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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  January 13, 2020 5:45pm-6:01pm CET

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a victory over big business was so close 4 environmentalist's zeman c.e.o. met with a young german activist on friday to discuss dropping its support of australia's biggest project one of the world's worst polluters per capita is set to meet its emissions targets and scientists say climate change has fuelled unprecedented bushfires but siemens is sticking with its business commitments. there were no words once siemens made clear that it would participate in the controversial adani coal project the firm was met with a germany wide 24 hour silent vigil by youth activists movement fridays for future . the same activists made siemens boss joe kayser waver over the project in the 1st place then came his answer contractual obligations. kayser says his hands were forced by obligations to a legally binding contract and to customers fridays for future responded with harsh words. cut us off in our eyes this is a catastrophic decision we met on friday in berlin and he was very clear that he
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was well aware of the consequences of the project for him to nonetheless decide to go forward with it means he doesn't understand the climate crisis. the siemens boss argues that indian industrial giant adani would have built the mine regardless even without siemens technology. the car michael coleman will be one of the biggest in the world siemens is providing signalling technology for a rail line to transport coal to the east. the mind will pump out carbon dioxide its emissions output is expected to be equivalent to the c o 2 produced annually by malaysia or austria once the coal is burned it will further add to global warming environmentalists are also concerned that it could threaten the great barrier reef. siemens decision to continue its involvement with the mine doesn't reflect current realities according to environmentalist they warn that protest against the company will continue. and talk about this with our financial correspondent in frankfurt only bots what do you reckon how clever is
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this of a company another german company trying so hard to show off its green credentials. failed backfired i mean talking about the environment is one thing but putting your money where your mouth is is another and fridays for future manage to vote. company that is not ready to back what it's saying just another company that's basically looking out for number one and i don't know for a joke the c.e.o. made it better when he offered a board seat on its energy division which is to go public this year that seemed to some people i talked to a little condescending almost coming off as a bribe and not perhaps as the transparent kind of approachable move the want to look like in the public just briefly but talking about one of the biggest coal mines in the world but isn't this deal i mean it's not worth that much to zeeman is
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old and old is it. no 18000000 euros that's what even stands to get from this you know it's funny for you and me but take a perspective the man says revenues of about 85 over 85000000000 euros in a year so this contract really doesn't make or break anything with siemens still could be a watershed moment for the company though and that environmentalists and others who are critical perhaps look at each and every other activity that siemens does from now on to see whether it's environment friendly or not and make a stink about it. in frankfurt kicking up a stink thank you very much. now here's something to cheer up environmentalist's car sales in china fell for a 2nd year and 2019 but it's bad news for global growth the figures show that the chinese downturn hitting hard as beijing's travel with washington rumbles on since the early 1990 s. china's car market is how it's pedal to the metal now alter makers need to get used
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to a new normal of low speed growth industry figures show that sales of passenger vehicles were down nearly 10 percent for $2900.00 the world's 2nd biggest economy is shrinking and carmakers also have to cope with to import tariffs with the u.s. . to china car market has been a big draw for many years after decades of strong growth sales of automobiles fell 2.8 percent in 2018 by 8.2 percent in 2900 when sales were pressured by new emission standards in a shrinking economy to china association of automobile manufacturers expects a 2 percent fall in vehicle sales in 2020. the decline is also hitting sales of new alternative energy vehicles they slipped 4 percent in $2900.00 after cutting subsidies hit sales the bright spot here was electric vehicle maker tesla inc it started delivering china made model 3 saddam's from its $2000000000.00 shanghai
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plant this month. the picture for global car companies was mixed u.s. car maker ford also saw sales fall 26 percent german brands v.w. and b.m.w. logged record sales as it honda and toyota industry watchers hope a sales recovery in lower tier cities an easing of trade tensions between china and the us can help the market accelerate again. and over to singapore for our age or correspondent andrea hang on and rate is this the general trend across asia this slump in ca sales a bit and you can bet that the rest of asia has the same kind of figure the same rate that all of the markets and a single biggest contributor to to this down chain seems to be china as anyone can guess because that's also because china makes up 30 percent of global to month not chinese consumption itself has weakened genetically over the last couple of years
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and particularly more so in $2980.00 and of course this is due in cut to the trade war that it has with the u.s. so it's take a lot also chinese consumers who are worried about job security and even their wages growing thinner so they're not exactly ready to be splashing out on a new car even. or what about electric vehicles they would they are they catching on or not. well test as much as you can see it entering the market then change high entry the chinese market from shanghai is supposed to be the beach that's going to attract mauled by its in china as an especially so now with the government deciding that it will no longer cut its subsidies but those so that the chia for local automakers and what the government is hoping is that tesla's. and eventually consumers as well just briefly the situation in singapore i mean regulations they're quite tough when it comes to licenses is that something that
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other cities could adopt to try to solve their problems with gridlock reduce pollution i think it's not exactly a foolproof solution we do have a 10 year significant of entitlement that every car owner has to be on top of the crisis because yet you still seen a surge in traffic volume at the same time it does seem to work as the number of certificates being doled out is reducing and overlapping the spirally all the old because a great thing for us in singapore. calhoun takes over as c.e.o. of boeing today he'll have to get massive tasks to tackle changing a company culture of arrogance fixated on cost cutting that's what stuff emails allege they also describe a contempt for regulators and a casual approach to safety which brings us to cowherd's challenge toting around the 737 max disaster boeing only just recently suspended production of the grounded
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jet. just days ago one of boeing's biggest suppliers fuselage maker spirit aero systems announced it would cut 2800 employees due to the production stop it's unlikely to be alone boeing count some 600 suppliers for the program. its supply network is a big part of its significance to the u.s. economy the company reported in 2016 that it spent $45000000000.00 annually on suppliers for all programs generating an estimated 1300000 jobs in the u.s. . boeing is america's largest manufacturing exporter that means production changes often carry over to the u.s. trade balance and to growth itself treasury secretary steve has estimated the $737.00 max production stop could strike half a percent from u.s. g.d.p. growth. and the 737 crisis is hitting other priorities boeing has pushed back the rollout of a new mid-sized plane another reason that as long as the mac stays grounded so does
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a critical part of the u.s. economy. we've always worried about machines taking over the workplace but what about relying on robots to get a job in the 1st place south korean businesses are increasingly using artificial intelligence for recruitment which is why classed as a now popping up on how to beat the machine. job interviews always make kim song nervous the fact this is only a practice simulation brings the 22 year old little comfort he knows that learning how to handle being interviewed by a computer could be key to his whole future. job seekers are desperate enough to exaggerate their skills to get employers to take another look at them but you can't trick a i as a job seeker myself i have little hope for my prospects if ai interviews become popular and the majority of companies start using them or with. having already
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failed one ai interview for a job in retail kim software has visited technology firm i decide to learn more about how the software works there i algorithm monitors the candidate for everything from their tone of voice to the brightness of their eyes as well as their answers to the time limited questions will. talk in part the way we check their subconscious behavior we believe an actual performance or competence can be properly assessed when they're thinking responding and acting in a deliberate way touring interviews we want to see how the applicants subconsciously react and deal with situations or. teaching job seekers how to out think the robots has become a major industry is estimated 8 out of 10 south korean students have attended one of the growing number of so-called cram schools there they learn techniques for answering questions and even how to fake the right facial expressions to score points in that it south korea has
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a serious youth unemployment problem and competition among students is very fierce . we heard them succeed in ai interviews by preparing them for job analysis teaching them to introduce themselves and letting them know how to handle the series of tests. there's all that analysis is just too much for some young south koreans to handle not to his practice session facing the computer kim salt we decided to return to graduate school and leave beating the boss to another day. by saying business with it.
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and. the one out of 8 people suffering from hunger in the. world who program is fighting over worldwide. to. join the fight. i know nothing about it that well i guess sometimes i am but i stand up english at that point the general thinks deep into the german culture of looking at stereotypes a question that is think is leave the country by not. yet needed change for thankfulness grandmother there you go it's all about a new i'm rachel join me from the german sunday to be a. post. every 2 seconds
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a person is forced to flee their home nearly 71000000 people have been forcibly displaced the consequences are coming to censor us and our documentary series displaced depicts traumatic humanitarian crises around the world you know. what a good thing we don't need that i didn't go to university to kill people. or to have my boss come to me and tell me to kill someone to get my and if i don't they'll kill me. people feel for their lives and their future so they seek refuge abroad but what will become of commerce to stay behind and simply up my husband went to peru because of the crisis. wanted that if he hadn't gone there we would have died of hunger the man on down. the beasts starts turning 15.
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players. play above. this is the w's lot of from barbarian the violent. protesters in iran and police fired tear gas and people would do this demonstrations and today. the government of. a ukrainian passenger. also on the program. appears to be on the verge of the eruption. in safety.


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