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with us for all time by. the sound of fresh starts february 7th w. home. this is d w news line from bergland china's deadly coronavirus keep spreading appearing on 2 more consonants australia and europe meanwhile in china where the outbreak began the number of confirmed infections as jumps authorities have restricted the movement of over 53000000 people to stop the virus from spreading will get more from our correspondents on the ground also coming up
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a powerful earthquake strikes the east of turkey killing at least 20 people and injuring hundreds more emergency services are searching for survivors still stuck under the rubble. and badly longer land returns the 3rd season of the hit t.v. series is set in the weeks all around the great stock market crash of the 1929. i'm calling aspen thanks for joining us australia has become the latest continent to confirm a case of the corona virus which originated in china 3 cases have also now been found in europe all 3 appeared in france in the capital paris and in the city of bordeaux all the visuals there are said a 48 year old pay. it had been traveling through china and passed through high
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that's the epicenter of the outbreak france's health minister said authorities are not ruling out finding new cases were meant to do we are going to do everything possible to contain this epidemic knowing that it is possible and even probable that there will be other cases particularly in europe just because they're on 20 other identified cases today doesn't mean that no other case is a secular. meanwhile here are the latest numbers in china the virus has now killed at least 41 people with more than 1300 others affected authorities are taking unprecedented measures to try to stop the spread of the virus travel restrictions remain in place in over a dozen cities in china and all of the countries 70000 movie theaters have also been closed the actions are urgent as millions are on the move over the lunar new year holiday. as the scale of the outbreak grows so too does the urgency of the
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response in ruhani construction is underway on a new hospital for coronavirus patients chinese authorities say will be complete in just over a week the city at the outbreaks epicenter remains under a transport lockdown road checks. was drivers with a high temperature ascent to hospital across china almost 40000000 people face travel restrictions during the important new year holiday in an office that treats a lot of people had no way to get home i really feel for them because i can understand what it's like to have been working hard to way from home for a year everyone looks forward to being with their family i want but in this situation there's really nothing we can say that innocent for. the outbreak even featured on state television saloon a new year broadcast with host sending messages of support to medical staff. in airports across the globe scenes like this are becoming common officials using
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thermal monitors to screen travelers for signs of fever around the world concern is heating up. but we have team coverage on the spread of that virus i'm joined now by correspondent lisa lewis she is in paris and fabiana crèche in beijing for us we want to start with lisa lisa the 1st european cases of the virus have now been confirmed those are in france what more can you tell us about the situation there in those infections. well the authorities have said that all these 3 people recently traveled to china and then came back one person for 48 year old man in the door in southwestern france he apparently is from china is french and he has french nationality he went to see as soon as meet some wheezed which is an overnight doctors service all over the weekend and they very quickly identified the symptoms and also when they learned that he was actually from 100 where the virus comes from
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really they put him on to on the client and transferred him to hospital the authorities here are saying that 2 more cases have been detected in paris it looks like it was 1st one person then someone else who had been in touch with that person obviously the authorities are trying to reassure everybody and saying we've got everything in place to to deal with this especially as we had to deal with other diseases that was similar in the past ok fabiana crash but now in beijing it's the chinese new year today but so liberations not taking place as usual how is china responding. yeah i'm in beijing right now and here every of the public gatherings they've been canceled also the tourist attractions have been closed the parts of also the chinese wall have been close and dow definitely doesn't feel like that typical chinese new year usually it's also the season where the best expanding that's really high but now people prefer to stay it's whole they don't books
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restaurants they don't spend so much on gifts for their families so yeah definitely it's quite different and it's you asa population and especially in among the young there's also some kind of anger against the local authorities in holland and in a province because just 2 days before they shut down the city you know it's done all the transportation they were extending leftish sing and song dinners and. take it really cannot understand well the popular forty's tell the people to wear face masks and to avoid all public gatherings but of course they themselves are quite different beings lisa what about there in france what measures are french authorities taking to stop the spread of the virus now that we are seeing the 1st cases appearing there. well the authorities have said that they are well prepared there are 3 specific hospitals in paris they're prepared to deal with such infectious diseases the health minister and his bizarre said yesterday that people
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if they had similar symptoms that they shouldn't go to see someone at the hospital or contact their local g.p. there's a special helpline they need to call and then people will come and make some tests at their home and then maybe bring them to specialized services obviously the health minister has said that she would give a daily update on the situation she said there probably going to be more cases like this in france and she also said that probably these cases were 1st detected in france because france had developed as one of the 1st countries a method to detect the virus now people here obviously quite concerned about this is you look at social media they're really wondering why there aren't systematic checks at airports because there are people who've talked to french media in the past saying you know i just got home for dinner and no one actually checked me no one controlled me i had lisa lewis with the leaders there in paris and fabienne
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question for us in beijing thank you both. well you can find the latest information and the tips on how to protect yourself from the virus check out our website w dot com all right moving on now to some of the stories making news around the world tens of thousands of demonstrators have returned to france's streets to oppose a planned overhaul of the pension system the government has unveiled its final version of the draft law which critics say will force millions to work longer france has been hit by strikes and other actions since early december. and protesters took to the streets to mark the 100th day of social unrest in the capitals on these used water cannon and tear gas to clear the demonstrators at least 27 people have died in the protests driven by anger over any quality and high living costs. us presidents donald trump has attended the anti-abortion march for life in washington d.c. he's the 1st sitting president to do so trump's appearance coincides with america's
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presidential election year he's hoping to win a 2nd term in 2020 and abortion opponents are among his most loyal supporters. german chancellor angela merkel and turkish president wretch of time aired on have agreed to work to uphold the 26000 refugee deal between turkey and the e.u. under the deal uncorrupt pledge to stop refugees traveling to europe in return for about 6000000000 euros president everyone has accused the e.u. of knocks on the ring its commitments. well staying in turkey or at least 20 people are dead and more than $900.00 injured after an earthquake in the east of the country the quake struck near the town of that's about 550 kilometers east of the capital ankara it was followed by dozens of aftershocks some of which were nearly as strong as the initial quake rescue teams are now searching for survivors trapped in collapsed buildings. the sun rose to reveal. picture of
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devastation exhausted rescue crews working their way through the rubble searching for survivors still pulling people from collapsed buildings rescuers have been battling the unfolding disaster all night. the tremors began at 9 in the evening terrified residents recorded the impact as the ground shook the need their feet relief efforts have been hampered by aftershocks almost as powerful as the initial quake. in freezing temperatures families became homeless overnight show on download images our houses are either collapsed or damaged we cannot go back to our village some people have died i hope god will help us and give us patience our animals died we have to spend the night here by the fire or to the.
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collapsed buildings are not the only danger the quake also sparked a fire on the roof of this house. authorities are warning residents not to return to damaged buildings because of the risk of further aftershocks it will likely be days before the full extent of the damage is known. but thousands of people already know that they have no home to return to. the 1920 s. were an extraordinary time here in berlin and the culture and politics of the era have inspired the most expensive german t.v. series ever made the absolute named babylon berlin it's just returned now for a 3rd season but international fans will have to wait a little bit longer for now it's only screening here in germany. an old hollywood maxim says a film should start with an earthquake and work up to a climax the earthquake in babylon berlin is the stock market crash of 1929
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and many see only one way out. hollywood could have hardly staged it better or doc. our hero is caught up in the maelstrom of the world economic crisis commission i guess leon got traumatized by a well for one he's now a mental wreck addicted to drugs but still a great investigator. the new season is again based on a novel by far. in the silent deaths silent movies of being edged out by talkies. the new season of babylon berlin is set in the glamorous world of the film industry at a time of rapid change being in the spotlight is not always easy but shouldn't be faced
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. must also see it. on berlin the pinnacle of german t.v. series production with great attention to detail the makers have captured the spirit of the times and recreated the berlin of the 100 years ago plenty of historical facts mixed with a sprinkling of dramatic fiction is the formula much more captivating than a simple retelling of history. in my money comes from the. image look option as to harder than you. or your mission also back on the case emancipated criminologist is definitely ahead of her time. but beyond berlin returns with 12 new episodes of johnson the volcano as berlin
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enjoys the potty and the faintly aware of the catastrophe waiting around the corner when the nazis seize power. all right sports now in the bundesliga door been put on a dominant performance in a 51 when against cologne on friday night thanks in part to a rising star dorman's new with kid erling hole and hit the target twice in just his 2nd game for the club he scored a hat trick in his debut last week is 19 years old the norwegian proving once again that he has what it takes already to be a major new force in the game for a long time to come. all right a reminder now of the top story that we're tracking for you at this hour china's deadly corona virus has spread to australia and europe china has restricted the
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movement of over 50000000 people and extended travel bans virus has killed at least $41.00 people so far and there are $1300.00 confirmed cases around the world. coming up next sports life don't forget the meantime all the latest news and information available around the clock on our web site that's d w dot com or follow us on twitter at d.f.w. news i'm carl aspen and i will be back with more news at the top of the. news. group. can i am going to get. sick closest place to hail a mysterious and skinning kiran. and james does
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a camp. own planes kimi and. the world view.


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