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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 19, 2020 1:00pm-1:15pm CET

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this is news a lot from berlin where a major international conference aimed at reaching a peace deal in libya will soon get underway german chancellor angela merkel has begun welcoming dignitaries to the talks but on the ground in libya tensions are escalating. in forces have seized oil fields and shut off the board in a move that could choke exports. and harry and maggie and will no longer be referred to as their highnesses and will lose the public money that comes with those type the queen says she supports their wish for more independence but what
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will it mean for the future of britain's one family. i'm michael okwu so glad you could join me yes. a major conference will soon get underway here in berlin aimed at ending years of conflict in libya germany says its aim is to stop libya from becoming a 2nd syria and it's bringing together the country's main warring parties and their international allies at the negotiating table right now libya and its backers are split between 2 rival governments in tripoli the un backed government. and into a book the libyan national army led by general khalifa haftar germany has expressed confidence then an agreement can be reached in the german capital but few libyans
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share their optimism. a quiet day in libya's capital tripoli. libyans awaiting news of sunday's berlin peace conference but expectations are low . mr belin what up regarding the berlin conference if it favors the libyan people libya would of course welcome it but if it paid as much as that we would be happy that here divisional they're not. truth is the conference of then is simply a trap to libya i don't think that any benefits will come out of it yeah. there are currently 2 sides to libya the internationally recognized government and the opposition. spearheaded by this man general khalifa haftar he wants to take power and he's raised the stakes for supporting general have to have blocked oil exports from key ports in eastern libya holding the economy to ransom the country
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is divided with anti hafter protests in western libya the conference in berlin overseen by the united nations aims to bridge this divide but it won't be easy. as a mystic to say that. we're not to say that it will be the end of international divisions if we can lighten richie's the calm down and call it by the divisions specially the regional ones but also internationally divisions that we have seen in recent. be very good. 9 years of conflict in libya has slowly turned into a regional proxy war the un wants world leaders to stop meddling and hopes the berlin conference will be the beginning of the end for foreign interference. joining me now in the studio is political correspondent hollins brown holland thanks for being here how crucial are today's international peace talks for libya's future well obviously there's no guarantee of success but i think the main
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significance lies in the fact that it is happening at all that all these different players are being brought to a single table sitting around the same table in the same conference room and discussing the future of libya discussing their rival interests in in libya and deciding how that can be resolved how those interests can be balanced although it's a very very complex situation with a whole lot of different players apart from the actual combat tons on the ground as it were there's russia on the one turkey on the other side they are the united arab emirates and egypt on the one side that's qatar on the other side in fact we have a little piece trying to explain what exactly the different sides are let's have a look at that. strongman general. once tripoli. together with his libyan national army
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he hopes to capture the country's capital and take full control of this oil rich nation. and it's partly because of oil that russia and turkey have waded in on opposite sides of this conflict. with turkey behind. his u.n. backed government and russia is the porting have to. moscow has denied reports it sent mercenaries to reinforce the general's fighters but on thursday turkey confirmed it had started deploying troops to help in tripoli despite a un arms embargo. with libya so unstable the fear of research in islamist terror has worried many european countries but other factors mean and the e.u. is split over its alliances officially the tripoli based government has the backing of europe including germany but italian prime minister because if
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a contact met general huffed earlier this month rome sees him as crucial in stemming the flow of migrants across the mediterranean. and france's concerns over terrorism as well as its interests in libya's oil wealth has put it at odds with the e.u.'s official line there are claims it's given covert military help to general hof to. earlier this week peace talks in moscow broke down. despite many interests at stake and the players involved germany seems to term and to pursue its mediation role that even if a ceasefire is agreed the road to peace looks a long way off. now that peace is laid out the fact there just days ago general half hour walked away from peace talks in russia just days ago so that might give some observers the sense that there's very little confidence you should have that resolution will be reached today while at the same time we have to say that just on
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the eve of these talks general huffed and his supporters blocked the exports of oil from libya to occupied some libyan oil fields again a kind of power play on the part of the general showing how powerful he is how he is able in fact to cut of the lifeline for the whole of libya the oil income is important both for his side and for the internationally recognized government on the other hand the german foreign minister has recently been to seem to have in libya and came back saying how far is prepared to accede to the secession of a cities that is in fact being arranged at the moment and possibly to a cease fire so it's very unclear how far this is going to go in fact general health and his opposite number as it were fired. the leader of the internationally recognized government not literally sitting at the table today they're staying in the background it's their back as the people who actually are
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responsible for the arms coming in from the ministers coming in that are going to have to thrash it out amongst themselves huns whenever there are high stakes diplomacy like in this case with emotions running high really intense war in fact factions the question is. if there is a resolution assuming there is one. will that resolution actually have teeth what effect will it will it actually have on the ground how likely is that to do to really matter in this case or is it just going to end up being a piece of paper and that's absolutely crucial it could just end up being a piece of paper after all we've had a united nations imposed on zimbardo for years and arms have been flowing into live libya. in huge numbers that piece of paper stage just a piece of paper so the question of how this is going to be implement is going to be crucial to the kind of discussions that are going on for see some sort of role for the united nations. has said that he wants european union
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forces to come into libya to see to oversee the transition period there is some possibility of some kind of military observation mission from on the part of the united nations being established but that's all very unclear at the moment and as you say that is crucial how is this going to be implemented even if there is an agreement today you mention the united nations let's stick with this notion of reaching resolution which is crucial at this point the un has says that they want to make sure that there is no more foreign interference and yet when you look at the lay of the land out there in berlin today it is full of foreign players those are going to be the main negotiators is there going to be some room for compromise because there's always room for compromise obviously it's a matter of power it's a matter of finding a balance between the various interests the interests that are represented by these powers. with their interests involved in things like oil things like migration and terrorism. division of influence in the military an area all of that plays
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a role as geo strategically very important and these major players have to agree on what the vision of power division of interest they could see happening in the future if they agree then the competence on the ground will have to stick with their line of political correspondent thanks so much. that's brief you know in some of the other stories making news around the world over 70 military personnel have been killed in an attack on a training camp in yemen yemen's internationally recognized government has been fighting who the rebels in a 5 year civil war state t.v. in neighboring saudi arabia said who the rebels carried out to strike the bodies of 11 ukrainians killed when their flight was shot down by iran have returned home ukrainian president volodymyr is a lenski officials and staff from ukrainian international airlines attended the
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somber ceremony in kiev last week the iranian military down the plane by mistake killing everyone on board. health of authorities in china say another 17 people have been infected with a new strain of corona virus fears that the sars like pathogen could spread further prompted asian countries and the u.s. to start screening air passengers coming from the city of. hong kong police have fired tear gas in a public park as thousands of protesters participate in another anti government rally the demonstrators are continuing their calls for democratic reforms and against alleged police brutality organizers described today's march as a quote universal siege on communist center urging the international community to sanction hong kong's government protests in the territory have been ongoing for months. d.w.
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correspondent mathias bolling go has been reporting from the center of the demonstrations earlier he told us what he saw. yeah there was this siege on communists or early today mood was quite tense from the beginning because police had only allowed part of the rally to happen the people were allowed to assemble but they were not allowed to march. there were searches conducted before heavy police presence then from what i could see some protesters started smashing traffic lights and police moved on with force and dispersed the rally some arrests were made what we're seeing now most people have left now the scene police is still there they are conducting occasional searches a few people have been arrested now after this demonstration mainly there is no solution to the crisis that underlies this conflict and the demands of the protesters or the protesters feel their demands have not been met there's no
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dialogue between the government and the opposition so it is there that none of the issues that underlie this conflict have been resolved and that is why protesters decided to come out again britain's queen elizabeth has reached an agreement with her grandson prince harry and his wife meggan that will allow them to give up their roles as working members of the royal family they will cease using the title whorl highness and will no longer receive taxpayer money last month they said they wanted to lead a more independent life. the queen had insisted that framework of perry and megan's future be drawn up quickly after a week of talks the monarch released a statement saying the family had agreed on a constructive and supportive way forward her grandson and his wife will no longer be working royals this means for nigh on the couple to not formally represent the
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queen and are required to step back from royal gc's for harry that includes his official military appointments this is an abdication in a sense from the royal family how really he and his wife and i'm free to a certain extent to go and follow the dreams that they have to pursue very good works it would seem in the widest possible sense i think it's important to remember the queen yes well the ways you're meant to remain members of my family the extent is that i'm not working them so well sorry but i'm not going to see them. in this country beyond. the queen says she recognizes the challenges harry and make and have faced in 2 years of intense scrutiny the pair planned to spend much of their italian in north america detention as in their story is likely to remain extremely high they are unlikely to stay out of the spotlight entirely.
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you're watching news i'll be back with special coverage of the berlin peace conference for libya in 15 minutes that's after reporter episode introducing the black moms who do the great things for rhinos in south africa more news very soon. every 2 seconds person is forced to flee their home. the consequences to sastra so our documentary series displaced depicts dramatic humanitarian crises around the world. look at them i don't think i don't think i didn't go to university to kill.


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