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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  January 24, 2020 7:15pm-7:30pm CET

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what secrets lie behind. discover new adventures in the 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. world heritage 3 sixty's getting up now. go to the girl next you to check out. the fun of students.
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with exclusive. must see concerning hard times could hurt him you're a. curious mimes. do it yourself networkers. so subscribe don't miss out. on the process a down time to travel sector braces for a major blow as china fossils the coronavirus what does the new artist mean for africa's business relations with asia strongest economy we hear from our correspondent in shop also coming up ask the davos meeting comes to a close we look i want to this year's forum it changed in terms of the big and powerful taking responsibility and tackling climate change. and you've got. looks
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at revising it's unpopular in effect to fix social media tax. welcome to do business africa i want to jones in berlin good to have you with us. the global travel industry is on high alert to contain the spread of coronavirus in china there have been no confirmed cases on the african continent but international airports there have enhanced surveillance for all travelers from asia china is one of africa's main investors that means china's health crisis could also impact african economies. at the international airport in august nigeria screening equipment that was once used during the bowler crisis is being brought out of storage because of the close business connections between china and nigeria officials want to make sure that potential symptoms of the corona virus are caught quickly that's why health workers and these body temperature scanners have been deployed to monitor new arrivals to the country many travelers are already relieved . i was actually happy i was impressed because i was also very thinking in my mind
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i hope my journey skits and prepare for these new talks because i was that's already been reported in china and i hope we are stupid on the way of doing it with our crisis so see what i saw here are going to be very happy nigeria isn't the only african country concerned about the coronavirus chinese investment on the continent has skyrocketed in recent decades trade between zimbabwe and china is now valued at over $1000000000.00 euros per year chinese trading on the whole of the african continent approaches $100000000000.00 euros as china moves to contain the virus african officials are looking to get ahead of the illness in the ethiopian capital 2 hospitals are being prepared for any emergencies. and in cairo authorities are training airport staff on how to handle affected passengers. of a more let's bring in why sue i dress in the nigerian capital abuja. nigeria
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has intensified screening of inbound passengers what is the situation there right now. this to asia right now in. parts of nigeria is. an intensifying screening of passengers that are coming to nigeria this is done in all the airports and all the board up parks coming to nigeria the only problem is that there is still scanty information within that period of what this virus because when i asked some people on the street it will but this seems not to be a way out of this virus and how to protect themselves does it kind of. among nigerians when dad he can contact these virus or does virus get is the get into nigeria just a we we had to pull out by ross in the us right so father hasn't been a confirmed case in africa yes but nevertheless other major african efforts
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certainly stepped ops of the islands how do you think this could impact china's trade relations with african countries. for now it may not affect chinese impressed directly into africa you know the chinese. now can join they are on the on most of the business is organized klein out on but if it's continuous escalating it is going to affect chinese interest in most african countries like in nigeria. of companies that are working in nigeria under red light there is already pressure on the chinese to continue to make sure that they deliver contract we didn't trip wire which is not foreseeable but that misses the kind of me problem that. these coronavirus continue to escalate into limited number of chinese that are coming to
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nigeria to do businesses and even this. shipment of things that would bring to nigeria rice rice and i just there reporting for us from the nigerian capital abuja on how people there deal with coronavirus thank you so much. meanwhile china has quarantined cities and shot major tourist attractions from disneyland to the forbidden city as a scrambles to stop corona virus from spreading further public transport has been stopped in more than 10 cities and this as the nation prepares for the lunar new year festivities a crucial time for business. many chinese citizens are rushing to the supermarkets to buy food and daily items and book shelves stocking staples such as meat vegetables and instant noodles are emptying as people prepare to stay at home and
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avoid public places for as long as possible companies producing face masks are working 247 to help fight the spread of the virus many here at the factory in the city of joining are working overtime to me i want to support to hand the epicenter i want to help all the people there. is just one of the 11 chinese cities now in virtual lockdown recessions have been shot and there are checkpoints on main roads in and out the streets are empty except for those working on disinfection everything that can be is being disinfected when sars broke out in china in 2003 it cost the world economy $30000000000.00 according to the world bank back then flights in the asia pacific region fell by 45 percent from the year before and almost 800 people died many fear the corona virus could have a similar effect if not contained. friday marks the final day of the un or world
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economic forum's in davos the event turned 50 this year and it's a liberated by putting a younger generation front and center the urgency of the climate crisis much of the week long event and created some dramatic contrasts with world leadership. young activists like gretta tune burge stormed into davos planning to force through their message that change can't wait this was more than any other a world economic forum led by the world's youth the other generation has a lot of experience but we have ideas we have energy but for those hoping to ensure an adult hood of environmental progress the forum got off to a bad start on day one president trump decried them as prophets of doom and instead chose to talk about a growing u.s. economy america's thriving america's flourishing in years america is winning again like never before the disappointment was clear i didn't hear anything about
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the world america is leader in the world and. i think that litters have to take care not all about themselves but also about other nations because we have the same collective planet since then the town of davos is witnessed more assertive environmental statements urging corporations and nations alike to wake up to the challenge the world is facing it is absolutely essential to recognize that climate change is an existential threat to us all and that climate change is running faster than what we are in day 3 so anglo-american push for renewed global commitment to the paris climate accord. the boy that you are that this is an infant the world must act together it's an international agreement that unfortunately not everyone is still with it but many are but it also meant above all that every country must make its contribution and buy it back that's
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a lesson most young delegates began the forum complaining that previous pledges had been all talk pretty much nothing has been done since the global emissions of c o 2 has not. reduced leaders must now make good on their promises because an impatient younger. gratian is watching. to uganda where the government wants to revise a controversial internet tax known as o.t. t. which stands for over the top this tax require social media users to pay extra to access what the government deems over the top services including the transmission of messages over the internet the tax was introduced in 2018 but many ugandans found a way around paying it after failing to meet revenue targets from social media tax also known as or t.t. over the top you can best of tax collectors run to the parliament. how tim
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collected the tax form less than 2 out of 10 internet users in its maiden year and now she wants it revised putting the excess digital data this would counteract if you wanted me to be more. efficient to click on tax on the time instead of the want to see which is. highly if we did and it's not for me well to avoid the daily tax on social media many ugandans admit to using virtual private networks to get around the government's internet firewall critics of the tax like you get a musician a pass through the big government is not sensitive to their cause and no one is trying to escape something if they can bear it that means it's fun bearable you already get taxes off the data we buy you really get taxes off the air time we're buying what more do you want. they internet is
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a radio expensive for many ugandans economists that i being a tax could be a macuser age and productivity is specially among startups. if you make it difficult for people to you know if it. but making it difficult for them tara access to the internet to technology to knowledge then you are shooting yourself in the photo so it is actually counter productive this is not to say governments don't need money we do need money there should be this analysis to help us find more efficient ways of collecting revenues according to the alliance for affordable internet the cost of internet in africa remains the highest even when it is significantly dropping in other parts of the wired such a reality often leaves the common is like uganda facing with a challenge to strike
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a balance between raising revenues from the service without compromising its access . well talking of ot tea after 50 years in the spotlight style maverick john paul called she is hanging up his success thanks for his outlandish creations the legendary french to sign a will mark his retirement from fashion with a spectacular show in paris while the designer has yet to announce his next project his popular brand and high end hold close to a business and will continue there are rumors the 67 year old show man is planning a glittering showbiz korea. lots of business update here and a w. from in the business african team thanks for watching.
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go africa. special club with a special person. an organization in mozambique in the hours girls fight educating them about biodiversity and conservation in their local national park. it's a big step towards a bright future. for. our.
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children. joining us from africa. the moral or link to exceptional stories and discussions on the news as easy and wow with sandy deputed comes next week out join us on facebook. for god. this is news africa coming up on the program unprecedented in the ass size on the outs with 10 children destroyed everything in the pop. of locos ravaging the east african sub and threatening to foot security of millions of people also coming out just imagining do they went through this cycle to go through still thinking that it .


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