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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  February 26, 2020 4:15am-4:31am CET

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you know from how much time thanks for what. where i come from we have to fight for a free press and was born and raised in a military dictatorship with just one t.v. shadow and if you're just paying for us when official information as a journey i have worked all of the strength of many cantrips and their problems are almost the same 14 the social inequality
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a lack of the freedom of the press and go rush who can afford to stay silent when it comes to the fans of the humans on the scene or microphones who have decided to put their trust in us. my name is jean paris and i work a deal. the spread of the coronavirus keeps driving down global financial markets wall street plunges for the 2nd straight day we'll look at which companies are losing investors in the few that are profiting. also coming up facemasks cannot protect you from the new coronavirus but some asian countries have banned their exports of meat local demands and that's creating a problem for some hospitals in europe. this is your business report.
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it's good to have you with us global markets fell on tuesday for a 2nd straight day concerns over growing numbers of krona virus cases in europe and asia as well as new warnings in the u.s. led to major sell off on wall street in particular the major indexes there each losing around 3 percent and the benchmark 10 year treasury note also hitting a record low for investors who are on a bullish run the outlook has suddenly become grim. the rapid spread of the coronavirus has stock markets around the world on edge on monday some exchanges saw their steepest one day decline since 2015 today markets are continuing to slide in the u.s. and in europe the virus is rattling nerves. that's a very serious thing but we think we're in very good shape in the united states we've essentially close the borders to areas where we had to close them the world
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health organization says the world should brace for a possible pandemic a situation where an infectious disease spreads easily between people in many countries. now is the times pair so you're in a phase of preparedness for a potential pandemic the south korean capital seoul is quiet it's too late to prepare for the pandemic instead authorities are disinfecting the main train station new cases are being detected around the world such as here in palermo in sicily that means that business as usual is becoming impossible. there is of course an economic impact do you to the suspension of activity including for the regions directly affected but we are ready to deal with this emergency you'll see that we can manage to limit the negative impact including the economic impact. hotel in turn a reef with a 1000 guests and spain's canary islands has been in lockdown after
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a person tested positive for the corona virus as cases emerge and tourist regions like croatia and austria some experts say the economic impact of the virus on the travel industry will be felt in every corner of the world. and wall street had been in quite a bullish mood to begin this year but that's all been erased by these 2 straight days of losses among the biggest losers tuesday were technology companies like apple which rely heavily on china to source components it fell 3 and a half percent the region cruise line holdings dropped by a whopping 7.7 percent days after canceling all its asian voyages among the winners biotech company which is working on a vaccine and who shares surged nearly 28 percent. now earlier i asked i asked her for a financial correspondent in new york yes quarter what we should make of the today's sell off on wall street. well this was clearly
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a sea of red and that was unexpected that after the top drop on monday we saw another almost $900.00 point drop in the dow jones industrial average off the blue chips gave up over a 1000 points on monday so at least by points those have been the 2 worst consecutive days in wall street some history not in percent but by a point where we have more and more companies coming out with a warning system in connection to the coronavirus credit card company master card boycott example we have the retail chain macy's saying that supply chains could get effected so clearly the economy will take a hit how strong we don't know but that it actually puts quite some pressure on stock markets at this point. and he as we've heard the president has asked congress to authorize $2500000000.00 to aid the coronavirus effort here in the u.s. would that actually help investors there. well 2 and
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a half $1000000000.00 are not going to do the trick at all and overall the white house at this point at least seems to be downplaying at least the economic effects of the virus we had an advisor to u.s. president donald trump an economic advisor saying as terrible as the virus is he does not believe that the economy will get really get hit hard to there's still hope that latest by summer the virus will be gone but certainly nobody knows for sure at this point all right you are there for us in new york thank you. though as the virus spreads more people are reaching for surgical masks as a 1st line of protection despite their limited effectiveness now some asian producers of those masks are banning the export they say they need them at home. since the falling report check company respite loan in part a no make surgical masks that supplies companies across the e.u.
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and even in north and south america rest belongs corridors are now piled high with boxes since the covert 1000 outbreak business is booming demand has increased more than 10 fold but the company normally supplies china with the role materials for its masks so-called nano 5 the membranes made in the czech republic. there then assembled the chinese sites. however china has now banned the export of surgical masks to europe. the supply chain has broken down. chief executive roman sima sees a bottleneck developing rapidly. it's a big. because we have. china right now so.
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actually masks. all the pharmacies we checked up on while making this report said they'd already sold out of masks that want to. draw stocks university hospital surgical masks are a way of life but it's generally accepted here that no mask offers 100 percent protection against the new coronavirus even if they can be helpful shortages are developing here as well. the. smaller hospitals in the area that we assist signaled last week that they can't get protective masks and face huge problems the university hospital specialized supply guaranteed that we'd have no problems for the next half year how they'll manage that i don't know. if they see it differently but across germany people are already wondering how to deal with the scarcity. when an emergency or mask may even
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have to be used twice and in the czech republic rest belong is working on getting a new type of mask to market in the near future for that roma team plans to relocate production and bring it back home. and out of the other business stories making headlines. european union ministers have approved their framework for their post the trade negotiations with the u.k. it stipulates that e.u. standards should serve as the reference point for any future trade deal goshi asians with the british who've agreed on their own mandate are due to begin next week while. the driver of a tesla s.u.v. who died in a silicon valley crash 2 years ago was playing a video game on his smartphone with a smartphone at the time at a hearing the u.s. national transportation safety board criticized tesla's lack of system safeguards apple engineer walter huang died when his tesla swerved into a freeway barrier. the cuban government has begun selling used
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cars for u.s. dollars the vehicles are available at a single outlet in havana only about one in 20 cubans owns a car the state run economy desperately needs cash through the implosion of ally venezuela's economy and the tightening of the u.s. trade embargo. the world's 2 biggest democracies india and the u.s. fail to strike a trade deal after a visit they've gone photo ops and low on real progress president donald trump put a positive spin on trade ties and held the sale of billions of dollars of military equipment and then officials say both sides decided to continue working on an elusive pact now that snuffed a comprehensive trade agreement signing not yet at least the u.s. president put his name to the visit a book at the memorial to mahatma gandhi in new delhi before being presented with a bust of the much revered independence lita however that was not the only place
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where donald trump left his presidential mock. i know prime minister modi will agree that this has been a very productive visit for both of our countries earlier today we expanded our defense cooperation with agreements for india to purchase more than $3000000000.00 of advanced american military equipment including apache and made 60 romeo helicopters the finest in the world there was also a deal between us and a g big hits the exxon mobile and the indian government that will see the americans improve india's energy distribution network it'll mean the u.s. can sell even more of it so oil and gas to the subcontinent asked for that closely watched comprehensive trade deal president trump says there's been tremendous progress but they're not shaking on it's just yet. a doomsday vault in the arctic has received 60000 new seeds samples which are being stored there in case of a global disaster amid mounting concern over climate change and food crop
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extinction groups are adding their seeds to the collection on norway's spitzbergen island the new seeds include beans squash and corn from the cherokee nation the 1st native american group to send crops to the vault the facility was launched in 2008 with the aim of safeguarding biodiversity it now has over a 1000000 varieties of seeds. just in case things get really bad and that's it for me and the business team here berlin you can always find out more stuff about these and other stories online at www dot com slash business i'm stephen bears in berlin thanks for joining us.
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introduced and serious reward system to coerce allegiance to the regime. those who don't make it into the fun metropolis are often feel hungry. have fun and join us starts feb 28th on w. hello everybody and a welcome to the latest edition of. i am sundra to nobody coming to you from kampala here in new gunda it is nice to have you with us and of course today we'll have a lot of new reports of all the different things people do.


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