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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 4, 2020 5:00pm-5:15pm CET

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my name is developing home and i work at. the at. the at. the at. this is the day when you fly from valley fury and outrage aimed out the u.s. echo across baghdad a day off to a u.s. airstrike killed the wrongs top jackdaw tens of thousands joined a funeral procession at the iraqi capital as tensions in the region saw an a rant about revenge for the death of general trust and solomonic also coming up australia's calls for 3000 reservists to help deal with the devastating wildfires as the blazes lights help the sky for calls just one of more scorching temperatures
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reaching a point 5 degrees celsius and high winds that could push the inferno in closer to the populated area. i'm headed to humphrey glad you could join me the american air strike that killed the wrong top military commander and an iraqi militia leader has sparked a storm of rage in baghdad thousands of people have been chanting slogans including death to america as they marched in a funeral procession to show their grief their region is now wanted general and says that it will retaliate. of mourners filled the streets in baghdad iraq is the 1st to hold funeral processions for the iraqis and iranians killed by a u.s. airstrike on friday. many are drug. black waving iraqi flags and
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militia members are out in force showing their loyalty to the 2 key figures killed in friday's attack iraq's. deputy commander of an iran backed coalition of militias and general kasim soleimani the head of iran's elite military unit and the country's most important military commander. and president hassan rouhani visited the family of seoul model chris daughter asked the president to avenge her father. mr rouhani when the blood of my father's friends were said he would take revenge for them now who is going to take revenge for my father's blood. they will everyone will get revenge for the martyrs blood don't you worry about that. keeps all the money was the mastermind behind iran's military engagement in the middle east for the last 2 decades and a close ally of iran supreme leader. u.s.
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president donald trump says the strike was necessary to prevent what he called imminent and sinister attacks on americans we took action less like to stop a war we did not take action to start a war i have deep respect for the iranian people they are a remarkable people with an incredible heritage an unlimited potential. we do not seek regime change however the iranian regime's aggression in the region including the use of proxy fighters to destabilize its neighbors must stand it must stand now . solmonese blamed for attacks that killed thousands of people across the region but many in iran say his death amounts to a declaration of war as angry militia members in iraq and iran chant anti-american slogans and swear vengeance for the deaths of their leaders the u.s.
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is in devising its citizens in iraq to leave immediately. all right let's bring in our stefan as he was at our bureau in washington and stefan the u.s. has ordered its citizens to leave iraq does that demonstrate the extent to which the americans are awaiting imminent revenge as threatened by iran. i would say so you have a right it's definitely a great concern in the united states and in the trunk of ministration that iran which is certainly capable of causing a lot of harm to u.s. interests and to u.s. allies around the globe not just in the region that. this concern might come to something. there you go 2800 troops all routes to the region and quite an effort by the secretary of state pompei or to make a lot of calls around the world into the region speaking with the iraqi. government
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again showing everybody who does not get that did not get the message that this was an action taken to prevent something and not to start something and that means war no war intention or regime change attention from the united states and a big concern for negative fallout for u.s. interests around the globe where president trump said that he ordered that the strike on friday to prevent a war can we expect to see any declassified intelligence about what that threat concretely was. i wouldn't count on it the democrats of course want to see more because they are suspicious about the timing why this tech now went to other presidents who had the opportunity to take custom solenn money passed on this opportunity now it does it right now while we have don't forget still all this impeachment drama in washington d.c. which is going to heat up next week on monday and therefore the democrats in the senate as well as in the congress say please we really want to know what the intel
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was or what the trigger wars for the us are for the president to order the elimination of mr solomon he. otherwise there won't be satisfied the republicans of course stalling this same president did the right thing and he doesn't have to reveal anything this is of course intelligence community briefing the president and that's not to be made public or being become public knowledge what about the killing of the iraqi leader on one hand this now he helps rally groups against the so-called islamic state what could the impact of his death. well. i think that there will be. a deputy now rising up the ranks are getting shot at the leadership of the cuts about hizbollah militia as well as then being an enemy to the united states. as you said these men became sort of a enemy of the united states while he was years before fighting with the united
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states against the very very successful against isis terror in iraq and in syria. i don't think that this will have any immediate. consequence for u.s. interests from the perspective of the u.s. it will have consequences within iraq of course and the power shuffle and power permits at play and in place there i'm on the outside you've got the sexy state might pompei a claim that he wants to deescalate the situation and any idea on how he plans on doing that. you know the escalation is the key word as we already said that's right well it's a busy weekend at the state department i can assure you that there's a lot of phone calls the secretary himself made also his staff made to allies around the world in asia in latin america in europe to nato and into the region to assure everybody this was not an act of war this was not an aggression this was
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something the u.s. at least they portrayed that way was something to protect the interests and the security and safety of u.s. personnel diplomatic personnel and other u.s. personnel in the region all right stephanie is in washington d.c. thanks a lot now to take a look at some of the other stories making news around the walt it is in authorities have been delivering supplies by helicopters who want to know good regions following floods that left at least 53 people dead in the region around the capital jakarta trencher rains that is even least deadly flash floods and landslides tens of thousands are still unable to return to their homes. thousands of mostly right wing protesters have taken to the streets of the spanish capital madrid they oppose acting prime minister sanchez's handling of the catalonia separatist issue in a bid to end a political deadlock and get parliament's backing for his new leftist government sanchez stressed he be open to resolving the situation through dialogue.
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protesters have clashed with police in the chilling capital santiago it was the 1st demonstration of the year against the government of sebastian pinera $26.00 people have been killed in violence that began back in october over an increase in step with us. well australia has hold up 3000 military reservists to bolster firefighters who've been battling blazes for weeks now and it's scorching temperatures and high winds more than 200 people 200 fires rather are burning across the heavily populated states of victoria and new south wales. australia's worst bushfire season on record looks set to become a whole lot worse saturday brought even hotter temperatures and more strong winds to much of the country fanning hundreds of blazes already burning out of control. so is going to be a very long afternoon very long evening and as that southerly approaches it's going
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to be gusty so it's going to be a good sagal it's going to be a volatile saul southerly with wind strengths are expected to be up to 80 kilometers or more gusting along the coastal strip. more than 100000 people were told to leave their homes across 3 states while there was still a chance to get away not everyone managed on kangaroo island 2 people died as their car was overtaken by a blaze that broke containment lines. australia's prime minister says the fire crisis has reached a new level and has ordered $3000.00 army reservists to help the scale of the force is stretching resources on the ground and there are clearly communities that need additional help and in response to that we must move forward 1st as a commonwealth particularly with the work of our defense forces and then integrate with the local operations that are in place in those local communities. the
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announcement comes after weeks of intense and politically bruising criticism for the prime minister who has so far insisted that managing the fires was a matter for individual states and rural fire services alone fire services that have been stretched to the limit the australian navy has also been deployed to help with the evacuation of fire affected coastal areas. these people were the 1st to be rescued from in the state of victoria where a mega blaze forced 4000 people to flee to the waterfront on new year's eve many of them are still trapped in the town waiting for rescue as smoke from the fires once again 10 day and tonight. just force now and in the wake of the u.s. air strike the country's men's soccer team has pulled out of a training visit to canada the gulf state has close ties with neighboring iran now
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the american team had planned a 20 day winter training camp in doha to prepare for this is slated matches but said in a statement that quote the developing situation in the region has led to a postponement of their plans. now last year 2 female athletes hit new heights megan rapinoe who led the united states the world cup title on another american samoa biles who broke the record for the most world championship medals in gymnastics now for both biles and repeat no sporting success has become a platform to raising awareness with regards to social issues. she was the star of the show but the women's world cup megan rapinoe claimed her 2nd title and during the celebrations all eyes were on her repeating no use the publicity to spread her message. it's our responsibility to make this world a better place. pino has become an iconic but controversial figure she rejected the
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possibility of a white house reception juta her views on president donald trump and she is accused of not taking women's football seriously she's a huge prize money discrepancies with men's football at the world cup final fans in the stadium made their support to retain oakley. it was very special 10 at that time transcended. outside. soccer maybe like something bigger so my bias is another female athlete who had a stellar 2019 after becoming the most decorated gymnast of all time but the path to glory was filled with pain her mother was a drug addict and files was raised by her grandparents who still a company has to every event. biles was also one of more than 250 athletes abused by usa gymnastics dr larry nasser she condemned the organization you had one job you literally had one job anybody to protect. files says much has changed for
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female athletes but there is still a long way to go she has previously said we live in exciting times for women in sports so many fantastic female athletes are gradually getting the recognition they deserve but we definitely need to do more to make sure that there is really equality in sports. simone biles and megan rapinoe 2 athletes who refused to put their beliefs to one side. yes or female athletes over so much more than that and in 2020 they'll continue to fight for what they believe in. inspiring a face that our mind and now off the top story that we're following for you tens of thousands of mourners have taken part in a funeral procession in baghdad during a general hossam so many who was killed in an american as strike drawn has found revenge. you're watching the news from above and up next it is while those stories
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more news coming up at the top of the hour with my colleague nic spicer i'm going to help prevent piracy a company unceasing by foot out. to get.


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