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tv   DW News Corona Special  Deutsche Welle  April 6, 2020 6:00pm-6:31pm CEST

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business d w news live from berlin germany is ready to help european union partners in the face of the coronavirus chancellor merkel says the pandemic is the biggest test the u.s. face since its foundation pledges the doc will emerge stronger from the process. also coming up we hear from medical workers in one of germany's coronavirus hot spots they are under relentless pressure to treat the sick. and britain's prime minister is in hospital with a coronavirus bob's downing street says boris johnson and johnson is still in shock
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the governor says he's undergoing tests after showing persistence of. i'm gad alpha's welcome to the program chancellor angela merkel has suggested that germany is ready to help the european union that gets back to economic health once the coronavirus pandemic is over she said it was in germany's interest that europe should emerge strongly from what she called the used biggest test since its foundation at the same time germany is to impose a 2 week orenstein on citizens and long term residents returning from travels abroad. back in the chancellery after 2 weeks in coron chain and 3 negative colonel virus tests german chancellor angela merkel made her return.
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in my opinion europe the european union is facing its biggest test since its foundation populations are also facing a huge health challenge. all the e.u. member states are being affected on varying levels we're all affected. and so it must be in everyone's interest and it is in germany's interest that europe should emerge strongly from this test. as merkel voiced her concerns for europe on monday the government's crisis group agreed to institute a 2 week quarantine for people returning to germany from a full 10th all german nationals e.u. citizens and other longtime residents who return after several days abroad will have to quarantine themselves for 14 days there are however exceptions. including seasonal workers in agriculture commuters travelling to work truck
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drivers delivering goods and of course medical professionals. germany also announced on monday the latest extension to its $1.00 trillion euros coronavirus crisis package a guarantee of 100 percent loans to small and medium sized businesses up 280-0000 euros. these middle companies are widely seen as the heart of the german economy. i will be in charge of noted anyone who was economically active last year those who registered turnover those who recorded normal economic activity and made a profit they can get 3 months turnover as a loan from the bank which in this case will be 100 percent financially underwritten by us. that means the banks will not have to do normal financial risk assessments this 100 percent guarantee means the process will be completed very
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quickly. now germany's european neighbors too and looking to berlin to see whether macas concerns also turn into financial support for that well for some analysis i'm now joined by the w.'s chief political correspondent melinda crane milind chancellor merkel called the crisis the biggest test the u.s. face since its foundation italy and spain are struggling with a crown of ours and he used sentiment over a lack of solidarity is growing there so is the pressure increasing on germany to do more. yes it is and the chancellor's remarks this afternoon were an attempt to prepare germans for the fact that they will need to support and provide assistance for spain and italy even while their own german economy is taking a hit she said i quote germany only does well when europe does well and she mentioned several mechanisms by which the e.u.
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can provide assistance for distressed economies under exceptional circumstances circumstances akin to a natural catastrophe what she didn't mention was the instrument for which spain and italy have been pressing hardest namely so-called corona bonds that would essentially mutual lies debt in the across the e.u. and make stronger northern economies the backer for weaker ones that was very notable by omission. an exit strategy from the lockdown is a topic that is not going away in public debate here in germany and business is getting impatient to do dress that. no the media colleagues who were present at the press conference absolutely pushed her on that issue and she said we would be remiss as a government if we weren't thinking night and day about how we can progressive lee relax these very very tough restrictions that we have imposed and she said
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essentially with all due concern for the state of the economy public health remains and will continue to be our priority going forward and she said that although germany has slowed the rate of reproduction of the virus it still hasn't come down far enough and therefore the restriction she said will definitely remain in place until the middle of next week after easter at which the government will look at them again she says if and when we do begin to lift the restrictions it will be progressive step by step and she said we must understand that we will continue to be living in a state of penda mic. a public health being. a protective equipment a mosque are a big problem right now did she say anything what germany is planning to do in that respect. indeed she had a couple of things to say about that she said 1st of all that europe needs to become more self-sufficient in the production of personal protective equipment including masks and there's been
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a lot of discussion around that topic lately with shipments of masks to this country apparently having been diverted secondly she said that germany is doing better on particular meant of this equipment but not where it needs to be and then thirdly she said but in this debate about whether there should be a requirement to wear a mask the government still hasn't decided whether it thinks that would be a wise idea it's weighing the assessment of experts she said and what's important to realize is that the key measure is not the wearing of the mask but the social distancing and she said and if and when you do wear a mask be aware that you must take very good hygenic prussians with it you must wash it you must be sure that it is in some way heated or otherwise treated after you so that any germs on the mask will go away so very clear instructive words there from the chancellor on that subject when a crime thank you very much now is the german government
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announces even more aid for industry and business health care workers in the western border town are struggling to keep up with the physical and emotional toll fighting the virus heinsberg was the 1st german town to be really hit by the corona virus and it's been hit hot carnival celebrations in late february are believed to have helped the virus to spread a small town roxanne $1400.00 confirmed cases and then the 40 deaths. the protective mask is absolutely vital here intensive care nurse alexandra webb and her team are also required to wear gloves and a protective overcoat when they treat covert 19 patients one of the patients in the isolation unit is severely ill he's been given artificial respiration the health care workers turned him onto his deli so that air flows better into his lungs coronavirus infection can lead to a fight for survival i can share is this moment in this button with intensive care
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patients you are supposed to be ready for an emergency 247 on the alert around the clock i believe that the disease is simply unpredictable. i guess. she hears the constant beeping sound throughout her working day right now there are 6 coronavirus patients in the intensive care unit the nurses here are working up to 20 hours of overtime every week. but despite all efforts they sometimes lose patients and this can be tough. to model the scottish to man the moment we feel powerless stand there and don't know how to treat them they haven't been any proper studies this is something totally new we do our best but sometimes it's not enough . noise that moment no matter what others. alexandra webb and her colleagues have put together an emergency plan in case there
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are more patients she knows her team must persevere people need them like never before. thought here are some of the other coronavirus headlines making news this. captain fired after criticizing the u.s. navy's response to the pandemic has reportedly tested positive for the corona virus crozier was relieved of his command after widely publicized pleas for help for the crew of his aircraft carrier more than 150 of them have tested positive scotland's chief medical officer has resigned after she was caught visiting her holiday hold against her own advice and the u.k.'s lockdown was catherine called the ward was cautions the police are taking to weekend trips citizens have been warned not to travel to holiday destinations to avoid spreading the virus. in the colombian town off so watch near the campus of people hanging red cloth from
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their windows to signal that they need economic and humanitarian aid from their government their city has a high proportion of low income and elderly with its. threatens prime minister boris johnson has been admitted to hospital because of his corona virus infection boss downing street says it is an emergency johnson's hospitalization on sunday came as the queen urged the public to unite and defeat the virus while many people headed out to enjoy sunny weather despite social distancing rules it's something that boris johnson's government has taken serious note of even as he remains in hospital. johnson suffering in recent days has been told to korea he'd been due to emerge from self isolation at the end of last week he posted this message on monday last night on the advice
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of my doctor i went to the hospital for some routine tests as i'm still experiencing coronavirus symptoms i'm in good spirits and keeping in touch with my team as we work together to fight these fires and keep everyone safe. shortly before news of johnson's hospital admission britain's queen elizabeth made an extremely rare televised address to rally the public i also want to think there's of you who are staying at home thereby helping to protect the vulnerable and sparing many families have paid already felt by those who have lost loved ones. though boris johnson remains in charge his foreign secretary dominic crabb chaired the government's response meeting on monday morning he will take over should the prime minister's condition worsened.
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to football now germany's blunders league clubs are desperate to finish the season to ensure they get their t.v. revenue even if that means playing matches behind closed stadium gates without fans of the so-called ghost games won't help lower league clubs many of them who depend on ticket sales to survive. this is wrote by sesson in the 4th tier of german football here they're printing tickets for a game that will never be played this one of a fundraising effort is helping but it won't even cover one mis match the semi professional club is losing up 215-0000 euros for every game that doesn't take place playing matches behind closed doors is no viable solution in the event the season is cancelled as soon as president has a radical idea. as far as the 3rd and 4th leagues are concerned we should think about creating an expanded 3rd league for the biggest clubs and then making the 4th purely for amateur teams.
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at open oil and in the 5th chair the players train twice a week at home the coach checks their progress on an app these players have let their team to the top of the leak if their promotion is jeopardized the club's vice president who is also a lawyer is considering legal action as wish to since we wouldn't be accepted if our success and likely promotion was taken away from us. at this level promotion and relegation is a question for the german football federation the d.s.p. . i think it's problematic to have a solution where teams only get promoted and not relegated we don't even know whether we'll be able to start the season with the normal amounts of teams. couldn't some advice the clubs in germany have already been able to kind state supports but even that might not be enough to guarantee their survival. and that's
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it for me. here in berlin stay tuned now for all coronaviruses special that's up next with michael jones and robin you can always get the latest headlines on the d.w.i. on our web site as da da dot com and for us on twitter instant grab office and berlin avenues up to 445. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and. our corona update. from the coded 19 special next on d w. the global
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corona crisis you can find more information online at d w dot com and on t.w. social media channels. now is the time to listen to the experts scientists are our best hope to end the coronavirus pandemic research labs around the world are racing to create a new vaccine the idea is to simulate an infection while avoiding the possibly severe symptoms of covert 19 once vaccinated our immune system should destroy the virus if we are exposed to it according to the w h o there are currently more than 60 teams of scientists working on a vaccine under normal circumstances it would take more than 10. years but thanks
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to previous research efforts there is a chance this process may be fast tracked with human trials already underway in some cases but scientists agree that it will still take months until a vaccine is approved. this is your coded 1000 special and d w news i'm monica johnson berlin good to have you with us when will a corona vaccine be ready a vaccine that enables us to resume our lives without restrictions while protecting us from the disease i'm afraid we need to be patient and keep our distance for a while longer and let scientists do their job like here in berlin where a biotech company comes up with promising results berlin is empty. and those who can are staying at home. but these lab technicians can't work from home for them there is more work than ever the chemists
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at the j p t peptide company are regarded as systemically important. since what they're producing here could speed up the search for a coronavirus vaccine. we're creating peptide based tools that enable the vaccine developers to monitor the immune systems of patients in treatment to track them over a certain period of time. and to miss insight from one to 2. peptides are amino acid chains that make up proteins this company creates hundreds of thousands of them and assembles them so that they resemble the coronaviruses most important surface proteins. the scientists have been working on this project since january their work will contribute to research about the possible effectiveness of a vaccine. in the race for a coronavirus vaccine some scientists are focusing on the development of vaccines
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based on messenger r.n.a. or r.n.a. this involves injecting a person with the instructions for part of the virus this with them spur the body to partially produce the virus this in turn encourages the immune system to develop antibodies. then if the real corona virus strikes the person would be well equipped and able to defend himself or herself. whether that will really work is what's being tested with the tools being developed here j p t's technology has already been used in the fight against the zeek of virus and ebola. the berlin based company is indirectly involved in the race for a vaccine since it belongs to bio and tech a german company at the forefront of the vaccine race but for j p t it's not about competition. it's drovers fight it's always good i think that's
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the wrong way of looking at it at the moment. it's really about getting a vaccine onto the market it doesn't matter who does this in the end it's about making a contribution and maybe being among the 1st to do so but right now it's truly about fulfilling the ethical duty to help. the technicians here seem to feel the same way. yes absolutely one can you think you can contribute to making people healthy or even healing them it's very motivating. yes oh yes sure but i do have mixed feelings on the one hand i'm afraid on the other i know i have something important to contribute it's exciting. it certainly is a new test could be ready soon and many are placing their hopes and the effectiveness of an m. r.n.a. based vaccine. the whole world is waiting for a vaccine but even though at least 60 teams of researchers around the globe are
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working to develop one no one expects a rapid breakthrough because producing a vaccine goes through several stages and that takes time. and i know 1st step the virus and its effects on the human body and allies this is necessary to determine the composition on the back so you potential vaccines are 1st tested on animals and later on this procedure is followed by testing human volunteers. i fall those tests are successful the vaccine has to go through a lengthy approval process and only after that mass production can begin and this presently takes up to 15 years but thanks to new technologies development can go a lot faster today. and for more i'm joined by klaus situ attacks president of the power institute that's the german federal institute of faxon's and biomet since
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good to have you with us so 1st of all i mean should a covert 1000 vaccine be fast tracked and if so what stage would be best to skip definitely we have 1st trick in the development and there's nothing to skip but rather to combine which means are we given. poorly conceived to to the developments and to our regulatory authorities and in terms of let's say shortening the development time what we're doing is. focused number of animal studies that have to be done for example so not pharmacology toxicology or defining the dose in the animals that will be applied to humans in the 1st have and then of course we also have to combine clean contrivances so there is discussion with some of the developers would combine phase one phase 2 or phase $2.00 and $3.00 and increase
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maybe the number of general subjects that will be involved in these studies but we need to be very careful with the assessment of the development as usual but of course we can concentrate focus and shorten time all right well the time of course is off the essence of all those studies underway at the moment which one is the most promising you say. well i think we need a variety of cough to vaccine development. currently and also the devote as per times in is our need fixin's and also vector vaccines because they have the advantage that we know exactly which parts of the genetic information and safety information of the can be included in the vaccine we know this from purpose or research work also poorly conceived to burst through the scenes and in that respect i think we say. ok but what about the production
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capacity of developing a vaccine is one thing but then once we have it will there be enough if you want to shut everyone get it. i think 1st of all those who work at risk should get it 1st and freeze for severe courses of covert 19 but also the risk for being infected may be morris and others and number 2 main effect will be no issue specifically the army and d.n.a. vixens can be manufactured in a large amount of those is in quite a short time we're talking about a 1000000 doses or so within a time period of 4 weeks and that's the river runs each of these new legs in platforms as we say and by the time we have a vaccine the pandemic will quite probably have peaked out we actually working on a vaccine for a future pandemic. yes we are i think we learn really from the
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bowler. africa we're taking these kind of learnings to the development here of south korea to fix him but we will use the time in any case to develop these platforms so that we are ready and the quicker ready than this time to have a vaccine if the next and then they arise and i professor to take there from the german federal institute of vaccines and bio med since thank you so much for your time thank you. now time to address more of your questions and please do keep them coming on you tube on facebook on twitter or via e-mail because our resident corona experts g.w.s. derek williams stands ready to provide some answers. ringback ringback ringback ringback ringback the w.h.o. says getting vaccinated against pathogens that cause respiratory ailments like
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pneumonia is always a good idea particularly for the elderly but unfortunately vaccines against a bacterial infection will not prevent you from getting the covert 19 pneumonia caused by the corona virus because it's a viral pneumonia so a vaccine against a bacterial pneumonia won't stop that many health authorities are currently however also recommending getting vaccinated against the flu that will prevent you from getting covert 19 either but it will hopefully cut down on the number of severe flu cases that end up in the hospital occupying a bed that might be desperately needed by a covert 19 patient ringback ringback ringback ringback ringback ringback. one thing that's really crippling us in this pandemic is that we don't know exactly who has had to cope at 19 an unknown large number of
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people have gotten it but don't know they were never tested because they had mild symptoms or they had maybe no symptoms at all that's incredibly important information because it could tell us who is no probably immune to the corona virus it's information that going forward is going to be essential as we try to get our societies back up and running and that's where an antibody test comes in the works like this when it's infected with a pathogen your body forms these proteins called antibodies they're part of it's immune response and the antibodies it makes are tailored to that specific bug those antibodies remain in your system that if you've gotten over the elders helping to protect you from reinfection an antibody test is diagnostic for detecting them. so an antibody test for coke at 19 could tell was if you had it in maybe didn't even notice it if that's the case then you would theoretically no longer carry the bug
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or be able to infect anyone else and bukit get back to work. sounds good that was out in 1000 special for more on the pandemic to check out our social media channels and our website at www dot com which has dedicated coverage 1000 pages in fact i want to johnsonville end thanks for joining and stay healthy. because india. how can a country's economy grow harmony its people buy it when there are doers look at the bigger picture india a country that faces many challenges and people are striving to create a sustainable future clever project from europe and india. next on d w. s take me to me in kenya in her early twenty's you will see what
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you could go was a victim of domestic abuse she works in the slums of nairobi to promote self-determination for women also supports victims of abuse or ducks in a major information programs in schools and campaigns for women's rights. 3000. and 16 of its title and literature invites us to see people in particular that i like to see as the kids find strength and grown up her. my own objective is to share with a friend. who does the books on youtube. i'm doing the crazy thing in all the time. how to handle on new allies in times of
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the corona pandemic d.w. reporter you're using just like everyone else and she's looking for answers back fully with the help of leading express your the public doesn't want to face be about this book and i'm sure it's not life as we know it we're all in this together our new web series. hello welcome to a sustainability magazine that helps you make an informed choice for a pina green tomato this week we look at ideas that are taking us closer for fossil fuel feet planted and talk to change may cause behind them. coming to you from mumbai in india over the next 2 minutes how to hold cup based company.


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