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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  February 11, 2020 1:30am-2:01am CET

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what more do you want no one but 2 top of the table classes. what more do you want spying on like 6 who like to know the pun this legal. our stuff or see this is the new rich kids on the block. per game which also pitted the league's top 2 goalscorers against each other. what more do you want them seeing don't things young guns in action past jade and son so i'm going to holland got something of a surprise against leave accuser. what more do you want. watched luke about schmidt help rival get back into gear against hoffenheim. do you want all you've got it's check out why panic is setting in for braman. and the
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beleaguered felt. you still want more than get ready for all the week of action on takeoff starting in movies. welcome to arguably the biggest match of the season so far. champions byron finally back in 1st place with a slender one point lead they came into the weekend on a 6 game winning streak that put them top of the league last weekend they're back in the groove. so who's going to derail them. the obvious answer is live take winning on sunday with mean reclaiming the lead beating byron for the 1st time ever and keeping developments exciting at the top. either way the 2 teams had scored 111 times in their 40 league games this season so
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this one was not expected to end call this. the home started out as most people imagined creating a lot of chances. to out after 5 minutes. in the 7th minute. and the rats go another 2 minutes later. that's what you call missing a set or. one factor in the bavarians favor is believe me a sun media isn't just a marketing slogan byron genuinely believe that football revolves around the only answer you know has for life to get there short history owes everything to sponsor red even the players can't buy into that in the opening 20 minutes they were certainly brought back down to earth by a dominant buyer. even when surrounded by opponents 11 darcy's still got his shot in here. so what
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a life they kept the fire in don't they're more about an ensemble performance than individual stars especially since coaches usually are not those monitors the home. team of their owner is his side's only real star he's attracted the attention of the big clubs and as we've seen over the years players find it hard to turn down buyers he certainly got special attention on sunday. that it was unexpectedly fielded out on the left wing not as man works in mysterious ways but the striker did muster up his side's best chance of the 1st half. player poaching is not a problem byron themselves suffer from in a squad worth close to 1000000000 euros the likes of all but levin dropsy come here to stay. laver here with his best chance late in the 1st half.
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and outgun flight 6 side were happy to hear the half time whistle somehow without conceding. indeed the visitors emerged reenergized for the 2nd half marcel subnets of the looming over the far right after the restart. there are no shot on an open goal 3 minutes later was blocked by davida all of us are meant to calm down not intentionally t.-mo. the ref did then blow a penalty for the home side a fair decision after dial public cano brought down leavened aussie. but just as the powers above seem to have yet again sided with byron and even mightier force intervened v.a.r. spotted the striker was offside. for their next trick biron summoned 200000000 euros worth of talent off the bench. and they're not. yes. but it was like jake who
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were unlucky not to take all 3 points. this miss will find their most nightmares for the rest of the season and. it could have been worse for him at the other men's carets that was spoiled by the reflexes of hatred could actually. heal millett ended showing lights a kinect least hold their own against a far from invincible byron and so we did a good job by the rules won a lot of possession and deserve the points although when wouldn't have been totally undeserved data for think it isn't so the challenge is on for biron and not just for my sake. don't mung have had a whirlwind run since the winter break 3 consecutive wins and 15 goals scored have the fans dreaming of the title once again mostly thanks to teach teenagers jaden
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sanchez and new boy hall and. so of course they were hoping for for the fireworks up front. but this time it wasn't a team like cologne on your own they were facing but the live accusing side was sitting in 5th and gunning for a champions league spot. don't wince when the canes began working their mercurial magic early on in the opening 15 minutes they missed this chance. and this was. perhaps this wasn't their day and someone else would have to be the hero 1000000 broughton's was perhaps motivated by the frosty welcome from the fans of his former club. or perhaps and read john bolton's other big winter signing was brought in to protect their leaky defense. but he could do nothing in the 20th minute when a sweeping moves. by late because most finished by can follow.
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the mail. box opened one behind along just 2 minutes later the level relieving mats hummels. all square one all. that before long don't want had turned the game around john might have been signed for his defensive work but the black and yellow fans won't mind it's all the b. keeps coming up with peaches like this. frustration for leaving kids and they can't sensual and haul them out only for john suppose i'm the boss of the back my bad way to mark his 1st stop for the club. but as these 2 may have guessed the match was far from over because top and the only team with
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a vicious attack because news is pretty handy to. follow and again making it to will just before the break. is a fantastic strike away to a good finish equalities and here's a good body to protect the ball with then he's like all of. the woman's own hall and was having an unusually quiet game but the other 19 year old was at his best in the 52nd minute to give don't win the lead. but hold up our old friends they all rule the go out sheets when impetuousness hot from the youngest man on the pitch raina. no matter with the kids failing to find the comparatively ancient rafael guerrero stepped up to put it. this time to go actually can. 32 don't wins but 65 minutes played.
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don't mean to have more chances but when 17 year old brain to hit the post and hall and fail to latch on to this group will it seemed like betting everything on teenagers may not be a reliable title race strategy. and that the other end unless don't mean fix their defense they simply won't keep pace with the others leon bailey struck in the 81st minute to hammer that point home. 33 and yet again drop and with throwing away points from a winning position if that wasn't bad enough worse was still to come late because you have too much skill and steal for their visitors and 2 minutes after the equaliser was bender stuart the winner of.
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the open bled the game twice and schooled 3 goals but still lost it's obvious to everyone what perry killie's heelys they have to defend him and. i think we can always go but. first of all we have to defend better. than blues for the 1st time in 2020. defensive woes shining they're attacking brilliance and need to find. and now it's time for the compact. shall go hope to gain some ground on the top 4 but it took a wild card substitute to inject some life into their performance against last place tyler brian. oxman could you to have been on for just 7 minutes when he broke the deadlock around the hour mark. has finally been. from
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june it was his 3rd league goal for the season. but failed to build on his strike and were punished in the closing stages. well it's 9 minutes to play powder born spiting spirit paid off plus just zuma headed home to get the cellar dwellers a lifeline. i the point doesn't nudge patter for an offer of last place but it's a ray of light that keeps their survival hopes alive. some of the chandler as well and truly the goal scoring bug he did something very special against. jumblatt netted his 1st ever price in the bundesliga and if you think his 1st goal was a thing of beauty you see 2nd. impossible
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goal the us international now has 4 goals in his last 4 games quite impressive considering his last league goal before that run came in february 28th. and then made it through email. anything chandler can do he can do. it in the 89 minutes. that. he made it to rouse when he struck again a minute later to make it 5. the eagles are now on a 4 game. sadly the much anticipated darby between brucia mentioned loud and cologne didn't happen a severe storm that hit parts of germany on sunday meant the game. had to be
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postponed. a strip on the cheeks in support of jordan turner who says he was racially abused during a german cup match that shall. fans also flashed his jersey number in solidarity. but the ball got rolling the casual club looked lost against minds. opened the scoring in the 17th minute just a taste of what was to come. it took a while but he finally added another goal late in the 82nd minutes. just as mine when was in the bag catafalque the deficit when his head it was deflected. but their hopes faded when quite some converted a penalty in stoppage time to complete the deserved women. picked up their 1st
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points of 2020 fines to. covering those 2 teams. coach has been tasked with studying. staying up is priority number one. sport like there was no tomorrow and it paid off early on he has cinema completed a fine move in the 13th minute his 1st bundesliga goal of the season. the passing was so fast the camera couldn't keep up with the action. this happened right after the break. through and. he was handed a straight. down a man problem full spork would just have to try harder and they did for not on staff and with the press. sighs finishing the 50th minute. one of the shortest
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players on the pitch scoring a perfect tatter. non-sport took the goal and the points to it was not the result of a slow wanted from distance or to another relegation candidates after braman now. when a match report starts with a shot of the coach it's usually a bad sign raymond's flow in call felt is facing the biggest challenge of his career so far his side have lost 6 of their last 7 games and sat in 16th place at the start of the weekend. you can call it other ways than it's dramatically in the league now. in such dramatic circumstances call felts team start of the game against the new in berlin with a safety 1st approach and that's being charitable braman have the worst home record
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in the bundesliga scoring just 8 times in front of their own fans and with a service like this to forward you yellow socceroo you can see why. paul felt the urge his side to attack with guts easier said than done when you have a relatively toothless opens. frame and need fresh impetus. during the week they showed there's still cause for optimism with a sensational victory over dortmund in the cup but even that couldn't spark a buddhist league a revival. how could it when the man on the touchline exudes so little confidence so why braman clinging on to that flailing coach. even have a history of loyalty to coaches like thomas shops even if some of the guys who came after him didn't last so long even see themselves as a family and they particularly stick with coaches who connect with the fans like flo. go felt. still he seems to have lost his magic
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touch the brain inside that almost qualified for europe last season was only sporadically seen here and they went to the half time goal was. bad luck has played its part too of course injuries have plagued braman all season but even when players have returned to the starting line up they haven't managed to improve performances all results. premise problems on the pitch have become a huge psychological barrier even new signings like davey sell to have struggled to make an impact in a team you just don't know where the next point is coming from. so all things considered a home game against a team like the new one was simply a must win but in the 52nd minute braman fell behind.
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i the bundestag new comers led through models to tell another catastrophe looked on the cards for braman. and it was confirmed when bhutto squeezed the ball home from a tight angle to double his tally 20 minutes later. that's goal number 148 conceded by bringing the season the joint worst offense in the bundesliga. it's very frustrating because with every week we try to sound solutions for 5 to give them give them ideas we try to give them a constitution that they go brave to the game and every with week to week now it's nearly the same school felt and braman have taken just 3 points from the last 8 games this line down the to. continued. mix they face like 6 followed by.
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a change in fortunes looks a long way off. our final match we're all down south florida. coast down its was able to let out a huge sigh of relief on saturday his 5 work side managed to poland selves out of a steady slide in form. after 1st surprising the entire league with their best season start in decades streisand had managed just 2 wins in 9 and with back to back defeats to lonely patter born in cologne they have hit a new low i believe there's been a lot of positives this season but where i'm happy with the last 2 matches now we need to show another side of ourselves. papa said alpha choi there's hoffenheim who had been an impressive form recently strikes would need all the aunts going his way
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. goalless in their last 2 matches fribourg were hoping a recovery look up al smith could provide the spark. back in the starting line up for the 1st time since matchday 9 he nearly gave them the lead 9 minutes in but the visitors were also fired up for the southwest star be pressing high end form of confidence with 4 winsome their last 5 league matches. freiburg on the other hand still looked rather in secure making sloppy turnovers in their own half oftentimes new january signing more than a stop where it looked hungry for his 1st one to say could go all. out of nowhere in the 39th minute hoffenheim gifted the host the penalty with stephane posh downing freiburg have to face genk going to and the boss. think about smith except at the offering coolly converting his 3rd penalty if the seasons. and his 1st goal since october. the germany international was out for over
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2 months with a knee injury and made a very welcome return. puff in time showed they can turn their game up a notch in the cup last week against byron in the 2nd tower posh was eager to make amends for his mistake. but probert have also shown their mettle on numerous occasions the season their attack was combining well and only a smart save by philip tend to prevent a vulture from making it seem there. in case you didn't know fate seems to smile on friday for. the 1st of a bomb garden and missed the target here by centimeters know what their team has been saved by the woodwork as often as the black forest club that was the 12th time this season. tough and i'm cranked up the heat in the final phase the last baby went close and benyamin who have now had one last chance in the 91st minute.
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freiburg had already conceded a league 56 goals in injury time this season but on saturday they were saved by the post once again. lucky number 13. in the chilly conditions sure the game could have ended 11 in the last 20 minutes we couldn't break free. but having worked so hard there's no shame in having a bit of luck to clear cut. a little luka a little luck and a hard spot when brought freiburg within one point of 7 spot. we were not the only ones who were a little relieved bush tries. this one got some opposite number because i just love the. show tonight. and i have
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a. functioning decision i feel the same way that. there was only one goal and 5000 plus our whole lotta love. so one of the big games failed to deliver any goals but at least we got plenty between live in houston and. elsewhere there were important victories for minds for your own i'm liable for the big winners of the weekend for the home fans of the prior to. this weekend's award for best fan team coach have to go to leave a cruise in the bundesliga is famed and envied for these impressive extravaganzas but why make such an effort you might ask. well just like with singing and clapping it's to give their players that extra mile to come of motivation and sometimes all that hard work pays off it certainly did feel a big reason as they won the game for the weekend against don't.
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play because since when leaves them 2 points off a champions league spot while the gap between 1st and 2nd remains at just one wafer thin point glad to have a good weekend without getting off the sofa the rest of the top 4 all 2 ops points . marx's win over half the means there's now a 4 point gap between them and the relegation playoff spots and the new owns impressive debut season continues there now 9 points clear of the bottom 3 hats off to them. still not had enough. not enough of a flavor cruzan. please explain the fix it but experiencing a pick up at that cyclist like. not enough of the goals like this shot is rich so that put the slate. i'm still. cold still. not hot enough to
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look up all schmidt and the other bogus legal players going cold crazy to want to see more dire. leipzig side who almost got the better of them. falling into the targets how about raymond's relegation fights with an away game and lights it up next. if you really not have an out then tune in again next time to kick off. the not.
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millions can live. blame. game. this is d.w. news live from berlin an uncertain future here in germany as plans for the era after anglo-american have suddenly fallen apart the woman tipped to take over from chancellor angela merkel saying she's no longer in the running a shocking announcement but on a program qanbar insists her decision will not affect the stability of the present government also coming up. syria's assad regime steps up its offensive in good luck
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province the last stronghold of anti-government rebels backed by text.


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