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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 25, 2020 2:00am-2:16am CET

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the sound of fresh starts february 7th on w. . this is beautifully new year's live from berlin china's deadly coronavirus reaches europe france announces 3 cases the 1st to be confirmed on the continent in china where the outbreak began origins have locked down cities concurrent to more than 14000000 people. a powerful earthquake strikes strikes the east of turkey killing at least 18 people and injuring hundreds more emergency services i began to search
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for survivors and are racing to leave those still stuck under the rubble. i'm told me a lot of well welcome to the program france has announced 3 cases of the deadly coronavirus the 1st to be reported in europe french authorities confirmed 2 of the affected patients had recently traveled to china where the outbreak began the virus has now killed at least 41 people with more than 100200 others also infected travel restrictions remain in place in over a dozen cities in china including one hand where the corona virus originated. the coronavirus is on the move despite an unprecedented lockdown a new hand in the surrounding areas china hasn't managed to keep the virus
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contained it is now i reached year up one patient is being isolated at this hospital in bordeaux the confirmed cases had recently traveled to china. to talk we are going to do everything possible to contain this epidemic knowing that it is possible and even probable that there will be other cases particularly in europe just because they're on 20 other identified cases today doesn't mean that no other cases a secular. each state brings new announcements of infection the autonomy chinese region of macau confirmed at 2nd case on friday it's the same story in hong kong patients suffering from pneumonia are being taken to an infectious disease center even at a press briefing protective masks are everywhere i sort of occupancy is. more than 70 percent so it's a very hot and c. and they are trying to. come in through they see more cases of
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also being confirmed in the united states singapore thailand south korea and japan a hospital in tokyo carried back to drill to train staff in dealing with an infectious disease. if you were in vietnam a chinese father and son tested positive for the disease making them the 1st confirmed cases in the country in the united kingdom several suspected patients were given the all clear countries across the globe are on edge and monitoring closely where the virus will pop up next. up to john epstein is a disease ecologist with the eco health alliance and he joins me from new york now john we have these 1st reported cases in europe and also in the u.s. how prepared is the world for this outbreak. good evening well i think the world is as well prepared as it ever has been historically it's
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a very different time than it was in 2003 when sars curve are submerged there's incredible communication and transparency of information coming out of china and the w.h.o. has been involved in helping to coordinate information as well so every country is aware of the risk of travelers coming in who are infected and have set up screening at airports and entry points and so there's pretty good surveillance systems in place ok and one of those measures is that more than 40000000 people have been quarantined in china will that stop this current of virus from spreading especially this weekend when china is having its holiday the chinese lunar new year. well unfortunately this comes at a bad time given the amount of travel with the lunar new year but also the fact that this virus seems to have a 14 day period so before the corn teens in the cordoning off of cities was set up there were people who may have been exposed infected who perhaps are a symptomatic and may have moved out of the area so we expect that there will still
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be travel related cases moving throughout china and also internationally and do we have any confirmation yet on the origin of this virus and how we can really prevent this kind of outbreak from happening again. yeah the good news is we do have a really good understanding about viruses related to this one this is a virus that's closely related to sars current a virus that emerged in 2003 and what we know very well is that there is a group of corona viruses that are carried by bats including sars and likely including this one this virus is about 96 percent similar to the sars virus which we know is carried by small insectivorous bats in china so what we still don't know is exactly which animal may have infected the group of people who are in the on seafood market but we can say with confidence and there is a paper out 2 days ago by our colleagues in mohan talking about the genetic relatedness of this virus to bat coronaviruses so likely this is about origin virus
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and we need to understand how it was transmitted to people in that marketplace. ok john abstain from the eco health alliance thank you. thank you. at least 18 people are dead and more than 500 injured after a quake in eastern turkey the quake struck near the town of seaver j. in the eastern province of eliza about 550 kilometers east of the capital ankara it was followed by dozens of aftershocks some of them almost a strong as the initial quake rescue teams and all searching for survivors trapped in collapsed buildings. they don't know exactly how many people could be trapped but it's vital to reach them as quickly as possible. within seconds of the quake striking wolf that had provided shelter which transformed into a deadly cascade of stone and wood. rescue is risked their own lives in the hope of
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finding more survivors. several have already been pulled alive from piles of rubble . the tremors started just before 9 in the evening. they were so strong that they were felt beyond turkey's borders as. foreign objects were not the only danger the quake also sparked a fire on the roof of this residential building or storage fees are warning residents not to return to damaged buildings because of the risk of further aftershocks. it will likely be days before the full extent of the damage is no. for now the focus is on locating people who may still be buried desperately waiting to be found. now will take a brief look at some of the stories making news around the world. tens of thousands of iraqis have gathered in central baghdad to denounce the u.s.
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military presence in their country the demonstration was organized by shiite cleric and politician. and iranian linked forces hours later 2 protesters were killed and $25.00 wounded in separate anti regime protests in the city. german chancellor angela merkel and turkish president raja type 2 and have agreed to work to apply all the 2016 refugee deal between turkey and the e.u. under the deal and pledged to stop refugees traveling to europe in return for about 6000000000 euros present one has accused the e.u. of not honoring its commitments. u.s. president donald trump has attended the bush in march for life in washington the 1st sitting u.s. president to do so trump took to the stage as thousands gathered for the annual protest a rallying point for opponents to abortion rights which was granted to women in the u.s. in 1973 troops appearance coincides with america's election year hoping to win
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a 2nd and even gentle christians are among his most loyal supporters. spoke to correspondent publicly arius was in washington for us and i asked him how significant it is that trump turned up to this rally in person well in fact in the past republican presidents such as george w. bush and ronald reagan have actually addressed the group bush in fact they did that remotely which is very different to what president trump did because he actually attended the march here on friday in washington d.c. now one thing that's very important is that the voters a big percentage of the voters of president are against abortion if they don't want to. completely against abortion they also want to see perhaps a tightening of the current abortion laws in the united states just to give you a little bit of a figure here from back in 2016 around 4 in every 5 evangelical voter
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president. for every 5 evangelical voter actually voted for president trump in that election so it just shows the importance of this group for the president coming up to election in $2829.00 many of those in attendance on friday were shouting out support for the president it was almost like a like a rock concert at times there their support for him and also we can't forget the president has already made changes that this group of people is very pleased about such as appointing you know can. servant of judges he's also by and clinics for receiving tax money if they promote abortions and in his speech to the crowd apart from focusing of course on the abortion issue he went on the attack of democrats and it wasn't a surprise for many you know there is
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a big difference now between the democrats and republicans in the united states on the issue of abortion i would say in fact that they have polar opposing views on the issue and also there was a very symbolic element to the march on friday let's not forget that this was taking place just down the street practically from the competition where the impeachment senate trial of president was taking place and there he was in front of a large crowd of his supporters as these proceedings were underway. i was d.w. correspondent pablo foley areas reporting from washington d.c. . to football in the dorm and put on a dominant performance in a 51 win against cologne on friday night thanks in part to a rising star dortmund's new whiz kid in holland hit the target twice for his 2nd game for the club after scoring a hat trick in his debut last week the 19 year old norwegian proved once again that
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he has what it takes to be a major new force in the game for a long time to come i. the 1920 s. was an extraordinary time in berlin and the culture and politics of the era have inspired the most expensive german t.v. series ever made the aptly named babylon it's just returned for a 3rd season but international fans will have to wait a bit longer for now it's only screening in germany. and old hollywood maxim says a film should start with an earthquake and work up to a climax the earthquake in babylon berlin is a stock market crash of 929 and many see only one way out. hollywood could have hardly state it better or. our hero is caught up in the mail of the world economic crisis commission.
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traumatized by well for one he's now a mental wreck addicted to drugs but still a great investigator. the new season is again based on a novel by far. in the silent death silent movies being edged out by talkies. the new season of babylon berlin is set in the glamorous world of the film industry . at a time of rapid change being in the spotlight is not always easy but shouldn't be facing. us can also see it. in the pinnacle of german t.v. series production with great attention to detail the makers have captured the spirit of the times and recreated the berlin of 100 years ago plenty of historical
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facts mixed with a sprinkling of dramatic fiction is the formula much more captivating than a simple retelling of history. from my money comes from the. image book option as to whether the new approach would also back on the case emancipated criminologist is definitely ahead of her time. but beyond the lynn returns with 12 new episodes of johnson the volcano as berlin enjoys the hot seat on the faintly aware of the catastrophe waiting around the corner when the nazis seize power. is a reminder of the top story we're following. france has confirmed 3 cases of the coronavirus
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from china there it's the 1st reported in europe china has restricted trouble for more than 14000000 people in a bid to contain the virus the diseases killed at least 41 people so far more than 1200 confirmed cases in china alone. stay tuned for africa with any mica genius up next i'm told me a logical i'll be back at the top of the. what secrets lie behind these walls. discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. e.w. world heritage 360 get the map now. in the.
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climate change. because from the surface.


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