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bialik gassed at frankfurt airport city managed by from bought. this is the deputy news live from berlin the united states is extending coronavirus restrictions and till the end of april president donald trump says the country will be on the road to recovery by june a top u.s. infectious diseases its 1st born's a corona virus could affect minutes for you the latest from washington also coming up. a groups are calling for the evacuation of vulnerable people from graces of
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a crowded refugee camps in the morea camp a place boston there are fears that a corona virus outbreak there could be catastrophic plus. colombian place get creative as they urge people to comply with a nationwide lockdown. a method of how to welcome to the program as these country fights a dramatic rise in corona virus infections u.s. president donald trump says that social distancing god lines will be extended until the end of april just a trump also backed away from his earlier prediction that the country would be back on its feet by easter he said he now expected the u.s.
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to be on its way to recovery by june 1st. he's comments came as the country's top infectious disease expert warned the corona virus outbreak could kill 200000 americans and infect millions more the peak the highest point of death rates remember this is likely to hit in 2 ix nothing would be worse than declaring victory before the victories won. therefore we will be extending our guidelines to april 30th to slow the spread of well for more let's bring in d.w. washington correspondent col a blocker who has been following the president's address what exactly is president trump strategy at this stage in the pandemic well as we have heard of president trump announced that the current measures will stay in place so that means all non-essential businesses remain closed schools remain closed and people
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are to stay inside as far as that's possible on top of that he aims to expand task saying he announced that the f.d.a. has a proved 5 minutes a rapid corona tests and he wants those to get out and on top of that he wants people in the hardest hit states and new york new jersey certain areas of connecticut to to really remain where they are and that's what this travel warning that was really is it's on saturday is to achieve that these people don't spread out across the country the president has been criticizing the clinics in the hardest hit area of the country new york why. he mentioned in his press conference today that he was suspicious of the sharp rise in masks that some of the clinics in new york are saying and he even implied that people might be taking them he was saying you know what is happening to all these
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masks are they being walked out the back door and he has caused quite a bit of fire for that in the social media and another thing that he mentioned was a certain clinics and he didn't name any specific ones were holding back respirators for things yet to come even though they are needed urgently elsewhere right now call of disease experts predicts some 200000 people could die from code not seen in the u.s. how worried is the population at this point in a lot of that diet for diction people are taking this very very seriously just on friday we saw a poll released a poll released by reuters that said 81 percent. of purchase depends on this poll said that they believe these these social distancing measures should stay in place really for for the safety of everyone and even though the economy is of
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course a big subject here and people people are worried for their jobs many people have lost their jobs only 19 percent of people who are asked in this poll said social distancing should and as soon as possible to kind of kick start the economy and get back things to normal so people people are most certainly worried about the situation here in the u.s. did they believe washington correspondent color black a thank you. time to take a look now at the latest coronavirus developments vietnam's prime minister has told my just cities in the country to get ready to lock down in a bid to stop the virus spreading as japan sees a spike in infections the asahi newspaper is reporting that it will expand an entry ban to include citizens traveling from the u.s. china south korea and most of europe in italy the right of new infections has slowed to the lowest it's been in 4 days officials are expressing cautious optimism
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that the strictest shutdown in the western nation could be showing results and nigerian president. hadi ordered people to stay put for 2 weeks in both the mega city of lagos and in the capital of boucher well increases of a crowded refugee camps an outbreak of coronavirus could be catastrophic in the morea camp on the island of lesbos conditions are dire and many people are already suffering health problems i had organized calling for the evacuation of the most vulnerable groups at the very least. in the maria refugee camp very few have been able to get a mask to protect against coronavirus. there are more than 20000 people living here in dire conditions lack of food washing areas and medicine are the norm. there is a lot of disease here people are sick they have fevers and skin conditions like scabious
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and life they cough and have breathing problems like asthma officially there are no covert 19 cases here but also no government plan to prevent them says doctors without borders such a scenario would be a disaster for everyone unless both refugees and residents alike. even. before the pandemic germany had agreed to accept unaccompanied minors that's off the table now an effort to avoid bringing in outsiders from at risk groups opposition parties have criticized a lack of political will to end the humanitarian crisis. many politicians say we don't want a repeat of 2000 to 15 but we're not talking about millions of people here just
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a few tens of thousands if you're really serious and want to do everything possible to prevent a further outbreak then we have to evacuate these camps you can't even if you're. a camp intended for 3000 people housing 20000 that makes social distancing here close to impossible. large numbers of people confined in a small area and vulnerable to the spread of the virus that scenario is also being played out in gaza facing a lack of ventilators globs facemasks and hospital beds or storage is there the virus could be impossible to stop more than 2000000 people in the palestinian territory live under strict blockades from israel and they judged. it's been less than a week since the coronavirus reached gaza but already it's clear that the territory is woefully under quick to cope with the pandemic thirty's are doing what they can . one but a. gaza municipality is organizing the cleaning and sterilising of the markets in
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an attempt to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. we're doing this despite being short of facilities and equipment. it is our duty to try to prevent the virus from spreading. the u.n. has already warned that the crumbling infrastructure. you will not be up to the challenge basic health care and sanitation it says a simply inadequate. members of the palestinian islamic jihad armed wing the out good brigade taking to the streets not to demonstrate or bully but to join the effort to stop the virus from spreading. business to is contributing its expertise this gaza factory is producing protective clothing for medical workers to its own design. we want to protect ourselves and medical staff production has reached around 1000 suits so far there
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are 6 factories working for us. our mosques in the palestinian territory have closed while mass rallies planned for next week along the border with israel have been cancelled. people in gaza doing what they can to prepare for the pandemic but their poor remain seasoned infrastructure i mean it's likely to hit them hard. now to some of the other stories making news around the world. a medical evacuation flight bound for japan burst into flames upon takeoff from the philippine capital manila killing people on board and it was international airport authorities said the victims were a filipino american woman a canadian man and 6 filipino crew members and minutes. vote counting has begun in mali following a long delayed parliamentary election observers suggest turnout was low and the
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fears of the coronavirus it's the 1st parliamentary poll in the country since incumbent president. his party won a majority in 2010. reports suggest that the postponed tokyo olympics will take place in july of 2021 almost exactly the same time slot that was planned for this year it follows the unprecedented decision to delay the games because of the coronavirus pandemic but that decision has come under scrutiny with the head of the german parliament sports committee saying the i.o.c. simply took too long to act. also mentally it was up to thomas bach the i.o.c. president to prove the record that difficult and historic decision never before have an m.p. gains been perspire but the time it took to make that decision has attracted criticism. finding out because i'm about all i found the delay agone i think. the
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bottom line is that it was an exceptional especially for the athlete. despite the rapid spread of the coronavirus the japanese. prime minister shinzo. had been playing for time. neither japan nor the i.o.c. wanted to jeopardize their multi-billion dollar gain there are probably going to be thousands if not hundreds of thousands of contracts being entered into and all of that are going to have to be poured over and up to that. next few months if not years to decide where liability really who knows. bach a former friend has always positioned himself as a friend of the athletes but for tack my fright out the events of the past week of
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showing a lack of leadership through instead of the dog being a strong leader means giving some direction to those affected by the decisions you take. but the decision was to late it was put off it was 20 come to you for me that was not a sign of strong leadership which we were all expecting. about. for now resignation is out of the question for bok. choy last week if he was considering turning his back on the i.o.c. he replied simply. as the corona virus spreads across south america governments are imposing drastic restrictions to try and contain the pandemic in colombia and action was locked down has been in place for almost a week with strict curbs on movement the national police force has got creative in its attempts to encourage citizens to comply.
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to. mention the limelight for this office from the maintain police force in the. north abandon your fear is life is beautiful he sings the message of hope for those stuck inside and residents watching from the balconies loving it. here are. we doing this in all parts of marrying we're trying to bring hope to the people in this difficult situation. serenading residence a not town is just one of the unusual ways authorities or maybe trying to get their coronavirus message across. has its on its way through the streets of the city but this is not a funeral on the cuff and the coronavirus and the message although we were have to
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die let's not get house elves killed. high up in. air above the city drones are sent flying. what are you doing in the park you should be at home they are not peach here's hoping that the people of made a year will get the message. you're watching day w. news that we've all news coming at the top of the oh. the global corona crisis you can find more information online at d.w. dot com and on t.w. social media channels.
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how does a virus spread. why do we panic and when will all of this. just through the top.


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