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we would have died of hunger down. this week. this is news live from berlin where preparations are underway for a major international summit aimed at bringing peace to libya both of libya's rival leaders are now expected to attend as are many world powers they're hoping to secure a lasting cease fire in the country which descended into turmoil after the overthrow of former dictator gadhafi and the 2011 also on the show iran supremes leader
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lashes out against the united states breyer sermon and friday prayers i was told of the many dismissed president as a clown who wants to push a dagger into your bronze chest response from flames to floods much needed rain blankets australia after months of catastrophic bushwalkers of parts of the country are struggling to cope with a downpour and there is more rain in the forecast. i'm calling aspen thanks for joining us germany is leading a major push for peace in libya that will happen on sunday in berlin hosting an international conference bringing together libya's main warring parties and their powerful international allies prime minister fayyad. libya's u.n.
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bad government has already signed a cease fire deal and on thursday german foreign minister. received assurances from rebel leader that he would also support a truce before travelling to berlin after is making a stopover in athens where sunday summit has raised tensions. like so often general have to was received in athens like a government leader or top minister but many countries see him as nothing more than a warlord there a reason why he's being so feted here in athens greece is angry at the u.s. recognition of the libyan government which has signed an agreement with turkey on exploiting natural resources in the mediterranean without taking greece's islands there into account greece is also irritated about not being invited to the libya conference in berlin athens is nevertheless offered to be a mediator. encouraged commander have to participate constructively in the berlin process and to try within the existing framework to achieve
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a cease fire and to restore security in libya have to make clear during a meeting with germany's foreign minister that he's willing to abide by a cease fire in this celebrating that as a success. i think it's good news 1st of all that he's ready to continue to abide by a cease fire that has to be the start at the libya conference we must also ensure that the u.n. arms embargo isn't forced. in tripoli people are less ready to believe him he's often broken his word and last week the man who now controls most of eastern and southern libya refused to sign a cease fire deal during talks in moscow. he didn't sign because he doesn't want peace he's bloodthirsty he wants war he wants people to die. leave business. still many here in tripoli are pinning their hopes on this weekend's conference at this meeting in berlin they will discuss many things but the most important when there's a ceasefire this will be
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a good opportunity to discuss different options but we are all in favor of the seas fire and of course what comes after that and have to needs to go back to where you started everything and. then it isn't only about bringing have to the raj the internationally recognized head of government together it's also about the 2 men human service considered to be the real decisive players in this conflict to president. who's standing by so russia and russia's head of state glad to meet putin who supports have to the efforts last week to produce a signed to ceasefire agreement to moscow didn't succeed the german government will now be hoping to achieve a decisive breakthrough in berlin by the lot of players here we want to bring in political correspondent simon young for a look at what will likely be a very high stakes summit in berlin simon 1st of all just walk us through who is likely to attend this meeting and just as importantly who likely won't be there on sunday. yeah it's going to be
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a very high level meeting unusually so with so many leaders chancellor merkel has invited heads of state and governments are going to have president mccrone of france prime minister johnson of the u.k. but also secretary of state pompei o from the united states and the egyptian president sisi the turkish president or the one and vladimir putin of russia has also said today. that he's coming in addition to that you've got various international organizations the e.u. the un the african union and so on as well as the leaders of the 2 warring factions have also said that they will be here on sunday so it will be an extraordinarily high level summit as to those who are coming yes tunisia is very unhappy that it hasn't received an invitation especially surprising because i can mass the german foreign minister was there recently and he acknowledged that tunisia has been one of the country's most affected by the conflict in libya so that's
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a bit hard to understand the other country that unhappy i think is greece they're very worried about and in energy deal deal covering gas in the mediterranean that's been signed between libya and turkey greece is worried about that would like to be here the german position on that is saying that issue is being dealt with elsewhere in the e.u. council not at sunday's meeting certainly a big and important guest was there despite those missing tell me did more about this conference now or is there a chance that be could see either peace or at least some sort of cease fire come out of these meetings on sunday. well the main focus of sunday's conference i think is on the international partners the backers of the 2 warring factions to get them to commit not to send troops and arms as they've been doing.
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to the various sides on the one side you've got egypt russia in the u.a.e. supporting general have to are on the other side turkey in particular supporting the unity government in tripoli and it's very important that those countries be able to speak and find a common path other countries have also got interests because of the. raw materials in libya and also the fact that that country has become a conduit for refugees if you can get those countries to agree that will be good but obviously the 2 warring factions need to reconfirm that they're sticking to the cease fire are i did a political correspondent simon young thank you very much of those talks for libyan ceasefire will take place here in berlin on sunday d.w. we'll be bringing you the latest developments as they happen now canadian prime minister justin trudeau is urged iran to send the flight and cockpit data recorders from the downed passenger plane to france for analysis to go said that france is
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one of the few countries with the ability to read the plane's so-called black boxes which he said were badly damaged 57 people aboard the ukrainian international airlines flight or canadian citizens iran has admitted to accidentally shooting down the plane. the issue with the black boxes is that they were significantly damaged and it is extremely important including according to protocol number 13 i believe that they be examined as rapidly as possible and does not have the level of technical expertise and mostly the equipment necessary to be able to analyze these damaged back black boxes quickly early on friday iran's supreme leader ayatollah khamenei said u.s. president donald trump support for the iranian people is a protests in a rare sermon given during prayers in tehran on friday he call iran's airstrikes
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against the u.s. in retaliation for the killing of general hossam so the money they have gone. after weeks of national trauma thousands timed to see iran's supreme leader in a rare show of strength i may cheer didn't chanted as ali how many railed against iran's enemies. these american clowns who falsely and despicably say that we are standing with the iranian people and say they can see who the iranian people. of a few hundreds of people who insulted the pitcher of our motard an honorable general custom sell the money the iranian people. are bringing in people the millions who showed themselves on the streets. his intervention comes after the country's top military commander was killed by u.s.
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forces earlier this month triggering a nationwide outpouring of grief and a tragic stampede which saw scores killed. then came what iran said was an accidental dining of a passenger jet killing all 176 people on board angry protests engulfed the capital. was. yanked the ayatollah lamented the crash but said iran was being manipulated look in year 3 some people follow the ana guided by american televisions an english radio try to portray this incident in such a way that the deaths of these 2 martyrs would be forgotten your more general you yo. paired lowden clear by president rouhani who
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sat among the worshipers the ayatollahs presents underscores the crisis the last time he delivered friday prayers in 2012 amid a standoff over its nuclear weapons program. our here's a check now of some of the other stories making news around the world we now know at least 11 american troops were in fact injured when he ran a tax base is hosting u.s. troops in iraq on january 8th washington had previously claimed that there were no casualties or injuries in the attack which was in retaliation for the killing of iran's top general china's birth rate has fallen to its lowest level since 1949 fueling fears within china of a demographic crisis there were some $14600000.00 birds in $21000.00 that's after a 1000000 fewer than the previous year the drop occurred despite the government relaxing its one child policy in recent years. more than 2800 migrants have entered bottom all as part of
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a growing caravan bound for the united states they're pushing north despite a bilateral deal that requires them to wait in guatemala in order to apply for asylum in the us the migrants say they're fleeing poverty violence and gang violence in honduras. farmers across germany are protesting against the government's agricultural policies many in the industry say tighter bulls limiting the use of fertilizers and low consumer prices are squeezing their incomes under the farmers in tractors have descended on berlin in effort to raise awareness. of finally some relief after months of drought in australia rain and lots of it is falling on bushfires in eastern australia for a 2nd straight day wet weather is giving firefighters a big boost in their fight against blazes which have been fuelled by the drought and then made worse by climate change the heavy rain is expect. to continue throughout the weekend in new south wales and in neighboring victoria but dozens of
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blazes are still burning and the wet weather is bringing its own has its eye. from flames to flash floods just a week ago stuff of this nature were protecting their animals from oncoming bushfires now they're having to deal with another extreme there's the drying it was also said absolutely you know that it could. never go to the what's coming in the park a wall of water. stuff rushed koalas to safety. back might be. well for creatures more used to the wet it was more about keeping them in their place. heavy rain has fallen across new south wales one of the states worst affected by bushfires in the state capital sydney residents were remembering how to use an umbrella the orange hair use that had taken over the
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city's skyline now cloudy grey. we need a bit of rain in order to help the 5 is special it is how dry it was part of the day and i think it will help with the haze is just push everything out there this is one of many many months we've only got about 4 days of. almost. let run of only children this is well and truly the little stuff very well. for many in the country the wet weather has brought relief and joy. for more a case of sliding than singing in the rain. that rain has helped solve the north of the raging bushfires but it does bring with it another set of dangers with the land so dry and vegetation burns away water just bounces off the ground. yes firefighters here are well aware changing weather doesn't automatically mean
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changing fortunes. and now to spain and a very special blessing for our 4 legged friends thousands of pet owners flock to the church of sun tone in madrid to have their pets sprinkled with holy water it's a pilgrimage part of the feast of st anthony was the patron saint of animals to the tradition is meant to bring the animals health and protection for the coming year. doing business africa up next with benefits isn't uncommon thanks watching. this you know i mean in your manner is. that what employees owning this unit and what an organizer an up or is it there. is as if there. are only 7 that are going on where they're being fun too.


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