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sitting. in for migrants platform. information. coming to you live from history is made at the. paris i for the 1st time ever a normal english language film wins the award for best picture. from south korea and it's written and directed by. had the latest historic night in hollywood
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also coming up northern europe braces a major winter storm sweeps through extreme weather has already came to ireland causing floods and disrupting travel. plus the powerful to contain the corona virus the death toll is approaching 1000 more than 40000 cases have been reported across china here from accounts from. fellow i'm terry martin good to have you with us the 92nd academy awards have made movie history in los angeles with the south korean film parasite becoming the 1st ever known english language film to win the top oscar for best picture. oscar.
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paris. it was a big night for a director. whose dark comedy about wealth inequality picked up a total of 4 trophies parasite became the 1st south korean film ever to win an oscar of any kind when it took best original screenplay earlier in the evening it also won the best director trophy for. best international film. well the movie correspondent scott joins us now for more on the oscars start i know that when the oscar nominations were announced you were very excited about parasite what in your opinion makes this an oscar worthy film. yeah terry. that was my favorite film of the year i saw it last year in can work won the palme d'or and i think it's amazing actually that the oscars got it right this year they
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almost never do in my opinion they almost never agree with me this year they did the the thing that makes such an amazing film is not just the fact that it's the 1st non english language film to win at the oscars it's because of what bunghole does with the movie i mean this this is a real genre mashup it starts sort of as a comedy satire to sort of thriller territory and by the end it's almost a horror movie at the whole time the whole film is a basically an allegory of the social division in society which although it's set very specifically in south korea is a very universal story i think is probably one of the strongest and most proficient directors working today and it's. almost a crime that korean cinema and him in particular haven't been recognized until now i think it's phenomenal that the oscars finally did get it right and finally recognized what's been happening in south korea for at least the last decade or so say about the american film industry scott that
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a non english language film has won best picture. well it says good things i think it says perhaps that as bongo suggested when he won the golden globe a little while ago he said that audiences should just get over the one inch barrier of subtitles and then they'll be open to a huge international cinema which is seems to be the case with the parasites win but i don't think we should see this is anything negative for hollywood because if you look at the other nominees in the other winners hollywood that is the big studios that really really well parasite was the only independent film nominated for the oscars this year all the other films were either from big studios or from netflix and so it does show you that those are traditional hollywood the big studio hollywood is still doing very very well while the same time opening up to cinema from around the world ok so a parasite winning is a positive development and your opinion and you say that's actually a bit of a surprise not just that the oscars now agree with you and the other big surprises
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at this year's ceremony. not so much i mean as i say parasite was the big. big shock for me because the sort of safe choice would have been the big prestige war film 1917 which won 3 oscars but all sort of in technical categories i think it was interesting to see that all the acting oscars went to the people we expect them to go to so walking phoenix winning for joe. renee zellweger winning for judy laura dern winning for marriage tori and then brad pitt finally winning his 1st oscar for once upon a time the hollywood i'd like to. focus on brad pitt just because this is probably the world's biggest film star and he played a role in this film where he's playing essentially himself playing the huge gorgeous film star and i think it was a bit of a tip of the hat to an old style movie icon that they gave the oscar to brad pitt
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and he gave a nice very sort of politically charged speech now no film award ceremony these days would be complete without a controversy of some color only some strong political statements the attention this times got. well there was a lot of focus this time on the lack of female representation at the oscars i mean there were no female directors nominated there were barely any women nominated at all at all categories this is measured by several of the people who one mentioned joaquin phoenix about i'd like to actually point out a silent comment that it was very very effective natalie portman the actress came to the oscars and on the red carpet she was wearing a dress with embroidery of the names of the female directors who were snubbed including a graphic airway and a french director matthew diaz but i thought that was a perfect statement saying how women voices that sort of been silenced at this year's oscars and some say that the oscar ceremony format is getting
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a bit tired and dusty any talk of changing its skull. well there is talk of for years specially shortening at the oscar ceremonies far too long it also is really a throwback to a much older time in the of the oscars been running since 1029 and the the world has moved on quite a bit since then but the only problem with every time they try to change the format is it always upsets some people and pleases others there's so many so much involved in the oscars now it's become sort of a huge machine for an entire industry reporting on the oscars it makes it very very difficult for to make any major changes i would like to see them at least shorten it by by an hour and a half but i think that's very very unlikely i think this version of the oscars is something we're going to have for many years to come scott thank you so much as always d w film critic scott roxboro. and. now a major winter storm is bearing down on parts of northern europe after having
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already battered of the british isles germany's entire long distance rail network is shut down and people across the region are being advised to stay indoors. blustery day at the bache in the belgian port of our stand despite the high winds walkers were out in force no swimming ones a sign not that many a paid came to take a dip. in the capital brussels the elements hamad buildings exposed to the storm's fury. in island go away was forced to cancel be opening ceremony for its year's european city of coachella and the aptly named wild land on the west coast to compounding. flooding in the north of england caused extensive damage to route around the village just as the storm battered britain there's been widespread transport disruption with emergency services warning people to travel only if
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absolutely necessary. there were chaotic scenes at london train stations travelers simply on able to reach their destinations. in a circle untrained to help a county that was suffering muslim capacity so i couldn't get on so now i'm waiting for the next one and it's been delayed country cutlets and i think she's going to kill. time not time to tell all again so the council. airports across europe cancelled hundreds of flights kitten month i have a business appointment tomorrow in berlin and was planning to travel to nice but i guess that's not going to happen. consonant to europe's west in the northern coast lines have also borne the brunt of the storm and it's not over yet. with the storm now sweeping across the southern shores of the boat takes a. and i reporter in iran john joins us on the line from.
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what's it like where you are. hi there are some positive signs i think people avoid coming this morning with less devastation and damage than they were expecting i mean the german weather service had predicted winds of up to 140 kilometers per hour and in some parts of germany that is the case parent bond it's actually been less damaging as what we might expect but of course it still has lead to severe disruptions say we're seeing schools being canceled been flights that have been redirected from claim by an airport and what places they've been asking people not trucks to come into work give us an idea of just how severe this storm related. it's a big one that the weather service had issued storm warnings from i think across germany the highest the 2nd highest level of the damage of speed of light on everything and that's led practically to
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a lot of disruption across the country so we've seen commuters have been particularly hard hit the german rail service so it's a bomb has come to long distance trains across the country and we're not entirely sure when that service will resume we're going to check morning. air and actually have been hard hit because. i mean they've got to sort out childcare when they found out that they go to the camp with their children so it's actually disruptive to decimate the cage and we've heard reports of a 16 year old i think in a nearby village quite strong who'd been hit on the head by a stick that had been picked up by the gusts of wind. has been injured now this storm wreaked havoc in england and in ireland it's not the continent it's sweeping through just where is it tracking and which areas need to be worried most. so it's coming there inland where it's moving i think the next couple of days we're going to see a movie from kind of the northwest i don't know quite the germans are coming back
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down south but i think the worst it certainly. seems to be over here but now. how come when do we expect transport and other services to resume and for life to return to normal here in germany and in surrounding countries. so we're waiting on the german or started in the train service attack to have a look this morning i find it just evaluate the scale of the damage that happened overnight. but we did it is expected that in the next day or 2 things should calm down and expect to return to normal. i mean as we know with climate change extreme weather events are getting more and more common for this storm may be may have died already and some parts of the country and will be dying out tomorrow in other parts of the sort of extreme weather events was going to become more and more that and. thank you very much for talking with us that was c w a g ranjan in bomb. now to some of the other stories making
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headlines around the world today african union countries have begun a 2 day summit in ethiopia focused on ways to promote peace on the continent south africa's president sirena opposes it took over the organization's rotating chair for the coming year. he said he wanted to ply our ties ending long running conflicts in libya and south sudan. groups in switzerland are celebrating after voters approved a law that bans discrimination based on sexual orientation the measure passed with 63 percent of the vote parliament passed the law 2 years ago but opponents forced a referendum on the issue. and ireland's general election has delivered a surprise result the 1st day of accounting. left wing republican party shin fein has won the largest share of the vote beating the 2 stablish centrist parties those parties ruled out a coalition with sinn fein before the election due to its history as the political
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wing of the paramilitary group the ira. health authorities in china have reported another up tick in the korean corona virus outbreak they say the death toll has passed $900.00 and that more than $40000.00 cases of the virus are now reported across the country thousands of people were allowed to disembark from a cruise ship in hong kong after a 4 day quarantine resulted in passengers testing negative for the virus another cruise ship off japan remains in quarantine with over 100 confirmed cases. a group of 20 german citizens are back away from will haunt in china are beginning to weeks corteen in their home country in military jets carried the evacuees carrying evacuees landed here in the capital when after a stopover in britain 17 citizens of other your peon union countries were also on
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board the german passengers were taken to a hospital on the outskirts of berlin were they'll be kept informed team for the next 14 days it is the 2nd group of german citizens to have been flown in from china since the corona virus began. well with me here in the studio is professor andrew allman a medical doctor and a free democratic member of german the german parliament's committee on health anchoring with us this morning thanks for having me so german citizens back you waited from have now been returned to germany what can you tell us about these evacuees and how they're being treated i think the german government did a good job to contain the infection and be spreading through out of germany the numbers are still very low in germany and we have a set up now of a lot of university hospitals in germany they could test for the virus so these
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evacuees i'm just wondering what's being done with them exactly they're going to be in quarantine preserved yes the institute here in berlin said they should be in quarantine for 14 days because we're still learning how this virus is reacting to tests could be false negative and they want to be sure that within 14 days if it stays negative symptomatic nothing should happen ok i'm told that there are 14 confirmed cases that are coronavirus in germany right now do you expect that number to rise i wouldn't be surprised if those numbers are rising coronaviruses a contagious virus very similar so far as we know so much to the influence of virus so that i wouldn't be surprised that there are undetectable cases coming into germany and that those numbers could rise on sunday the chinese prime minister asked goal for support is germany going to help china which is really struggling with this in terms of getting medical equipment and supplies or medical advice i
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cannot tell you anything about our chancellor merkel which she's planning to do but in the global world the global community of states i think we have to help each other we're we call it global health and if a country is asking for human terry health i think we should give that help professor allman thank you very much for talking with us this morning very well. medical doctor and a free democratic member of the german star serving on the health committee. france has recorded just 6 cases of the coronavirus but chinese people and others in east asian community there say they're becoming targets for discrimination with many taking to social media to share their stories c.w. correspondent saw their product or went to paris as main chinatown district to find out more a basement in paris is chinatown. these elaborate costumes were meant for the annual chinese new year parade the draws thousands of spectators but for the 1st
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time the event was called off the sea or suddenly 10 was a regular participant blames the coronavirus and the stigma if you would. it. was cancelled not out of fear of the coronavirus but the fear of children being stigmatized with being told that asian children are coming back from school crying because they were singled out and made fun of they were insulted and called names so we didn't feel like celebrating that it's been very tough it only 10 grew up in this neighborhood a melting pot known for its 960 s. high rise apartment blocks and dozens of station stalls and restaurants the frenchmen is of chinese and cambodian descent and says he'd never really experienced racism open the in paris until a week ago. it was a. mess took the metro and as i sat down the person next to me got up and moved away and then he covered his mouth and nose with a scar i realized it was
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a form of xenophobia and fear i was sad and shocked because it's far from being an isolated case accounts of prejudice avoidance and slurs a piling up in france stalking the needs. here in southeastern paris the city's main chinatown which is home to large numbers of france's ition community the usually bustling neighborhood seems a bit subdued many residents are wary of speaking on camera but some are clearly rattled by incidents off with this abuse amid fears of the corona by a medium what a friend of mine who's asian was taunted and called a virus in a metro that's not very nice but has our customers wanted to know if our waiters had chinese nationality even though ours is a vietnamese restaurant seeing asian faces didn't reassure them fitted to the mc has really given free reign to racism against asians something which in france is not really talked about and not taken seriously the issue was revoked aerated
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across the french media on the banks of the river sent. journalist lynn lundahl has been following accounts by french have been targeted using the now popular hash tag i am not a bias it's like it's the french. she is long campaign that gets them in france but nothing prepared her for these responses to an article on the coronavirus in china she translates into english you shouldn't have weird beast this is normal they would do anything in that country the country is overcrowded nature is doing its work this is horrible like people they have no empathy we're just talking about sick people remember and then they will say racist things like part of virus is just a pretext to be hateful it will react clear said she was trying to deal with little and has been speaking out against the heat on talk shows and on social media because she's also hit out at sections of its own profession for example for this
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headline in the local newspaper warning of a lot. so far france has recorded only a few cases off the kona bias if the numbers go up the fielder is prejudiced could spread just the smallest. in the bonus league of the best between rb live sake and by and on sunday not only featured the top 2 goal scorers in the league and beyond so all but love and all that life seems t.-mo bound but it also decided the table leader only one point separated the defending champions and the visitors ahead of kickoff despite the game finishing in a draw all the end to end action had fans on the edge of their seats let's take a look. at a full house in munich as expected for this final league meeting between these 2 titans byron munich in rb leipsic share the spoils earlier in the season and with
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tivo vanna the least 2nd most prolific striker with 20 goals versus robert 11 donkey who's got 22 there was a high expectation of balls in the back of the net byron got close in the 1st half but it ended scoreless 11 dusty's face says it all in the 2nd half life seek look to break the deadlock 7 site used a bit too much from close range. minutes later t. move in a draw us neuer off the line gets past him but david alibaba put his body in the line of fire then i wanted to handball but neuer says calm down good finally a penalty look to give biron a chance to score after 11 dogs he was taken down inside the box by who put macondo but live in dusty never got his shot v.a.r. stepped in and made the right call noting the striker was offside when he received the ball then it was life 6 turn right wrong t.-mo van up botched this one
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just a bit outside. no goals at all in this time. the table clash definitely not good byron brass wanted another draw against life. well for more on sunday's game in munich we've got nick mckenna climb from sports with us good morning good morning so we saw there a tale of 2 strikers as it were who do you think will regret having missed those shots merriest at the end of the season having heard from both the mass the game yesterday i mean the both teams and both players are content with the result it wasn't these are of course 2 strikers and their mission is to score as many goals as possible but obviously as you see see now on the screen they didn't try they tried hard they couldn't it wasn't for the lack of trying this game is more one for the pyrrus you can see how tactically astute both teams were specially the 2nd half with lights that managed to show that they capable of holding their own against by
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on a very good day this is the 1st time and therefore have been is the history they've managed take a points away from by this to still get score a goal that's going to be something they might do next time but they held their composure and getting that one point i mean it might go a long way for them especially if the next team matches between now and of the season this game ended a 6 game winning streak for munich are they beginning to stutter or do you think they'll still take the season title we're still talking about through the best teams in the league and it is only a draw in the grand scheme of things as a long way to go between now and may of course there's plenty of points to be one intended to be lost the most important thing for by now is to learn from what happened yesterday against live see they of course have the experience by they've won lost 7 titles that's no fluke they know how to win it when it's a good title and they are in the driving seat definitely it does however mean for the bundesliga is incredibly interesting for fans because any 4 points now between 1st and 4th and the of course you know how the benefit of hindsight and the team which will be the most frustrated from this weekend's results will be told and who lost on saturday they went from a winning position to
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a losing position in the last minutes of the game and they now have a 4 point gap between themselves and bind and that 4 point gap will be psychologically hard to make up. than a is it seems at this point in the season and to see i don't do. their game was called off because of weather but they're still doing pretty well in the league they have good standing do you think that has an outside chance of taking the time . that's the see those in the same position as dome in their 4 points off by having that game in hand having the fact that they will play cologne at some point between now and probably the end of march and get those 3 points i do see them having a title challenge is very much alive i don't see them finishing to see that very much as being behind in life 6th place to finish the season nick thanks so much for the insights nick mckenna climb from sports with. this is t w news and these are our top stories the 92nd academy awards have made history in los angeles with south korean film parasite becoming the 1st ever non english
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language movie to win best picture renee zellweger one best actress for her portrayal of judy garland and joker star you want in phoenix one best actor. a major winter storm has been shaking western europe it has brought with it heavy rain and wind gusts of up to 130 kilometers per hour there's flooding in some areas of britain while the entire german rail system is down. health authorities in china have reported another uptick in the corona virus break they say the death toll has passed 900 and that more than 40000 cases of the virus have been reported across the country. as counting continues in ireland's general election left wing republican party shin fein is on course to win the largest share of the vote the 2 centrist parties have ruled out
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a coalition with champagne due to its historic ties to the paramilitary. this is t w news from berlin for more follow us on twitter at d w news or bizarre website at www dot call. you're watching t w news live from burleson up next shift living in the digital age look. in for all of us i'm sorry mark thanks for.
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