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tv   Reporter  Deutsche Welle  February 23, 2020 10:15pm-10:31pm CET

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clone. hoffenheim and dusseldorf defeated freiburg on friday byron beat potter born and on monday evening frankfurt will host o'neill berlin to close out the match day and hopefully our graphics as well you're watching news of the next reporter looks at the kenya at kenya's $1000000.00 business in garbage i'm carl aspen thank you so much for joining us. to use crime fighters are back to africa's most successful in radio drama series continues this season the stories focus on hate speech color of prevention and sustainable charcoal production. all of a sow's are available online and of course you can share and discuss on africa's
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facebook page and other social media platforms. crime fighters to nuno. every journey begins with the 1st step and every language but the 1st word published in the book. rico is in germany to learn german and why not learn with him simple online on your mobile and free stuff to do w z e learning course nikos free german made it easy. every morning thousands of scavengers stream to the den door a dump site in the kenyan capital nairobi the people here try to and if you dollars a day to help make ends meet gangs and patel's said to control the landfill it's a dangerous place especially for children like richie.
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you know what a boy was killed over there. if you go there they're steal from you and when they do they'll make sure to maim you too long. for richie trash is a lifeline for others it's a multi-million dollar business. in . the current godchaux slum awakens before dawn some of the children head off to school 12 year old richie spicer monday and his mother have lived here their entire lives richie wishes he could join the other kids but the last time he went to school was 3 years ago. bullock always been so long that i can barely remember at
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the school to keep. up instead of getting an education and playing with other children richie has to go to the $10.00 dump site where he tries to make a living by picking and sending plastics. through and. i have to go to the dump site because we are poor. and i can't go to school because i can't afford the school fees this is cool. so i'm going there used to try to go to school anyway but every time i was sent back home. i was told i have debts to pay so and so what choice do i have. while her son goes to collect waste maureen who is sick and cannot work stays behind the single mother age i.v. positive and feels constantly weak despite medication. she says because of the stigma attached to the disease she and her son are treated like outlaws in their
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own community. i took with him as i know there are times when i'm so desperate that i just start crying i ask myself what kind of life do i have will there ever be a day when i will be healed well be like everyone else. there are times when i'm angry. she says she is plagued by a guilty conscience for not being able to send her son to school and by fear for his safety. it's like the dumpsite has demons who ask for blood if. there are days when there is just too much evil in me seriously you hear of people killing each other someone stabbed someone else with a knife or killed someone with a bottle. sometimes you also hear the trucks just reverse without paying attention
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and run someone over. to. work when he goes off i can only pray to god to protect them and to look out for him because on the dump site many bad things happen. ritchie says it's every man for himself at the dump site he's scared of the older boys and men who try to steal the waste he has collected. just yesterday he was attacked a traumatizing experience. i was. a war picture full cycle plastic. something told me i should hide it what you're going to miss when i came back for it i found a guy called take my son. i told him. this is mine.
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inside the truck. it was about 7 in the morning. i don't know if he was sent by the devil. he beat me up until 10 o'clock that evening. i climate if fear has taken hold on the dam site which the authorities declared full in 2001 and which was supposed to be closed. years ago. it's the capital's only official dump site and technically belongs to the local government but instead of government offices so the people here say gangs control the landfill. in a seemingly. they have established rules that everyone who wants to enter the dumpsite has to abide by. there's a strict picking hierarchy and one has been a scavenging for 60 is knows the valuable trash belongs to the gang leaders and those collecting for them.
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we know the rules of this place is what you and if you want to work here you have to abide by them you should never pick from a truck you want supposed to pick from you must wait for them to finish taking everything they want otherwise it's just outright war. so long that truck is reserved for someone else right pretty and then you'll be beaten up if you try to scavenge and that one you know who it belongs to it's already owned but it's not only the scavengers have to follow the rules it's also the truck drivers who bring in an estimated $850.00 tons of waste here every day we are told that they are charging illegal security and off loading fee of 5 to $7.00 depending on how much trash they have to dump. for you to have you already paid your security fee when you come in that's when you paper everything at the gate.
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of. the gangs at the site overseen by a so-called dump site loads we find one his willing to speak to us anonymously. it's the gangs that control the dumpsite we cannot just let anyone from outside come and pick the garbage. there was what we called the revolution overthrowing of the leadership of the dumpsite. the gangs fought each other it was many people against one another around $14.00 to $15.00 people died at that time. people fought with machetes there were slaughtering each other was a bad time. those who took over are the ones who are controlling the dumpsite now but the current leadership is just waiting for a mutiny in another power struggle for control. the dumb side lord says it's not the gangs running the damn site him make the big money it's the
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people they are answer to the garbage cartels networks of private companies and sub contractors that secured the lucrative government contracts for waste management these contracts are known to be worth millions of dollars. there are the cartels powerful people. if you openly speak out about the dealings they're involved in you're in danger. they all hide how they make their money but they own the government contracts. for anyone in kenya to get anything you have to pay more used to it even these contracts come in return for kickbacks. that garbage is a lucrative business is no secret in kenya where one 3rd of citizens live below the poverty line. the governor of nairobi mike's uncle and other senior officials have been accused of making irregular payments for garbage
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collection services amounting to $3500000.00 the ethics and n.d. corruption commission has accused the governor himself of exempting large bribes. since kenyon no from the commission from discussing cases which are before court we asked the head of the commission. to comment on corruption surrounding tend towards in general. it is a serious problem because it involves a lot of money the d.c. area because it is the private companies that are doing business with government but quite a number of the encouraging this problem because when it involves big money some of the private companies are willing to part with big money and bribe the public office people can call you out. on requirements because you're looking at a company. deliberately. says that bribery is not the only
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form that corruption takes off and the price of the job itself is deliberately inflated to be distant all supposed to cost $800.00 metre schilling's it is deliberately skewed to cost 1000000000 on sale and leave the 200000000 he's been shared between some some government offices were involved in the timber award. the government department in charge of awarding the gobbets contracts declined to comment give us an interview. deep inside the dumb side richie has been granted permission to pick small plastics to sell in return for filling one of the banks with the valuable trash. his own sack is not full yet he must keep going if he and his mother tonight.
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and there's only one of many people who have asked the government to step up and improve the livelihoods of the people and. the government should create jobs yes this is work but you find educated people working here they aren't supposed to be here and what about our children's out story i've struggled to get my children educated i've endured this hardship so that they can go to school and then where do i find my child ending up back here. see that makes us sad to. finally the back is full time to weigh the pickings of the day. by there is no other way for richie and his mother to make a living they haven't given up hope yet. for richie to get an education to know that he has passed his exams and is now flying
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away that would be my joy. but not for him to spend his whole life at the dump site because that is no life. i only want to be a pilot nothing but a pilot that's what i want to be. the wheels of justice slow in kenya there is no saying how long it will take for corruption in the tendering system to end for the gangs to stop intimidating nairobi's poorest and for conditions at the dump site to improve. today ritchie has collected 5 kilograms of plastic he's going home with $75.00 shillings that's less than one us dollar tomorrow he will be back.
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i'm dashed i mean will she get the job and the computer will decide based on her voice. artificial intelligence can hear a lot about us our state of mind or even if we do. and then evaluate the data. ai technology raises a lot of serious ethical concerns. to morrow to the. next w. a winter sports paradise even without water. yes you can do sports in the syringe and forest even without snow. i also take a look at mining in a city known for its theatrical at musical history. bookish take it takes us to one
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of the eastern germany's most beautiful vacation every trick in the. in 30 minutes on d w. what secrets lie behind the small. discover new adventures in the 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. p.w. world heritage 360 getting out now. welcome to tomorrow today the science show on d w coming up. the human voice can reveal a loss about us and that makes it of great interest to big business. how computer games could help prevent some of the effects of aging in the brain.
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