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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  February 25, 2020 6:15pm-6:31pm CET

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i'm next here on the w. i've been visiting how's your business up updates i'll be back at the top of the hour in the meantime of course as always the web site w dot com have a good. earth . home. of species. a home worth saving and. those are big changes and most start with small steps global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world.
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countries limited use to drainage solutions and deforestation. interactive content teaching the next generation about environmental protection. using all channels available to inspire people to take action and more determined to do something here for the next generation along. the environment series of global $3000.00 on d w and on mine. the spread of the coronavirus keeps dragging down global financial markets asian officials continue to mass brain campaigns governments take physical action and companies from around the world brace for. the chinese virus as you get it in. some markets like india or the middle east. and the 1st state visit by
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a german president to kenya. to strengthen ties to provide a stabilizing force for east africa. as their business investors from johannesburg to new york are adjusting their portfolios companies are shifting production there are shortages panic buying the coronavirus has whole economies on edge the world health organization has criticized africa for being too slow in preparing for the spread of the virus today it says the world is simply not ready. the rapid spread of the corona virus has stock markets around the world on edge on monday some exchanges saw their steepest one day decline since 2015 today markets are continuing to slide in the u.s. and in europe the virus is rattling nerves. that's a very serious thing but we think we're in very good shape in the united states
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we've essentially closed the borders to areas where we had to close them the world health organization says the world should brace for a possible pandemic a situation where an infectious disease spreads easily between people in many countries. now is the time the pair. phase of preparedness for a potential pandemic the south korean capital seoul is quiet it's too late to prepare for the pandemic instead authorities are disinfecting the main train station new cases are being detained. did around the world such as here in palermo in sicily that means that business as usual is becoming impossible but there is of course an economic impact do you to the suspension of activity including for the regions directly affected but we are ready to deal with this emergency you'll see that we can manage to limit the negative impact including the economic impact.
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of the hotel and turned a reef with a 1000 guests in spain's canary islands has been in lockdown after a person tested positive for the corona virus as cases emerge and tourist regions like croatia and austria some experts say the economic impact of the virus on the travel industry will be felt in every corner of the world. in uganda the break from china is forcing businesses to look elsewhere for imports despite heals from chinese leaders is that the situation is not as bad as portrayed by the media many ugandans are considering alternative trade markets like india or the united arab emirates. thank you for your support. in this 14. market this money is assuring foreigners that china is safe for business. service and never related videos of the ships in china which could imply that business is normal. that's the easy going and trade does
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don't seem convinced right now it's very hard to believe. that everything is safe because in the video as you've seen no money's wearing a mask or marker you raise counseling group planned trip to china. no one is going my friends are not going everyone a doing business is not going and the people i talk to are indoors they're not making the items that they sell so i cannot course but now. some chinese nationals doing business in uganda are all sourced cautious as the locals income. is much above waist talked everything decision about how much the stock is running out fast . he is now looking elsewhere before emptying the shelves my options may be like india and to buy pay for dubai i think it's the same issue because they also work to china because this in the things i'm dealing in are those who work from by.
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that's my real issue and so should the businesses i beatific to. but we show trade to assist in the business and see how things change in the future. uganda relies on china for a quarter of its total imports trade between the 2 countries is valued at more than a $1000000000.00 annually. uganda central bank is now warning that's the impact of the coronavirus in china is likely to slow down uganda's economy at least in the. german president funguses steinmeyer wants to give you impetus to bilateral relations with kenya if he's laid the foundation stone for a joint industrial make a tronics training center in the capital nairobi with his counterpart who cannot or steinmeier has described africa's economic development as one of europe's key interests so far his focus in kenya has been on climate change now he's looking.
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how germany's much admired model of vocational training can boost opportunities for young people. soon nearly $300.00 apprentices receive training at this center in the kenyan capital each year the german government is providing 5 and a half 1000000 euros for the project. german companies such as bras and pronouns are also supporting the training center. they will benefit from a new pool of qualified workers and the young trainees can look forward to a bright future. the german president praised kenya's development into eastern africa's i t. the technology sector now accounts for $200000.00 jobs and 10 percent of the country's economy. it's a good start but not enough because each year 800000 young kenyans graduate from secondary school and need to find work. there who does a mention and is a leader who wants to create
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a solid future for these people must teach them the skills they need to leave the human mention without the skills young people will be lost in an unregulated job market without salaries so that's why attractive educational opportunities have to be created. and so suffering. steinmeyer on its counterpart who kenyatta paid a visit to the institute of science and technology work kenyatta was eager to show his country's enthusiasm for vocational education starring mara praised his own country's dorji cation system that combines theoretical training with practical training at companies. he also made it clear that africa's continued economic development is in europe's own interest. steinmeyer says germany's full development hopefully if again you're encompasses about half a 1000000000 euros let's talk about that with said on a call who's in nairobi. first of all why is germany so keen on pumping all that
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money into nigeria into kenya rather. well kenya is basically basically germany's biggest trading partner east africa and it is the biggest economy in the region so what basically became clear over the last few days is that germany seems to see kenya as a stabilizing force in the region so for one thing they are there fighting terrorism for example in somalia and in kenya as well and they're also like germany a refugee hosting nation so investing in kenyans and especially young kenyans and educating them is something that is apparently seen as something that will stop satellite as the region as a whole if there were good returns for investors what was even more interest from german companies is as far as the best words in kenya go. yes that was a question that was asked many times by several people here and kenya in the last few days and that was and so and german companies are still very german investors
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are still very hesitant about investing not only in kenya but in africa as a whole for an african countries and well i actually had a couple of answers for that one he said that that there needs to be more information about the situation on the grounds of people knew what was happening or how that you know on the ground is they wouldn't they may be more willing to invest and he but he also said that there is a lack of skilled labor still in kenya and and in other african countries and also that that that there is. that that corruption and red tape are still issues and that's also something that people talk with the kenyan president. and it's something that maybe that perhaps risk averse german companies companies might be. might see as an obstacle. like to be german business would like to be a 100 percent sure on their investments but is there anything here germany could actually learn from. yes definitely i mean we saw that on
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my visit to the eye which is basically the one of africa's leading one of the leading innovation hubs and technology hubs in africa and one thing that you notice and one thing that became clear there is that a lot of innovations come out of the mobile money mobile banking market so for example the mobile banking service and pessah has had an effect on the lives of many kenyans so they can steal everything from buying their groceries to. getting loans from about mobile banking services so that is something that has also spurred innovation in other areas and that is something that at least the german president is aware is something that that germany is still lagging behind on and something that they would that germany probably needs to embrace in the near future german so lovely as you go there right so low they go thank you very much for. kenya
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has banned the slaughter of don't eat the agricultural minister ordering the closure of all don't he abbott's was skins are in huge demand in china where they used to make traditional medicine and health foods there were fears in kenya that the countries don't the population could be wiped out in the next decade uganda tanzania and many other african countries have already banned don't he exports to china now to some of the other stories making news local officials in somalia claim a u.s. airstrike is killed the telecoms worker both the united states and the somali government say the bombing near a rebel held chile and killed a member of the militant group scalia authorities have long accused some business men of having links to islam list extremism. european union ministers have approved the basis for their post bragg's a trade negotiations with the u.k. the mandate stipulates that each standard should serve as the reference point for
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any future trade deal because she ations with the british who have also agreed to mandate a jew to begin next week. and nigerian kenneth is a made a storming paris fashion week debut with supermodel naomi campbell closing his show is a has made a name for himself reinterpreting traditional west african fabric such as the massive ok clothes over by the people is they said his show was inspired by his memories of going to church in lagos with his mother to say he has had a meteoric rise to the paris capital and serves as inspiration to me african designs. nice doing business with it.
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look. what secrets lie behind small. discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. w world heritage 360 the maps now. not all think out of the general well
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i guess sometimes i am but i stand nothing which is that the german thinks even for german culture looking at the stereotypes aquatics put in here think it's beautiful country but i'm not i'm. new to the biggest drama they owe me it's all that they know i'm a joke join me to meet the jetman from d.w. . post. a move. this is africa coming up on the program sterilized without consent thousands of posts of pregnant women it's about where forcibly sterilized girls human rights all they should find new reports. on the joining me in the studio when filmmakers from nigeria whose movie premieres on the bed in.


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