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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 24, 2020 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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greater debility in the food supply that we have at the moment. this is the w.'s live from berlin china's deadly coronavirus reaches your of france announces that 2 cases the 1st confirmed on this continent in china where the outbreak began all forces of locked down citizen quarantine to more than 40000000 people. also on the program german chancellor i'm going to machall meets with turkey's president said the one in istanbul the leaders find common ground on
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migration for the difference on how to bring about peace in libya and syria. i'm 75 years after the liberation of auschwitz death camp we ask what more germany needs to do to address it's not your past and ensure the holocaust never happens again. i'm for girl welcome to the program france has announced a 2 cases of the deadly corona virus from china the 1st to be reported in europe a short while ago french health minister agnes supposing announced of the cases have been confirmed in paris and bordeaux both patients had traveled from china she warned that new cases were likely to follow then china the virus has killed at least 26 people in affected more than 800 others the outbreaks epicenter is the city of will hodgman who. by province but it's now spread to at least 12 cities
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which are all now on lockdown. a city of 11000000 people with almost no one on the streets trains planes buses cars almost nothing leave so enters with han . hospitals and the epicenter of the outbreak of overwhelmed with patients so overwhelmed that authorities have now decided to build a new dedicated hospital from scratch hoping to complete construction in just 6 days. in existing hospitals health workers are working tirelessly against the virus. knows includes it would of course we're worried and so are our relatives. but we're nurses and will do our job as long as we wear the uniform just by the rising number of cases the world health organization has refrained from declaring a global health emergency. to d.g.
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which is provided by the emergency committee is that no more of the time. but china isn't taking any chances transport links within and to a number of nearby cities have been cut and the fear of contagion has produced dramatic scenes like here at freezing the airport where a man suspected of carrying the virus was confined to a quarantine container. the lockdown now covers more than 30000000 people and it's putting a serious damper on the union new year holiday. as a look at the efforts to combat this virus and wherever viral or just i'm 101 here who is from like us to university welcome to day w. so now we have a 2 new cases reported in france how prepared is europe for this outbreak. well not really i must say because i've been saying these things for last 2 weeks that the british and that we are having at the moment at any or indeed you and you
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can also entire europe these are insufficient the reason is that people have been given only a little act that some instruction about the clinical side of this virus that is insufficient because if some people have a very good level of citizenship they might be able to understand that but if you know any announcement over there on the course even they are intermingling with the patient of it that the traveler that are coming from other countries so there is a there is not really a much preparation especially for the situation that is going to be out there not only in china but abroad so we should expect more not just in europe but around the world absolutely the problem with these kind of lattice is they are highly contagious continuous mean that it can transmit from one person to enter the person very easily and a lot of the factor that is very important to understand for general public is that these why this is have been in china for
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a while so they have some sort of immunity need assistance i mean is that we don't we mean in europe we don't have any exposure to these what is it before so bold why this is if they had by chance come to us it would be a lot more impact than what we are seeing in china because we don't have any existing immunity to assist us i mean a speech like this is there's no further problem with detecting and controlling this the fact that its symptoms could be pretty much anything that could be flu that could be a cold. that is one of the challenge because if you just see. anything that could be the same as like a common slope that is one of the challenge however looking at the history because if we look at all of the cases those have been reported in china but also abroad they have some legs and we move on so my office is has right from the beginning is being that of all those people or the traveler who are coming directly from war on should should be caught and teams should be tested at least for the temperature and
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if there is any temperature and some sort of signs we should definitely put a special focus on to those patients because the disease if if some of these cases would go on noticed and both the general public you can assume the damage it would cause so at this stage your recommendation if you were asked would be that we look at people coming from from will have boots on and check temperatures and that should be done across across europe at all sort of ports and airports absolutely absolutely because if anybody says well they are inspecting people the test site come up is the temperature and it's pretty easy to do it said i must counting you have a thermos can just add before added it will tell you how much temperature is there and if there is a temperature there is no harm to look on to the street they have on the person is coming home and if there is any need to be screened we heard in the report though the world health organization has decided not to call this an international. health
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emergency so what does that tell us. well that tells us that. they look more onto the historical perspective of these guys as they thought that the why this and that has caused infection in total and 3 was not put under emergency situation as well which killed more than 800 people anyways so what they've been really looking into the current context is really underestimating the potential of these viruses that they could pose into rest of the word here the largest has not been there yet so there is no harm if i would be having any power to decide about there's no to put relatively so what does this really mean if they were to be up against you for international concern is that they will say don't develop collate all the efforts internationally instead of nationally and then make a strategy we're told this infection so there is no harm doing so thanks for
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joining us i verily just a muhammad to many from not just a university alert. now we'll take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world u.s. president donald trump passed become the 1st president to address the country's biggest annual anti abortion rally he spoke in washington as thousands gathered for the annual march for life boston winds were legalized in the united states in 1973 . tens of thousands of demonstrators have returned to france's streets to oppose a planned overhaul of the pension system on friday the government unveiled its final version of the draft law which critics say will force millions to work longer france has been hit by strikes sound other actions since the 5th of december. tens of thousands of iraqis are gathered in central baghdad to denounce the united
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states and military presence in their country the demonstration was organized by shiite cleric and politician tada al sabah and iranian linked forces hours later 2 protesters were killed and 25 who did in separate anti regime protests in the city . turkey says or 4 people have died in a 6.7 magnitude earthquake in the east of the country the epicenter was about 550 kilometers east of the capital ankara near the town of civic journey but the quake was felt across the region including this t.v. station in the southeastern city of or for. the german chancellor angela merkel has held bilateral talks with turkish president regift time to one in istanbul on their agenda was the 26th the migration deal between turkey and the e.u. under the deal ankara agreed to prevent refugees travelling through turkey from
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departing from greece in exchange to he would receive a billions of euros from the e.u. the president heard about his threat and multiple. time to scrap the deal saying that europe is not fulfilling its commitments. the german chancellor and turkish president met at this ottoman palace in istanbul to rebuild trust and resolve some key issues such as the refugee deal between turkey and the e.u. turkey says it has yet to receive most of the 6000000000 euros it was promised for building new refugee camps the e.u. denies this ankara says it needs further funding because of the worsening situation in syria. around 400000 migrants are making their way to was from the city of italy we have to work out how we can provide these people with humanitarian aid especially when 2 months. ankara wants to build solid houses in turkish controlled parts of syria experts warn international nor could
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hinder germany from providing further financial support but chancellor merkel suggested it could be in the offing. i will consider how we can help turkey when it comes to people in syria who are living in tents because they have fled the conflict and all determine whether we can supply more funding to improve the humanitarian situation there. on the migration is she represents a key political challenge for both leaders both within their own countries as well as abroad. international holocaust remembrance day will be officially observed on the 27th of january the 75th anniversary of the liberation of auschwitz death camp with fewer holocaust survivors left as witnesses to the horrors of the nazi regime germany has been debating how to move forward with its culture of remembrance the national holocaust museum which you can see behind me a student central berlin for nearly 15 years but how should future generations of
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germans deal with this darkest chapter in their country's past b.w. commission to serve it to gauge public opinion. the horrors of the holocaust and the nazi terror have had a lasting impact on the german national psyche. death camps like auschwitz are seared into memory. a vast holocaust memorial stands in the very center of berlin within view of the german parliament. isn't we must never forget the holocaust this is a fundamental principle not only for the state but also for society what happened then was an unprecedented collapse of civilization and we must always remember what anti-semitism social exclusion and delusional racism lead to in our country was and even. according to a new survey almost 40 percent of germans say it's time to stop discussing the nazi
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era 60 percent disagree. with the movie done we must always invoke these memory is it because if i forgotten vis aim things could happen again it from for if a it's me saying of the i was just in israel and this is at the memorial it was terribly depressing and we must never forget ever got everybody here and present and when you see what's going on in other parts of the world you see how important it is to keep alive the lessons and memories of what happened especially given what's happening in parts of germany and outside which were hardly on the side so how much attention to memory is appropriate. 25 percent of germans surveyed think that there's too much discussion of nazi crimes 55 percent think that there is an appropriate amount of discussion and 17 percent say there's not enough.
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there are fewer holocaust survivors left to tell their stories but the number of books exhibitions and memorial sites is growing. 75 percent of germans polled say school field trips to holocaust related memorial site should be mandatory over 60 percent support obligatory research into personal family history and over 40 percent say asylum seekers should be educated about germany's nazi past 55 percent disagree. over all the surveys suggest the history of nazi crimes is still firmly anchored in germany's collective memory and that a majority of society does not want to forget. this is datable news live from baghdad still to come the world economic forum comes to a close and davos will take a look at what this year's event achieved in terms of tackling climate change.
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chris co we'll have that and more of the day's out of business news in just a moment with the whole world news believe at the top of the hour the coverage that long as always the web site w dot com of the day. i'm secure in the volume or. and in the end this is a me your not a lot of the year and more than most and you. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers with lions of the one.


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