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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  January 14, 2020 4:15am-4:31am CET

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they top the spanish league on goal difference he led his side to a unique and cup double 2 years ago and retained in the title last season now this is the 1st time that barcelona have fired a coach me to campaign in 17 years for morale bettas coach sit in has been hired as that is replacement. it was. the humphreys thanks to a company get out the top of the hour for all the wall headlines by snow. my 1st boss a morsel sewing machine. where i come from women their phones by their social door i'm in something as simple as learning how to write a bicep isn't. since i was a little girl i wanted to have both by say the loss of my home but it took me years to when i. finally gave up and winterbottom young by saved but returned because
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sewing machine sewing i suppose was more appropriate for girls than writing advice as no i want to meet women back home for bones my vids and social rules and inform them of old dead basic rights my name is the about of people and a work visa. environmental activist take to the streets dr seaman thought joe kayser said he won't be pulling his company i have a controversial mining project in australia. told so coming up boeing gets the new c.e.o. will he be able to turn the fortunes of the crisis of his company or prime. time sound tame lovers beware a new carrot could be importing as a whole lot more for
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a bottle of french wine. this is the new business i'm paid for it isn't welcome environmental earth around the world have condemned german engineering giant fim and for failing to polish of a controversial mining project in australia that official came as somewhat of a surprise just last week siemens boss joe kayser met activists from the fridays for a future movement who urged him to drop the plans they say will call further environmental damage in a country already devastated by bush fires. we are here we are loud because you are stealing our future and they shout these 100 protesters consider siemens decision to participate in an australian coal mining project a historic misjudgment the fridays for future activists say coal energy is outdated . and pretty disappointed that siemens made the decision to
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invest in this project in australia because i really hope that they would make the right move and make a sign for the world that we can act differently to save the planet same insert new york consider backing out of this contract and in other cases companies have backed out of contracts on the basis of climate of climate destruction research this is the time to do it a study was literally on fire if not now then when. protests were also held in a dozen locations on monday after seaman c.e.o. joe kayser tweeted that the multinational needs to fulfill its contractual obligation he says his hands were forced by his duties both to a legally binding contract and to customers and case argues that indian industrial giant adani would have still continued the project without siemens technology. the carmichael coal mine will be one of the biggest in the world siemens is providing
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signalling technology for a rail line to transport coal to the coast. the mine will pump out carbon dioxide its emissions output is expected to be equivalent to the c o 2 produced annually by malaysia austria once the coal is burned it will further adds to global warming environmentalists are also concerned that it could threaten the great barrier reef. it's day one of the job for boeing's new c.e.o. david cullen his appointment comes as the company continues to fatah with a major crisis. last week in the stock e-mails painted a picture of a company fixated on cost cutting with allegations that management had come $10.00 or regulators and took a casual approach to faith day. now one of dave's biggest challenges will be to get the 737 locked back in the air it's been granted since march of last year after $346.00 people died in 2 crashes involving the model just days ago one of
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boeing's biggest suppliers fuselage maker spirit aero systems announced it would cut $2800.00 employees due to the production stop it's unlikely to be alone boeing counts some $600.00 suppliers for the program. its supply network is a big part of its significance to the u.s. economy the company reported in 2016 that it spent $45000000000.00 annually on suppliers for all programs generating an estimated 1300000 jobs in the u.s. . boeing is america's largest manufacturing exporter that means production changes often carry over to the u.s. trade balance and to growth itself treasury secretary steve minucci and has estimated the $737.00 max production stop could strike half a percent from u.s. g.d.p. growth. and the 737 crisis is hitting other priorities boeing has pushed back the rollout of a new mid-sized plane another reason that as long as the mac stays grounded so does a critical part of the u.s.
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economy. now for more on this let's cross over to main financial correspondent jose luis to harrow on wealth change high of a louis good to see you what are investors making of david cullen do they think he'll be able to turn things around. they say that there was a needed appointment since the 737 mag crisis has taken a toll on the kompany not only financially but also in the more all along war because that's a new management does not mean the current crisis will end anytime soon the new c.e.o. promised simplification at a time we'll still need to know if a national impact of deploying production in the current long so far calls derived from this 737 max fiasco goes north of $9000000000.00 and there is no clear sign from regulators on when the grounding will be over in the meantime airlines suppliers and the us a g.d.p.
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which could raise one have a percentage point in the current quarter will still suffer the consequences ok and meanwhile we're seeing tech shares perform really strongly apparently on a report that the united states is going to stop branding china a currency manipulator why do companies like apple care about this. it is important since it symbolizes a degree is intentions towards the biggest economies also china is a crucial market for de i phone maker which according to some estimates all sales jumping nearly 19 percent last december by being out of the currency when you pull later leads to ease some guarantee that as part of the phase one of the deal china will probably compromise not to engage in any direct currency interventions this could bring some peace of mind to tech companies such as our bill but there are is still national security issues are to be resolved between washington and when it comes to detect sector here in the u.s.
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. thanks so much. now if you like champagne this next story could be a cause for concern industry experts say consumers can expect a significant increase in prices if the united states makes good on a threat to impose a 100 percent tariff on french wines washington has threatened to move in retaliation for france of digital tax which targets big tech companies like google and facebook americans may soon have to think twice about buying that bottle of french wine and that could inflict pain on the u.s. wine merchant industry american companies make more money more revenue off of e.u. wine than e.u. companies do for every $100000000.00 worth of wine from the e.u. that sold in the united states american companies make $75000000.00 from it so if you prevent if you do $25000000.00 worth of damage to the e.u.
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you do $75000000.00 worth of damage to the u.s. the industry has already had to absorb the cost of a 25 percent tariff hike on french wine washington impulse last october the next tariffs will force it to pass the cost to customers they may choose to walk away and that could mean less business but e.u. understands that this disproportionately damages american businesses significantly more than it damages e.u. businesses they also have powerful additional overseas markets that they can shift a huge part of their production to fronts as wine industry is in a good position to offset the loss to u.s. business to growing markets like china and brazil. but if customers walk away american wine merchants and restaurants will have nowhere to turn. shares in french carmaker renzo are down after a report in the financial times suggested that its alliance with miss sun could fall apart the report comes just 2 weeks after former nixon boss carlos ghosn
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staged a dramatic escape from japan where he faces charges of financial misconduct now in net and on goda he's a former colleagues at ons of the japanese government a conspiring against him to prevent a plan to merger between the car makers. germany fist him up locational training is often named as a reason for its dominance in many industrial sector is now other countries including the united states are adopting the model 'd of the on the job training. for josh sanders it couldn't have worked out any better on the job training while earning money and a college degree it's the same time. i really like it because you got to go to work 3 times in the week to go to school it's a time i'm in a snowball. and you can just take what exactly what you've learned from school and put it right to work. college education is a burden that many families in the u.s.
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are struggling with but josh is one of 315 high school graduates in the u.s. who are taking part in an apprenticeship program and she added by the german american chamber of commerce he's training to become a machinist at the u.s. subsidiary of a german company which is paying for josh is it a cation and gives him monthly stipend in return he has to stay with the company for 2 more years after he graduates at victim and they're convinced it's a good deal for them as well turnover rates in the us are fairly high so without a program like this you know someone we can hire someone externally and they can leave in 2 years well on this program so that we know they're going to be staying at least 5 years hopefully much longer than that so we really get that pay back in the 4th and 5th years and beyond and we know we're getting that skilled labor back on the factory floor josh is there any how to use new machines what he enjoys most
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is putting the skills that he's already acquired to practical use. sometimes in the one they need apart from the sea people running i would like to be the person that they're kind of reverse engineer it and make a brand new parts for it that they need so that's not my favorite thing to do. josh has found the perfect start and to his working life and for many companies in the u.s. the apprenticeship model could be the perfect way to make sure they get the skilled labor they need to stay ahead in the future. and not for me in the business team here in berlin you can get more on our web site. from a guy and take at. how
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. are sucking the country dry in spain there are more than 1000000 so-called. legally and in secret because intensive food and vegetable cultivation. to much longer this has drastic consequences for the environment. water problem.
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w. . eco india. a paradise for animals and plants. the curse of lies and clean water. and a factor protection against claus. marine naturalized courtland's hand never around delay. the advantages of restoring natural biodiversity. in 60 minutes d.w. . every 2 seconds a person is forced to flee their home. the consequences have been disastrous our documentary series displaced depicts dramatic humanitarian crises around the
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world. forgetting we don't have time to think i didn't go to university to kill people i don't know why i thought it but acted that way i mean. people feel for their lives and their future so they seek refuge abroad but what will become of those who stay behind. displaced starts january 15th on t.w. . in a more than critical eye that our guardian angel will help to ensure our son will be rescued will. recall a. 2 year old you lent died after falling into a 70 needed to haul the to be drilled illegally the rescue attempt was broadcast around the.


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