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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  March 16, 2020 6:15pm-6:31pm CET

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fitness clubs gyms all the way to pause and night clubs and institutions such as that and even playgrounds in public parks and she emphasized that all of this was necessary in order to maintain a distance between people in germany and others for people not to be close together notes to congregate in any place as far as that is possible not in schools not in playgrounds not in clubs not in shops because that social distance and this syncing that distance between people actually prevents the virus from spreading more quickly that's the case i mean that's the reason for all of these measures in fact for all of the measures that have been taken in recent weeks and months it's an attempt to get people to keep a distance from each other so that the virus cannot so easily jump from one person to the next and as ever when the german chancellor talks about international matters there was a reference to international consultations with g 7 and with european partners. yes
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i think what's happening there is a kind of damage control i think one has to call it both on the side of the european union and in the consultations with the g 7 countries which obviously include the united states because a lot of countries both in the european union and also side obviously the united states and so on have been taking there are measures without much consultation and i think what's happening now is that i'm going to america and the european union are trying to reestablish some sort of coordinated response to make it easier for neighboring countries to coordinate what they are doing not to just think about themselves but also to think about their neighbors and also on the international level she's saying that within the g 7 framework there's going to be quote further consultation on the part of finance ministers health minister if the economic ministers in other words at the end attempt to reestablish international coordination and having said that this was something of
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a unique situation and one of the lines in that the that i think will strike many people outside the country is unusual not being aware of how germany works is they're thinking about abandoning the current ban on sunday trading which is a big deal here. that's indeed a big deal that's something that has been defended very vehemently for many many years by trade unions in germany in saying that people working in shops should not be forced to work on sundays as well so it's very rare that in germany one can shop on the sunday there's very very special days that are designated sundays that are designated for such shopping sunday shopping particularly hate of christmas for instance so that is something very important it's also i think a measure to try and reassure people to prevent people from actually going crazy in their shopping which has been happening to say in some in some cases recently
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reassurance that the supplies will be maintained that there will not be shortages and that in fact anybody who doesn't need anything will be able to go and get it even on a sunday good talking to political correspondent hans brandt. well germans could join the growing list of a you countries attempting to curb the pandemic by imposing a full partial border closure as well and has announced closed controls on the country's borders with switzerland austria denmark luxembourg and france. gridlock on the french german border these cars have been waiting for at least 30 minutes to end to germany the certainty we are sending back any vehicle which is not being granted special status to enter germany has a valid reason to cross going to. it's just one of many makeshift border controls set up on monday in a bid to stem the corona virus outbreak german citizens and residents may continue through as can delivery drivers and those commuting to work anyone displaying
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coronavirus symptoms will be handed over to health authorities. 3 dozen english like minded normal actually they need to protect or somehow from everything that's been happening it's really bad at the moment there is no set time frame for these travel restrictions and the government says it might extend them to borders with other neighboring countries. he is also considering the tough measures the commission president has just proposed a 30 day ban on all nonessential travel to the block a sort of on the line announced the proposal after a conference call with g 7 leaders the restrictions could be extended after the initial 30 day period we propose to introduce a temporary restriction on nonessential travel to the european union why that because we think nonessential travel should be reduced right now to in order to not to spread the virus further be it within the european union or by leaving the
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european union but also to avoid nonessential travels not to have more potential strain on our health care system of course there will be exemptions for example for e.u. citizens coming back home for health care workers like doctors and nurses but also scientists working on the solution of this health crisis we do see but also. people commuting on borders now who are working on both sides of the borders for example there will be exemptions. because on the go matheson brussels is standing by to talk us through this welcome go. tell us more about these restrictions. quite extreme measures the head of the european commission is suggesting here the closure of extra will even bought urged by the way including countries such as norway and switzerland so we're looking in
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a total of 30 countries that would be closing their extra load borders allowing as this from the line has pointed out essential traffic to continue via the external borders in other words a medical goods would be able to enter but also people who work inside the you would continue to be able to enter but nonessential travel would be excluded so those people could no longer come into the e.u. the idea here being that the e.u. that individual member states will restrain from closing their borders in order to protect their population because this in dangers and the commission president is quite clear on that this in danger's the internal market and in by endangering the internal market it is in danger is the entire supply chain of medical goods and of people who provide food for each other so so these sensuous inside the e.u. should continue running corporation is a big work in these days ok so this is
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a proposal from the commission at this stage is going to get a yes from heads of government and the parliament is that likely to be any resistance funded and said that she talked prior to. making this proposal to individual governments and she said overwhelmingly that this is this measure is being welcomed by member states but formally it has to be consented and that is what the commission will seek tomorrow good talking to thanks for now i get did i become sponsored gap matus in brussels. the world health organization is calling on countries to ramp up that testing programs as the best way to slow the pandemics progress adumbrate show director general a says many governments need to do more to track down every potential case. the most effective way to prevent infections and save lives is breaking the chains of
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transmission and to do that you must test and isolate you cannot fly it a fire blindfolded and we cannot stop this bundle me if we don't know who is infected we have a simple message for all countries test test test. the frontline of europe's corona virus outbreak is italy with the whole country on lockdown daily life is all but ground to a halt in the essential shops are open public gatherings and travel are banned and people have been told to stand her it's a reported $368.00 new coronavirus related deaths on sunday the worst single day toll of any country since the crisis began. another of the world's coronavirus hotspots is spain which has the 4th highest incidence moving ahead of south korea a 2 week lockdown is already in place which the government to make
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a stand it has also started control of the country's land borders the population of 47000000 is being told to stay indoors. spending an entire day at home together is something the erkki thaws family haven't done for a long time before trying to make the best of a difficult situation amid madrid's coronavirus lockdown indigo is employed as a bank and can therefore work from home while his daughter is able to access her schoolwork via the internet but it's his parents in bilbao that worry him no more you've not been going outside i hope here in madrid police drones with loud speakers are telling us to stay home. to. tell you to stay inside that's what you have to do you can't go around spreading the virus. your 14 year old paula is working studiously through her school exercises but it isn't always easy without the teacher them and though they may send you on the exercises that sometimes you don't understand them you can ask your parents but they might not remember learning
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this stuff so they're not much help either. madrid a city known for its bustling streets and vibrant atmosphere has fallen eerily quiet never in the history of spanish democracy have such drastic measures been taken according to the government. only those shopping for essential heading to work or visiting a doctor or pharmacy are allowed out on the streets some rule breakers are treated leniently by police others are threatened with fines. for the orchy thoughts family the curfew brings its own difficulties but they're determined to comply as much as possible jaco is their biggest worry for any leopard or puppies aren't exactly ideal companions during a global health crisis that i was at but he's always looking for attention from strangers and he loves getting cuddles from home till and beginning to see everybody as a potential source of infection. you begin to go a little crazy in isolation laura tells us but then nothing here is as it should be
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at the moment those in madrid simply need to hold out in the hope that things will turn to normal soon. well the coronavirus pandemic has offended the world of sport with many countries banning all sporting events in the near future germany's bundesliga clubs today confirmed a suspension of football matches that will remain in place until april but further postponements are expected to be announced after another meeting in 2 weeks the german football league convened a meeting with all $36.00 or clubs from the country's top 2 divisions chief executive christiane said the health and financial security of all 56000 football employees was the highest priority tomorrow's tomorrow at europe's said governing body your wife will meet to discuss the future of the european football championship. a quick reminder of our top stories at this hour german chancellor angela merkel has outlined her government's action plan to slow the spread of coronavirus the measures include closing non-essential was shops churches and
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playgroups she also told that germans to seize hold foreign and domestic a vacation trip on the monday germany introduced sweeping controls on its borders. this is d.w. news i'll have more for you at the top of the out how to. after
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