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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  March 16, 2020 11:30am-11:46am CET

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to my city days for centuries and how the company of my country through its finest hours. until the day i knew. was still not. welcome to global 3000. pounds tourism and climate change have caused coral reefs in the dominican republic to die off could liberate trade bread corals help restore them. tourism is big in cambodia too but chinese investors are the
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main beneficiaries locals are largely losing out. first we go to a place that sees few tourists one area of south africa's cape town is in the grip of gangs. it's been 26 years since apartheid ended and yet more than half of all south africans still live in poverty that's around 13000000 people unemployment is rife over 50 percent of young south africans a job loss with no prospects in sight some resorts to illegal activities south africa has one of the highest crime rates in the world violent crime in particular has increased steadily there over the past 10 years. the situation in cape town is especially troubling most tourists stick closely to the small bay area below table mountain the majority of locals however live in the cape flats.
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we're out on patrol with the anti gang unit. special task force come on gang crime in the poorer districts of the cape flats on the outskirts of cape town going into the. final. with. the team drive to a building that's home to the leader of the corner boys a notorious gang. heavily armed officers stormed the building and turn the entire apartment upside down. they find large sums of cash 12800 south african rand you quibbling about 800 euros. yet there is nothing sealed. you understand that this is x. think you will be in it but is lending you less for your kind of money.
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the police also find drugs hidden in mailboxes outside the building they are packaged into small bundles ready for sale. and that is what this is this money is about because she says this money she sells washing positive that in the book is people who over money and only live in falls in the foreseeable whom. the officers don't find any weapons but they suspect they're out on the street. more than a 1000000 people live in the cape flats. gangs have a hold on the area and the murder rate is one of the highest in the world. the army has been on patrol here since july 29th seen but the death toll continues to rise.
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we're driving through gang territory a landscape that shaped by poverty drugs and violence there are a few prospects for the young people growing up here many of whom join gangs at an early age. an intermediary puts is in touch with a gang we meet with a few members in lotus river what if. no one is forced to become a gangster so they say everyone is free to make their own decision so why did they become gangsters. and become a gangster. so i. am doing the same thing with. the matter of fact way the 23 year old talks about murder is disturbing. if i get mad i will. go
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over there kill you shoot. one must. work. hard and some murder are part of their lives says rene he too is just 23 years old . all of. them still. she. know. it's a war but also kills innocent bystanders often children. people who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. others are targeted if they want the guns activities in some way. like after all andrew son our cargo deal is apparently wanted to sell drugs outside his family's home after all
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tells us that her son tried to stop them one evening he said he needed to go out he left his phone at someone's house i'm wanted to pick it up after remembers that it was hard for him to say goodbye. nice eyes were full of tears and he said that i have to you know yet and i said please don't do it now don't go fishing it is not ok and he said that i have to go fishing because i'm worried. my phone is in it in the hands of somebody that i don't trust and if about 20 minutes after that somebody came to say. you know average andrews chose not to feel better she set up a foundation in order to help others. every woman here shares the traumatic experience of having lost a son their stories are all unique but also tragically similar. to the
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1st showed me and often. if you don't know what to do those in the moment you think it is you have to if you want to feel that in the. subject. probably don't they would ban. it even if they did everything in the door. and. that. they were in there any worse. so. some of the perpetrators are still at large i just open. there just as well put away for all the children who's losing their lives in the case. like this all the innocent all the small children babies. just as the government must do some good. thing was that this.
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after all andrew's world simply sit around and wait she set up a soup kitchen funded by donations on her own money around 200 people come here every day. after all talks to the young people and tries to help them find a way out of the violence. we can save everyone all at once she says but maybe one after the other. in 2030 china announced it's belts and road and they should save also called the new silk road the aim is to expand trade links between asia africa and europe so far china has spent around 180000000000 euros on the project the final cost is estimated to reach about 900000000000 while the rest some concerns about china's expanding power many countries welcomed the cash injection individuals however i'm experiencing the
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downsides of chinese investment like in cambodia and. policy aaron says she doesn't want to get used to what sihanoukville has become. there's been dirty trash and construction waste everywhere for 3 years. she shows us where her fruit and vegetable shop used to be please it's now a restaurant the chinese owner was willing to pay $3.00 times as much rent as her. reception is a little frosty. my shop used to be here pantelis hana the new owner doesn't understand any. he is a translation app to try and communicate with her on the screen it says that his business isn't doing that well. it makes me sad this shop with my life i earn decent money here i could even save some now everything's changed. to we're not. punks house is still here
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surrounded by skyscrapers cranes and building sites she now runs a small online shop from her smartphone she gets inquiries nearly every week from chinese buyers who want her plot of land but pung wants to stay here even though she feels completely surrounded. the building side scare me. there's constant shaking and noise. and i don't think the buildings are all that sturdy one of them collapsed the other day and. little remains of the once tranquil port town of c.n.n. still. chinese construction companies have transformed the place into a tourist magnet with hundreds of hotels and casinos. most of the workers come from china. a chinese supermarket chain has opened
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a branch here their product range is tailored to the needs of the chinese workers and most of the profits here end up in the hands of the chinese. as night falls a sea of bright lights illuminates the city. more than 60 newly built casinos lurch chinese gamblers to cambodia gambling is illegal for cambodian citizens but we still meet plenty in the city center after all these casinos need a lot of staff. cambodians run the gambling tables and serve the gas some of them have managed to profit from the huge changes in their city. so i don't want to. speaking only in terms of money on have a slightly better life now a bit more income. maybe my family will even come into my life. yet i don't like the way things have developed here but as far as the money goes it's ok. the space a scenic fill has been completely transformed by the gambling industry and chinese
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funded construction projects. but the provincial governor maintains that this is a boon to the area. they say by the it might be hard to imagine right now but we will soon have a modern on magnificent city we're making this city a small city right at that moment there's a blackout the grid is overloaded again but the governor carries on regardless we have everything under control he says. here on the outskirts of the city is a small settlement for 50 families the government relocated people here who are getting in the way of the smart city project before they're forced resettlement they were all living on valuable plots of land in the city center. the land was taken from them and used for hotels and casinos. like that of the. mall prandial it's so unfair i feel helpless these people are so powerful. it's
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a huge injustice that this area here is totally deserted when i can keep a few chickens but otherwise i can earn any money i met. her husband is a motorbike taxi driver and now has a long journey to work he usually drives chinese tourists around. he takes us along and shows us where he and his family lived for 30 years. his 6 children grew up here it was a tight knit community the houses have now been torn down. city authorities revoked his right to live on the property. but. it's heartbreaking to stand here. i don't know what weighs more heavily sadness or anger. i'm just speechless you know i was a soldier i worked hard for this long for this country but what they're doing here
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. is this the facts only gallo. in it for song and others like him it's a bitter pill to swallow. this weekend label idea as we head to one of the world's most popular tourist destinations the caribbean behind visitor numbers are taking a toll on the natural environment they are reported to have shalem back went to the dominican republic to find out what's happening above and below the water he made some worrying discoveries but also met people who were working hard to turn things around. the world was only. finally some fish they've worked 4 days for this whole the fishes have been doing this job their whole lives here off the coast of punta cana in the east of the dominican republic . and you know. all
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over america they used to make good money doing this a little. more it was better before things are getting harder and harder fishing isn't the same as it used to be here business is really bad. bob levey at 1st glance this looks like a decent cottage but 10 years ago it would have been twice the size. the reason lies here the entire coast of the dominican republic is lined with coral reefs around 90 percent of them were severely damaged. the water temperature is rising because of climate change this makes the corals weaker and more vulnerable to pollution and human activity. this is how everything looks about the surface. must tourism.


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