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if accepted massive bribes to keep secret the doping test results of some russian awfully it's d.x. son a problem assata also faces charges from his times the i don't like f. but something at all is refusing to exercise it on both. business use with ben facility imitators up next bret goff will have you next up world of news updates of the top of the top of the. earth a home for saving google india's tell stories of creative people and the kind of aid of projects around the world ideas to protect the climate and boost green energy solutions by global ideas be embodied in a series of global $3000.00 on t.w. and online. can i am. sick closest place to hell i'm just more ignorant than you. nice nice and
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keeping. their own story. is a. must. even starts january 27th on d w. environmental activists take to the streets they slam siemens of a c.e.o. drug cases announcement that the engineering giant pulled back a controversial coal mine in australia. during a robbery became a fast so local time for juice it tries to get motorcyclists to find locally. how to build your own furniture brand nigerian design of their tries to break into the mainstream market with contemporary african he said. as it's been called germany.
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secret weapon it's a system of vocational training countries and getting into the act. and that's the business demonstrators that targeting zeman is office is in 15 german cities today they say the firm's backing of australia's biggest coal mine threatens worldwide efforts to slow down global warming a stranger is the biggest exporter of coal and one of the biggest polluters per capita it's also fighting unprecedented bushfires which scientists say a more intense 2 to climate change. there were no words once siemens made clear that it would participate in the controversial adani coal project the firm was met with a germany wide 24 hour silent vigil by youth activists movement fridays for future . the same activists made siemens boss joe kayser waver over the project in the 1st place then came his answer contractual obligations. kayser says his hands were forced by obligations to a legally binding contract and to customers fridays for future responded with harsh
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words. as an on going on this in the cut us off in our eyes this is a catastrophic decision we met on friday in berlin and he was very clear that he was well aware of the consequences of the project for him to nonetheless decide to go forward with it means he doesn't understand the climate crisis. the siemens boss argues that indian industrial giant adani would have built the mine regardless even without siemens technology. the carmichael coal mine will be one of the biggest in the world siemens is providing signalling technology for rail lines to transport coal to the east. the mind will pump out carbon dioxide its emissions output is expected to be equivalent to the c o 2 produce annually by malaysia or austria once the coal is burned it will further add to global warming environmentalist are also concerned that it could threaten the great barrier reef. siemens decision to continue its involvement with the mine doesn't reflect current realities according to environmentalist they warn the
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protests against the company will continue. japanese comic in its sun is rumored to break up its alliance with french pan ethanol that's according to a port in the financial times shares in hainault suffered major losses on monday less than a month after the former c.e.o. of this and old carlos ghosn fled from japan the rift between the companies has become clear has accused former colleagues of his son and the japanese government of conspiring against him to prevent a planned merger between the company gets. motorcycles are a mainstay of any busy african city you'll struggle to find one actually made in africa almost 100 percent of bikes are imported from asia still that's not stopping one firm in back in a fast from trying to convince customers that locally made ties are the way to go. wagadu doing bikini fast is nicknamed the capital of bikes too will transport is
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seen as an ideal way to beat the traffic it's cheap and quick. but when things go wrong spare parts are often sourced from asia low cost imported ty's can be as little as $4.00 euros however some custom is the choosing to pay more for something made a little closer to home. we are now pretty in africa customers are usually looking for the cheapest option then already concerned about the strength of the tire only the price will lift pretty. however much stuff it gets his tires from sample lympics in his home city of last so it's a flagship of burkean of a industry with 500 employees but struggles in the face of harsh asian competition the keenest government is unwilling to impose heavy import taxes on something so essential as ties but neither is it willing to subsidize south products despite
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that the company says it will keep delivering quality if put up well or far because the government is out to them aid all our products is strictly tested and those found to be defective or systematically destroyed it is because we always want taxes to ms to receive quality products to see what there might be a poor do because it is. because of the tough competition sap olympic needs to set itself apart from its parent competitors that's why it's established a guarantee service unique in bikini passo for products like tires it was developed by marketing director sally fu tinto the. ones doing what is if the time comes from far away and there's a problem in the trade account exchanges because we're right here we can say to our customer if there's a problem come back to us redo. qarase the president of the union of spare parts traders at the central markets of. he inherited the business from his father who was a lifelong sap dealer framer appreciates the quality of sap products but he's
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a tough negotiator and works to secure the best deals with the company. or the south rather juror who has no problem there but the prices are also high so we had a meeting with sap recently and they gave us a good reduction. now we can work well together. around some of the. traders like to re-emerge and customers like new stuff will be key to sapps future . for mars or put in quality i go for the quality of the. sap just needs them to keep on buying. to an idea and furniture designer who's trying to create a niche market for herself loni has been making contemporary african pieces since 2013 its course domestic product on the rise as well as the value of bought sold by nigerian artistes she hopes they'll be more interest in her work. in her
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studio in magos interior designer mani audio yeah is hard at work on a sculpture that's also a lamp and this is easy to see. well and the sculptural piece. suit is sort of used to it by hand myself. because it's really full. of a couple of years. has one of an estimated $400.00 furniture manufacturers in nigeria with most of them being small time makers demand for furniture is up worldwide with that market growing by about 3 and a half percent between 20122016 some analysts point to a growing posing market with consumers moving into new homes and wanting new home decor nigeria currently has a furniture import ban that started last year the government says these moves are designed to help bolster the local furniture industry and now adi yoga is hoping
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this will create space for a new group of artisans to flourish. you might know that it's just stuff for you to sign outfits that you can probably needing about a couple of designers that you like they can aspire to they want to buy or to buy from but nobody can mean different design or that big one to get products from so it's a bit weird because i was the legend of the global thing the furniture industry's quite close so it tends to be not sweet. baby lisa but it's there. to greet these pieces says she's working with local artisans that even with the extra pairs of hands a commission piece could take anywhere from 2 weeks to 5 months to make. the young entrepreneur has created over 30 design so far but she says building the business has not been easy she says her success hinges on uplifting nigerian designers into the mainstream. oh yea has showcased her work in various exhibitions
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both at home and in europe. the works from her company's studio lani can cost up to $3000.00. occasional training is one reason germany is in so many industrial sectors on the job training has been extremely successful here for decades and this is them is gaining traction around the globe big clothing the u.s. . for josh sanders things could never work out and eat better on the job training earning money and a college degree at the same time. the problem with today's. bus and come out of it so i'm not going to be having that right after college and i get this kind of. just to work right away you know on the job search when you really have your job here and a great company also. kind of works out again i think more ahead of people who are
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going to college right away. josh is one of 315 high school graduates in the u.s. who are taking part in an apprenticeship program initiated by the german american chamber of commerce he's training to become a machinist at the u.s. subsidiary office and shine a german company that produces high persistent gearing and server technology outside of chicago. the company is paying for josh's education at the local community college and he also gets monthly stipends in return he has to stay with the company for 2 more years after he graduates and vision stein they're convinced it's a good deal for them as well. her over rates in the u.s. are fairly high so without a program like this you know someone we can hire someone externally and they can leave in 2 years well on this program so that we know they're going to be staying at least 5 years hopefully much longer than that so we really get that payback in
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the 4th and 5th years and beyond elgin community college in the greater chicago area is one of the schools that are part of the program kathy my zinger the program's director at elgin coordinates closely with such a cool from the german american chamber of commerce thinking of ways to expand into new areas as more and more companies are getting interested in joining up with my wife we come into a perfect storm. of full employment. there are no skilled workers to take the spots. actually all work together to help those individual upscale we're all going to be in a world of hurt. back on the factory floor josh is learning how to use new machines what he enjoys most is putting the skills that he's already acquired to practical use. sometimes in the mean apart from the same people running i like to be the person that kind of reverse engineer it and make
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a brand new car for it but maybe that's not my favorite thing. josh has found the perfect start into this working life and for many companies in the u.s. the apprenticeship model could be the perfect way to make sure they get the skilled labor they need to stay ahead in the future.
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how illegal nails are sucking the country dry. in spain there are more than 1000000 so-called light wells they're dug legally and in secret because intensive fruit and vegetable cultivation uses a lot of. too much water this has drastic consequences for the environment space water probably. 60 minutes long t.w. . every journey begins with the 1st step and every language but the 1st word
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heard from the. rico is in germany to learn german why not with him it's simple online on your mobile and free to suffer from the d.w.p. learning course you can speak german made easy. this is after that coming up in the next 15 minutes could a spat over water that leads to a wall if you o.p.'s massive dam projects along the nile has egypt fearing for its water supply this are countries all failing so agree on how quickly the risible should be filled. and there are millions of them they're hungry and build anything in their cars the worst test play in 70 years is swarming across the horn of africa .


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