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the book. this is the w. news live from but it 11000000 people in china on lockdown this is evil hong counseling all flights and trains in a bid to stop a deadly virus from spreading disease is the epicenter of an outbreak of the corona virus that is claiming lives and fueling fears of the political pandemic and damage with new vaccine officials are scrambling to contain the disease also coming up donald trump on trial democrats lay out their case for removing the u.s. president from office in oral arguments impeachment manager adam schiff says trump
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abused his office by withholding aid to ukraine will go to washington. and a video assistant referee is one of the most controversial officials it in a football match and now some german referees are saying that the tool that was supposed to make decisions easier is to read more harm than good. from helena humphrey glad you could join me chinese authorities are stopping planes and trains in and out of war han the city at the center of the corona virus outbreak that is spreading across asia and beyond chance for networks within the negev city are also being shut down with residents advice to stay at home so far 17 people have died from the research we illness and more than 500 cases have been
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confirmed across china. beijing airport has stepped up precautionary measures its passengers have their temperature taken as they disembark a plane for move the epicenter of the virus. in 200 self people to queuing up in hospitals to be tested with the number of infections continuing to write city authorities are asking people not to travel in or out of the city of 11000000 people. want them. if travel is not essential they should stay here if people are moving around less it lowers the risk of the virus spreading and reduces the pressure on medical staff. yonder to show and. most patients have only mild symptoms including fever and breathing difficulties 5 of the dead and known to have had preexisting health conditions that beijing isn't taking any chances. we have evidence that the onus spreads through the rest
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pretoria passages and there is the possibility that the virus could mutate and pose a greater threat. one case has been confirmed at sight of asia a man fell ill in the u.s. state of washington after returning from a week ago the world health organization in geneva postponed a decision on whether to declare a global health emergency its emergency committee is set to meet again on thursday . or fall on this ship this story d.w. reporter joel door dougherty joins me here in the studio jill good to see you tell us a little bit more about what we know about this particular strain of corona virus well scientists are now telling us that they believe that it has transmitted to humans from snakes now we know that it originally was sourced from a market in china where there was selling live animals including snakes and scientists are now conducting genetic research on the strains of the virus and they do believe that snakes the source originally thought was bats but now they've
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. there's the switched over to to looking it snakes what we don't know is how it moved from the snakes to the humans and it doesn't really matter now because in any case it's transmitted now a through humans is become a human to human transmission of our as via respiratory systems and tell us more about the response from the walls health organization they have been me sing they will continue see meet what have we heard from them so fall well what we're waiting to hear is whether they going to call it a public health emergency of international concern but it doesn't actually matter whether the it's a sorry to say it's there's the reaction from the rest the world means of that will have less importance bryce countries are already responding very proactively where seeing checks place that airports around the world from the u.s. the u.k. to russia to nigeria countries are screening passengers coming in particularly from woo hunt for signs of these virus and china itself is going beyond even what the w. hate joe recommends by shutting down travel internally in some cases out for we
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heard in our in that report now this drastic response is being compared to what we saw in 2002 with the sars virus which was kept under shrouds in secrecy this time china says it's being very transparent all right did every year reported jill dollar or a spiting that old to us thanks so much all right now to the united states and the impeachment trial of us president donald trump will the a republican controlled senate has how the 1st day all opening arguments from house impeachment to manages will south prison peach last month on charges of abuse of power and obstructing congress he's accused of pressuring ukraine to investigate from a democratic vice president joe biden of course they political rival and impeding a congressional inquiry into the matter chump denies any wrong doing well it appears from manager adam schiff told sentences that chomped actions represented a danger to america's constitutional order a must not go unchecked if not remedied by his conviction in the senate and removal
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from office president trump's abuse of his office and obstruction of congress will permanently alter the balance of power among the branches of government inviting future presidents to operate as if they are also beyond the reach of accountability congressional oversight and the law will whore let's go straight to washington where the w. correspondent 40 s. is standing by popular i mean democrats of course have been laying out the case we just heard it there from shift the republicans accuse them of being too aggressive but in your assessment what kind of tone was struck at the beginning of this trial as shift today as manager open for seatings. no well it was very clear almost from what the clip that we just heard what the tone was like there was a big emphasis from the lead manager and the head of the intelligence committee. who spoke for around 2 and
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a half hours that this was very much focused on protecting the democracy of the united states and the importance of doing so in fact he quoted one of the u.s. founding fathers alexander hamilton and he focused on that the fact that there was a need for impeachment basically as a tool or a mechanism in the united states to protect it from you know a despatch from getting into office very strong words there indeed and he stressed time and time again in the 2 hours over 2 hours that he's spoken on the senate floor old so we can't forget that he was bringing up you know clips from president trump things that he had said focusing on the fact the democrats believe president trump is of course. guilty of the charges that have been brought against him now the democrats want the former national security
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adviser john bolton to testify at this stage it doesn't look likely to happen but of course that works both ways could that be a witness that the republicans would like to see take to the stand. well you said at there it doesn't look at the moment we really don't know what will happen down the line because of course the rules leave the possibility open it is fair to say that the chances that the former national security advisor john bolton will be a witness at the moment looks like the unlikely but of course let's not jump to any conclusions just yet the democrats. essentially said if we hear from the senator at the senate minority leader chill kuma he was shooting down pretty much all of the suggestions the rumors that have been circulating here in washington that republicans wanted to hear from the son of joe biden who is in their oids directly related to. corruption in ukraine they've been saying that
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they want to hear from him that democrats have been saying no. they thought there would be no witness exchanges is what's being said on the senate floor they want to stick very much to the charges brought against president trump enough bringing in anybody who they believe is not directly related to those charges and popular talk to me about the image we'll see you know in 1900 with bill clinton he was at his trial. we've got the u.s. president i mean at the annual meeting of the world economic forum in davos another continent how is that playing out in public perception do you think. well it's a very different situation of course to president to president clinton president trump has been focusing heavily on the economy talking about how well it's stealing talking about how well his presidency is going essentially focusing on the sort of . image of the united states and saying how well he's done under it which is
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a message that he wants to get across to the us public and it's interesting in fact if you look at the latest polls that are coming out and in fact one that was released just today from pew research that says that around half of americans say the president should actually be removed by the senate trial will 46 percent are saying that president trump should stay so you know at the moment let's wait and see how this pans out and then we'll get perhaps a better indication of what the real feelings are here in the united states with regards to the senate now our correspondent in washington good to talk to you thanks and has taken it now some of the other stories making news around the world expos at the united nations say that the food was and found her washington post. it was like he acts through a file sent from an account used by saudi crown prince mohammed bin so none the experts allege that the hacking was an effort to influence will silence the
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washington post reporting on saudi arabia saudi official has denied the allegations . as no letup in lebanon's ongoing protest movement despite the formation of a new government that ended the power vacuum protesters clashed with police in the capital beirut after nightfall earlier the new prime minister has said that the app said the country must tackle the twin challenges of the protest movement and those diving economy. luigi mio says that he is stepping down as the leader of a sleaze 5 star movement is the main party in italy's government coalition the 33 year old is expected to stay on as foreign minister he mio has headed the anti establishment left wing a 5 star movement since september 2017. harvey weinstein has appeared for a new york coach's opening statements were delivered wants powerful hollywood producer is on trial facing 2 charges of rape and sexual assault he faces similar
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additional charges in los angeles for spend life in prison if convicted. or one of germany's top referees has criticized football video assistant referee technology known as v a all for not adapting to meet the needs of the game technology was supposed to make the game more fair and accurate but it's caused more controversy than expected german referees association says it may look for american football the changes. making split 2nd decisions is what makes this one of the toughest jobs in football but the fast paced sport also makes it difficult for referees to always make the right cards the introduction of the a r or video assistant referee was supposed to help eliminate human mistakes but has it cause more confusion than clarity. and with your views on when you look at how many wrong calls we've already prevented then it's fine but there are always things we can continue to improve on the mission i critiqued say there is still way too
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much room an interpretation and that the concert in prince. system and and that the denise take the punch out of goal celebrations i one of germany's elite referees man would prefer who was in charge of the dortmund vs outspoken match on the weekend is pushing for an n.f.l. like system where the coaches have 2 challenges per game and referees can explain their decisions to fans and the media it's an idea that is slowly gaining some ground in the bundesliga. and we're working on how far we can integrate the referees to communicate directly on the field they may even sometime in the future explain their decision and clarify the process and that the impetus of. that clarification could go a long way in appeasing the system's critics. timelines are now the top stories that we're following for you chinese authorities are closing trials for networks in
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the city at the center of the corona virus outbreak that is spreading across asia and beyond the governments also advise inhabitants not to leave the city 7000 people have died from their spirit tree a list of more than 500 cases have been confirmed in china. opening arguments have begun in the u.s. president trumps senate impeachment trial house impeachment manager out of shape from the democrats accuse trump of abusing his office by withholding aid to ukraine . well helen humphrey but ended up in business is up next but 1st a tribute to the legendary french designer john paul who is retiring off 50 years in the fashion industry and held his last catwalk show in paris on a wednesday of what.
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every 2 seconds person is forced to flee their home. the consequences and stress our documentary series displaced depicts dramatic humanitarian crises. we don't have time to think i didn't go to university to kill people.


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