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tv   Focus on Europe  Deutsche Welle  January 24, 2020 3:30am-4:01am CET

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niceties and keeping 99200000. elephant dollars story. becomes a. must. start january 27th on d w. i. hello and a very warm welcome indeed to focus on europe with me peter come and this week we begin in italy where the question is how far can humor and good spirits go in bringing real change to a country mired in debt and divided as never before. well italy has a new potest movement that's called itself the sardines because of its ability to
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pack the platts us with huge numbers of people who've simply had enough of the populace and the nationalists. now until not too long ago much here salvini was the dominant force in italian politics with us anti immigrant agenda and after triggering the breakup of the previous government he's now hoping to make a comeback in key regional elections so it's salvini against the side. they're small and agile and are really stirring things up in italy at the moment elaine or jacqueline prefers to paint them in watercolors her sardines accompany her to every protest the thought of leaving my sardines swim against the current just like salmon do a lot of a sardine a small. together with other sardines however it becomes large larger than a big fish. the sardines are ready and the lane is off on our way.
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today many other sympathizers of the sardines movement are gathering in bologna again. alaina has been a supporter from the beginning she was here when people gathered here in bologna or for the 1st time in november to protest against racism isolation and right wing populism. since then the new movement has been taking over squares all over italy which hasn't only surprised elena but established politicians to. another. sunday this is it all began with the tale. he wanted to fill the sports arena and belong you know with thousands of supporters at the general must feel this lets a bet to get at least 6000 people onto the pitch more than still beat me follow us in the end it was 15000 to do i think we need to me learn. all this to stop the leak and nord leader and his right wing populist politics. vini wants to regain
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power after he broke up the governing firestar coalition last summer. and the amelia romana have traditionally always had left wing governments but salvini wants to win them in the upcoming regional elections the sardines want to stop him. woke up and went downstairs tell me more is the strong man right now which makes many people feel safe and secure. i mean i don't know what is worrying us sardines our movement. the sardines don't want to nationalist italy this brings them closer together says pierluigi massaro who's observing the sardines as a new political phenomenon. the sardine say that it's only mocked by right wing populism provincialism and isolation from the rest of the world without migration in the midst of europe the mediterranean that just doesn't go together with the challenges of globalization and
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a wordly attitude to dispose of these. sardines like a leg and aren't looking for a revolution but they want policies that force the existing political parties to take on responsibility for italy to finally move forward after too many years of crisis. if you go along with an old woman if that is the place still have faith and italy otherwise i would have left this country already like many others my age but . i'm going to stay here is also about courage bought it. alone to help startups to get going she finds funding for innovative ideas. like for this transmitter. built into bicycle handlebars to protect the bicycle from theft. with this patent they'd like to conquer global markets but elena says the country's policies don't further creative industries. put on the map and i think
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even if i believe that we italians can be very competitive all the difficulties and problems with our bureaucracy have made us hungry for success and fulfillment that perhaps even more than in other countries where things work better even perfectly that anything like that that's what. united the sardines feel stronger. their colorful and imaginative protests aimed to bring the democratic parties back on track and make italy fit for the future. so the swarming sardines are still for the time being at least merely a movement and not a political party but that and change. to romania now where yagi and work sundra go to church are mourning the murder of their son he was a forest ranger and just one of the latest victims of the so-called lumber mafia which controls rumanians highly lucrative illegal logging industry clearly the
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situation is out of control and too little is being done to protect those who are defending the country's vast and beautiful with. the forests of romania are gigantic many of them still primeval forest. and they are in great demand. in romania illegal logging always involves corruption political entanglements and even murder. nowhere has there been more deforestation in recent years than in the north in this which have a region that's a problem with your neck of the forest has been cut down the mafia took everything . georg a.o.l.'s new york should know he worked for the mafia for 10 years he knows how it functions. there. this tree was cut down illegally this one legally but it. was about if you get
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a license to cut down 10 trees and then take $100.00 and explain it's a corrupt forest or marks a stipulated papers are forged the police look the other way everyone benefits each tree is worth hundreds of euros georg i didn't get enough money so he's talking so no i was tired of being their servants really they build huge houses with pools swiss bank accounts and they pull me off with a few 1000. 500 euros. in his village most of everyone makes a living from and with the lumber mafia. there's almost nothing else here everyone can see traces of their heavy equipment everyone hears their saws but no one is investigating the organ lives from a seasonal job in germany those who live here must keep quiet he explained that is the one foresters live in fear they're threatened if you talk you'll be fired this
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comes from the top of the head of the lumber mafia. we're going to another district to meet a forester. he says the lumber mafia and the authorities work together. and he wants to remain anonymous. once i reported my boss and shortly after a representative of the timber industry asked for a meeting. that's when i will be not this is refusing. then i also received anonymous calls and messages through a middleman that they would take care of me they would look for me. or riggers would be me that they were hurt my wife and children. their son forester. was murdered.
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someone called in the come to the forest because otherwise they were making stumps . they made stumps at his place. they cut down his trees. their son was a forester for 25 years he was killed with an axe one of 7 foresters murdered in romania so far no one behind the killings has been identified. ok i asked you i want justice my son didn't have a gun didn't have a knife he didn't have anything on him he avoided trouble yeah you know who died he didn't have anything to defend himself with they killed him left him in the woods and disappeared. for heat. one of the few who dared to fight for justice has to bury a bush atar some timber has always been stolen but now it's a huge business he says worth millions and deadly. like many and most of his
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family lived off the forest. he went bankrupt because he wouldn't play along now he's fighting the mafia because the survival of the whole village is at stake. the forest is now under the control of the feeling of those villages dying people are unemployed understand nothing or leave the old cry and my generation doesn't know how to alter things but everybody knows something has to change. he's just installed cameras at his house on the only road in the village every truck transporting wood is documented. to bury you checks of the transports are legal. he reports illegal ones to the police they react but differently than expected. if i stop an illegal transport refund call the police they give me
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a fine. your thora to say that what i'm doing isn't good and that i should stop it if the head of the forestry department called me and said the company representatives want to kill me because i film their trucks. the head of the forestry doesn't want to talk in front of a camera but he informs us it's the mayor's fault that he purposely left some parts of the forest unguarded. in the town hall we hear the opposite the forresters are to blame says the mayor whose family owns a large logging company he couldn't do anything against corruption the press exaggerates he should say good people stay calm stay calm. is everywhere illegal logging is a national plague so as to peer you on the way to bucharest and that's why thousands of people take to the streets more than 20000000 cubic meters of timber
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disappear every year. the whole group that is in our village the situation is out of control and just like everywhere else in romania they steal the forest which is supported controlled and encouraged by the authorities. or was here you says no matter who is currently ruling the country the forest makes a few rich and many angry and sadly romania and corruption go hand in hand. with poland is the country where during the holocaust the nazis carried out their terrible crimes that auschwitz and other death camps so it's interesting to note that the same country is now home to what's described as one of the fastest growing jewish communities in the world and as many around the world to mark the 75th anniversary of the liberation of auschwitz and 945 we've been talking to michael
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shoot the chief rabbi of poland about whether or not people have learnt the lessons of the holocaust. poland's chief rabbi michael shoot drake often visits the sites of the former auschwitz back and now concentration camps several times a month it is not an easy thing to do. but i sure thing it gets harder to visit this place than easier. when it really became harder. and so there's there was 2 things one is once my daughter was born i think in a natural way when you walk here when you don't have children you think you know could have i survived how much of a child you think could could your child have survived and their free home becomes a completely different experience. the 6000000 jews murdered in the holocaust overhaul for polish.
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gas chamber 3 and before yes chamber 5 and this is the sauna. in poland should rick is the most important religious advisor for the auschwitz birkenau foundation it aims to preserve the memory and mourn the holocaust victims 75 years off that auschwitz was liberated and it seems now 75 years later for many people do know the lesson there are those who never knew the lesson and help and now want to speak. in a loud voice about. denying the holocaust belittling the holocaust. new york born shoed rick has dedicated his life to fighting hatred he came to warsaw 30 years ago since world war 2 the few holocaust survivors in communist poland had largely abandoned their jewish identity but after the fall of the iron curtain poland's jewish community began to blossom once more in the predominately
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catholic country and shoot rick made the acquaintance of u.s. born grown old lauder a patron of jewish spiritual life across the world. we need somebody to go to poland. i heard about this rabbi. when stole them initially at the synagogue. 1919 it's not your business. morning service at warsaw's offer docs gnostic synagogue several 1000 people now belong to the country's jewish community. the fact that there is noise behind me because the people who are praying are now having breakfast together is a sign that there is jewish life and that's in large part thanks to his tireless efforts organized from here in his office at warsaw's great synagogue.
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oh. you never find what you want in it. when should rick started out they did not even have enough prayer books for everyone. this is the 1st time that a jewish prayer book was reprinted in poland after the fall of communism this is the regional pages from a few 26 this is probably from. 9192. today was so has a jewish school that is attended by more than 200 pupils educating the young generation is very important to shoot rick. joining the misca son and 2 daughters also attend the school the 40 year old like many other polish jews was slow to embrace her religious identity today she and her husband lucas cause are glad to see jewish life thriving in poland something that their
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generation do not take for granted. but the big hearted feel. of over the summer remember milk for i think so and i'm on my now it's a few real minority so it's real sometimes it feels like you know we only joel's their own country which of poland's jewish community may be small but it's highly diverse there are 5 jewish congregations in warsaw alone including the orthodox one that meets at nasik synagogue opponents catholic and protestant communities show solidarity as this into religious service shows. that you want to. change doesn't happen overnight. it takes time but as long as you see you're going in the right direction that gives you gives you energy and gives you. 75 years after the liberation of auschwitz hope for
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a growing jewish religious way of life is once again growing in poland. i hope that exists thanks to rabbis like my. now on a very different note i wonder whether you've heard of monk parakeets possibly not i would guess but thousands of these dazzling multi-colored birds that originally come from latin america have made the spanish capital madrid their home and that has in turn prompted many locals to call for huge co of these books so what exactly have to be getting up to. south american monk parakeets are conquering spain they seem to feel particularly at home in the capital madrid. but some tag of saudia of madrid's biodiversity service isn't happy about the invasive species. by notion that cause huge damage to the ecosystem wherever they settle and they are
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a threat. to us. among parakeets drive away indigenous bird species and damage local trees by destroying their chutes. they build huge nests high up in the trees that can weigh up to 200 kilos posing a huge danger to passers by. esteban fernandez and his colleagues have to remove them regularly. if there's a difficult 'd pending on how the bird nest turned twined in the tree they can be very hard to remove. it all started when a few locals released their parakeets into the wild. today madrid is home to no less than $12000.00 of them. now the city is resorting to radical measures however if you've got followers we will kill every monk parakeet we can get our hands on and it will be difficult when there are very clever birds and difficult to catch
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the last this relates that the animals must not suffer so this will take a lot of effort and cost lots of money you've got to. but many locals say it's about time the city took action and rita guzman has a month parakeet nest outside his bedroom window and it's driving him crazy if you can call you. never there are really noisy and active in the early morning but i don't know they're often all in one place to be preferred time and sometimes up to 300 birds at once if you imply that. some locals and visitors however don't like the idea of the exotic birds being killed they say they belong to madrid cityscape if you're wondering what i've whenever i come here i think wow they're so pretty you will be in the way the hoarder to go had them wanted a muffin. in the literal and so brutal killing all these birds it's immoral.
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why but if i don't feel much better killing them is not an option i don't know if they're really so annoying why don't we catch in resettle them i don't see why we have to exterminate them. but conservationists like blast malina say resettlement isn't easy. and the birds could simply fly back if they wanted to that's why even he reluctantly supports the planned call and criticises that some neighboring cities are doing nothing to fight the invasive species therefore it's really a model that's a big problem that the authorities don't coordinate amongst themselves in some places measures are taken and others are not. him but a softer if people wait too long. on your feeble then the damage is extensive and the problem is hard to control if you know how to say but imo. that's also why the city wants to take drastic measures and set an example. after the one time culling the eggs are to be sterilized this could keep the remaining population in check but
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if new monk parakeets keep on flying to the city this plan is likely to fail. she learns there was not another if the others don't do anything it will be much harder to fight back that we may have to keep on killing birds. madrid has declared war on the only wanted bait. years from south america but here and everywhere in spain the authorities will have a hard time. one advantage that the monk parakeets have of the bird catchers as they can fly. once upon a time in a faraway land called bosnia and herzegovina a group of friends decided to form a bet that's the opening sentence of the website of that band was a collective for u.b.s. collective their subsequent success has been built on the musical output that brings together balkan flavorful funk reggae hip hop as much else besides and the
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band speciality is intriguingly to address what it calls no go top. it is hot the cars rickety the roads are bad the driver and passengers are looking for a way out. to be oza from bosnia and herzegovina saying you can't escape the balkans they play with the chaise and there's little sign of the new tourist ethnic conflicts. only to look as nazis will be a roll call cajun in principle we speak the same language we went to more or less the same schools the only difference is whether we go to work church or a mosque and this difference shouldn't be so important. for life was dangerous here in the ninety's brought a jacobo which ran to school through sniper alley today in the pedestrian zone sara a vote looks like any city but the absurdistan that dubio sings about hangs over
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the city. in their hymn of our generation the multi-ethnic band to be a collective sings about today's flood of information climate change and consumerism. normal zot today we have. turn to normality despite the conflicts of the ninety's hatred has been overcome somehow i see this not condoning exists in the language of politicians who use it to secure their position of power but with the child. not to make it obvious that. they're busy designing their new album cover and all soon we back on tour here veteran brando and the others are stars and often on the road elsewhere in europe. but they don't want to be a d. asper a band. balkan music draws crowds and dubio also brings wit and depth to it. now seems to go global we're not witnessing the
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european ization of the balkans but the balkanization of europe well you see the fascism we experienced in the ninety's which is so dangerous and breaks out so suddenly for example when we were now observing something like that in western europe but moved all put. your videos it shows that despite all the misery you must never forget to have fun. they say they are a great band life and that their music is live for me and that's all from focus in europe this time around thanks so much for joining us and if you'd like to see any of our reports again just go to our home page on v.w. up com or visit our facebook page you go your story and do come back next week until then baba interactions. are like.
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to. thank you. elaine. the going to.
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come to. the from the right sound. of. the for. this song i only watch for who spend our money. dot com i am following the fire cause her co-founders determined. made in germany and 30 minutes fall. from the
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point shaun opinion clear position the international perspective of samoa. can germany succeed where others have failed and broker a political solution to the long running conflict in libya chancellor merkel says last sunday's conference here in berlin was a 1st step to speech have a chance find out on to the 1st 2. more place to go to 90 minutes on the road pretty skeptical. with our superheroes my mission is clear. to get to the coast surely should explore germany. take dollars and. everything else there's a lot going on in the old germany just a. tribute. to w. how's
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a view of the world. where i come from the doors that lead to cisco it's just like those chinese food that's natural where i am always reminds me of home after decades of living in germany chinese food is one of the things i miss the most but that taking a step back i see things and to tell the difference we acknowledge many of fluids personally going a sense that exists as a part of the order haven't been implemented in china that's new but i'm not a chinese people wondering if they're going to save lives but if you have the right to learn oh that is this is the job of a job that as a mom how i see it and that's why i did nothing my job because i tried to do it exactly what it is an hour a day like name of the uninsured and i work added up your.
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claim. i am. this is the w. news live from bali and her member of the holocaust the world pauses to pay tribute to the victims. i am the leaders commemorate the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the el ships nazi death camps the german president warns the evils of the nazi iraq are still with us in the form of anti semitism also coming up china widens its travel restrictions to several stations in a big.


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