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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  January 24, 2020 1:02am-1:31am CET

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soviet soldiers liberated the nazi death camp 75 years ago they described passing through this gate as walking from earth into hell into the holocaust as the world begins commemorating the somber anniversary the politics of memory are getting in the way tonight we ask if those before us experienced a shared past why can't we agree on the past we remember i'm bring gotham berlin this is the day. for. dean dusty amounts of murder of 6000000 jews the worst crime in the history of humanity it is certainly that
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it was committed. by my countrymen what we remember here today can never happen again hatred and intolerance still live in the human columns and i wish. i could say that we germans have learned from history once and for all to see the anti semitism is reappearing violent. brutal it is here but it cannot say that. when hatred is spreading. also coming up tonight the paris climate agreement is a blueprint for a world serious about preventing a climate change catastrophe it was of that world that the german chancellor addressed today. the question of achieving the goals of the paris agreement could be a question of survival for the whole planet which is why we need to act. to
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our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day remembering when one of humanity's most inhumane chapters began to end it was 75 years ago when soldiers of the soviet red army arrived at the ritz concentration camp in nazi occupied poland now those soldiers arrived thinking that the camp would be the next point of conquest as they battle their way towards berlin but once they entered the front gates at auschwitz they became liberators at a crime scene the whites of which humanity had never see or today the world began commemorating the 75th anniversary of the liberation of auschwitz with an event today in israel another next monday in poland today speeches were solemn and sober but also politically charged national agendas did not yield that today as the souls
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of more than 6000000 murdered people were remember cool. new the holocaust survivor sings the kardashian prayer. the ceremony was dedicated to jews and other victims of the holocaust leaders spoke of the need to fight today's anti semitism. that current politics and present. i'm concerned. that we have yet to see a unified and resolute stance against the most submitted presume on the planet. i call on all governments to join the vital effort of confronting iran. the u.s. vice president agreed with us also stand strong. against the leading
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state purveyor of anti semitism. against the one government in the world that denies the holocaust as a matter of state policy and threatens to wipe israel off the map the world must stand strong against the islamic republic of iran. russian president vladimir putin delivered an offer to world governments to talk about peace. we suggest a meeting of the heads of state and government of p. 5 russia china the us france and britain which that and you could take place in any country anywhere in the world where counterparts find it convenient. russia is willing to engage in a serious conversation because. you don't get your ticket. gemini's president spoke of responsibility all right just
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a different dates. the words are not the same. the perpetrators are not the same. but it is the same even. this responsibility or words of ovan into the very fabric of the federal republic of germany from day one. but it tests us here and now this germany will only live up to itself if it lives up to its historic responsibility. the solemn poses the talk of inclusion and peace these promises would also not be forgotten said council chairman. we appreciate it very much. you promise to fight him it is and reaches this is a promise this is an obligation this is
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a duty of mankind did all. this really never forget what you have said here today leaders to do it the words you have. and you hands you know one through a long sentence one signature you can decide the poem reasons of people so decided to love and friendship and peace thank you. this was a clear appeal that these promises be kept. for more than i am doing here at the big table by stefan lane states he's a professor of holocaust studies in jewish studies at torah college here in berlin france it's good to have you on the show so i want to start by just getting your thoughts your opinion on what we call today we're at ya bush in israel and we've got representatives from the allied powers as well as germany speaking. is was that
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the right way to begin a commemoration of 75 years later i think that's that's fair to say because well i mean it's 75 years after the liberation and germany is no longer what it was in 1905 there was change there is really really engaging into history and. it shows reconsideration and that's what but what happens it happens from the israeli side and i think what jimmy das is really is really recognized as a sincere effort but he would you think that was a main message today when the german president spoke and the message he had to me the message was about reflection it was about learning the lessons of history reconciliation. we seeing there in real time the arc of history the successful ability to deal with a dark past and to come to terms with the perpetrator that is in your own history.
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well i mean. it's always a question of comparison so if you ask me with a gemini has done enough to come to terms with its pasta i would say no but if you are asked me whether this is this is the right way and whether it's more than others do then maybe you could say yes and the question is what can you do i mean in the end germany is a working democracy and i think it's part of chrissy is that we dealt with our pos we did it in a very genuine way that's that's true but the thing is. it is a german pos and we have to find a national way and i think we did find a pos you can criticize it and i actually i do criticize it for for for many things but it's not i wouldn't ban it or say that that's not a sincere if there was one part of the german president's message today which
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struck us as we were listening i want you to take a listen to what he the president said and i wish. i could say that we germans have learned from history once and for all. but i cannot say that when hatred is spreading. that struck us as being very honest but it also reminded me of any visible holocaust survivor who has few has said that it is impossible to represent the holocaust because it was so singular and unique in its evil that you can't represent it i mean that seems so absolute and when i heard the german president today saying that we haven't learned the lessons of history that also sounded absolute because it's not true for everyone everywhere is it well i mean he to history can teach
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a lot. i doubt that we all i mean we were ever able to to learn all the lessons and actually we have to find every generation or and actually every individual has to find its own way to learn from history so what we actually can do is provide knowledge and we can do that it's cool's we can do that at memorial sites it's obvious the what the historians do. and whether you get the right lessons out of this this is i mean it's almost impossible to say that the lesson you learned today is right lesson for in 5 years. it speaks to the importance also of teaching children history absolutely absolutely. leaders valid today to fight harder against modern day anti-semitism and there was a lot of talk about the the new threat to jews here in europe i want you to listen
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to what was said about the situation for jews in russia because and russia. where we find made be is the lowest of raves or want to submit duzen do you to their very uncompromising loan to a ball the seeing to hoods on to some a to them and i'm just see midget incidence odd treated with is mocks him home severe achieve their full prettily eliminating on just image isn't in the public good enough i don't there we heard practically eliminate he entice images a from the public a real arena in russia is that true re meat is russia a safer place for jews than western europe few i doubt that i mean this to to me and they sounds a bit like if putin head step set that i wouldn't have been surprised what we can say it's sounded like a boot in measured yeah it's it worse do you feel right i mean you've you my dog
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you if your of bit cynical well russia is not of free states so off these the if you're not allowed to to very to to to publicly need the say anti-semitic sayings then then they don't exist but i think the the the idea that anti-semitism no longer exists in russia's of sirte yeah i mean i was shocked when i heard that it but as you say with rush of we there's not transparency we don't even though with the statistics that we receive it we don't the with we can't verify them so we don't know if they're true the politics of memory in the holocaust talk to me about why why do you think there are 2 main events here we've got the wind today that was a judge a shim and we had one on monday in poland at the site of auschwitz. do we need to why well i think it's fair to have to because well for once we have israel which is where. most of the holocaust survivors need is and which is the jewish state and
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then we have the place of the crime itself so yeah that makes sense the question is who is in white it and who's not invited and i find it very strange that for instance the polish president was not allowed to give a speech. and then you want you know why he said that he's going to boycott he said because the russian president you have a streak and he says that putin is pushing revisionist history about the war absolutely no that's that's politics of history and accuse someone of anti-semitism is probably the. strongest case you can make. out cost someone and to say well you are you're a bad confit you're a rogue states to speak and that's what putin does with russia does it with ukraine and its foreign policy but at the same point it's
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a it at the russians because they themselves can claim themselves as as victims so that they have victimizing themselves because the others are so bad and so mean it will be interesting to see what happens on monday the polish president will be there the russian president will not be there on monday professors to fun with torah college 1st we appreciate your insights in helping us put this into context thank you. well now a message from a woman who survived the holocaust her name is due to kraus she was a teenager when she was deported from prague and sent to auschwitz she is 91 years old now and she told the w news why she never wants to see our streets in any form on any occasion ever again. and this is my. it is just a children's book and here i sit with the books.
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this is me. in the black stockings. my number is 73305 which i had to shout twice daily. counting still a pale you had to shout over a number then septic 1000 that i 100 from the air was full of and like snow from the from the smoke from the chimneys. and despair the anxious from from the q my cardio and i. we just had to understand that this is what happens. when they train arrived they were prisoners who sought it gets to made clear
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mountains of clothes and shoes who proved the bread. and if they put found a book somehow managed to bring it to the church and broke there were some $2414.00 books in the book so afraid invented this will be library and you are in charge people being killed in gas chambers and being burned in clermont toria and the ashes that bear in the air they cover the earth and they're all. federal and ngs. we knew that time come in june we had 6 months grace to live between knew we knew we knew we are going to die in june and everybody knew that i won't ever go back to. it that they
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have hundreds and thousands of people go and that they're on the ashes. or over all over the. i think. it is they're stepping on our own the dead people don't enjoy that they. are from the past in the politics of memory to the future and the politics of climate change today german chancellor angela merkel one of europe's longest serving and oldest leaders spoke in defense of young people at the world economic forum in switzerland she told the global business elite to listen to what young climate activists say she warned of a growing rift between the u.c. were doubting their own future and an older generation ignoring the threats of global warming that they will soon leave behind. dodgy doors were not going to stop
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anglo-american from delivering today's warning to davos this is the 12th time the german chancellor has spoken at the forum but never have the stakes been higher merkel appealed to the world to arjun li make good on the power of climate accords . divided there the question of achieving the goals of the paris agreement could be a question of survival for the whole planet which is why we need to act or instead serve is a known fact that. it's also why environmental themes have people bigger than ever this year with activism royalty meeting actually to the future king welcome great to turn back the us president is not a fan the german chancellor try to mediate. but that's a good side time is of the essence the one we the older ones have to be careful
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thus via i am 65 years old all the impatience of our young people is something we are to tap as a potential investor that really we are to understand that they obviously look at a far different horizon well beyond 2052nd or so. the talk of intergenerational divisions jarred somewhat with the calm outside. perhaps why merkel saved her last with a call to arms for the business elite to work together to avoid a climate disaster. they called us for a cohesive and sustainable world that's in stakeholders for a sustainable world people i would argue where all this allegations are this you are this hour we are we trying to take this seriously there are a whole host of opportunities open to us but we cannot get inward looking and going it alone that would be the completely wrong lesson to take all these years after the 2nd world war in the deciding that. no what matters is whether the class was
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paying attention. my colleague is he was paying attention he joins us tonight from davos switzerland good evening to you climate policies of course you know topic number one where you are i'm wondering did marigold in her speech that differ from the e.u. commission president hu tell did the e.u.'s green deal yesterday well but there was a big difference and maybe it is the enthusiasm with with the policies were presented in was enough underlined speech as you mentioned she touted this as a bold move by the european union that will convert the block and it will give it a 1st mover advantage that suggested that this was the class type of action that everyone here was expecting whereas angela merkel was far more cautious she decided to simply stress out how difficult a process this is that it is a transition that it will take time and whilst she did recognize as we saw the
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importance of understanding the urge of the younger generations while she realizes that this is not an easy path that the world is trying to take there for a simply sticking to the pragmatism she's already known for in german chancellor also talked about china today take a listen. what makes things complicated is that at the moment the european union does not have a unified policy toward china you know over the years everyone saw china as an interesting trading partner in the central and eastern european nations then got together eventually and said well france and germany and the other big names are always meeting with china and doing big business now we want to get together and meet with china all the time too. so what is germany then proposing to do would she have a unified policy towards john. welborn the most important thing is for the european union to finally realize that china is not an isolated country that is trying to play in the world stage anymore it is
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a world power angle merkel even spoke of a multi-polar world where there are several powers working sometimes together but sometimes not and that it means that the european union must for example work towards a unified policy when it comes to investor protection making sure that investors from the european union are meeting fair conditions in china it is also about climate change working together with china in a unified policy with the european union for example would cover a vast majority of the world's emissions and it is also about the relationship between china and 3rd parties mainly african countries where china is a very big player and where europe is lagging behind and the merkel recognizes therefore the importance for all the european countries to work together to face the challenge that china as a world power now means for the block and she wants to see europe becoming a geo political force in the world not only the bloc that we know it for merkel also mentioned breaks it today and we know in just 8 days. the biggins help
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president has brakes it been there in davos this year. well i would say britain was present we saw some well known names like the reason may and even prince charles but breaks it wasn't really a big topic this year in davos especially if you compared to last year where it was seen as one of the big global threats to the world economy this year it seems like the world has come to terms with the fact that this is what britain wants and that this is going to happen and since we are all expecting an orderly breck's it well it is not that much of an alarm here in davos anymore all right my colleague agree this in the davos switzerland thank you. when tonight's top stories are about humanity's past the holocaust and humanity's future climate change and they are inextricable forever linked we were reminded to that today with the german president pose the question have we learned the lessons
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from our history his answer no and that was echoed today as scientist reset the doomsday clock to just 100 seconds before midnight now that means metaphorically that humanity has never been so close as it is now to its own total annihilation when scientists 1st set the doomsday clock back in 1947 nuclear weapons were the biggest threat now those weapons have company climate change scientists say years of abusing the planet and ignoring the consequences have resulted in climate change being just as lethal a threat as nuclear weapons former california governor jerry brown unveiled the clock's new unsettling setting today moment series tell me how else can we tell people where where we're at how else can we wake up the democrats the republicans the independents the millionaires the billionaires the media owners who carry on their life as though it's that they're on the to chair of rated iceberg
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and they're not very. that was jerry brown there was a warning about what the doomsday clock means and that time is ticking the day is almost done the conversation it continues online you'll find us on twitter either you news or you can follow me at bring golf t.v. don't get used to hash tag of the day and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day before we see another day that we want to leave you now with pictures from paris of john paul the very last fashion show the fabulous all. of high fashion is bellowing out after a career that started 50 years ago. strong
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opinions clear positions international perspectives. can germany succeed where others have failed in brokering clinical solution to the long running conflict in libya chancellor merkel says last sunday's conference here in berlin was a 1st step to speech have
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a chance to find out on to the. point. next time on the greedy. duke was once a paradise. today it's a toxic current top of the chatroom engine tunisia is the filthiest razor and the more time. the main computer international fashion industry. can machine i'm still the same. nonsense most content for 35 minutes on d w. can i am. sick closest place to hell i'm just looks and standing key an. entrance to the camp. all lit trains to
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keep me on long. before you. nice news and keeping. malegaon story. becomes a. must. even starts january 27th on. can germany succeed where others have failed and broker a political solution to the long running conflict in libya chancellor merkel says last sunday's conference here in berlin was a 1st step and the chancellor did in fact succeed in getting the main players in this proxy war to sit down at one table including the russian and turkish presidents until now on opposing sides they and other foreign backers have been
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channeling weapons and money to rebel general khalifa pop star on the one hand sand or the un back to government of prime minister also right.


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