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the last 5. is pluto no longer a planet. for 76 years pluto was known as the 9th planet in the solar system far out in space orbited our central star the sun pluto was the tiniest of the planets until 2006. then the international astronomical union the i you held its general assembly in prague and demoted pluto to dwarf planet it was a controversial decision which angered many astronomers the american astronomer clyde tombaugh discovered pluto in 930 and it was feigned as the 1st planetary discovery in the u.s. . in 2015 many spice enthuses hope that nasa is new horizons programme might restore pluto status as a planet the spacecraft flew past it and took sensational photos. they revealed
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a complex and dynamic landscape with 3000 meter high mountains of frozen water juice of frozen methane and possibly even volcanoes spewing ice and it has an atmosphere and it's still not a planet even though it all gets the sun just like the remaining 8 planets know because the new definition of a planet includes a criterion that pluto does not fulfill. the i use as a planet has to quote clear the neighborhood around its orbit that means it sweeps up other material in the vicinity to become the dominant object in its orbital saw on. the earth has done that as have the other 7 planets in our solar system but pluto failed to make the grade. way out there in the region of its orbit there are many other minor planets known. the trance neptunian objects some
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of them quite similar to pluto like the even more massive heiress it was discovered in 2005 and ultimately led to pluto's downfall. clue showdowns to feel the other 2 criteria for planets. that is all but star and has enough mass to take on a nearly round shape that at least makes it a dwarf planet oh well it remains an absolutely fascinating world the far reaches of the song system. on the internet you'll find plenty of calls for plato to be returned to the pantheon of planets. we've picked out to particularly interesting views in support just. rock legend brian may who has
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a doctorate in astrophysics is strongly pro puter. this mystical object was discovered and named to planets before he was born. and at the time he says planets with thought to be roughly spherical objects that always had the sun that makes pierce so a classical planet for him end of story. nasa administrator jim dryden stein agrees the way should define a planet is based on its intrinsic values not the values that constantly change like orbital dynamics just so when i think about pluto and what we got back from new rises here's what we know. hutto has an ocean under its surface just pluto has complex organic compounds on a surface pluto has a multilayer atmosphere and pluto has its own moves i'm here to tell you as. the
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nasa administrator. i believe pluto is a planet. why are very glad you made some questions aren't easy to answer but that shouldn't stop you asking them send us your science question as a video text or voicemail if we enter it on the show we'll send you a little surprise as a thank you come on just ask. you'll find more science stories on our website and to get in touch on twitter and facebook. our planet has a problem with garbage we asked you on facebook what's the situation like in your country do you separate your garbage do you recycle. ranch on rights that there are a lot of initiatives on garbage processing in india many municipalities now separate their garbage including the one where he lives.
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andrea says that households in romania usually don't recycle you can take the garbage to recycling bins yourself but they're usually not close by. they're not open that imperiled why they are flooded with garbage that's not recycled he sees that as one reason for widespread dengue fever. writes that the university of the south pacific and lao color fiji has been specifically for plastic bottles where they go after that is not clear maybe they're really used in the factories that produce them. and in a post from nigeria brown says garbage isn't recycled there but burned which is very hazardous for the environment and people who live along rivers tend to discharge their waste into the water. thanks for your. hermance.
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clearly the problem of waste is huge and it could get bigger a study by the world bank forecasts that the amount of garbage will increase by 70 percent by the year 2050 that would be an incredible 3400000000 tonnes. figures like that show that we have to take action rice where we live. next report takes us to the brazilian capital where garbage is the subject of a university course back to basics. this patch of land near the capital brasilia used to be the biggest landfill site in latin america in 2018 but dump was closed on the 60 meter high mountain of garbage was covered with. construction waste is still being dumped that although that's illegal. the national waste policy ends to eradicate landfills and promote recycling. but there are still 2 and
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a half 1000 open landfill sites across the country. mostly often and it's worked here as a waste paper for 20 years she supported her 4 children by selling anything of value she found the family lived in a shanty town right next door at 1st she was very much against the closure of the dump she had little faith in the city authorities pledged to provide jobs for some 750 trash because in new recycling facilities but now that's where she works and she's changed her mind. no one can pin say he will say i never thought i might one day have a real job me a simple waste picker with no rights and no social insurance obviously. and now i work here i even have an office up if only i paid a little better it would be perfect as you know my eyes. she and her colleagues now
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belong to a co-operative that operates one of the recycling facilities what they are depends on how much trash they sought lucy often and is a supervisor she makes sure the work is done properly. and that often not that how many. cafe is nice they had a couple there aren't enough people working on the conveyor belt a lot of recyclable material gets through then we have to check it to make sure things don't end up in residual waste that don't belong there if i see that happening i put more people on at the end of the belt that the process is set to become more efficient with the help of some students from the university of brasilia until recently that professor powell says would also raise gomez was deputy director of the municipal sanitation authority he helped restructure brazilian's waste management systems. kind of everybody is collecting something different she sorting out glass bottles she's sorting out
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plastic bottles further along somebody is pulling out the cardboard enough and it's possible the process could be made more efficient if the positions were switched around that's something we need to test this tell us. but not all the trash delivered here to be sorted can be recycled much of it has to be disposed of. the aim of the program is to increase the proportion of waste that can be recycled. everything that can be sorted and soldiers returned to the production chain to the recycling at district if it doesn't end up being dumped so we're saving the cost of taking it to the landfill extending the lifespan of that site and reducing emissions. professor paolo those race has organized across disciplinary seminar at the university. students from various fields are working on developing sustainable waste management solutions. one approach is to make
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waste sorting more efficient another is to focus on technology trucks sensors logistics others in to raise environmental awareness how can the public be involved more closely in the waste recycling process than use the program bring students together with representatives of the man to support sanitation authority the recycling cooperatives and also commercial enterprises. the university of brasilia setting up a postgraduate program in waste management. among brazil cities the capital has taken the lead in developing a sustainable waste management strategy. sorting out collection have just been expanded across the city lucy a phenomenon this is optimistic about her future they'll now be more waste to live it to her co-operative to sort and that means she and her colleagues will soon be earning more. that's it for today the next program
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a research project in iraq is studying insect pollinators like bees why are they in danger and how can they be risky and join us for more on smart today next week see you then by. mob. its hard work done by.
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saving the co means some around the dominican republic. the sensitive ecosystem is under threat from tourism by mental pollution and. the conservation project aims to sane the delicate coral because the reefs are important to have a dad to come on 3000. and 30 minutes on g.w. . board more for. ringback
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serious problems on a personal level and i was unable to live their lives i'm going to. want to know their story for migrants terrified and reliable information for more grants. is the human race to destroy itself. we are moving the basic elements of our existence. we're using to much matter and to moving. the mortar just like. we may think the water supplies will last forever. but then. when the rain stuff. starts march 20th on to w. .
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cut. block. this is deja vu news live from berlin and germany began so close its borders as it fights to control the spread of the coronavirus at this was the situation at one french german border crossing this morning. if you look behind me you can see that there are already long lines coming from france this is the traffic jam is going to love it is it to france right now.


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