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this is the w.'s live from berlin tonight greg said deja vu britain and the european union facing off yet again this time on the train works its negotiator for the e.u. michel barnier a warning that both sides need to prepare for a possible cliff edge no deal outcome at the end of this year british prime minister boris johnson is firing back saying we will not accept. also coming up tonight the turkish president of one warns moscow not to stand in his way if turkey which delegates that gives an attack in northern syria by syrian forces civilians
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caught up in the fighting are being forced to flee their homes and china opens its new high speed hospital built in just 10 days that will help treat the influx of patients infected with the coronavirus a 1000 new vests to help stop the spread of the infection. i'm burnt off it's good to have you with us just days after britain left the european union the next breaks a chapter apparently is beginning both sides are squaring off for what looks likely to be tough trade talks representing the e.u. breaks in negotiating michel barnier is signaling that brussels will demand tough terms on issues such as fishing rights and a level playing field for businesses british prime minister boris johnson says that
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he wants a free trade agreement but he says not at any cost. the ceiling fresco in the old well naval college provided a fitting context it was begun in the 18th century the same year another set of talks resulted in the union of england and scotland laying out his strategy johnson displayed similar self-confidence the choices in fact it may not be you all new to you we have a deal. done it and it did indeed turn out what i currently prophesied to be up and ready. the question. is whether we agree a trading relationship with the e.u. comparable to canada's or more like australians. but australia's train deal with the e.u. is a work in progress so technically doesn't that mean no deal is back on the table or up attention. news take on london's approach was decidedly less rosy i don't think
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i'm sure that's why the and you commissioning will also prepare the situation in which we end with no deal of face this is not what we want but we must get ready for the possibility of facing an abyss at the end of this year for you half a confederacy of. the lead up to the joint talks between london and brussels could hardly have been frosty or. earlier i spoke to didn't use very good matias or correspondent in london i asked her about the u.k. stance in the post breaks that negotiations began today. well boris johnson wants to be seen as somebody who's fright fighting for the rights of the u.k. for the independence they want to make the most of bricks and they arguing what's the point of bragg's it if we don't divert from e.u. rules so he has some very symbolic industries for example fisheries where he just wants to be seen as standing up to brussels and he says that this is not
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non-negotiable it's very much for bracks innovators in the north of england this is a very sensitive topic even though economically fisheries are not very important for the u.k. but these symbolic industries and these sort of symbolic moves where he says we're just not going to subjugate under any more e.u. rules we want to come to an agreement we want to see eye to eye but we're not going to just do what the e.u. tells us to do. that was reporting in london there are some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world $76.00 children plus their parents have been airlifted out of the war torn yemeni capital so now it's the 1st so-called mercy flight organized by the united nations now the saudi backed yemeni government has been preventing commercial flights from departing from rebel held sanaa since 2016 migrants have clashed with police during protests on the greek island of lesbos officers through tear gas canisters to disperse 2000 migrants the
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asylum seekers were rallying against conditions in camps on the island rights groups and the united nations have repeatedly expressed concern over conditions and slow processing of migrants they are malawi's constitutional court has overturned the result of last year's presidential election citing widespread irregularities now the incumbent president. claimed she had won that vote narrowly months of violent unrest followed amidst which opposition candidates challenge the election result the government has not said it will appeal today's ruling to the supreme court's. in the united states the race for the democrats vying to become the party's next presidential nominee kicks off today the iowa caucuses are the 1st of a series of contests between 11 democratic presidential hopefuls yes 11 but there's
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really 4 who are leading right now narrowly in the polls at the top is senator familiar face bernie sanders you know him from the race in 2016 there's also the former vice president joe biden and then there's a newcomer pete booted jake the mayor of south bend indiana and running off the top 4 is u.s. senator elizabeth warren. spondon alexander phenomena she traveled to the capital of iowa to mourn and she said this is report. for thompson this is the most exciting time to be a guy away when her state is once again in the national spotlight as a volunteer for the democratic party she likes to joke that politics is sort of sport and religion with all your love with my candidate it's all about growing out of fear i got to talk to her. and i want.
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this time it's senator amy club one who stops and support as a moderate candidate from the midwest i've. lived this is ruth and i'm a volunteer for the amy columbus circle and just calling to remind you that tomorrow night it's caucus night here in iowa and thousands of volunteers like you is thompson not comprehending what other candidates in iowa until the last minute well what's more important than our democracy and shaping our country for the next few years i mean the cynical part of me says because we got out of here but what's more important than investing in your country. that's what's cut roots has spent has been doing for hours now canvassing and then neighborhood where i am a club. even though she's not considered a frontrunner in iowa we were able to work with republicans and i used to be a republican. i have written this in my nature. health care plan with change america's standing in the world issues that matter here scott
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thompson says he hopes for a democratic nominee who can bring together at the party and a divided country because the mayor and if we republican and i know the importance of working with people you may not agree with. but you need their support and they need your support for it and so you know your trade off you you make concessions where you have to i mean while at the party's headquarters in des moines ruth thompson the to sort out some details she has to caucus share and hopefully seeing to and in charge of organizing believe that it's like a neighborhood connecting she says that when people get together and in the open try to win over and they have friends to support their candidate the thing that makes the caucus unique is that you are really looking your neighbor n.e.i. and saying you know i'm supporting my candidate because her values are the same as mine and they are and if if your neighbor is not really sure or they're not solid
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with their candidate you can say well you know you are you think that climate change is important so let's let me tell you what i mean thinks about climate change is a suitable watch party and the grill restaurant in denmark scott's thompson has come to have a cold beer and to meet these candidates one more time before the caucus mockery out of a meeting with you doesn't really want much less like to do we want to have record turnout yes we do both of them really want to do you mean we do know them better. and should definitely talk he says it's a long run with more primaries to follow however winning iowa can mean the momentum for a page and that's why it's so exciting at this time of year to be in iowa. all right from north america to africa the president of angola. has told the w. news that his country now has an unprecedented opportunity for change after
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corruption allegations against the former president's daughter that's right billionaire isabel dos santos is accused of stealing hundreds of millions in public funds while hitting the state run oil company in angola the allegations were published by a team of investigative journalist santos insists that she's the target of a smear campaign. creech said down with him goes president started by asking about rumors that dos santos is negotiating a deal to pay back part of that money that was allegedly stolen from a source saying from the. most information he's unfounded. the. we would like to make clear that there are no negotiations at the brink. of. war there will be no negotiations and there was an opportunity to do so that the
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very people who are involved in lots of corruption benefited from a 6 month period of grace to return our since they took illegally out of the country. those who have used that chance would not be responsible for any consequences that may result. from now the documents that are really quite quite clear do you want to see her behind bars firmly from the preferred not to answer it's a judicial matter and i'm not a judge of any of the documents indicates that some of the deals happened with the no let's just sometimes on the orders of the former president for example presidential decrease to give undervalued lands to isabelle's companies why don't you go after the former president you must know a legislation what i mean by that. i could go to the former president for at least 5 years after they finished. but would you consider going after him after the time
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. before. the justice system not to politicians of either indicts people. it's the justice system that investigates possible crimes. the mission of politicians is to design policies ensuring that the justice system can be briefed within its competence is. the. president doesn't send people to cool it open i wouldn't even have time for that there are many cases in the country. by the opposition representatives that basically saying the justice system is not as independent as you are saying that it is very well controlled by the government was the response to that. that may have been the case in the past that it's not today. today they have the absolute liberty to want it. that's the reason why there are so many trials with you but if
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you particularly related to corruption. now you served as the secretary general of the m.p.l. as a defense minister as well you knew the former president very well worked under him for a very long time why didn't you bring all these criticism up during that time. now . it's true that i've worked under president. bush. we all did. he stayed in power for almost 40 years. no one can say he or she was not part of the system. but it seems that we were all part of the system. those who are in a better position to correct what is wrong. and improve what is good in your database that bad of those who know the system from with it is witnesses that will
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prevent it but then you must have seen that is a very corrupt system because this is what the documents now show us and that's what even though investigations meant the profile to group that has shifted along with this is that it is precisely because i've seen these high levels of corruption or wish stagnant because i think that the situation should not continue. that we are fighting what we have seen for decades but they will creeps along with that the only force but annoying is. comfortable for us to leave things as they were before my age would not be correct. or. that is. we've now got a chance for a change woman and this is the right time to do it when we know it demands a lot of courage and we face some resistance we would rather fight that resistance and that i don't leave things as they would be full. that was the president of angola. speaking there with our correspondent adrian creech turkey's
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president roger tell you better one says the turkish military has quote neutralized dozens of syrian government troops it comes in retaliation for an attack on turkish forces in syria the deadly flare up in war torn it is heightening tensions between turkey and russia there the 2 biggest foreign powers in syria's long running conflict but they backed opposing sides in lip. ankara is keen to show it means business. more military vehicles continue to head towards its lead today after the killing of turkish soldiers in the province the turkish president said his country had been forced to retaliate against syrian troops and he warned moscow not to stand in his way. that was as a result of these airstrikes people 5 of whom are soldiers and 3 civilians were
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martyred of course we said this cannot go on and the necessary response was given at the moment we are doing what is necessary from the ground and from the air . while the turkish defense ministry says that damascus had shelled their troops despite being aware of their movements moscow claims the turkish units had failed to notify them monday's tit for tat shelling comes as the syrian government and its russian ally up their deadly bombardment of the last rebel held territory in northwestern syria all too often it's displaced civilians who are caught up in the fighting today 9 people were killed in a reported russian airstrike on their vehicle near the city of aleppo turkey which already hosts 3600000 refugees from syria fears a new wave of migrants as a result of the new offensive. i saw according to the latest figures
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unfortunately approximately 1000000 people are marching to our borders. people including children and elderly are coming to our borders with whatever they can retrieve. with pressure at the border growing tensions between ankara and moscow over the rebel enclave seem set to escalate further. but china has opened a hospital built in just a matter of 10 days to treat people infected with a new strain of the corona virus in the hospital is in the city of new haunt that's the city of 11000000 people where the virus is believed to have originated before it began spreading around the world the hospital will treat up to a 1000 patients china says the corona virus has now killed more than 360 people there and infected with than 17000 others. after just 10 days of construction the new hospital is operational it was designed especially for the
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epidemic isolation wards make up power the facility china says. it is like i did in wu han the a.p. center of the current virus outbreak a 2nd hospital with more beds is due to be finished lighted this wake. right now who had it on lockdown fresh supplies of being delivered by the army. thousands of rain force months have been brought in to cali but the country is in urgent need of surgical masks and medical equipment china is accepting donations from other countries and officials are confident the demand for supplies here will be met. don't let you. not we were able to double leopard auction capacity we have the role materials to increase production and supply and. many companies are large about overproduction but we have assured them that the government will
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collect and store any surplus in supplies after the epidemic. you should with the virus still spreading demand from mosques is unlikely to fall in the short term but things could change if an effective vaccine is produced there is now a global drive to develop one get on to those habits bear fruit life at the a.p. center of this outbreak were mind restricted. we're going to hear the big table tonight is a professor from the at home school here in berlin he specializes in disaster relief microbiology and infection epidemiology it's good to have you on the show professor i mean we just heard right there that the chinese were able to build this hospital in just 10 days which is quite easy feat do you think as a medical professional do you think that also speaks to their ability to treat everyone who's become sick and to contain this outbreak well this hospital is this
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new hospital of course was meant to. sustain the ability to to contain the virus in the epicenter all 3 of the outbreak and this is just an attempt to to put took at a time in the very center offices outbreak. yes of course it is it is a good measure amazing it is amazing and well it is not only that it is a mobile hospital but it is a real. construction of a hospital and we need learning also in the west couple of days that this has not been a smooth or a transparent operation by the chinese authorities in dealing with this there have been officials fired we've had doctors who were publicly complaining about what the government has or has not been doing do you think that we have lost valuable time and maybe even lives because of this what we learn from these days is that there
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was a certain de lay in in dealing with this whole problem is this rising problem. of course you have to estimate by the it is if you know one or not it it looked already in the very beginning it looked quite similar to was a sauce starting phase now we have more information about that but then z. is a measure of the chinese public health authorities very strict and and robust. bitch too strict in some regards of course but but no indeed as w h o o stated today the outcome is quite good so that it was really restricted to the epicenter and to some surrounding regions in china and that we have only a few cases outside of china is also a result of these sort of what we're what we're talking about though you know a pandemic that is bigger than the sars outbreak was going to do you do you have
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trust in the chinese authorities now i mean it's not 2002 that's true but do you think that there is enough transparency i think yes that's enough transparency about the measure us right now and we have also very close surveillance by w.h.o. about some measures that china is undertaking but of course of all it's the real numbers it just christian of other on notified cases than just commented on by the as well as an estimate of the notified cases in his her own things but anyway. the measure. in terms of keeping all containing the global threat by by this virus we did in china has complained that it's being isolated in the world the u.s. says that it's not going to let the chinese come into the country right now we've got other countries who are following suit i mean it sounds diplomatically harsh
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but as a medical professional do you think that's the right thing to do now. well in terms of globalization it's all of us difficult to contain a virus just by his use measures of shutting down and traffic and so on but. of course it's helped to prolong the time where you can prepare as a counter measures in the diff in the different countries that were not affected but. indeed it is perhaps a bit over done by by some governments and you really have to be. about current situation so if you have a you have a new sauce like corona virus outbreak it is the symptoms not source of you as sol's walls so the spread is a bit fastest but indeed as the impact on on case fatality rate and anything else has to be compared also with other infectious diseases for
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example influenza if you look at seasonal influenza death toll. it's much higher professor to minorities we appreciate your insights tonight thank you very much thank you. isis forces now soccer and in the german bundesliga fribourg have been the season's over achievers so far but they lost on sunday to a strong cologne team who are now comfortably 6 points clear of the relegation spots despite being on the receiving end of a 51 thrashing last weekend cologne fans have had plenty to cheer about recently with their side finally getting into gear on the hosts were 1st to draw blood less than half an hour was played when 5 will fail to clear this corner leaving defenders a bust on board now to tap in his 4th goal of the campaign the summer signing contributing on both ends of the pitch. after the break 5 will once again failed to clear their lines leaving strike
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a john called the bouts of double the lead by people like sunday's follow parried the ball into space and caught the work he did up. blacks defending continued kingsley ac buoys mazie run was left virtually unchallenged in the 91st minute resulting in the 1st bundesliga goal for the right back on just one minutes later he smale yako ups added another to seal food mill and results colognes biggest home big 3 since 2011. it's their 5th when in 6 games now while opponents fi borg have cooled off considerably managing just one in the same period. well this is the news and these are our top stories china has opened a new hospital in the city of han it took 10 days to build the hospital and it's designed to cope with a surging number of coronavirus patients in the city where the 360 people have died
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since an outbreak began there at the start of the year. just days after breaks it officially began london in brussels have announced that they're negotiating positions for coming trade talks prime minister boris johnson says he does not want to follow e.u. regulations but e.u. chief negotiator michel barnier says that london must remain aligned with the e.u. use. its president. has a warning to moscow not to stand in his way after turkey retaliated against an attack in northern syria by syrian forces the strikes killed troops from both sides thousands of civilians are being forced to flee their homes. u.s. democratic presidential hopefuls have begun making their final push for votes ahead of monday's iowa caucuses democratic voters in the states will be the 1st to decide who should face republican donald trump in the presidential election. is he.
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from or you can follow us on twitter or you can visit our web site www dot com. and coming up next our close up this additional devastating bush fires i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day good to see you. it.
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was daily the fires have devastated human and natural environments alike and how are the people fairing now the politicians to be held accountable all right. and will australia never fully recover from the destruction of continents documenting nations like all ravaged by drought and fire close up. next on g.w. .
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least. more than $12000000.00 hectares of land have been ravaged since the outbreak of the astray in bushfires in october $2900.00 that's an area only.


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