nd most powerful figure in iran. and we know your way out the americans should prepare themselves for a slap in the face the americans must know now that after this crime that they have committed they will face no safety or peace anyway. this was all that remained of the vehicle carrying the iranian general and the iraqi militia leader after the
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american missile struck soul of money had just landed at baghdad's airport hundreds was on hand to welcome him both were killed instantly along with at least 5 others but deaths are a major setback for iran and for iraq which loses an important military ally. the u.s. says the strike was necessary claiming soleimani had been developing plans to attack americans in the region president donald trump said he was not seeking a major conflict with iran it's all a made he has been perpetrating acts of terror to destabilize the middle east for the last 20 years what the united states did yesterday should have been done long ago. we took action last like just stop a war we did not. take action just start a war. the reaction from tehran was swift and resolute supreme leader ayatollah ali
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how many issued a statement promising quote strong revenge and ordered 3 days of national mourning he also named a successor to solo money the general's former deputy as male ghani. the conflict was already escalating before the latest is drawing on thursday 750 american soldiers arrived in kuwait now washington is directing u.s. citizens in iraq to leave the country immediately. well let's bring in now political and ice rachel rizzo she's with me in the studio she's a fellow at the rabbit foundation good to see rachel now 1st tech round in washington of course they've accused the other of being the aggressor of course iran saying that the u.s. president donald trump has crossed the line here in this action a little perspective though from you is u.s. action unprecedented so donald trump has a history of making surprising actions right he bombed syria after he took office he recently killed isis leader. of
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a diety but i think what's surprising here is just the escalation i mean this would really be like iran taking out the u.s. secretary of defense or the u.s. joint chiefs of staff so i think in terms of what this means for the region for the middle east region and what it means geo politically it is unprecedented absolutely i think it's a really important point to make and how the u.s. says that this action was to prevent further iranian attack plans i think a lot of people want to be wanting to know i mean do we have concrete evidence all of those attack plans well as always it depends on who you ask u.s. officials have said this was a defensive decisive action donald trump said they took this action to stop a war not start a war and then it saved american lives but i think given those claims and given the gravity of the decision that was made. congress especially and the u.s. public or are going to want to see evidence of that and they deserve evidence of that is there a strategy does seem like
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a very serious escalation do you think that president trump would have carried it out if he was not away coldness and all of the potential consequences so i think it's pretty hard to discern a trump strategy for the middle east i mean obviously pushing back against iran countering iranian influence supporting u.s. allies saudi arabia and israel is a mainstay of that strategy but beyond that we're not quite sure exactly if he's aware of what the long term consequences mean for this i think given the recklessness of the trumpet ministration in the past and the fact that he has made so many last minute seemingly unthought out decisions it's really questionable about whether or not president trump has fully thought through the potential repercussions of this action which i do want to ask you do you think this is electioneering well who knows i mean i think that you know you take a look at trump's tweet that he made after after of the strike right it was just an
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american flag so he is going to use this to push a very pro-american message of pro-u.s. power message and to drum up support amongst his base right rachel rezai thanks a lot for coming in and joining us. well let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world this hour indonesian authorities have been delivering supplies by helicopter to waterlogged regions following floods that left at least 53 people dead in the jakarta capital region to ensure rains that. unleashed deadly flash floods and landslides tens of thousands are still unable to return to their homes. at least 7 people are dead after a hotel collapsed in cambodia 18 people have been rescued from the rubble and our search is continuing for the survivors the hotel came down during construction cambodia's building industry has been booming but it is plagued by safety problems . protesters have clashed with police in the chilean capital $78.00
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santiago it was the 1st demonstration of the year against the government of sebastian pinera $26.00 people have died in violence that began in october over an increase in subway fare. well australia has called up 3000 military reservists as emergency services brace for what is expected to be one of the hottest days since those devastating bushfires 1st broke out now more than 200 blazes are burning across the heavily populated states of victoria new south wales for. australia's worst bushfire season on record looks set to become a whole lot worse saturday brought even hotter temperatures and more strong winds to much of the country fanning hundreds of blazes already burning out of control. so i was going to have very long afternoon very long evening and i was that
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southerly approaches where it's going to be gusty so it's going to be going to be a volatile solid southerly with wind strengths are expected to be up to 80 kilometers or more gusting along a coastal strip. more than 100000 people were told to leave their homes across 3 states while there was still a chance to get away not everyone managed. on kangaroo island 2 people died as their car was overtaken by a blaze that broke containment lines. australia's prime minister says the fire crisis has reached a new level and has ordered 3000 army reservists to help the sky all of the force is stretching resources on the ground and there are clearly communities that need additional help and in response to that we must move forward 1st as a commonwealth particularly with the work of our defense forces and then integrate with the local operations that are in place in those local communities. the
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announcement comes after weeks of intense and politically bruising criticism for the prime minister has so far insisted that managing the fires was a matter for individual states and rural fire services alone fire services that have been stretched to the limit. the australian navy has also been deployed to help with the evacuation of fire affected coastal areas. these people were the 1st to be rescued from in the state of victoria where a mega blaze forced full 1000 people to flee to the waterfront on new year's eve many of them are still trapped in the town waiting for rescue a smoke from the fires once again 10 day into night. when australians may be wishing they had something the capital of finland has plenty of i'm talking about bunkers now think you started building bomb shelters during the cold war when it was at the front line of the cold war between the save it union
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and nato the result is a vast network of underground space. it's sometimes hard to tell where the gateways to helsinki underworld are like this in conspicuous entrance which emma visit on hughes's to get to her gym 20 meters under the ground the corridors are part of a huge bunker complex with renewed concerns about nuclear weapons proliferation many finns are quite happy that there are bomb shelters all over the country. in a way i feel very safe. after all this is where we would be if something actually happened so protected somehow being here scary. don't let the fitness equipment fool you in 72 hours this whole gym can be converted into a nuclear shelter that doesn't bother em enter trainer there are lots of other training areas nearby the foundations of helsinki are like
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a rabbit warren under the as schneider head of emergency preparedness in helsinki is in charge of these facilities the finns have been expanding their bunkers for decades even after the end of the cold war. when one of the nation's threats use possibility to be involved. in the war hold that thought of exceptional conditions with me and also something called to protect the city as a business all concept all to all to build up and help the city. visitors from all over the world regularly tour through the bunkers recently they hosted a delegation from south korea. underlayers schneider says they were very impressed the granite rock provides the most ideal conditions for a bunker beds are stacked neatly in the corridors when fully operational there is room for 900000 people in the city's shelters which is more than helsinki's current population so visitors will also be able to find shelter here they would work as
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a little community a community here kind of like you know 3 shifts we have if there is 6000 people we have the beds for for 2000 at the time so one is sleeping one is having a rest or free time and one is working for the people who work here who do the finns feel threatened by they won't say on camera but look around the city tells you a statue of the russians are still stands here a reminder of the history that the finns share with their neighbors to the east it's a relationship that has not always been peaceful something the finns never forget. well a judge in the u.k. has ruled that veganism qualifies as a protected philosophical belief under british law paving the way for beacons to sue their employees if they feel that they have been the target of discrimination the case involves a londoner jordi kassam in china who claims that he was fired from his job at
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a charity because of his strict adherence to a vegan lifestyle rejecting all consumption of animal products now the charity denied this saying he was fired for gross misconduct the case is still pending but the judges recognition of the can isn't as a protected belief is a 1st under british rule. 'd a good way to where in the wake of that american asteroid the u.s. men's soccer team has pulled out of a training visit to cata the gulf state has close ties with neighboring iran and the team had planned a 20 day when to training camp in doha to get ready for this year's state of matches but said in a statement that quote the developing situation in the region has led to a postponement of their plans. you are just reminded that an off the top story that we all following for you tens of thousands of people are taking part in a funeral procession procession in baghdad a raid it general thrust him aside and money who was killed in an american asteroid tektronix has vowed revenge. in washington w.
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