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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  January 10, 2020 6:15pm-6:31pm CET

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here on g.w. u.s. secretary of state maicon peo and treasury secretary steven minucci have unveiled new sanctions on iran steel industries and on senior officials of the islamic republic to sanctions are the result of iran's missile attack on bases housing u.s. troops in iraq. coming up next you have your business africa with your heartfelt 1st we'll be reporting on texas friday in mali's capital bamako. the big. blue the.
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lead. the bank. is it time for the e.u. to rethink its relations with africa germany certainly thinks so and wants to begin after it takes over the e.u. presidency later this year palin wants to tackle poverty security and climate change in africa with africans in what is billed as a deal for the century. and crunch time for cold german engineering giant z.-man
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says under pressure to pull out of the deal for a giant new coal mine in australia will it get tougher to find partners for african coal producers as well. and its take friday in mali is capital of bomber cole where young entrepreneurs are slugging it out on stage to attract attention and funding. this is business africa you update on african and global business news on the get out of office welcome germany says it wants the e.u. to strike a deal for the century with africa was a pact to be agreed when it takes on the revolving e.u. presidency later this year german development minister told the hundreds but newspaper it must have 4 key. first of all it should be a pact against hunger and poverty an important issue for many african nations it's not totally selfless the e.u. knows that terrorism especially thrives in areas of it 2nd the e.u.
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so-called green deal should be extended to africa it's all very well europe ending to be clear climate neutral by 2050 but 450 coal fired power plants are currently in the works on the continent next door next the e.u. should push for improved security and better regulated migration the last 5 years have shown that problems in either area consumer arrive on europe store step and 4th and finally a new approach to fair trade the current situation based on w t o rules is seen as severely lacking by both sides. joins us from nairobi joy a complete restart of relations between the un africa tactful the century there's a big words and the how is this kind of talk received in africa. but for the century or starting relations afresh is a good way to actually go about it because for the longest time we have seen that
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they have been issues to do with the imbalance of trade between africa and the european union so actually restarting these relations with better economic partnership agreements is a great start and also really looking into the green deals or climate change issues is one way to take the continent forward in a balanced way. taking the continent forward in a balanced way it's going to be expensive is europe asking too much too fast i don't think so i think that the african continent has also been brought up to speed or at least has tried to come up to speed with the developments of the rest of the world we're now dealing with a globalized economy where one continent cannot do without the other and so africa right now is trying as much as possible to fall in line with all the global initiatives like the. goals in for instance the africa development bank now is no longer offending called projects that have been ongoing on the african continent
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and are opting for bringing about energy solutions which is something that the european union easels and looking forward to so these and other initiatives as well are falling in line with the e.u. deal of the century if you call it rather embarrassed and i are ok thank you. siemens may end its involvement in a new coal mine in australia the german industrial giant was selected to supply rail signalling infrastructure for the carmichael mine in the country's north east it's led by indian company adani but environmental campaigners are demanding the german company pull out to help stop more coal being burned climate change links to fossil fuels is widely regarded as a major contributing factor for the disastrous blazes that currently ravage australia. your job is a met with german climate activists in berlin today to discuss the issue is what is said after the meeting in terms of the in direct involvement now in tacoma and the
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opus the need to make sure that we do not overlook the need to make sure not look in direct participation of problematic environmental projects that's what we need. fridays for future activists say the planned mine will be devastating for the planet fossil fuels a key offenders in the climate crisis and this particular project say protesters could do serious damage. the indian company a dunny is building one of the world's biggest mines in northeastern australia siemens is set to provide signalling for the rail system which will be used to transport the cold the coast from there it will be shipped to india via the highly vulnerable great barrier reef environmentalists fear a devastating effects for wildlife as well as for global warming levels the coal extracted each year at the mine is set to create c
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o 2 emissions equivalent to those of whole nations like malaysia and australia for years campaigners have protested the australian government's decision to back the project more than 60 companies have turned down requests from adani for involvement among them don't chip bank and china's ice c.b.c. . with me in the studio now is nick hoyt that he's a leading member of the german chapter of fridays for future the school strike movement against climate change and one of the activists who met with. that today. what impression did you get from the willie pull out of the deal made up his mind that he needs to talk to other people of course yes. thanks for having me and i think he will make a decision over the weekend and maybe at the sides maybe announce it on monday i don't know if you will point out but he knows what this project means and he and we've made clear to him that there are thousands on the streets in germany and in australia too and that this project does not go along with the seamen strategy to
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become carbon neutral by 2030 so what do you think if he pulls the pulls out do you think that's that's a major victory for you i don't think that it's a major victory so the coal mine is a major project so it will. have 3 countries. be the pendant on coal australia india and bangladesh. if siemens. of course it will be hard to the full service project. we of course have to see siemens has. we also have to take a look at the out of german companies if he pulls out. just as turnover was 87000000000 euros last year the deal that he could pull out of represent 0.02 percent of that you've given him huge publicity right now is that
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a sort of cheap ticket for greenwashing i do think that it's a lot of pressure actually because he said that he had he has looked into this matter personally didn't know about it until well but now he has the pressure and she said to make the steel. it was a mistake in july to sign the steal and now we told him that he can't make the 2nd mistake and stick until. you know the. couple of figures 450 new coal pod plants across africa south africa produces 250000000 tons of coal every year botswana is just discovered where the largest cold is deposits. billions of tons mozambique has stopped the increase production they have the stuff they want to get it out of the ground to increase due to better their economies do you think they'll listen to you. fred just a few inches. wide movement so we're not only in germany australia but also in
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africa and great activists too and they will also put pressure on their governments and their companies to ditch coal but i think it's also if siemens will put out. and it's a great sign was why it's no longer ok and china companies say that they will become carbon neutral by x x but they have to follow up on the promises. thank you very much for them to the next. well news from them ali really good news the country is in a deep political and economic crisis poverty is rampant for decades the u.n. is trying to help sort out the problem with troops stationed there but there is a different mali as well the mali of ideas more than half of the population is under 25 and that means even in mali good ideas are flourishing. they're
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young they have ideas they want to make a difference in their country. once a month start up find is in mali capital bamako face all $5.00 to $10.00 friday event. so here could mean having a career as a young entrepreneur. each team has 2 minutes to convince listeners with their ideas. the competition supported by the government anyone with a good idea can take part see the seeds of actively approach young people and put them in contact with experts they then accompany the young entrepreneurs and provide them with further training what we see here is developed product ideas with financing and market potential. it's 23 year old tending taze turn to go on stage she's presenting her online trade platform for small farmers she developed it with 2 friends. lack of funds mean their office is still
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small company to improvise but they believe in their idea. i'm very happy when i show the psalmist take a quality fatal if their products with a smart phone and upload it to our agri box trading platform done or if they don't have a smart phone or internet access they contact our staff and we do it all only measure that for. boxes amos to help small farmers to access the markets on time before their vegetable spoil. it's enough to convince the jury a tech friday a group box wins out the entrepreneur knows what she'll do with the prize money the equivalent of $7500.00 euros from this if she was young who want with the prize money we're going to further develop our project strong enough to destroy some impediment that will conduct market studies much if at input and then we'll open our digital marketplace. they're not going to insure me about it if i see i'm
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not going to choke it's a chance for the young company to thrive thanks to molly's tech friday and. canceling all of its flights to and from tehran for the next 10 days germany's flat area says it's because of the uncertain security situation in that space around the iranian capital it's follows the ukrainian ally earlier this week which killed $176.00 people u.s. officials and the canadian government believe the plane was shot down possibly accidents accidentally by an iranian. and that's it from me of the business africa team here and also check out our website that's w dot com slash business. christine she has news africa for you up next strogoff this political.
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actually written it just shows the photograph shows. the. smart way to when you're growing.
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global mobility everything w. . is no. i'm not just you know good day nothing would change you know the banks. and so was the language of a bank running. speaking the truth global news that matters. for minds. this is today. news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes why is africa drugging to keep the lights on the national unity is again rolling electricity blackouts the country to be caught in the billions. and the man supplying. find out why you have to know what. to do so.


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