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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  January 13, 2020 11:30am-11:45am CET

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niceties and keeping. the story. is a. must. starts in january 27th on d w. siemens chooses black over green the engineering giant says it is sticking with plans to work on a giant coal mine in australia despite environmentalists calls to quit also coming up boeing hopes its new boss can turn things around and stop the troubled plane maker being a drag on the u.s. economy and it's been called germany's secret weapon its system of ok snow trainings now other countries are getting on on the axis but. i'm chris cuomo
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welcome to the program german industrial power siemens says it will stay involved in a controversial coal mine in australia the project has faced massive critic criticism by environmentalists as australia is struggling to contain catastrophic bushfires that many linked to climate change of head of the company says getting out of the 18000000 euro contract to supply rail infrastructure would have been almost impossible. as late as last week siemens chief joe kayser seemed happy to play the environmental awareness card but balancing green issues on the realities of business has proven too much of a challenge after a special meeting on saturday qaiser took to twitter to say siemens had to fulfill its contractual obligations. to keep its promises and make sure its customers saw it as reliable and on the case the indian conglomerate adani would build a mine in australia with or without siemens. the carmichael coal mine will be one
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of the biggest in the world siemens is providing signalling technology for a rail line to transport coal to the coast. the mine will pump out carbon dioxide its emissions output is expected to be equivalent to the c o 2 produced annually by malaysia or austria once the coal is burnt it will further add to global warming environmentalists are also concerned that it could threaten the great barrier reef. decision to get involved in the construction of the mine doesn't reflect current realities environmentalist say and they warn that protests against siemens will continue. for more on this let's bring in our financial correspondent only bards in frankfurt. is that it has contact role obligations to fulfill here but was this really the only option. apparently not we just heard in the report that siemens postural kayser. was meeting with
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his executives and was kind of wavering on this actually said that after meeting with louise annoyed about where the friday is for future activist was leading the protests here in germany you can see months that he would be rethinking over the weekend so that sure sounded like there was another option on the table from his point but in the end after having met with the co-executors he decided to be true to the contract that he signed with the indians on that big carmichael mine in australia and only it seems like this whole debate it could be quite long lasting for siemens and not just because the fight against climate change is a hot topic these days. that's right the activists have already promised to turn up at the annual shareholders meeting which will be coming up in a couple of weeks and i don't think this will be limited to the shareholders meeting this protest over the mine and australia i think the right is for futures
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are seeing companies like seaman's who try to paint themselves as environmentally aware and astute but then in the end burnett when it comes down to putting the money where the mouth is and it's expected that you can see these kinds of protests approaching other companies as well and investors are also getting on board more and more actually demanding that the people they trust their money to invest in sustainable projects climate friendly once you bought the frankfurt thank you. david calhoun officially takes the reins of boeing today as c.e.o. and he's already got plenty on his plate most importantly returning the grounded $737.00 max to service us a treasury secretary stephen newton said the ongoing crisis that followed 2 crashes of the best selling planes may knock off half a percentage point of us g.d.p. growth this year going suspended production of the $737.00 next earlier this month
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. just days ago one of boeing's biggest suppliers fuselage maker spirit aero systems announced it would cut 2800 employees due to the production stop it's unlikely to be alone boeing count some 600 suppliers for the program. its supply network is a big part of its significance to the u.s. economy the company reported in 2016 that it spent $45000000000.00 annually on suppliers for all programs generating an estimated 1300000 jobs in the u.s. . boeing is america's largest manufacturing exporter that means production changes often carry over to the u.s. trade balance and to growth itself treasury secretary steve has estimated the $737.00 max production stop could strike half a percent from u.s. g.d.p. growth and the 737 crisis is hitting other priorities boeing has pushed back the rollout of a new mid-sized plane. another reason that as long as the mac stays grounded so
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does a critical part of the u.s. economy. for more on boeing and the u.s. economy let's bring in carson jet ski he's the chief economist at i n. g. germany welcome to the program karsten how plausible isn't that the world's biggest economy could be hampered this much by the troubles of just one corporation. it is pretty plausible this way look at boeing it is the largest company in the dow jones stock market index of boeing is a bit comparable to the automotive sector in germany so this one company will with the production hold will really shave off a half a percentage point at least of 1st quarter growth then depending on what's going to happen in the course of the year if boeing is able to pick up production nothing in the nothing was really wrong here but it will also see it catching up and the reaccelerate of growth in the manufacturing sector but it's clearly a very important company for the entire economy now production of the 7 thirds of
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mechs halted as you mentioned there how much pressure is there now on boeing to solve its crisis is not only for the sake of the company but also for the u.s. economy and i think we look at the u.s. economy we see that the manufacturing sector as such is really is also weakening that's partly due to the trade war it's also partly due to these one off factors like boeing so therefore the u.s. economy needs a rebound in the manufacturing sector because like like many other european economies the u.s. economy has a very strong labor market strong private consumption but it but an increasing discrepancy between manufacturing and consumption and if the economy wants to grow again the manufacturing sector needs to rebound and there boeing clearly plays an important role now fresh data show that job creation in the u.s. no to december wage growth is also cooling is this just boy related or do you see
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other reasons as well. well there is more i think we see that the entire trade called straight is really let's to an increase in uncertainty in the u.s. economy especially in investment in the manufacturing sector so this has led really to the slowing down in the manufacturing sector and it's also be clear the us economy has been on a very on the long course of expansion we talk about a recovery which has lasted more than 10 years so it is normal that the the pace of this recovery starts to slow down and this is what we're currently witnessing in the u.s. because the just the chief economist at i n g germany constant thank you for your time this morning. cars beer and chocolate are just some of the things germany is justifiably famous for but the country is arguably a leader in many fields because of its education system more specifically the vocational training that's been extremely successful for decades and an idea which is gaining traction around the globe such as in the united states. for josh sanders
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it couldn't have worked out any better on the job training while earning money and a college degree it's the same time. i really like it because you get to go to work 3 times a week to go to school it's those times combination of both. and you can just take what they directly where you for the school put it right to work. college education is a burden that many families in the u.s. are struggling with but josh is one of 315 high school graduates in the u.s. who are taking part in an apprenticeship program and she added by the german american chamber of commerce he's training to become a machinist at the u.s. subsidiary of a german company which is paying for josh is it occasion and gives him a monthly stipend in return he has to stay with the company for 2 more years after he graduates had victim and they're convinced it's a good deal for them as well turnover rates in the us or fairly high so without
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a program like this you know someone we can hire someone externally and they can leave in 2 years well on this program so that we know they're going to be staying at least 5 years hopefully much longer than that so we really get that pay back in the 4th and 5th years and beyond and we know we're getting that skilled labor back on the factory floor josh is there any how to use new machines what he enjoys most is putting the skills that he's already acquired to practical use and of why. sometimes the oil they need apart from the sea people running i liked. be the person that they're kind of reverse engineer it and make a brand new part for it that they need so that's not my favorite thing to do. josh has found the perfect start into his working life and for many companies in the us the apprenticeship model could be the perfect way to make sure they get the skilled labor they need to stay ahead in the future. now if you have got
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customers are freddy to embrace change. or have you got a message for the new owners please keep saying yes just with a little bit for. a basin so it will come up with the confectionery traditions set to continue parsing need not be such sweet sorrow. and the other apps are shown if you want more you can find more on our website at b.w. dot com slash chris caldwell and thanks for watching have yourself a success. every
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2 seconds the person is forced to flee their home. the consequences been disastrous our documentary series displaced depicts dramatic humanitarian crises around the world. fuck a thing we don't have time to think i didn't go to university to kill people but accidentally i mean i hate. people feel for their lives and their future so they seek refuge abroad but what will become of us who stay behind and simply.
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my husband went to peru because of the crisis that if he hadn't gone there we would have died of hunger one of them. just finished starts turning their 15 on. this week on world stories. colombia's health care system is on the verge of collapse. hard work pays off for a young russian ballet dancer and we begin you know in kong thousands of protesters have been arrested during the pro-democracy demonstrations many of them are young people like a lesson but her struggle for freedom has given her life new meaning. the new year
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has begun just like the old yet and it hundreds of thousands of people marching for political reform unless a choice has been active in their vote you've got to see movement since the outset . does it seem that now yes it's changed my life even on the protest movement has let me move forward and become more positive. and see i am like i am that if i missed this i wouldn't have another chance to experience all of it. caught that's why it's so important that i'm here. today was i even i decided to join a little lesser risks a lot by protesting she was already arrested once 3 months ago and still awaits trial prospects would dim further and.


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