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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 7, 2020 12:00am-12:15am CET

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this is developing news live from berlin with the impeachment drama behind him u.s. president donald trump goes on the attack trump lashes out at his opponents calling them evil it comes after u.s. senators threw out the impeachment charges against him trump says he suffered a terrible ordeal and calls the trial a just price. also coming up the fallout from the coronavirus in beijing a busy capitol that now looks like a ghost town this is usually a bustling commercial street lots of souvenir shops mock shops tourists who visit
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usually come to spend time here today i'm the only one. plus german politics is rocked by a backlash involving the far right the preemie of the east instead of the range of steps down into a after being elected with the hill both the populist alternatives to germany. it's good to have you with us us president donald trump has addressed the nation a day after he was acquitted at his impeachment trial speaking from the white house trump said he was the victim of a long and corrupt process the trial may be over but deep divisions remain between the president and the most powerful democrat in washington u.s. house speaker nancy pelosi. at. the national prayer
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breakfast in washington traditionally it's a nonpartisan gathering designed to promote unity and reconciliation the day after his then acquittal president trump was a no mood for forgiveness. as everybody knows my family our great country and your president have been put through a terrible ordeal. by some very dishonest and corrupt people. they have done everything possible to destroy us and by so doing very badly hurt our nation a clear swipe at democratic leader nancy pelosi who were seated just down the table from trump fortitude and struck for months she had been leading the charge to remove him from office later in the day palosi fired back.
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and at play hard for him because he's so off the track of our constitution our values after country the air our children praise the water they drink and the rest he really needs our prayers but trump was still hoping to get the last word in a televised address at the white house the president targeted the u.s. house speaker once more nancy pelosi is a horrible person. and she wanted to impeach a long time ago when she said i prefer the president i pray for the president pretty she may pray but she prays for the opposite but i doubt she prays it all and these are vicious people least did it likely won't be the president's last salvo in his ongoing feud with the most powerful woman in washington. impeachment may be in the rearview mirror but today's hostilities signaled more bitter division lies
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ahead. well for more on donald trump's post impeachment speech and what this could mean for the election coming up let's cross to g.w. correspondent all of a salad in washington hi there all of trump's speech felt like a cross between a triumphant lap of him repeating that he's a victim and also a warning of sorts how is what he's said being interpreted over there. well jared is fancy law firm for what he is really but if you talk to critics they would rather interpret this as a very bizarre and unpresidential appearance probably one of the most bizarre appearances he's had in a long time and he's also had this very vindictive tone there at the speech you just showed an excerpt in this report that was very telling because it gave you a look into his world view where divides people into bad and evil who oppose him versus those who support him adam schiff for instance the leader at leading manager in the impeachment trial and mitt romney the senator who convict him were called
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vicious he also called into closing the speaker of the house a horrible person and what's really interesting here also and what stands out if you if you compare his response to the one of bill clinton after his impeachment trial where he apologized to the american people essentially saying that he was profoundly story to trigger all that and well president trump did not have that quite an extraordinary speech all of it let's look a little bit further what implications does the impeachment and the acquittal have on the upcoming election you know can trump be trusted for example to avoid the kinds of activities that got him under investigation in the 1st place. what we learned from that speech here is a trump pretty much things that he did everything ride the democrats are the evil and that added cute certainly set the tone for the come pain that we're going to see in the next months with regards to his conduct that is very unlikely to change
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and that's also one of the reasons why the democrats decided to impeach him in the 1st place because trump in his presidency follows a certain pattern of totalitarian interpretation of the presidential office if you will also remember the report of special counsel robert mahler and all the unflattering details he unveiled there so we might see some of the coming up again plus of course a very divisive campaign all of it would contact about the impeachment and the press is talking about the democratic party that had lost the impeachment process and they still have to digest this fiasco surrounding the caucus results in iowa what type of shape is the party in there certainly not in their best moment right now jarrett well the acquittal was clear it was clear that president trump will be acquitted after this trial so the democrats who are nevertheless hoping for a shift in the public momentum there that never came and they were trying to make
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the case here that the republicans were hiding the truth when they did not allow witnesses and evidence so now they have to decide how they want to move on if they want to subpoena candidates and testify and here additional testing monye is like the one of john bolton outside the framework of impeachment or can return to the traditional election topics correspondent all of a sonnet in washington thank you paula. well the chinese doctor who 1st sounded the alarm on the corona virus outbreak has died from that very virus police accused . of spreading rumors when he spoke out well in 600 people willed wide have now died as a result of contracting the corona virus here in europe germany and britain have announced new cases of the disease china's capital beijing is not at the center of the outbreak but correspondent found its streets and squares deserted as the
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government attempts to bring the virus back under control. a rare sight in the dry winters of beijing the gate to the forbidden city covered in snow a few people have come out to take in this spectacle but getting inside is out of the question just like almost all public facilities beijing's most famous historic site remains closed i think it's good that the government took these measures we support them we depreciate even strength to measure is your. business activity has largely come to a halt across much of the capital this is usually a bustling commercial street lots of souvenir shops not shops tourists who visit beijing usually come to spend time here today and the only one. every day human interaction has become suspicious this shop asked its customers to stay outside and communicate their needs from the outside. some pharmacies take the same approach
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everyone is wearing. because the younger it's a national emergency we stand together when a standing together should not be taken literally residential complexes keep strangers out in this compound visitors have to register with their id the guards look for the place of birth who are overweight people can't get any even if they live here they'll be quarantined only people from whom province where the virus originated are to be isolated in this hotel discrimination against them is now rampant. at the entrance to the subway system a mandatory temperature. at the same site as everywhere in the city lots of space. trains are running as usual it's the passengers who were in. this circle line some of beijing's most in the haitian shopping area is the
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railway station. what road is today. beijing has reported less than $300.00 cases so far but fear here has spread much faster than the virus over. here is some of the other stories making news around the world today a palestinian man who opened fire on israeli security forces in jerusalem has been shot dead 2 more palestinians were killed in clashes with israeli forces in the west bank as tensions in the region rise israeli authorities also arrested a man accused of ramming his car into a group of soldiers injuring at least 12 people. oh a group of celebrities and politicians in germany have launched an appeal to have wiki leaks founder julian assange released from jail on medical grounds songes in a high security prison ahead of a hearing on whether he'll be extradited to the u.s.
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on spying charges he previously evaluated captured by taking diplomatic refuge in london embassy. and italian authorities say 2 people were killed when a high speed train derailed several others suffered serious injuries and investigation is underway to determine the cause of the darrelle meant which happened about 50 kilometers south of milan. well an outcry over the involvement of the far right in a normally obscure regional election has shaken german politics to the core on wednesday the right wing alternative for germany party helped mainstream parties elect a new premium in the east instead of 3 now that premise is he'll resign after nationwide outright his resignation cannot change the fact that a political to boot in germany has now been broken against cooperating with the government. just 24 hours. after becoming state premier
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thomas keneally announced his resignation. we will be requesting new elections in order to rid the stain of a hefty support from the office of state. mr president so. the pressure had proven to great families found himself on the front page of almost every german newspaper the election of the free democratic politician with the help of the far right d. had set off a political earthquake the shock waves reverberated all the way to south africa where the visiting anglo american made her position clear. as this was foreseeable it must be said that this is unforgivable and that's why the result must be reversed. there. had been the head of the
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smallest party in the state parliament his election by lawmakers was only made possible with votes from the a.f.p. and i'm glad machall c.d.u. party in the state. for the 1st time in german post-war history a far right party was kingmaker. the handshake between the new state premier and 3 india's a f t chief b.n. left many disgusted the head of the n.t. has left party through have ok the flowers that come on the street during the inauguration other parties join the chorus of criticism. this is in our citizen inacceptable breach of the elected state premier with the votes especially with a vote of mr hooker. to go. to a concert again with a very clear goal that they have to. enter into a joint alliance and elect to space in the supposed and i think within hours of the vote people had gathered all over germany to protest. demonstrations continued into
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thursday with protesters standing against fascism i'm rejecting a state premier who made it into office with the help of the far right. all record breaking u.s. astronaut christina has returned to earth alongside fellow crew members from the international space station all 3 landed safely on a sunny hillside in kazakhstan mission broke a record for the longest continuous stay in space by a woman she spent 328 days or the i.s.o.'s having left earth in march 29 tain the trail blazing astronaut also participated in the 1st all female space walk alongside fellow american jessica mia. don't forget you can always get news on the go just download from google from the out store that it gives you access to all the latest news from around the world and push notifications for any
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breaking news if you're part of a news story you can send us the g w up just send us your photos and videos. up next. africa with my colleague christine was there is more on our web site t w dot com thanks for watching.


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