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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  March 17, 2020 10:15pm-10:31pm CET

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that's chris harrington wise words there thank you very much ok you're watching the w. news let me back at the top of the hour with the headlines but my colleague stephen beard he'll be up next with d.w. business stick around for that for the record. what secrets lie behind. discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. p.w. world heritage 360 get the maps now. every day counts for us and for our planet.
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look at my genius is hans way to bring you more on conservation. how to make cities scream. how can we protect habitats. we can make a difference. good morning to you as the environmental c recently moved to 3000 on t.w. and on the. u.s. president wants to send a check to every american and he's got support to look at the proposed $850000000000.00 stimulus package in the u.s. and help other nations are scrambling to keep individuals and businesses afloat amid the pandemic. also on the show auto giant styler a volkswagen and ford are shuttering most of their european production over the crowd of harvest. and as equal pay day comes around again we look at how stony
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a is trying to end the gender pay gap by training. young girls in i.t. . this is your business report i'm stephen beard's in berlin it's good to have you with us the airline industry could collapse without significant help from the world's governments and that's the dire message from the international air transport association it's a body that represents the vast majority of global air traffic and it says that companies will need between $150.00 and $200000000000.00 to weather the pandemic and the carriers are short of cash to provide even refunds especially hard hit airlines relying on the lucrative transatlantic route last week u.s. president donald trump banned most incoming flights from europe for 30 days and german chancellor angela merkel now says nani you residents will not be allowed to enter the block for the same period and it's not just weakening demand it's hurting the industry play makers are cutting production as a result of supply chain disruption and employee absences in the u.s. boeing has already asked the white house for assistance and here in europe air bus
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has halted production in france and spain. now helping airlines as part of an $850000000000.00 stimulus proposal from the trump administration it would also send a $1000.00 check to every american among other measures the package would include 50000000000 dollars for the american airline industry a cut in payroll taxes and further loans and guarantees for small businesses and the plans come as governments around the world scramble to send direct aid to citizens affected by the pen demick would still need to be passed by congress. and for more on this let's go to our financial correspondent in new york jose luis de haro jose a check to every american what's the idea here. i would say that it could be a necessary step to steven if we keep in mind that here in the u.s. there are more than 50000000 people 15000000 people that are freelancers part time
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workers or contract over most of these people don't get paid if they don't go to work on top of that in some cases like here in new york a lot of people leave by check i mean if they don't get some income by the end of this month they will not be able to pay the rent or the telephone bill or even buy food. not only these situation already it also creates a feeling that when the real recovery happens the consumer want to spend immediately after work for an economy where 2 thirds of the g.d.p. depends on consumption is the key to keep that confidence alive to avoid a lengthy teammate recovery. jose when we look at this proposed plan which we should acknowledge has to go to congress and has to be passed it's still not a law yet when we look at it and compare it to the stimulus measures passed during the recession 2806 impair. well for starters stephen if older numbers come to fruition it will be bigger down there one triggered by the
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financial crisis that we are talking now about around a trillion dollars according to the latest numbers also these time that there is a much more emphasis it seems on both small businesses and people and not just bailing out companies and specifically banks and for now there will be loans and tax payment deferrals for companies and individuals loans for business paid leave or clearly if we crucial to the situation there will be also bail and so for specific industries such as as you pointed out but also hotels so we could say that the stimulus will try to keep comprehensive focus humors on a small business is alive as much as it can so so when the recovery happens it will be strong enough those it looks like wall street is reading this proposal what are you seeing there. basically we saw optimistically react
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if we have learned something over the past days and weeks stephen is that here a confidence can change any minute so we'll see what happens tomorrow all right will they lose the heart of keeping an eye on the numbers on wall street for us thank you for sadie's benz parent company dime laura says it's suspending the majority of its european production in response to the coronavirus pandemic and the shutdown affecting car van and commercial vehicle plants will be for an initial 2 week period which could then be extended the dollar says it wants to interrupt its effect infection chains to contain the spread of the virus in its ranks. and i'm sure is alone ford has also announced that it will suspend car production in europe and so is the world's largest car maker folks wagon which had hoped to focus on more positive news during its annual news conference on tuesday.
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a banner year. with record profits and record levels of investment. but the coronavirus pandemic has put the brakes on what should have been a good day for. turnover and disruptions in our supply chains which we will soon be confronted by. the aca we will be forced to close down many of our production facilities to prove a break and then common. work has already grown to a halt to track trees in spain italy and slovakia. and assembly lines here in germany and throughout the rest of the european union will soon be shut down for at least 2 weeks. v.w. had expected to continue its winning streak in 2020. but with no sign of an end to the spread of code 19 company brownnose now says it expects a quote very difficult year ahead. let's take
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a look at how the coronavirus is making business headlines elsewhere in the world. france has announced $45000000000.00 euros worth of crisis measures to help companies reeling from the outbreak french finance minister bernard law said that a large part of that sum comes from the deferral of all tax payments and payroll charges that companies are due to pay this month. spanish prime minister pedro sanchez has announced a $200000000000.00 euro coronavirus a package that includes loans credit guarantees and erect aid and it represents a whopping 20 percent of the country's gross domestic product the government is providing 117000000000 euros with the remains are coming from private companies measures include 100000000000 euros in state backed credit guarantees and unlimited liquidity help for companies. the italian government says it will nationalize the country's air carrier alitalia a new state controlled company will take over the bankrupt airline its takeover is
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part of the wider government stimulus package to combat the coronavirus effect however all its holiness was struggling long before the current outbreak. of a truck hughes from lithuania into poland are reaching 50 kilometers at times poland closed off its borders and its coronavirus locked down even one crossing open for trucks coming from the 3 baltic states as well as parts of russia and below groups could. cern's are growing the cargo traffic into but the way you know latvia and estonia also be disrupted. and let's stay in the baltics today is equal pay day it's a reminder that women around the globe still make less money than men in comparable jobs we're going to look at a stone a country that has transformed its economy in recent decades but not the way many demands women are currently underpaid by more than 20 percent and that gives a stoney of the largest gender pay gap in all of europe. here you can solder
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program experiment and play it just one of the 80 groups across us donia designed to bring girls into contact with technical topics. i'm always waiting for monday to come here i'm learning new things about electronics and i'm not afraid of them like i used to be you know wish you know who to get mostly boys into tech but most girls actually like it to. the man who started the project is former entrepreneur. he's the brain behind is tony's digitalisation. takes me on and who have you i saw the problem when i ran large companies going to the forum and we had 300 programmers but just 3 of them are women. if you want to create the same opportunities that exist for men you have to start somewhere. who either get them. in a stony as technology and finance sectors in particular women are paid less than
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men and they have poor career opportunities according to maher joint. model on the . inspiring equal opportunities and interests is very important i have my own experience with my daughter she's very interested in programming that when she showed interest in school others said that it's something for boys and the boys are the only ones attending those classes meet him i mean she said. that the boys that he said have it all you know boys should. have girls learn by themselves copy kaka believes they will find solutions faster than mixed teams for him just one of the many reasons to bring the initiative to schools nationwide. would look to the magic they go to the girls enjoy it but they don't always get the chance as they are always involved they tend to step back and let the boys go 1st that way models. historically is one of the most innovative e.u. countries in terms of tech and yet it's always of the furthest behind in terms of
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equal opportunities this next generation of girls could change that. and that's it from me and the business team here in berlin you can of course find out more about these and other business stories online at the dot com slash business and to check us out on facebook and twitter i'm stephen there's again as always thanks for joining us.
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my country through the morning hours until the day i mean. not done differently stands a full day. for weeks now in beijing there hasn't been any point in getting up early. the only reason to do so is to check the latest number of new infections. right after waking up.


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