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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  January 10, 2020 2:45pm-3:01pm CET

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and china's boom has created tremendous riches but many chinese feel left behind poverty still is a big issue in many provinces now the government is such a tackle the problem with education. the leave it tech trends reality of your way from the clothing store to the. this is business donation and global business news on the w as well. could siemens and its involvement in a new coal mine in australia the german industrial giant was selected to supply railway signal signalling infrastructure for the comical mine in the country's north east is led by indian company adani boss and by mental campaign is demanding the german company pull out and says it's reassessing the deal. c.e.o. joke had a meeting with german climate activists in berlin to discuss the issue today climate change linked to fossil fuels is widely regarded as
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a contributing factor for the disastrous blazes that currently ravage australia. friday's future activists say the planned mine will be devastating for the planet fossil fuels a key offenders in the climate crisis and this particular project say protesters could do serious damage. the indian company a dunny is building one of the world's biggest mines in northeastern australia siemens is set to provide signalling for the rail system which will be used to transport the cold the coast from the air it will be shipped to india via the highly vulnerable great barrier reef environmentalists fear devastating effects for wildlife as well as for global warming levels the coal extracted each year at the mine is set to create c o 2 emissions equivalent to those of whole nations like malaysia and australia for years campaigners have protested the australian government's decision to back the project more than 60 companies have turned down requests from adani for involvement
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among them bank and china's i.c. b.c. . is currently speaking to the press for more on this let's go to our financial correspondent in frankfurt charles delaying because it doesn't look like siemens could really pull out of this project. it's something that there is so that they have considered when he last commented on this and december he said of their diligently looking at it he expressed some surprise to the fact that there was so much protest to it but he said the decision could still be the same they might stand but the total investment of the total that siemens would be getting for this was only it's only about $20000000.00 euro so it's not a huge study huge project for them and they're also sort of is this broader reputational idea at risk for seaman siemens is really positions itself as a leader and is sustainable businesses and they've they've really put
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a lot of effort and to branding themselves as a sustainability pioneer so i think that's also a consideration for them. so this is not really a very big deal. that's probably at the moment that companies are cutting any ties to fossil fuel industries a lot of the pressure we've seen has been on direct oil and gas or coal investment so a lot of a lot of banks saying they don't want to fund or give loans to whale companies a lot of investors not wanting to buy the stocks of say exxon mobil we haven't seen as much of a protest to these interact links like this where siemens isn't exactly you know investing or are building the actual project but in silicon valley there has been some of these interact push back so companies like google and microsoft have also
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seen. they've also seen a simplicial back but it's mostly been directly on the oil and gas and fossil fuel companies so far so it's a 1000000000 in front thank you. if you are traveling in china and leave glittering big cities like shanghai behind it becomes clear that the economic boom that made china rich does not permit the whole country poverty still is a big issue especially and wolf off on provinces now i mean she's in pain has made a bold promise to eradicate poverty in china by the year 2031 key measures is education. leaving zhang doesn't have any running water his family only has the bare essential as small farmers they earn around $120.00 euros a month but leming jain once a better life than his parents that's why he's training to become a noodle soup chef. most of the village elder told me about the training
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program. i wanted to take part because my family is poor and i can learn and earn money during the training. now i can give my parents some money. the noodle soup training is part of a bigger plan the provincial government wants to train 15000 young people this year so that they can get out of poverty fighting poverty is one of china's highest priorities the news on state t.v. reports regularly about xi jinping zte check up visits the government's goal is to have a ready key to extreme poverty by the end of this year. the communist party is also battling poverty with cement apartment blocks are springing up everywhere in china around 11000000 people are moving from villages into the cities.
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lay way as you now has a kitchen 2 rooms and about guinea in the flat she bought and thanks to massive subsidies from the central government in beijing and the province she was able to buy it for around 1300 euros she borrow that money from relatives so you don't fire it on i used to farm vegetables in the mountains and i chopped firewood one time when i didn't need any money but living in the city means expenses for gas and other things the cost of living is going up so. i don't really think i am. the party also got her a job leeway who works in a textile factory is she happy with the move she can't really speak openly interviews can only be given in the presence of someone else. sometimes i miss the past and i can't stop thinking about it but my life here is better i just have to
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get used to it that's going to take a while. for her old home is about an hour's drive and a 30 minute walk away the old houses there have been taken down the reason that the party officials give is that they were unsafe one thing is clear though beijing is ready to sacrifice the old for progress at any price indonesia is urging japan to increase its investment in indonesian islands close to disputed waters in the south china sea the indonesian government has been seeking to reassert its authority over the tuna after a recent standoff with chinese ships nearby garcia japan agreed to fund the new fish market on the island during a joint press conference indonesia's foreign minister told the japanese. government was keen for japan to top up its investment in fisheries and.
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designed by clowns supervised by monkeys that's just one of the study think by boeing employees as they worked on the 737 max ally and newly released internal memos for real stuff where away problems with the jets and the simulator training being developed for them and tried to conceal the information from u.s. aviation regulators one says they would not allow their own family to fly on a 77 maps plane has been grounded worldwide since last march following 2 deadly frenchies. this canceling all of its flights to and from tehran for the next 10 days germany's flag carrier says it's because of the uncertain security situation in the airspace around the iranian capital follows the crash of ukrainian airline a earlier this week which killed 176 people u.s. officials and the canadian government believe the plane could have been shot down possibly accidentally by iranian surface to air missile or
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a surface to. the world's largest consumer tech show is happening right now in las vegas and as usual it's a mixture of the practical fun of the baffling like it or not many of the technologies being showcased at sea or when did reality already sneaking their way into our lives shopping center to the airport. the robots are coming people into turf or fields cannot only play like a human japanese maker says the robot can even reach its opponents emotions 4 and a half 1000 exhibitors show the latest tech gadgets and c.e.'s in las vegas including trends in display technology like this bendable high resolution billet virtual and augmented reality is another hot topic. but in its more than 50 years long history c.e.'s has changed its focus from the mere consumer electronics
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to innovative concepts. korea's l.g. wants to make along the lines of changing rooms a thing of the past with electric sensors scanning the customer's body measurements the technology could also be used for online shopping. or has that pain point because if they. don't have to leave town also at the for the b 2 b. area there is some pain point almost so because a week 3 ton weight comes out and then spend a lot of money. on her. to figure out if to figure it out if we make the solution here. u.s. airline delta a 1st timer at c.e.'s has arrived with ideas around easier travel a new display technology is now able to show customized information for each individual passenger after scanning your boarding pass cameras identify your position the information on the screen can then be tailored to you. when i get
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within range all of some parallel reality kicks in and whether 3 of us are walking together on different planes or even on the same flight will all see relative information only to us and not just information in english information in the language of our choice i think that's a game changer. and why carry your suitcase when your suitcase could actually carry you the future of traveling might have a few surprises in store that's not likely. and that's it for me in the business. of twitter. for. thanks 5 after this.
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frankfurt airport city managed. this is the day of the news coming to you live from berlin conflicting claims over the course of the of cream and plane crashed at the head on iran's civil aviation chief says he is certain the plane was not hit by a missile but canada's prime minister says multiple intelligence sources indicate an iranian myside mistakenly hit the airline are all.


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