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tv   DW News Corona Special  Deutsche Welle  April 6, 2020 9:00pm-9:30pm CEST

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stunts april and. this is g w news live from berlin tonight as the coronavirus pandemic rages on germany's chancellor says it's too early to talk about wife after the virus. says the pandemic is the biggest test that the european union has ever faced but she promised to do all she can to ensure that the e.u. emerges stronger from the crisis also coming up tonight the 1st responders on the front line of this pandemic we'll take you to one of germany's response spots and
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hear how nurses and doctors are facing pressure and risks as they treat the sick. i'm burnt off it's good to have you with us it is too early to talk about the beginning of the end of this pandemic that was the message today from german chancellor angela merkel she told reporters that now is not the time to consider lifting restrictions or easing lockdowns instead merkel said now is the time to help each other she suggested that germany is ready to help the european union get back to economic health and she admitted that the pandemic is the biggest test that the e.u. has ever known. back in the chancellery after 2 weeks in quarantine and 3 negative current virus tests german chancellor angela merkel made have a time. yeah you guys standards are going down. in my opinion europe the european
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union is facing its biggest test since its foundation our populations are also facing a huge health challenge. all the e.u. member states are being affected on varying levels we're all affected. and so it must be in everyone's interest and it is in germany's interest that europe should emerge strongly from this test. for good as merkel voiced her concerns for europe on monday the government's crisis group agreed to institute a 2 week or 900 people returning to germany from a full 10th all german nationals e.u. citizens and other longtime residents who return after several days abroad will have to quarantine themselves for 14 days there are however exceptions. including seasonal workers in agriculture commuters travelling to work truck
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drivers delivering goods and of course medical professionals. germany also announced on monday the latest extension to its $1.00 trillion euros coronavirus crisis package a guarantee of 100 percent loans to small and medium sized businesses up 280-0000 euros. these middle stem companies are widely seen as the heart of the german economy. i was with the insider without it anyone who was economically active last year those who registered turnover those who recorded normal economic activity and made a profit that can get 3 months turnover as a loan from the bank which in this case will be 100 percent financially underwritten by us. that means the banks will not have to do normal financial risk assessments this 100 percent guarantee means the process will be completed very quickly as the guns. come now germany's european neighbors tell
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you i'm looking to that line to see where the macas concerns but also 10 into financial support for that. are those pulling our chief political correspondent melinda crane good evening to you bill and you know we've heard the chancellor today calling this this pandemic the biggest crisis that the european union has faced italy and spain they're struggling with it we know that there is a lot of anti e.u. sentiment we've seen what viktor orban has done in hungary is pressure increasing on germany now to to do more to help more than it normally would. absolutely it is and the chancellor's remarks this afternoon essentially amounted to an attempt to prepare germans for the idea that they will need to support other e.u. member countries even while their own economy is taking a hit as she put it germany only does well when the e.u. it does well and she said that we will need to see more european solidarity coming
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out of this crisis she outlined a couple of different mechanisms by which the e.u. can provide exceptional assistance in times of crisis that comparison to a natural catastrophe but what she did not mention was the particular instrument that spain and italy have been pushing hardest namely the so-called corona bonds they would amount to a mutualization of debt in which stronger northern economies essentially would become partly responsible for the debt of weaker member states but that was quite noticeable in the fact that she omitted that instrument there's a taboo that remains a taboo there is a lot of talk about a possible exit strategy from the lock downs that we're seeing across europe reporters were asking about that again today in london and also here in berlin and the german chancellor she's not giving reporters what they wanted to hear and she.
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well she said she absolutely would be remiss the entire government would be remiss if they were not thinking day and night about how to lift the very tough restrictions that they have imposed and she said you can be assured that we are doing that and yet with all concern for the economic consequences public health must come 1st and will continue to come 1st and she said that while germany has made some progress in reducing the rate of reproduction of the virus the rate at which the new infections occur she said we're not where we need to be and we will not be lifting the restrictions until we are so she basically let germans know those restrictions will remain in place at least until the middle of next week and she said when they are lifted it will be a step by step process and we will be saying for some time that we are still living in the midst of a pandemic and for the time being we're still worried about the nurses and doctors
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having enough protective equipment mass for example was a situation in germany tonight absolutely and she had a couple of things to say about that 1st of all she said we need to see greater european self-sufficiency in the production of personal productive protective equipment she also said that while germany had improved its procurement of masks and other such goods it still wasn't where it wanted to be and of course we have seen diversions of shipments of masks to this country and then finally she said that with all due consideration for the wearing of masks the fact is the key measure to take remains social distancing and she said if you do decide to use a mask be aware that it's very important to keep it clean that it's very important to change it so some very detailed instructions from the chancellor on that point is a scientist after all lindgren our chief political correspondent on the story for us
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tonight melinda thank you. well tonight we take you to one of the front lines in the battle against the coronavirus the western german town of heinz was the 1st community in germany to report an infection scientists say that area carnival celebrations in late february were probably when the virus was seeded in germany 40 people have died from the virus tonight it is home to 1400 confirmed cases. a protective mask is absolutely vital here intensive kana alexandra webb and a team are also required to wear gloves and a protective overcoat when they treat at 19 patients one of the patients in the isolation unit is severely ill he's been given artificial respiration health care workers turned him onto his belly so that affluence better into his lungs a corona virus infection can lead to fight for survival i can. with
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intensive care patients are supposed to be ready for an emergency 247 on the alert to round the clock i believe that the disease is simply unpredictable. i do his profession. she hears the constant beeping sound throughout her working day right now there are 6 coronavirus patients in the intensive care unit the nurses here are working up to 20 hours of overtime every week but despite all efforts they sometimes lose patients and this can be tough. to model the scottish demand him when we feel powerless we stand there and don't know how to treat them. divison it should be come up there haven't been any proper studies this is something totally new and we do our best sometimes it's not enough my father worked out as best. my mission. as the model described i'm.
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alexandra webb is not allowed to let relatives visit the coronavirus patients and this makes a sad. moment at the time and with time we learn how to cope with it but honestly this is overwhelming it's hard and we're. alexander webb and her colleagues have put together an emergency plan in case there are more patients she knows her team must persevere people need them like never before. well here are some of the other headlines making news this hour more than 10000 people have now died from corona virus infections in the united states andrew cuomo the governor of the hardest hit states new york says the number of hospitalizations and deaths is now plateauing he has extended the walk in the state to the 29th of april british prime minister boris johnson is in the hospital in london he was admitted
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yesterday because his coronavirus symptoms including a high fever have not gone away downing street insisting that there is no emergency here johnson has tweeted that he is in good spirits and remains in touch with his cabinet. well here in berlin one of the city's biggest attractions has been the club being seen a lot of people have a lot of fun and while they're at it they generate about 200000000 euros in revenue every year it's a major part of berlin's economy but you guessed it. it has knocked the business on its head and some doubt that it will ever fully recover. on top of a shopping mall in berlin is click economy just one of the many clubs in the capital inside there's not much going on a d.j. is playing a set to an empty floor and an empty house. in
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the us moment. we thought finally we've got the whole place to ourselves but then we quickly realized damn with really got the whole place to ourselves that we just talked about team we had 65 employees and we had to immediately cut most of the. musicians playing for masked men behind monitors palin's music scene is being forced to get even more creative than usual. just happy we were able to play it because a couple of weeks ago all the gigs were cancelled now we can at least play. the coronavirus has pulled the plug on dylan's club scene at the around $200000000.00 euros turnover and around $9000.00 employees the scenes cultural and economic influence is huge and many clubs roll ready on shaky ground with the rapidly rising prices well before covent 19 can cause
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a majority of clubs don't have the finances and won't last 2 weeks many have precarious rental contracts some for just a limited time which also means that no bank will give them up. but the clubs aren't going to go quietly every night d.j.'s have been streaming this sets online . on from a different club a digital s.o.s. that goes out live in real time. already the nations have reached around 350000 euros. a unique club experience for some very unique clubbers. i'm sad if you look at the deejays and they too are having a really good time but then you get a kind of feeling it definitely does pick you up. and it definitely helped me visualizing how many people were watching it hi and to think of them was simply a huge help. it's a window into a world usually carefully guarded by bounces. we might not be an essential service
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but we do essential with keeping spirits up and we know from facebook feedback we've received that we're really doing something. in the true spirit of the idea is now set to go international. going to show when you dance together you've never done. well no dancing on the dance floors no tenants on the courts but some 1st 2020 british open it has been cancelled because of the coronavirus pandemic that's a 1st since the 2nd world war the open was slated to take place this july has now been pushed back to next year and there is some sad news from the world of sports the mother of manchester city coach pep guardiola she has died at the age of 82 from the coronavirus the club confirmed the loss on its twitter account mother the
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law. passed away in barcelona. recently donated a 1000000 euros to hospitals in spain to help them fight the fires. our condolences to him and his family. special is up next i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day to see of that. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and news. our corona update. coded 19 special next on d w. belonging to an official estimates more than 1200000
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venezuelans live in colombia legally and illegally. but. why return to vast. visiting friends i don't think i'd ever go back there to live where i live there again i don't know so i'm not sure. witness global news that matters. made for mines. now is the time to listen to the experts scientists are our best hope to end the coronavirus pandemic research labs around the world are racing to create a new vaccine the idea is to simulate an infection while avoiding the possibly severe symptoms of culvert 19 once x. in 1000 our immune system should destroy the virus if we are exposed to it according to the w h
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o there are currently more than 60 teams of scientists working on a vaccine under normal circumstances it would take more than 10 years but thanks to previous research efforts there is a chance this process may be fast tracked with human trials already underway in some cases but scientists agree that it will still take months until a vaccine is approved. this is your covert 1000 special on d w news i'm monica johnson berlin good to have you with us when will a corona vaccine be ready a vaccine that enables us to resume our lives without restrictions while protecting us from the disease i'm afraid we need to be patient and to keep our distance for a while longer and let scientists do their job like here in berlin where a biotech company comes up with promising results. berlin is empty. and those who can are staying at home. but these lab
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technicians can't work from home for them there is more work than ever the chemists at the j p t peptide company are regarded as systemically important. since what they're producing here could speed up the search for a coronavirus vaccine. we're creating peptide based tools that enable the vaccine developers to monitor the immune systems of patients in treatment and to track them over a certain period of time. and. insight from one to 2. peptides are amino acid chains that make up proteins this company creates hundreds of thousands of them and assembles them so that they resemble the coronaviruses most important surface proteins. the scientists have been working on this project since january their work will contribute to research about the possible effectiveness of a vaccine. in the race for
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a corona virus vaccine some scientists are focusing on the development of vaccines based on messenger r.n.a. or r.n.a. this involves injecting a person with the instructions for part of the virus this would then spur the body to partially produce the virus this in turn encourages the immune system to develop antibodies. then if the real corona virus strikes the person would be well equipped and able to defend himself or herself. whether that will really work is what's being tested with the tools being developed here j p t's technology has already been used in the fight against the zeke of virus and ebola. the berlin based company is indirectly involved in the race for a vaccine since it belongs to bio and tech a german company at the forefront of the vaccine race but for j p
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t it's not about competition. which drove his fight it's always good i think that's the wrong way of looking at it at the most. it's really about getting a vaccine onto the market it doesn't matter who does this in the end it's about making a contribution and maybe being among the 1st to do so but right now it's truly about fulfilling the ethical duty to help. the technicians here seem to feel the same way. they're often for yes absolutely one can you think you can contribute to making people healthy or even healing them it's very motivating. yes oh yes sure but i do have mixed feelings on the one hand i'm afraid on the other i know i have something important to contribute it's exciting. it certainly is a new test could be ready soon and many are placing their hopes and the effectiveness of an m. r.n.a. based vaccine. the whole world is waiting for
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a vaccine but even though at least 60 teams of researchers around the globe are working to develop one no one expects a rapid breakthrough because producing a vaccine goes through several stages and that takes time and then a 1st step the virus and its effects on the human body and allies to this is necessary to determine the composition on the back so you potential vaccines are 1st tested on animals and later on this procedure is followed by testing human volunteers. i fall those tests are successful the vaccine has to go through a lengthy approval process and only after that mass production can begin this process usually takes up to 15 years but thanks to new technologies development can go a lot faster today. and for more i'm joined by klaus situ attacks president of the
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power institute that's the german federal institute of vaccines and bio med since good to have you with us so 1st of all i mean should a covert $1000.00 vaccine be fast tracked and if so what stage would be best to skip definitely we have 1st trick in the development and there's nothing to skip or rather to combine which means are we given his priority or poorly conceived to to the developments and to our regulatory authorities and in terms of let's say shortening the development time what we're doing is. focused number of animal studies that have to be done for example so not pharmacology toxicology or defining the dose in animals that will be applied to humans in the 1st have and then of course we also have to combine clean contrivances so there is discussion with some
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of the developers would combine phase one of his 2 or phase $2.00 and $3.00 and increase maybe the number of subjects that will be involved in these studies but we need to be very careful with the assessment of the element as usual but of course we can concentrate focus and shorten time all right well the time of course is off the essence of all those studies underway at the moment which one is the most promising you say. well i think we need a variety of cough to vaccine developments. currently and also the devote as of purpose hazing is our need fixin's and also back to vaccines because they have the advantage that we know exactly which parts of the genetic information and search the information of the perfect can be included in the vaccine we know this from peppers or research work also at the
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poorly conceived to burst group spec seeds and in that respect i think we say. ok but what about the production capacity of developing a vaccine is one thing but then once we have it will there be enough for everyone to shut everyone get it. i think 1st of all those who are tourists who get it 1st and freeze for severe courses of covert 19 but also the risk for being maybe a motorist and others and number 2 main effect will be no issue specifically the army and d.n.a. vaccines can be manufactured in a large amount of those is in quite a short time we're talking about a 1000000 doses or so within a time period of 4 weeks and that's the river runs each of these new legs in platforms as we say and by the time we have a vaccine the pandemic will quite probably have peaked out we actually working on
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a vaccine for a future pandemic. yes we are i think we learned a really from the bowler. africa we're taking these kind of learnings to the development of europe and south korea to face him but we will use that time in any case to develop these platforms so that we are ready and quicker ready than this time to have a vaccine if the next pandemic they arise and i professor to take that from the german federal institute of vaccines and bio med since thank you so much for your time thank you. now time to address more of your questions and please do keep them coming on you tube on facebook on twitter or via e-mail because our resident corona experts t w is derek williams stands ready to provide some answers.
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ringback ringback ringback the w.h.o. says getting vaccinated against vaccines against a bacterial infection will not prevent you from getting the covered 19 pneumonia caused by the corona virus because it's a viral pneumonia so a vaccine against a bacterial pneumonia won't stop it many health authorities are currently however also recommending getting vaccinated against the flu that will prevent you from getting covered 19 either but it will hopefully cut down on the number of severe flu cases that end up in the hospital occupying a bed that might be desperately needed by a covert 19 patient ringback ringback ringback ringback ringback ringback. one thing that's really crippling us in this demick is that we don't know exactly who has had to cope at 19 an unknown large number of people have gotten it but don't know they were never tested because they
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had mild symptoms or they have maybe no symptoms at all that's incredibly important information because it could tell us who is ill probably immune to the coronavirus it's information that going forward is going to be essential as we try to get our societies back up and running and that's where an antibody test comes in the works like this when it's infected with the pathogen your body forms these proteins called antibodies they're part of it's immune response and the antibodies that makes are tailored to that specific bug those antibodies remain in your system after if you've gotten over the elma's helping to protect you from reinfection an antibody test is diagnostic for detecting them so and then you body test for covert 19 could tell us if you had it in maybe didn't even notice it if that's the case then you would theoretically no longer carry the bug or be able to infect anyone else and bukit get back to work. sounds good. $1000.00 special for more
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on the pond damage to check out our social media channels and our website at www dot com which has dedicated covered $900.00 pages in fact which is i want to johnsonville end thanks for joining and stay house. of capital in crisis the streets are empty. the majority of businesses are closed and families confined within their own 4 walls. place in berlin during the corona crisis or. the current president dealing with the restrictions. next on t.w. .
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how does a virus spread. why do we panic and when will all this. country just through the tax from cover and the weekly radio show is called spectrum if you would like any information on the coronavirus or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast if you get it wherever you get your podcasts you can also find us at twitter dot com and slash science. what's the secret behind this classic. physics for sound. soon as you hear beethoven lose your mind. or the story behind the music. was a hit for the ages british. cause
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. beethoven's 9th. starts in peace on t.w. . that's it's not over it's just it's on the verge can you please get the toilet paper from the back thank you everybody it's the same thing oh no the it was called one of you will score now the it was treason if you did me cold i pity me but you can't just leave the school corona virus is spreading ever faster and germination. with the virus comes the fear news reports and images like these are unsettling restrictions on movement shattered stores what effect.


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