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delivered inches. this is news live from berlin china reports another increase in the number of people infected with the coronavirus the figures have gone up after 2 days of fewer cases being registered nearly 90 percent of the new infections are in the city of homs more than 70000 people now have the virus worldwide also coming up in terms of our growth has become a joke and so it you know we all were thinking to step here's the report on why
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the u.n. is criticizing efforts to stop weapons from reaching libya and what e.u. foreign ministers are planning to do about it and the bonus league of bahrain go back to the top of the table after a crushing cologne they're back in the groove and well that's not good news for the rest of the german top flight. i'm calling aspen thanks for joining me to china is reporting an increase in the number of new cases of the coronavirus reversing the trend of the last 2 days i would government also said the number of dead now stands at 1800 and that more than 70000 people are infected with the virus across the country. trying to keep the boredom at bay and who has the chinese. city hit hardest by the
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corona virus outbreak medical stuff at this hospital have been trying to motivate the patients of today stuck in hospital many welcomes the relief. from normal would call a sions in this makeshift hospital are all of mild symptoms and they can manage their daily lives still it is hard for them to be stuck in here we want to make something to keep them busy as a part of our work report before going. in china's hu bay province the epicenter of the outbreak new report cases are again on the rise after 2 days of declining figures in mainland china alone officials say the total number of confirmed cases is over 70000 with nearly 800 deaths. chinese president xi jinping is now facing criticism over why the public was not alerted sooner to the outbreaks potential severity official media recently released an
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internal speech he gave an apparent attempt to show the communist party leadership acted decisively from the start but instead it revealed china's top leaders knew about the outbreaks dangers weeks before the president publicly addressed the problem. of euro china's military has now dispatched hundreds more medical workers and extra supplies to a bit to shore up the city's overwhelmed health care system. to get the latest now from beijing correspondent has been reporting on the virus there now show god this is a city of millions of people it's essentially on lockdown now i mean how do authorities there plan to keep residents inside. china is a surveillance state so they are lots of cameras to surveil the buildings and everybody is most people in china are living in compounds in fenced off compounds that have a gate and there is somebody sitting at the gate usually these people sitting at
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the gate don't do anything people can just walk in and walk out but it's very easy to activate these people to stop people from passing through actually sheldan is now one of 2 cities that have. issued this total lockdown note where people can't even leave their building to buy groceries other cities restricts households to letting people in out just once every 2 days to buy groceries and here in beijing everybody is handed a pos we can we walk in and out freely but we can for example not bring strangers into our compounds so china has these these social control mechanisms that are. much older than technical surveillance that is also in place now and they're using it now and it is i want to ask you because china's president delivered a speech and this was behind closed doors we're just hearing reports about it now
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the speech was about the severity of the krona virus but it was about 2 weeks before the spoken about publicly can you tell us a bit more about the fallout now from those revelations. yeah this speech that we're talking about is a speech that he held on the 3rd of february that is 2 weeks ago it was published in chile sure that's the party's theoretical magazine that a party that spreads party ideology the interesting thing most of it is about combating a war against the virus and his leadership but the interesting thing is that he said in that speech that he had been cheering that by. little against them iris from january the 7th now that was the time when author if you still deny that there were ayers was dangerous and this period of denial is seen as one of the main causes for the spread of the virus so he is now basically opening the failures from
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the beginning and that's quite remarkable that he has said this openly and this could be published in the party magazine it's might be that they are confident to win the battle and that the initial failures will stand back behind these massive efforts that they're bringing on now to combat the virus it might be that he couldn't evade any more. this acknowledgement because the fact that he has not been seen during this period is also has also drawn a lot of criticism we don't know really the motives behind it but we know that we are in the period now when it's when when this battle against the virus is something that dominates the whole country today just we have seen news that most probably the 2 sessions the annual session of the parliament will be postponed this is a major step in this political system that does not like surprises to there the schedule
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absolutely amity is falling of reporting for us in beijing thanks very much. well hundreds of quarantined american passengers have been evacuated from a cruise ship in the japanese port of yokohama 2 planes carrying the passengers have now arrived in the united states where they'll remain in quarantine for another 2 weeks they were confined to the ship after a man who just imbarked in hong kong tested positive for the virus. the diamond princess fenced off at the dockside in yokohama but for some at least a way out after more than a week of uncertainty. buses pulled up next to the ship ready to pick up some 300 americans who have chosen to squat quarantine here for quarantine back home. during this is there are about to step into the big wide world so i have my mask on and. can't go on. cheryl mole skin the husband paula from
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syracuse in new york state after being cooped up on the ship for 12 days they've agreed to be flown back to the u.s. where they'll spend another 14 days in isolation to shut this cell phone video of their own evacuation in this case at least a good natured event. thank you. thank you. and then you'd probably. have them there on the road leaving behind them at least 40 americans who have contracted the virus those patients who remain in japan for treatment. and the last leg of the evacuation government chartered jumbo jets ready to fly to california and texas. and eventful holiday is drawing to a close. there were exhausted you were on the plane. and their friends if you can think pretty miserable worries me. to be here he had to go
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to the bathroom on the plus is it going to be a 5 hour wait to get off for. one evacuation completed canada hong kong initially say they also plan to evacuate their citizens from the cruise ship. our let's get a check now of some of the other stories making news around the world and australian courts has ruled that a search warrant authorizing police to raid the australian broadcasting corporation last year was legal police were searching for material related super porting on australian military operations in afghanistan a.b.c. has called the court ruling a blow to democracy. the united nations says armed men have killed least 20 civilians in an english speaking region in northwest cameroon among the dead were more than a dozen children the massacre followed clashes between government troops and separatists fighting for an independent and will phone state an opposition party blamed the army for the attack the government denies involvement. syrian state
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media says government troops have made advances against rebel held on claves in the province of aleppo the region has been held by opposition forces since 2012 latest successes are threatening the frangible cooperation between turkey and russia which back opposing sides in the conflict. well a court in cape town has given hundreds of refugees and asylum seekers 4 more weeks to stay in a church where they've been camped out since last october the migrants sought refuge in a methodist church in the city center after being forcibly dispersed from their sit in protest outside the offices of the un refugee agency the refugees say they are threatened by anti foreigner violence in south africa and are demanding to be resettled outside the country let's get more now from our correspondent adrian krishi has been following these court proceedings in cape town adrian 1st of all just walk us through this court decision today and how are refugees reacting to it . well so basically the main point of the court says is that the people here the
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refugees that you can see behind me in front of the church you have to abide by the municipal loss basically there were a lot of complaints by people in the neighborhood it's right in the city of cape town there's a lot of shops hotels and so on who are saying this is harming business people are staying on the sidewalks they're cooking everywhere they urinating everywhere so the court says you have to stop that the court did not say this is an eviction notice this is actually what many people here were afraid of that this was going to happen that they after 4 months have to leave the church but overall mixed reaction from the refugees i talked to some said well ok it's good for now we can stay well we actually need to find a conclusion here we can also not stay here forever because they have to recall is to be relocated to a 3rd country. and we can we can get a sense of it just by looking behind you but can you describe for us what is life like for refugees in cape town or are they at risk of violence as many claim.
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it's a big debate here as well because if you recall the attacks last year those in a phobic attacks that have happened they mainly happened in johannesburg and other areas not here in cape town but if you talk to the refugees here they have other stories to tell they talk of structure off racism off experiences themselves for example not to give getting birth certificates for their children and so on and so forth so they say yes their life is at risk here but many people here see it quite different even right next to the church where you see like dozens of shop owners who are from other african countries as well they say they feel safe here they want to continue living here and they're quite upset with what the refugees see behind me at the church here saying adrian many of the refugees they say they want to be resettled in other countries where the chances now of the happening. there are very low and that's the problem here the refugees insist that they want to be resettled and the government insists on the end of this saying it's not possible it's not going to happen no other country has said we are ready to take
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you so the only solution the government sees is for them to go back to the communities here in south africa where they came from our aging preach on that story for us in cape town thank you very much. the european union's foreign policy chief says the block is divided on whether to resume a naval mission to stop arms smuggling to libya italy and austria have raised concerns that the ships could encourage migrants to attempt the voyage across the mediterranean sea eve foreign ministers are meeting in brussels today they're going to discuss the issue of their talks come a day after united nations official said attempts to stop the fighting in libya and an arms embargo to the country are failing. well europe's inability to provide effective leadership in ending the libyan conflict was a key topic at the munich security conference that wrapped up on sunday. libya is still awash with arms and fighting is still raging despite a previous agreement reached in germany last month a top u.n.
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official at the munich security conference said the truce had been violated $150.00 times since then and she said efforts to cut the flow of weapons had been equally unsuccessful arms embargo has become a joke and so you know we all really need to step up here and. it is complicated because there are violations that are you know happening on land sea and air and that all needs to be monitored in libya fighters loyal to the internationally recognized government control only a small area around the capital tripoli most of the rest of the country is in the hands of the rebels. a month after germany hosted the libya conference and berlin its participants gathered around the table again this weekend in munich 30 nations including the united states russia and turkey germany's foreign minister condemned the fact that some of these states as well as others not present continue to supply
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weapons to the north african country. it is important that we create transparency and ensure that those who intend to continue breaking this weapons embargo must expect to be identified. in your head but europe's leaders are not speaking with one voice different e.u. governments even back opposing sides in the conflict that lack of common purpose was another of the conference's focal points. are for more let's go to our top correspondent teri schultz she's in brussels for us terry been following this story for ministers now meeting in brussels today i mean what's on the table what what will they be discussing. well called the european union decided that its biggest contribution to the push to end the libyan conflict would be to reestablish a naval mission in the mediterranean designed to monitor the arms embargo now this
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came after so much optimism after that meeting in berlin where the 2 major sides turkey and russia agreed to stop shipping and weapons and then a cease fire was agreed on the ground so the e.u. said ok we'll make sure that no weapons get through that that arms embargo but what has happened is that the reestablishing this mission has remained bogged down in migration politics and we all know how tricky that is and the european union countries like austria and italy are unwilling to revive operation sophia as it's named because they say they don't want these drowning migrants to be picked up and brought to european shores and so they are unwilling to allow the mission to be reestablished as an arms embargo monitoring mission and you know the german foreign minister ma says we can't solve one problem if we leave aside the other one he is urging all member states to go ahead and support the arms embargo he says we're not going to stop these people fleeing from libya unless we solve the political crisis
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in the country but it doesn't look like today anything is going to be resolved they're just going to keep talking about it. talks continue we heard earlier a senior u.n. official calling the arms embargo at least the enforcement of that in bargo a joke i mean it is anyone respecting the rules now when it comes to the conflict in libya. they're not and that's particularly disappointing after this berlin meeting a month ago where they said they would stop shipping in weapons where this cease fire was agreed and there was a lot of hope that perhaps this really would be the time that a political solution in libya could move forward that the 2 sides would start talking instead of trying to fight this out militarily but that hasn't been the case as you as you heard in our report and now with the european union not even being able to agree to put ships in the mediterranean to monitor the the arms embargo it really seems like nothing has been achieved a month after it looks like things were very much moving on the right track terry i want to ask you because germany took such
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a big role in bringing trying to bring peace to libya there was a big conference in berlin a month ago what's your sense but will germany continue to try to push that forward . what we heard from foreign minister moss this morning was that he still is very much motivated to move things ahead but also frustrated and that frustration is shared by e.u. foreign policy chief joseph burrell who actually articulated in munich over the weekend that it was ridiculous was his word that a country like austria that doesn't even have a ship that would be going into the mediterranean would be allowed to block it so this is has in fact created a bigger discussion about about how foreign policy decisions are made in the european union but in the meantime libya continues to suffer and people continue to die an islamic state continues to regroup it's a really serious issue and nothing seems to be moving ahead and i do correspondent teri schultz thank you so much here's a look now at some of the other stories making headlines at this hour u.n. secretary general antonio gutierrez has praised pakistan for hosting millions of
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afghan refugees he's on a 4 day visit to address the conference on refugees and peacekeeping this week marks 40 years since afghan refugees 1st settled in the country. so a german court has ordered u.s. electric vehicle maker tesla to stop clearing forest land near berlin to build its 1st european factory the ruling comes after the state environmental office gave the green light to clear 92 acres of forest or a large plant. or cleanup operations are underway in britain after one of the most powerful non tropical storms on record storm dennis lashed the u.k. with torrential rain and hurricane force winds over the weekend the government deployed troops to help a number of local communities the storm also disrupted travel across the country. a close call for passengers touching down in haiti. is you've got it is going to go
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is going to go around over. hundreds of flights have been cancelled due to the strong winds with widespread travel disruptions felt across the u.k. . the persistent rain has left this town in wales unrecognizable after its river burst its banks. strong currents lapped it harms and swallowed the countryside communities had little time to prepare. or try to keep a level had steak he says he came back you know and you can only do what you can do at the end of the day nature will just do what it's going to do so there's not much to just talk it's. the flooding was expected to be worse this time around following storm sierra with rain falling on already saturated ground. conditions are expected to ease in the coming days as communities begin to assess the damage.
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or the bundesliga title race is tight but champions by munich put on a show of force for the weekend mark meadows from g.w. sports is here for more on that i mean 1st of all for cologne i mean this wasn't really a fair fight wasn't it no it wasn't i mean it's carnival time in cologne there is there acted yeah there stated that they were they were wearing special shirts for the occasion but by and rafa ruined the party somewhat and in some style i mean they needed to because abi likes a good going back top of the table on saturday with their win by and reasserted they're off already and the goals can quite thick and fast in this one so keep your eyes peeled. the. follow their 51 capitulation to dortmund with a 4 nil thrashing of freiburg win or lose they guarantee goals and that was the case again. against bio and. unfortunately the ball went the way of the visitors in the 1st half robot live
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a double speak opened the scoring with his 23rd of the season one mil to the champions to just 3 minutes i 2 minutes later it was 2 no 3 kingsley commom i played with steve with the me turned to mush ruler with the layoff smile finish things were getting embarrassing for cologne and more ways than one. there were just 12 minutes on the clock when by and put themselves out of sight. i could now be 3 no i it was more of the same after the break as cannot break up his 2nd 66 minutes because it's a day for $22.00 german nationals peter ford will i see how the dortmund colognes much good how did a consolation strike for the holes to rub off the scoring after 70 minutes i for one finished another high scoring thriller featuring cologne coach mark is good
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still probably wouldn't mind a boring nil nil some time soon. byron go back on top and with 16 goals in 5 games since the winter break there once again an ominous for the title running looms. over the south and 16 goals in 5 games this victory over cologne wasn't operational byron is back yes indeed i mean i think what's behind the surge in form is continuity there's not been a lot of chopping and changing in the line up and that was proven by the fact they scored 3 goals in the 1st 12 minutes that's the 1st time i have ever done that in a bun as they go away and yeah i mean the players just know everybody's roles that you know if you if you bring in a whole new set of play is every of a game then takes some half a game to get used to each of her again so i think that is really key to what's happened i mean. continue the big new signing of the season the sound of age you can't get again you know it's called the little magician they don't it is magic
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because everything's working out just fine without it so i think that really underlines how strong byron are at the moment an embarrassment of riches there and also a new head coach paying off yeah i mean hands you flick i mean since his appointment in november when they sent niko but he's barely put a foot wrong to be honest i mean it's been plain sailing most of the way he actually had a bad cold yesterday and couldn't actually go to the post match press conference but over us he was fine with his team talk because it is but he's not done yet we have to say that i mean his 12 games to go right actually have a look at the table and see how tight it is at the top of the board as they go and buy in are actually only ahead of leipzig by a point and then crucially you've got dortmund and glad they're 3 points further back now by they've got to go to dortmund in april they could easily lose that and crucially also glad back half a game in hand so it's very rare that it's so tight in the top 4 in the blunders they go but i am a betting man and i will say unfortunately byron of probably going to do it and the schedule favors byron as well yes i mean next week they're playing the ball on
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friday at home so that should be an easy one but then they got the champions league the week afterwards against chelsea and that could mess with their minds a little bit had a bad experience in the champions league last season so there's still all to play for all right mark meadows devious sports it is shaping up to be a fun end of the boom as they get season thanks so much. a portuguese football club but torre you have launched an investigation after porto player who some oregano was racially abused by fans at a league match take a look at his morocco was so fed up he tried to substitute himself but his teammates physically stopped him from leaving the field those actions were later condemned by anti-racism campaigners the forward said sub supporters who shouted racist abuse and threw a seat on to the pitch for quote idiots he also criticised the referee for showing him a yellow card for his protest i wrote worries about the coronavirus haven't
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exactly dampen the enthusiasm for this annual event in japan it's called the dhaka matsuri festival and it's held at a temple in the city of ok yama some 10000 men wearing only long cloths and a saugus send maybe 45 with some beer and saki as well plunge into icy water now the goal here is to catch wooden sticks if you find one it said to bring good luck and prosperity there have been injuries even deaths in the past and that chaos in there but there were no casualties reported this year the festival celebrates the harvest and fertility if you're interested foreigners are actually allowed to register as well so take note. i don't mind now the top story that we're following for you at this hour chinese officials say the number of people infected with the covert 19 corona virus has passed the 70000 mark most of those are in the city of taunton central china's who by province almost 1800 people have died of the illness since the outbreak began. you're watching news from berlin up next
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