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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  January 24, 2020 12:45am-1:00am CET

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while the german president. joined other world leaders in jerusalem to remember the victims of the holocaust. there are also many other events marking the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camps and $945.00 the last surviving jews in europe backed them with a hung garion jews as germany only occupied the country in 198414 year old shiny air and bides was deported to auschwitz but kept a diary that story is now revealed in berlin's german historical museum. kept a diary to herself the 1st 75 years now it's going on show for the 1st time she was just 14 when she started to write it on the day the germans occupied hungary march 9944 in a diary she recorded soberly we are lost gary and jews knew what awaited them in
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the extermination camps this is i think she said this is a story of one happens around to the people closest to her what happens in her village to have family and who is deported to is not taken this is the story of life closing in of the spaces in which they can move getting narrower the conditions getting harder and of the fear growing. this unique document of fear and of every day life is now on display at the german historical museum in berlin. aaron vance handwritten diary captures you know all life in the ghetto deportation the horrors of auschwitz it's now the subject of a documentary film alan i am going. to. christin locked in court on.
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into a small. thank you for me please. don't . just move the. chinese diary ends in auschwitz she describes the 1st hours then falls into silence but she hung on to her notes. china is now 90 years old she has travelled from jerusalem for the opening of the exhibition he's speaking german the language of the perpetrators for the 1st time in many decades. the dance of our whole family are 12 children my mother my father 2 grandmother and grandfather none of them came
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back. to. shine the air involved lost her entire family in the gas chambers she alone survived as a forced labor slave in an arms factory she saved her diary at great risk to her life the president of the german bund stock praises her immense courage our group. to keep a diary when life is about naked survival and under the constant danger of death where did you as a 14 year old girl get the strength and courage to do this as one of the do among the do and. in 149 shiny air involved began a new life in israel she kept a diary with. mention focused. and. amazing woman page of them is
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a rather unassuming forester who manages a bitch ward in germany in 2015 he published a book called the hidden life of trees what they feel how they communicate it originally had a modest print run of $2500.00 books made while it's become an international bestseller and now there's a documentary film featuring the man himself. 'd 'd is a sensation. life of trees has been translated into. now. the big screen. to get back to our roots and one with nature is not unique to germany. some of the german relationship to the forest is not so special which have a country look at iceland. countries without
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a lot of forest but even here they have a strong connection to trees it's human and that's great because it shows we are naturally close to nature it's genetic given. the haps that's why audiences are gripped by scenes showing reproduction in pine forest. presents the forest as an emotional experience. this is the point that explains the book success peter describes trees in a way that allows us to identify with them trees have children that they look. this is an idea that everyone can relate. 100 ft in the air a nightmare for those with allergies but actually part of a giant acts of love. trees communicate with each other some every 2nd here how they synchronize
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remains a mystery. trees have memories and characters free of bowlby bins hometown when winter comes they have to design continue soaking up the sun or not take the risk of being damaged by frost. and tried to speed up the bible is really the 3 trees make different decisions 2 of the opes are a bit more courageous the 3rd is a little cowardly or in positive terms more sensible trey's with human traits some say this is going too far the timber trite say bull they've been realized too much on feelings and not enough on facts. because of course the forester's think it's a terrible place just as if i talked about intensive livestock farming instead pigs have feelings and feel pain when they're castrated the forester's are just as
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annoyed when i say the forest is a social network because this is disturbing timber production. so. even is now using his celebrity to campaign for the preservation of endangered forests around the world he's advanced from simple forest to an international media . humans since $982.00 sounds like an ad for a logical research group but it is actually the artist. the name is made up of the year they were born and the fact it didn't bother typically artistic. title the jew i would like to explore how our world works bring technology and design together in an often humorous why. what is the essence of a waterfall can motion be captured like an object by continuously repeating it.
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that's the question posed by collection of motion it was created by stockholm based artist pair emmanuel soon and bastion bishop. busy for somebody collection of motion pieces we basically share was something ephemeral as an object and try also to point to work towards this. almost ridiculous attempt to. make something that is. not static but try to collect it. the ephemeral is also a theme of their series titled a 1000000 times that features analog clocks displaying the time in digital form. the 2 artists call themselves humans since 1902 they spent years in close collaboration with an international team of designers engineers and programmers to
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turn their animations into real objects their biggest installation the kinetic sculpture of 504 clocks hangs in singapore cheney airport. where setting the clock hands free from their. role of being a fish. measurement make them into the answer. and i can also relate to that to my self a little bit like you know this is this stress of constantly like optimizing your lives or. always trying to become something instead of just being and this is like also internal struggle and. i think it kind of reflects into our work as well . time surveillance in modern technologies have preoccupied emanuel soon and be shot again and again since they founded their studio in 2009. 'd 'd and
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we're working in a moment on projects where we drones of fragments of drones which we cast in like material similar to what you would find. in nature like cars the insect that is contained in the book and idea behind is we would like to show that all the technology to leave strays us and when to take note she leaves our lives there will be something that remains and we showed it in the poetic way. chaos and order change in permanence humans since 1902 bring attention to these concepts nothing is forever except time itself it's days even if it keeps passing. now it's just been announced that the ants fonzie men's music prize one of the most
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important in the classical music field indeed it's sometimes called the nobel prize for music has been awarded this year to the german viola player. she joins an illustrious list of prize winners that include benjamin britten yehuda menu and help for. the prize giving ceremony will be in may but we'll have a portrait of time on arts and culture tomorrow and that's just about it for this edition but i leave you with pictures from paris of joyful good years very last fashion show the fabulous all voluntary you got a high fashion is bearing out after a career that started 15 years ago the iconic designer will be sadly missed. in the world of fashion is losing its most colorful i'm sure most bizarre until next time .
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the back. in. the bank.
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strong opinions clear position in the international perspectives. can germany succeed where others have failed and broker a political solution to the long running conflict in libya chancellor merkel says last sunday's conference here in berlin was a 1st step to speech have a chance to find out onto the bottom of the toy clinton 30 books on the phone pretty skeptical. it was once a paradise for the bits of toxic her. home in tunisia is the filthiest river and the more. the main commuter the international fashion industry. can assure i'm still the same 2 moms most common in 75 minutes on t w. what
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secrets lie behind this one. discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. w world heritage 360 get kidnapped now. jump up on the but you are no one on. the lengthy nokomis. exposing injustice global news that matters w. main form lines. with him had a big gun goes up as well the highest high you know if i had known to the boat would be that small i never would have gone on a trip i would not have put myself and my parents in the danger to the bottom of
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the game to put a beautifully it would. love once uncle there but that one little thing to give them i have serious problems on a personal level and i was unable to live there much i'm going to. want to know their story in full life great stir fight against reliable information for margaret's. this is e w news these are our top stories the world health organization says the new coronavirus in china is not yet a global health emergency the decision came off to chinese authorities moved to knock down 3 cities and cancelled chinese new year events. die.


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